Holyrood, Hampden and revisionism on season 19-20


While much of Europe returned to competitive actions weeks ago, Scottish clubs were today allowed to resume contact training for the first time since football was banned on 13 March.  For the last two weeks, players have been permitted to do socially distanced training only.

The Scottish Premiership, season 2019-29 is already subject of incredible revisionism, suggesting Celtic campaigned for the season to be abandoned and that, just as across Europe, we could have been playing football.

Celtic’s only interest on how the season concluded was that the Null and Void campaigners lost the argument, just as they lost on the field.  We were 13 points clear, a lead that was growing by the week.  Celtic wanted to play and win the title on the field.

It may well have been possible to finish the Premiership campaign, but after the care home and Nike debacles, the Scottish Government decided to err on the side of caution.  They made it clear to the football authorities from early in the crisis that the game would not be allowed a swift return to normal.

England resumed football three weeks after contact training was allowed.  On the same schedule, our game would begin in the middle of July, with all the costs of playing these games without income, and the need for each club to play three or four games a week to complete before the Uefa deadline of 4 August.

Notwithstanding the financial ramifications, if contact training in England was possible over a month ago it was possible here, but look to Holyrood, not Hampden, for that decision.

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  1. Excellent tribute from the club, i liked Craig and think he could have helped out for a couple of years.Must have been the length of contract,do Hearts know something we dont.😠

  2. If we sign Joe Hart, I do hold some hope that he would improve with Stevie’s coaching.



    At one point Hart was a top top keeper.

  3. Guyfawkes



    If the game is at Celtic Park in the SPL, a virtual season ticket gives access to fans, this was agreed by Celtic and Sky.



    There is mention that flag day might not occur until there are fans in the stadium?, as well as talk of Sevco games at Celtic park being in the later part of the season.



    Fixture list published on Friday.

  4. Cannot blame Craig Gordon for wanting to play on for another couple of years albeit with a lower league club. Must be one of our most successful goalies certainly in the recent past. Guarantee he never fell out with Ronny. Hopefully we will keep big Fraser, but if it involves money we’ll be looking elsewhere for Craig’s replacement. I see Joe Hart’s name in the frame. That could be problematic for that part of the Celtic support who never forgave big Craig for coming up for a corner against Celtic back in the day, because not only did Big Joe attack a corner whilst playing for Jurgen Klopp a couple of years back at Celtic Park, he did so as a forward, and was, if my memory serves me well, coincidentally also up Artur Boruc who had replaced Shay Given. That won’t do Joe, and despite a parallel with Craig at this time in your career, you will have to accept that, amongst the Celtic cognoscenti, you will always be persona non grata.

  5. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    its almost like we are having a clear out what with big Jozo gone, Graig Gordon, Johnny Hayes, M Bauer back to Stoke, maybe big Fraser and Moe back to Southampton, talk of Bolingoli and Bayo being punted, Ajer away (hope this is just a nasty rumour) Arzani, Soro, Shved all gone or in hiding. The goalkeeping position is key – Scott Bain would be fine if we were not going for the 10. We need a top drawer keeper for the 10.

  6. I wonder if CG knows that FF intends to stay for 10 and that he, CG, would be a bench warmer.

  7. I don’t know what has happened to Joe Hart but in his pomp he was an outstanding keeper.



    Still hope for FF and Moi as a BYGYF offer…..

  8. BSR



    If you seen the state of McCarthy against Arsenal, I fear FF might be due a fast-track promotion soon…..

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    Ok thanks. Thought I’d picked up a suggestion Sky’s permission was only for games not showing on their platform.



    I’ll be passing on the code. Too twitchy to watch do or die games on tv. Be there or be oblivious is my code.

  10. I thought Joe Harts career was slipping when he started to do commercials.


    Took his eye off the ball so to speak.

  11. I wonder if Craig Gordon will get a coaching job at hearts


    when he stops goalkeeping?

  12. i hope there is good notice of when each person can attend a match. For those of us who jet/turboprop in for games will either have to book early for cheap seat and maybe not go (ruining it for another supporter) or wait until confirmed and pay through the nose



    i was think of booking a bunch of flights when the fixtures come up on Fri and then just go to the pub in Glasgow if i can’t go to the game . My wife said i can’t though!!!

  13. Sorry to see big Craig leave – talented contributor to the squad.


    We must keep big Fraz tho’……………



    TenReasonsWhy CSC

  14. NEWRADBHOY on 29TH JUNE 2020 5:20 PM


    I thought Joe Harts career was slipping when he started to do commercials.


    Took his eye off the ball so to speak.





    Doesn’t seem to have done the Liverpool team any harm….with Nivea.



    Joe Hart was an outstanding keeper. He’s clearly in a funk but wouldn’t be the first player to arrive at our door with that kind of baggage.



