Holyrood, Hampden and revisionism on season 19-20


While much of Europe returned to competitive actions weeks ago, Scottish clubs were today allowed to resume contact training for the first time since football was banned on 13 March.  For the last two weeks, players have been permitted to do socially distanced training only.

The Scottish Premiership, season 2019-29 is already subject of incredible revisionism, suggesting Celtic campaigned for the season to be abandoned and that, just as across Europe, we could have been playing football.

Celtic’s only interest on how the season concluded was that the Null and Void campaigners lost the argument, just as they lost on the field.  We were 13 points clear, a lead that was growing by the week.  Celtic wanted to play and win the title on the field.

It may well have been possible to finish the Premiership campaign, but after the care home and Nike debacles, the Scottish Government decided to err on the side of caution.  They made it clear to the football authorities from early in the crisis that the game would not be allowed a swift return to normal.

England resumed football three weeks after contact training was allowed.  On the same schedule, our game would begin in the middle of July, with all the costs of playing these games without income, and the need for each club to play three or four games a week to complete before the Uefa deadline of 4 August.

Notwithstanding the financial ramifications, if contact training in England was possible over a month ago it was possible here, but look to Holyrood, not Hampden, for that decision.

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  1. Pingback: Holyrood, Hampden and revisionism on season 19-20 Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  2. Celtic store reopens in Dublin today so will visit it on Wednesday for New Jersey and 9IAR scarf.

  3. My very few dealings with the bitter blues (copyright gary gillespie), I have started to say



    “its terrible the league was called early, they really should have waited and played out the games ……………. then I laugh.





  4. Not been on for a few days.


    Just read about Macca saying Livingston player Lyndon Dykes chances of getting


    a game at Celtic.


    Has there been talk of going for him?


    I hope not.

  5. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..

























  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good stuff Pablo.



    This “revisionism” is Classic cog diss.


    (coincidentally, rhymes with d*g p*ss).



    Now we could try to engage these poor souls, explaining the logistical impracticality of restarting season 19/20.



    Then again, I could also try to explain trigonometry to my neighbour’s dog.



    I reckon both would be futile.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. Paul67,



    SMSM has done a remarkable job pandering to Sevconia the ‘unanimous vote’ for Celtic to be crowned champions, is not a great publicity exercise, for the rabid people.



    A wider inability to understand the reasons why the SPL could not sustain Covid !9 closed door football, is history.



    The Sevco mushroom CSC



    fed sh@te and kept in the dark

  8. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    “Who will save me from this 10 in a row Hell?”, prayed Craig.



    “There’s a club on the phone for you. Just relegated, sacked their manager, hired a new guy with the old manager’s wages. Slashed the playing squad, forced pay cuts, at war with Scottish football. Owner’s a headcase.”, whispered Summer.



    “Count me in. I’m saved”, exulted Craig.



    “That’s more than you managed at your near post in Europe”, remembered 40,000 and counting Celtic season ticket holders.





    Respect to an Invincible. Good luck at your new gig.

  9. Revisionism – we need a list


    Going for 55


    No financial advantage


    Same club


    Res 12


    Beaton – I saw all of the incidents

  10. This game:



    England (White_Boy1927) v Holland (Dm1Trena)



    is taking place right now. Anyone know anything about it?

  11. On the little debate on “Click bait”sites started yesterday,I have to say,a good few of the Celtic named ones,spout some gash,just like the rest.No matter what,nothing,and no one beats The Rekord for Hun slobbering guff.A full article,of “Succulent lamb”proportions,by arch Hun Ralston,on Hagi.Another snidely piece from Sally about Asterisks,and a Hotline full with rabid Huns.


    The hurt and rage is palpable.I really do luv it.

  12. Gene,


    The SPFL could have been finished.No problem.


    Neil Lennon demanded the title.

  13. Yesterday.



    A day that felt like Sunday. The Ledgendary Smiths.



    Today. Boom Boom, shake the room.



    Here we GOOOOOOOO to the olde 10 in a Row.



    Here we go, here we go, Jobo sing it with Gusto (St Vincents)……



    To 10 in a row… The Almighty willing.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Speaking of revisionism …



    … and this MIGHT go some way to perceiving our board’s approach to all things Sevco.



    In the eight years since R@ngers were liquidated ….



    Celtic have won 18 major trophies.



    Sevco (same club, Same Club, SAME CLUB !) have won … ahem … 0.



    This crowd reckon they are the “World’s most successful football club”


    (I’d stick the copyright symbol here except they wouldn’t pay for copyright protection)



    With 118 trophies?



    Celtic are currently on 112.



    Picture the eve of season 2023/24 ….



    We’ve surpassed their “total”



    We are “going for 55”



    Meltdown on FF?



    You ain’t seen nothing yet.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  15. Turkeybhoy,



    The asterisk years.














    The huns EBT cheating years : The asterisk years.



    I constantly remind them, that this century they have never won a title legitimately.







    Re Boris logo on jet, I got a message from one of my pals on WhatsApp with a picture of a plane tail with large TWA and the caption Boris,s logo almost finished😀. May I wish Craig Gordon all the best he done very well for us . Season ticket renewed today.HH

  17. Let’s be honest about it, if there wasn’t a massive financial penalty to be paid by the EPL to the TV companies then Liverpool would have been declared champions weeks ago and the EPL would have been declared.


    It was all about money. It is always about money.


    If any hun tries to tell you otherwise you can politely remind them that despite their dossiers their (new) club voted to wind up the season and declare Celtic champions – that was also about money.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    Don’t you know that Neil Doncaster AND Nicola Sturgeon both take their orders directly from Peter Lawwell?

  19. leftclicktic on

    Bada Bing


    A nice tribute from the club for Craig Gordon, I got the chance to meet him one day at a game,he couldn’t be nicer or more helpfull with his time.

  20. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    Has it been established, locked out season ticket holders will be given screen access to games which are scheduled for Sky broadcast should they occur, i.e. fly the flag day, huns in league?

  21. Craig was wholesome in his praise of Stevie Wood for getting him back.


    Turned out to be an inspired signing.

  22. The Nike debacle – the outbreak that was contained and had no impact on the spread of coronavirus in Scotland? Right.

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