Hope for Hungarians, Celtic tune-up, ploughs for Tannadice


Hungarian champions Ferencvaros are seed and have home advantage tonight over Sweden’s Djurgardens for the right to face Celtic in next week’s Champions League qualification second round.  Notwithstanding that, the Swedes are likely to be far more difficult opponents.

Djurgardens are 16 games into their season, whereas Ferencvaros have played only one competitive game since June.  Djurgardens also overcame stronger opposition to win their first Swedish title in 14 years than Ferencvaros faced in Hungary; there are no teams as good as Malmo in Hungary and I don’t think I have recovered from facing them five years ago tonight, so I hope home advantage favours the Hungarians.

Last night’s demolition of KR Reykjavik was far easier than I expected.  Celtic looked sharp from the off, perhaps chastised by sitting on that draw at Kilmarnock for so long, and the wave of negative publicity that subsequently came the club’s way.  KR were awful, worse than any Scottish lower-league team I can remember facing.  Though like Hamilton, they still made chances….

Still, you can only beat the team in front of you and Neil Lennon’s men did the necessary.  If Dundee United manager, Micky Mellon, was watching, he may have asked for a tractor to plough Tannadice ahead of our game there on Saturday.

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  1. Watched the first half of the Ferencvaros game. Deadly dull. Defences on top with just 2 shots from the Hungarians, one of them a belter. Both teams 4-4-2. Hungarian keeper no saves to make. The Swedes are enthusiastic and physical, but no world beaters. The front man on the left for Ferencvaros (Tokmac?) is extremely fast, works like a demon, and looks by far their most dangerous weapon. If we end up playing them, somebody will need to watch him like a hawk.

  2. 4 mill for the Wizard of Oz and 10 mill for a scouse ned, dearie me, nothing like building them up, they have tried and failed to sell El Chubelo, Barasic, Tav Pen et all to no avail, now it’s the neds turn.


    Now our wizard, outwith our club he is by a country mile the best middy in the land, to dispute this is not even in question, he is sheer class and some are wanting him gone cos the club could make a few bob, I despair, we pay people millions to worry about money yet the blogs are full of sell, sell, sell cos it’s good money for the club, eff off, he is worth far more than a couple of spare bobs, we really can’t afford to let class go, if we bring in class, aye Ok, but I for one won’t be holding my breath for that, will you ?

  3. The hand of God on

    JC2…that did occur to me was hoping it may have ne US dollars didn’t bother to check which site it was on as they are usually full of nonsense.




    Ne sentiment in business is what I was referring to – Tom Rogic will always remembered fondly by me & others – my particular moments – 1) when we came from behind to beat Motherwell 4-3, with TR scoring the winner. 2) His screamer at Kilmarnock at 0-0, when Aberdeen were breathing down our necks in the league. 3) Of course at Hampden for the treble. Heading for extra-time and Aberdeen looking a real danger.



    Also to quote Ian Crocker of Sky – “Tom Rogic loves a goal against Rangers” – he did & often, and we all loved him for it.



    Of course he’e now older, married & from Australia – a move might be right for him now.



    If he goes it is with the best wishes of all the Celtic family.

  5. No football on Shortbread tonight, can’t have been a Scottish team playing in the Champions League last night or maybe there was nothing negative to say about Celtic!

  6. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 19TH AUGUST 2020 2:59 PM


    Yip, was told when I posted that Rogic was for the off.


    Personally, I think it is best. If the fee is accurate it is a great bit f business. Tom technically is a great player but our return has not been great. However, what he has contributed has been fantastic, especially that goal at Rugby Park and the goal in the cup final against the sheep.


    I thank him and wish him all the best.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  7. Good evening, friends.


    Not long back for a couple of nights in St Andrews and most enjoyable it was, helped by last night’s performance. Just checked there and delighted to see that over 50 emails are waiting for me for the ole Player Of The Year thingmy. Not too late to vote of course – any time until 10pm tonight. 1 email with the names of your 3 best performers. Simples.


    Results out hopefully before 10.15.



  8. Tom Rogic and Olivier Ntcham want to move , adios,



    It seems we’re even better off for midfielders than we thought, we’ve got the best two (Ntcham and Rogic) in Scotland, maybe they’re getting better the longer they can’t nail a regular starting berth? or displace Calum Invisible, or Legs gone Brown, and one or two others. just think what they fetch in early October?



    £15,000 a week for sitting on the Celtic bench and the transfer window wide open, for ins, and outs?



    We move on, thanks for the memories time to get fresh blood in, press the button on the Turnbull deal and sort out, the dreaded Left Back position,( again.)

  9. Ghuys ye are worrying me with these updates,


    All I want to know is should we beat these feckers next week.

  10. Ferencvaros at least means we will have a home tie as drawn, so can’t be unhappy about that.

  11. Big, strong team with some very decent pace and technique.



    Massive step up from the Icelanders.

  12. that have a couple of pacy players especially no 7 , but we should be too good for them if we defend properly.

  13. Bitton given a 2 year contract last season and Tom Rogic going for £4m.


    I know who I would rather keep

  14. In the 2-0 home win, Swedes were very poor tonight and could hardly string 2 passes together. No pressure at all on the home defence so hard to judge them. They have imported pace and a wee bit flair up front and love playing the early ball behind the defence for the quick guys.


    We need to press them and close them down in midfield to stop their game plan. Think they might tire after a hard 90 mons.


    Sorry Paul67 but would have much preferredplaying the Swedes

  15. The hand of God on

    At least we will have a home game next week…of course assuming there are no government changes to travel

  16. bluegrass celt on

    RC on 19TH AUGUST 2020 7:46 PM


    that have a couple of pacy players especially no 7 , but we should be too good for them if we defend properly.



    Defend properly? I like yer style.


    Think we’ll win 4-3 or 5-4 or maybe even 6-5 ? 👍👍

  17. FRITZSONG on 19TH AUGUST 2020 6:35 PM



    BTW some of the criticism of our players on this site is quite vicious and very ill-informed. Brown written off, Jullien the dud, accusations of physical cowardice etc. – the whole Club Deck gamut.






    cap doffed