Hope for Hungarians, Celtic tune-up, ploughs for Tannadice


Hungarian champions Ferencvaros are seed and have home advantage tonight over Sweden’s Djurgardens for the right to face Celtic in next week’s Champions League qualification second round.  Notwithstanding that, the Swedes are likely to be far more difficult opponents.

Djurgardens are 16 games into their season, whereas Ferencvaros have played only one competitive game since June.  Djurgardens also overcame stronger opposition to win their first Swedish title in 14 years than Ferencvaros faced in Hungary; there are no teams as good as Malmo in Hungary and I don’t think I have recovered from facing them five years ago tonight, so I hope home advantage favours the Hungarians.

Last night’s demolition of KR Reykjavik was far easier than I expected.  Celtic looked sharp from the off, perhaps chastised by sitting on that draw at Kilmarnock for so long, and the wave of negative publicity that subsequently came the club’s way.  KR were awful, worse than any Scottish lower-league team I can remember facing.  Though like Hamilton, they still made chances….

Still, you can only beat the team in front of you and Neil Lennon’s men did the necessary.  If Dundee United manager, Micky Mellon, was watching, he may have asked for a tractor to plough Tannadice ahead of our game there on Saturday.

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  2. Ok so JF did nothing


    Broonie was a waste of a Jersey


    Christie’s touch was shite


    Bitton too slow


    Taylor too wee


    Imagine the score if we had played with 11 men ?

  3. We played Copenhagen last year on the 20th of Feb. They had played one competitive game in two months before that fixture.



    They dominated play in the 2nd half of that fixture and were more than sharp enough in the return leg.



    The same thing with Zenit a couple of season ago.



    It’s an excuse to cling on to the number of fixtures played.

  4. Jerseybhoys,



    Someone has done that one already fella. Twas as lazy an analysis as the posts being mocked….



    Don’t really see the point to be honest…

  5. JERSEYBHOYS on 19TH AUGUST 2020 1:29 PM


    Sorry big Wavy




    3 hail marys and an our father…

  6. A post that will make me no friends



    Wee JF is neither as effective, nor as ineffective, as some on here would make you believe.



    And….wait for it….



    The best thing that Paddy Roberts did in terms of cementing his magical status, was deciding NOT to stay with us. One of the reasons JF held off the challenge he posed was PR’s jaded form after a long injury.



    Wee Frimpers is a great wee player. Pace to burn, attacks the goal line, puts in a great cross, sufficiently short for that to be a weakness as a defender. Get the picture? He should be JF’s competition.



    Oh, and start starting Ntcham!



    HH jg

  7. You never know what to expect from teams in Europe particularly when your opponents are well into their season, but Celtic were on easy street last night and gave a good team performance and scoring a hatful of goals making a bright start to another European campaign. Next week will be a different matter and my preference would be the Hungarians. Eddie did not let us down with a little bit of razzle dazzle scoring a terrific goal. Ntcham also impressive off the bench but has to be more consistent. El Hammed an unfussy, elegant footballer has to stay in the team and hopefully stay fit.



    Agree with you about Christie. I have been saying this for a while that there seems to be very little end product from his running about and passing is very poor.


    As for Bitton at CH , no no no

  9. If I didn’t know the result I’d be having palpitations reading the reviews on here.


    I thought we had no failures last night, as in every game some players were more prominent then others but so what,


    I thought Eddie wasn’t doing enough last night then in a flash he did enough in a few seconds to make him a hero.


    I thought James was OK but no more then that, Christie tried hard was involved in a lot but 3 overhit passes/shots stick in the mind.


    At the back Julien, & Bitton were fine, Elhamed was superb & Taylor was very good, Barkas had little to do but when called on he impressed,


    Mo was brilliant as was Ntcham when he came on, but Brooney played very well as did CalMac.


    The passing was accurate & crisp all over the pitch and I was well happy with what I saw.


    By the time Klimala & Ajeti came on we were on wind down so I wouldn’t pass comment on either only to say the run out will have benefited them

  10. I’d take wee Paddy back in a flash. Great player though plagued by injuries. Played his best football with us.

  11. 🎼when the letters don’t stick……and you look like a prick…..that’s Castore. 🎼

  12. What is the Stars on

    Ntcham is the best player we have



    Letting him go would be an act of criminal negligence


    Not starting him in every game is an act of criminal negligence



    If Ntcham goes ….I go

  13. I like Frimpong and he has pace to burn and but that’s about it. How many times have we seen him on his back when he’s tried to speed through a wall of defenders? And his ball control is hit and miss when he’s attacking. He’s a good option to have though. I thought Elhamed linked up well with JF last night – reminiscent of PC Lustig.

  14. To use a cricket parlance we hit the Vikings for six. And sent them home again, just as we did in Largs back in 1263. But I’m not one to dwell in the past. That was the kind of early season game I miss seeing, good confident attacking performance. Like the way the new goalie (what is he Greek Orthodox) wanted to keep the game moving any time he did get the ball. Well done Lenny and the bhoys.

