Hope for Hungarians, Celtic tune-up, ploughs for Tannadice


Hungarian champions Ferencvaros are seed and have home advantage tonight over Sweden’s Djurgardens for the right to face Celtic in next week’s Champions League qualification second round.  Notwithstanding that, the Swedes are likely to be far more difficult opponents.

Djurgardens are 16 games into their season, whereas Ferencvaros have played only one competitive game since June.  Djurgardens also overcame stronger opposition to win their first Swedish title in 14 years than Ferencvaros faced in Hungary; there are no teams as good as Malmo in Hungary and I don’t think I have recovered from facing them five years ago tonight, so I hope home advantage favours the Hungarians.

Last night’s demolition of KR Reykjavik was far easier than I expected.  Celtic looked sharp from the off, perhaps chastised by sitting on that draw at Kilmarnock for so long, and the wave of negative publicity that subsequently came the club’s way.  KR were awful, worse than any Scottish lower-league team I can remember facing.  Though like Hamilton, they still made chances….

Still, you can only beat the team in front of you and Neil Lennon’s men did the necessary.  If Dundee United manager, Micky Mellon, was watching, he may have asked for a tractor to plough Tannadice ahead of our game there on Saturday.

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  1. The unfortunately named Boli for Ferencvaros looked useful (not outstanding, useful) at centre forward, very competitive, good in the air, linked quite well. Apart from the guy scoring both goals the other thing to catch my eye was the big centre half who won just about every ball thrown into the box, but then we tend not to play that way!

  2. I’m sad to see Tom leave us . The memories he has left us will stay with us forever.



    The importance of his winning goal in the 2017 cup final , his sevco skelping plus the injury time goal at Kilmarnock are most of out support’s favourites .



    Two examples of Tom’s outstanding ability were his goal at Pittodrie in 2016 , controlling the ball with his right foot then placing the ball in the net with the outside of his left foot. Also , when we beat Hearts 3 1 at Tynecastle in 2018 , the pass with the outside of his left foot to Moussa , was out of this world.

  3. The hand of God on

    Swedish football seems to be pretty poor at the moment they seem to draw some decent crowds with fans who produce some great tifos and pyrotechnic displays, seemingly some of the Ultra groups have been in discussions with the authorities regarding safe pyrotechnic displays..their teams dont seem to be able to match the passion of their fans.

  4. The hand of God on

    I know Barcelona by their standards have struggled recently but it will be interesting to see if Henrik”s coaching credentials rise given the opportunity he now has to work with high quality players.

  5. SFTB


    If you put a 1 in front of the 4 you will be closer to what he is worth if Kent is being touted at 10 mill, but we both know that Pedro will bite anyone’s hand off for 4 mill.


    All I am saying is that we should not be selling class, no matter how little they play, finances are nothing to do with us, millions are leaving the club each year to folks who manage the money side of things, but they have conditioned us into being part time finance gurus….



  6. JHB on 19TH AUGUST 2020 3:58 PM



    Great detailed post re Covid implications to our finances. Thank you.




  7. The hand of God @ 6:40 pm:



    `Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion`



    Would that be regardless of the effect of those opinions?

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Mcmanaman (sp?) Argues that Lyons starting 11 is justified by beating previous team, failed to understand that they only did so cause Moussa came on, eejit. Anyway Bayern 1:0 up

  9. JHB on 19TH AUGUST 2020 3:58 PM




    Great detailed post re Covid implications to our finances. Thank you.









    Ditto that, a really good piece. CL money keeps us sweet for another year, if we don’t qualify, Edouard and/or 1-2 others will be sold.

  10. When Bayern cross the ball across the 6 yard box, there are usually a minimum of three players in the box to meet it, something we could do to benefit from Elyounoussi/Taylor/Forrest crosses.

  11. The hand of God on

    Hot Smoked….I’m not sure what your question means…to explain my own post everyone has their own opinions on players lots of which are posted here that I disagree with but posters are entitled to post their thoughts on the blog…nothing deeper than that.Cheers.

  12. AT



    Happy birthday to the biggest Tim I know. And most certainly one of the kindest.



    HH jg

  13. Why is Dembele not getting a game for Lyon? Is he 2nd choice there? Such a big game to miss out on.

  14. The hand of God on

    I wonder if Arsenal regret selling Serge Gnabry to Werder Bremen for £5M which is next to nothing by EPL standards I guess many clubs have released players who have gone on to shine elsewhere.

  15. The hand of God on

    I hope Bayern beat PSG in the final for many reasons not least keeping the exclusive club to a modest 22

  16. Cant believe TR is up for sale, this is the guy that can open up a defence like a packet of crisps, something I’m yet to see from the rest of the squad. We are keeping to many engines and not enough flare players. In this league we need players like tom and some better defenders. The league cup final should have told us all this.

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    DENIABHOY on 19TH AUGUST 2020 8:55 PM



    Why is Dembele not getting a game when he’s their top scorer too😵

  18. Now I said this during wee lennys first stint, it’s his job to ensure the players are fit enough and the Derry pele was another one that was failed by the expectation that people are not fundamentally lazy, well some people are and its normally the flair players. I love Neil, but this must be addressed by him and the whole coaching staff.

  19. thank you Celts for my birthday wishes.a good day.😊



    enjoying the semi-final looks like Bayern …..well big Moussa isnae on yet.😊



    Big Moussa on but don’t think even he can save this one.


    And all the best big mhan on your birthday.


    For my last birthday, my family’s present was getting me carbon dated !

  21. Jeso,so it’s PL fault that TR is going.Maybe just maybe the ghuy wants to go.Take a day aff ffs board bashers .Thanks for the memories Tom,you’re winner at Motherwell was my favourite 🍀