    Still think FF will rock up but a rejuvenated Hart of old would be a massive player for us.

  15. Big Wavy


    We have to remember that these professonal footballers are also human beings. That being so, perhaps the special atmosphere at many games at Celtic Park would spark the rejuvenation of which you speak.

  16. Hot Smoked,



    I think so. Hart was his country’s number 1 for ages, won the most clean sheets in the EPL for years, had both Messi and Zlatan purring over him and then he falls off the perch. The gallousness that saw him command the box at the highest level means he still thinks he has it and suffers a series of public balls-ups. Sitting on his ass at Burnley, lockdown and now no contract will mean a man who has done some thinking with soimething to prove.



    There is a strong chance that at 33 someone could reap the rewards of a fired-up Hart back enjoying his football as a No 1 again. Maybe Stevie Woods could be trusted to do what he’s done with similar broken men in FF and Craig Gordon too?



    A rejuvenated Hart guarding our backline would have a big knock on impact on some of our players too. He’s a big commanding scary bugger who’d take ball, Ryan Kent and McShagger in one karate kick.



    Eff it. I’m in. Bring him home for the 10 !

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    The changing face of CQN – these days Its a bit like a ‘Mens Shed’ kind of thing, aul codgers meeting up in a aul shed to talk about the good ol days, putting the problems of the world to rest, not that I mind nearly being an aul codger myself:-)



    I can remember when the young team used to come on here, mud slinging (ya bassa) was rife, plus for some bizzare reason I could never understand – so was posting lyrics of whatever song was running thru their head at the time – expecting the rest of us to join in, don’t miss that right enough!

  18. About the login for the VST platform, when you connect to Celtic TV page, the browser / location is checked for a few seconds before opening.


    Perhaps a similar reference will take place with the VST set up as I can’t think that the club and Sky would be ok with login details being widely distributed without verification ?

  19. Angel Gomes is a highly rated youngster. Wants to actually play football so has turned down 25k a week to stay at Manchester United



    … To go to Chelsea



    Absolute madness. I hate the English academy asset management system




    Still don’t know what I was waiting for


    And my time was running wild, a million dead-end streets and


    Every time I thought I’d got it made


    It seemed the taste was not so sweet


    So I turned myself to face me


    But I’ve never caught a glimpse


    Of how the others must see the faker


    I’m much too fast to take that test




    (Turn and face the strange)




    (Don’t want to be a richer man) :O)

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy



    I don’t have to sell my soul


    He’s already in me


    I don’t need to sell my soul


    He’s already in me



    I wanna be Edouard


    I wanna be Edouard



    I don’t have to sell my soul


    He’s already in me


    I don’t need to sell my soul


    He’s already in me



    I wanna be Edouard


    I wanna be Edouard






    ☘️ 👍 CSC

  22. Tobago Street on

    It’s obvious now how good a signing Craig Gordon was for Celtic. He has done the club proud. And nobody will ever forget how many games he played for Celtic, 242. Which happens to be the exact number of goals Henrik Larson scored for Celtic! Odd coincidence.




  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Thats a bit more like it guys, get a young vibe going again in this dusty old bolthole!

  24. I would prefer FF to Joe Hart but if we do get Joe Hart I think he would do well for us. I think some of Hart’s problems was the treatment from the English press. All goal keepers make errors but every one of his was scrutinised and dissected due to being the England goalie.

  25. The Star above The Crest on

    I’d much prefer FF however if it is to be Hart then we’ve had success in the past signing players with a point to prove. Plus he has a lot of top level experience which I like in a keeper.

  26. Our Website has a first team squad of 30 including Forster and Elynoussi. In addition there is a reserve squad of 25. We need to slim the squad down. We need to make space for reserves to step up like Karamoto. We need to make space for new signings.



    I don’t think the transfer window is open.



    Craig Gordon wanted the same value of Contract in order to stay at Celtic. He is now 37 and was offered reduced terms. He has gone to Hearts for less money than Celtic offered

  27. fairhill bhoy on

    Didn’t pep get shot of Joe hart 1st chance.After that his career went down the way.I don’t think he has been a number 1for at least 2 seasons.Pretty much like FF before we brought him in to be fair.

  28. I echo Kinglubos` comment on wishing Big jimmy all the best.


    I also hope Hunderbirdsaregone is as peaceful as is possible.


    These two guys seem to be very different characters but , in those different styles, both are excellent men.


    I don`t think I have met either but I feel I know them as good friends.

  29. St Pats Goali coach is the Urban Cookie collective….









    Here We Go to 10 in a Row.



    Lockdown by the



    DAVE pound.



    Celtic Under Lenny – Europe?



    Wow….. Lets Go.



    Tables turned game Times.






    I wullnae even start on the Spiritual aspect




    C E L T I C



    C E L T I C

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