  15. In the 2 years since Paddy left us he has been with Girona, Noewich & Middlesboro between the 3 Clubs he has played in 32 games & no goals.


    In his last year with us he had 19 appearances & 1 goal.


    So in past 3 years 51 appearances & 1 goal.


    In same period James Forrest had 160 games & scored 50 goals.


    Yet there are those here who would gladly dump James & have Paddy back in a Heart Beat.


    Am I the only one to find that hard to understand.

  16. CORKCELT on 19TH AUGUST 2020 2:07 PM



    Yep, I don’t get it either. Some people just have to moan, it’s in their nature I guess.

  17. Not particularly alluding to you Jerseybhoys, I understand the sentimental pull towards Paddy, but for one reason or another his career has stalled.


    Maybe if he did come it might indeed reignite his career and I certainly agree that James needs competition. Though.I think we already have a ghuy to provide competition for James in Frimpong.



    My general point is that James has delivered for us big time but yet is a bit of a scapegoat with many, yet Paddy who has delivered nothing anywhere in past 3 years is still fondly remembered.

  18. @CORKCELT on 19TH AUGUST 2020 2:07 PM



    To provide competition. Competition is always good to have- look at our midfield- but JF doesn’t have any at the moment. Frimpong is a RB/RWB but has never played with us as a winger. Dembele is 17.



    Paddy showed his quality with us. He has chopped and changed clubs since, but much like FF his career could be revived with us.

  19. CORKCELT; have you entertained the possibility there are simply heaps of fandabby experts on here who simply KNOW all player foibles way better than their team managers, coaches, scouts, international managers, agents etc mysteriously eking a living out of pretending to know their paying jobs better than unqualified keyboard bashers like some of wurselfs?

  20. The problem that Celtic have to many midfielders,Seemingly back in for Turnbull ,what about Soro another one I’m afraid to say isn’t fancied by all the coaching staff,out on loan for him,as for James Forrest it’s not his fault he is playing out on the wing ,he has no competition and to me that’s bad .i can’t understand Lennon at times and that’s all I’m going to say,

  21. i don’t know about anyone else but thought Gordon Strachan and John Hartson were great fun on the VST last night arguing whether Odsonne was a 10 or a 9 position.



    Love both those lhads

  22. Good run out last night against a side well below us in quality .,But harder games await us . It was way to easy , But we also had some hesitant moments in the game , still some room for improvement . And a big hard as nails centre half is definitely a requirement , whether it be Duffy or AN OTHER that is the calibre required . I’m not going to be put of by some of the posts on here ,I am one of the fans who think Taylor is a bit too wee for full back ,a good standby no doubt ,but first pick not for me . Heaps of praise also for Olivier , this guy can play ,no doubt about that ,it’s his consistency that’s the drawback , we could do with more of what he produced last night and the past wee while and he would be a first pick . James Forrest this lad has lost his mojo alright no doubt he has the talent , and has won us games on many occasions but he hasn’t done it consistently in a while , I see him as being too timid , and not much heart for the rough stuff . But sadly he doesn’t stand alone there in our present team . Pity help us when broonie isn’t around which is not too far away .we need some new recruits ,we need to move on players who have served us well ,but now whether due to getting stale in the team , or spending more time on the treatment table either way they are no good to us , using up a salary that would be better spent elsewhere. I’m a celtic man .all my 70 years .i don’t have favourite players ,I want our team to win playing celtic football . But some in our team don’t quite fit the jersey . For one Bolingoli was a disaster of a signing but there have been loads more , whoever scouted these guys shouldn’t be at our club . Again we can do better . Why can’t we get players in who we don’t need to wait 4 or 5 weeks to get a glimpse of . Get them in ready . HH

  23. BIG WAVY on 19TH AUGUST 2020 12:48 PM






    Brownie was far from superb. He was Broonie. Good reading of the game at times (still there in the head), slow to the player who broke beyond him (legs are gone at the high level), literally passed it off to another midfielder (in a game like that what’s the point) and his offensive play was poor (and better teams will give him loads of time).




    For my own health I need to stop. Neil will play him and we risk another Cluj contribution from him when the opposition gets better, faster and more skilful.




    Play your best players in their best positions! Simple. That’s a midfield of Callum, Ollie and Moi (or Rogic). Christie is in danger of becoming the next Stefan Johansen – all running and little else.




    Everything elses is just sentiment and sentiment creates unnecessary risk.







    Spot on. Lenny needs to look at Alex Ferguson. A key feature of his management was knowing when to ease his legends out of his teams. Lenny’s loyalty to certain players and an inability (so far) to strengthen our defence could prove very costly against better teams.



    Better to say this now rather than after the fact.