Hooper and Samaras ready to rip Rangers


Neil Lennon was right to emphasise the importance of discipline ahead of tomorrow’s game against Rangers; there must be a high probability that 22 players will not be on the field at the end.  Beram Kayal in particular should expect tumbling Rangers players anywhere in the vicinity of his tackling.

Rangers’ squad is sufficiently thin that there was no chance they would allow the opportunity to appeal Elbows McCulloch’s red card to pass.  McCulloch is seen as part of the problem by a lot of Rangers fans, concerned at their recent malaise, but he is as experienced on these occasions as anyone who will play tomorrow.  Celtic will need to dominate him and Steven Davis if they to win the midfield battle.

It was at least three years ago Celtic Quick News prefixed McCulloch with the name ‘Elbows’.  An elbow is the face is remarkably effective at asserting dominance, something McCulloch knows too well.  It may be that the player’s overt physicality will be inhibited by his recent red card, just as team mate Shauny Aluko declined to tumble in the box when presented with the opportunity on Saturday after recently being out-ed as a diver.

Both teams will deploy unfamiliar central defensive partnerships, which will worry both Lennon and McCoist.  Rangers’ Jelavic has looked like he wants to be elsewhere in recent weeks but  it he gets an opportunity to put himself in the shop window he is likely to take it.  Winning the early battles may sap his enthusiasm.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve written a couple of versions of my match report already but in all of them Gary Hooper and Georgios Samaras are match winners.  If Celtic can win the midfield battle these two – hopefully Samaras from the wing – will win the points for Celtic.

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  1. I will be in the Glencairn Social Club in Rutherglen tomorrow before the game from 1500 to 1800 if any CQNrs are in it would be great to meet you I am part of the Cleater Moor Emerald CSC

  2. My first 1st! Very infrequent poster too.



    Back in Glasgow for the game and getting to use my season ticket for the first time in a long time. Heres to a win for the good guys tomorrow.



    Hail hail!

  3. Any CQNrs in Teac Jack’s in Donegal tomorrow night for the game? I’ll be there for a family wedding :) but missing being at CP :(

  4. EL Che Blanco is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    my first huns game ever tomorro, begged borrowed and stole to get two tickets but the kids tears on christmas morning whe he realised he was goin will stay with me rever but absaluly shittn them…..travelling from ireland and the ferries are being cancelled as we speak due to gale force winds, please god get me to parkhead tomorro

  5. Taxi says:



    27 December, 2011 at 19:09


    Any CQNrs in Teac Jack’s in Donegal tomorrow night for the game? I’ll be there for a family wedding :) but missing being at CP :(






    Post above was me btw, I’ve been doing a bit of moonlighting!

  6. fergus slayed the blues on

    Just heard that Dalziel said Elbows should not have been sent off on Saturday ,.sounds to me that they are getting worried .


    If we beat them I think they could crumble .


    hail hail




  7. Spot on, Paul.



    I’ve said many times before on this site just how things turn around and the problems which ensue when hunman loses. You’ll note that when we lose to them, hardly a bit of bother by either players or fans. When they have been “cheated ” out of winning, bedlam follows as often as not.


    So, hear it loud and clear CELTIC, rise above it all, they simply are not worthy.


    As far as Super Sammi wide left well, as our American friends would say, bring it on baby and above all, show No mercy.



    Hail Hail





  8. re Kris Commons…



    (possibly for the off on loan to Southampton in January)



    skip to 22mins on the 24 Dec 2011 show





    (Paul Larkin, Graham Wilson)






    my thoughts…


    good player but sometimes these things just don’t work out and


    we’ve done ok without him so far – hope it all turns around


    as he gives us another option and shots from distance



    let’s see



  9. Paul 67



    Match report written – do you have the lottery numbers?



    Samaras as match winner Im sure everyone agrees with that!

  10. Lurgan 53 says:


    27 December, 2011 at 18:15


    Help needed please.



    Usually listen to Clyde through the internet. This past few weks I can’t get it. After clicking play I get the intro bit and then silence and no live transmission.



    Any help appreciated.







    Sorry mate I think that’s for Huns only, you’re wit, charm and obvious good looks means yir excluded :>)



  11. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    Good evening bhoys nearly that time for a hunskelping this time tomorrow the thunder will getting louder



    Well done terry sticking it to that p***k he’s a total fud



    Come On You Bhoys In Green

  12. KINGLuBO, “Bring it on, baby”, sounds good to me.



    Buddy Morrisey, the lottery is not worth winning compared to this game.

  13. hamiltontim says:


    27 December, 2011 at 19:22



    how’d the wee ones Christmas pressies go down ?



    all happy ?

  14. HT



    saw hello to the pink elephants from me during the night.



    I spoke to them last night…. o((

  15. Vmhan,you up the road now,see the ferries are getting cancelled,may scupper the plans with the ticket..

  16. fergus slayed the blues on

    Paul spot on with the Aluko point


    .I saw it on the highlights and he would certainly have went down if he had not been found out .This time he stayed on his feet and ragers lost the game and 3 points .put’s his cheating into perspective really


    hail hail

  17. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on

    Thanks for all the kind acknowledgement lads/lassies think we’ll gub them.



    Same team as Saturday for me win the battle then take them tae the school of science.

  18. TC



    Santa is a star according to them. My youngest got this ‘Moon Sand’ stuff. It’s coloured, textured sand that can stick together.



    They’ve been playing with it in the kitchen for 4 hours. Which is great as it means I get to use their new laptop!



    Good time mate?

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