Hope for Hungarians, Celtic tune-up, ploughs for Tannadice


Hungarian champions Ferencvaros are seed and have home advantage tonight over Sweden’s Djurgardens for the right to face Celtic in next week’s Champions League qualification second round.  Notwithstanding that, the Swedes are likely to be far more difficult opponents.

Djurgardens are 16 games into their season, whereas Ferencvaros have played only one competitive game since June.  Djurgardens also overcame stronger opposition to win their first Swedish title in 14 years than Ferencvaros faced in Hungary; there are no teams as good as Malmo in Hungary and I don’t think I have recovered from facing them five years ago tonight, so I hope home advantage favours the Hungarians.

Last night’s demolition of KR Reykjavik was far easier than I expected.  Celtic looked sharp from the off, perhaps chastised by sitting on that draw at Kilmarnock for so long, and the wave of negative publicity that subsequently came the club’s way.  KR were awful, worse than any Scottish lower-league team I can remember facing.  Though like Hamilton, they still made chances….

Still, you can only beat the team in front of you and Neil Lennon’s men did the necessary.  If Dundee United manager, Micky Mellon, was watching, he may have asked for a tractor to plough Tannadice ahead of our game there on Saturday.

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  1. Great game,Bayern relentless,but Lyon should have been 2 up.Lewandowski incredible 55 goals this season.


    Should be some final on Sunday.

  2. Like when you sell a house,Tom is only valued at the price someone is prepared to pay.He obviously has fitness issues so you can rule out EPL.So forget the Armstrong money,different type of player.He goes with a few good goals to remember.Pretty sure PL wouldn’t just bend over at £4 m

  3. Fancied Bayern since games started back,Neymar and Mbappe….I think it will be a brilliant game,the one off games have been really good

  4. Big Tom was a beautiful player,but far too many problems with injury.Not only that,after recovering from injury,it took him around 6 weeks to get back up to speed.Another wee run in the team,then injured again,or off to play for Australia.Too many forgetting the reality.Some saying we could get more.You can only get what the market offers.If Tom played for someone else,and we were bidding 4 million for him,would be mayhem on here.Sick note,mentioned in plenty of posts.


    If he goes,thanks for the great memories,but should have been more.Class act.

  5. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21 ***





    The ghosts of Rigby Park were quickly blown away last night and any worries that we’d be a bit rusty after the long lay off were lacking in evidence. A very professional start to this season’s European campaign with a number of good performances from our starting 11 and also our first substitute – almost a third of the voters voted for a player that only played a third of the game. Surely, play him rather than sell him??


    Thanks to the 69 who voted. The votes cast for each player are as follows (with my own choices asterisked) –



    Barkas: 0


    Elhamed: 53


    Jullien: 5


    Bitton: 1


    Taylor: 18


    Brown: 8


    McGregor*: 20


    Christie: 5


    Forrest: 4


    Edouard: 5


    Elyounoussi*: 66


    Ntcham*: 22


    Klimala: 0


    Ajeti: 0



    So the players receiving points for the game against Kilmarnock are –


    Elyounoussi – 5 points


    Elhamed – 4 points


    Ntcham – 3 points


    McGregor – 2 points


    Taylor – 1 point



    And the overall points table is now as follows –


    1st – McGregor and Taylor – 7 points


    3rd – Christie – 6 points


    4th – Edouard, Elyanoussi and McGregor – 5 points


    7th – Barkas, Elhamed and Frimpong – 4 points


    10th – Ntcham – 3 points


    11th – Ajer – 1 point


    12th – Ajeti, Bain, Bitton, Bolingoli, Brown, Dembele, Elhamed, Elyounoussi, Forrest, Jullien, Klimala



    Our next game is on Saturday at 5.30PM when we travel to play Dundee Utd.



    Hail Hail!

  6. The inimitable Bert Kassies (check out his website) confirms Celtic will be in Pot 3 for the Group stages if we qualify.


    Over to you Peter and Neil

  7. glendalystonsils on

    No point in stressing over ‘what if’s’ re big TR . If his fitness record had been good we would have lost him long before now , albeit for a helluva lot more than £4m



    Nor would he be heading to Qatar.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    As one of those who voted for Ollie based on 20 minutes play last night , I would be more gutted to lose him than to lose big Tom.



    We should be trying to fill our ranks with players of his ability.

  9. Just look at last season’s stats for TR every time he started in CM we were banging in 4 or 5 goals a game. You need a player like big Tam to frighten the opposition and put them on the back foot and then you have the hun games with ryan on the pitch, a real engine but the opposition don’t fear him like big Tam and they all pile forward.

  10. *CORRECTION* (there’s only 1 Calum McGregor!)


    And the overall points table is now as follows –


    1st – McGregor and Taylor – 7 points


    3rd – Christie – 6 points


    4th – Edouard and Elyanoussi – 5 points


    7th – Barkas, Elhamed and Frimpong – 4 points


    10th – Ntcham – 3 points


    11th – Ajer – 1 point


    12th – Ajeti, Bain, Bitton, Bolingoli, Brown, Dembele, Elhamed, Elyounoussi, Forrest, Jullien, Klimala

  11. Thanks lefty


    I have never really been away, just had serious problems logging in and gave up most of the time, still keep getting logged out every few mins, working on it, at least I don’t have any bother with the adds now.



  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Got to challenge anyone to compare the midfield trio of McGregor, Christie and Rogic of a couple of seasons ago when Broonie was out, and tell me a better string of games for class attacking football. That trio has been my highlight for the whole of the 9iar, we could have had anybody leading that line and made them look like a world class striker.


    I’d also suggest Rogic is labelled by huns and accepted by soft as a sick note for a reason, special attention from opposition and zero protection from match officials. The big man is not made of glass but obviously not drinking enough irn bru eh.

  13. Hundreds of thousands of £s spent every year on coaching, sport science and they cant get a class act fit. WTF.

  14. Full scale storm blowing over here. Reckon there will be some damage in the morning.


    We are on the Hospital line for Electricity & rarely lose power, I can see from window rest of areas around us in total darkness.


    We’ve had a couple of blinks but still have Power.


    There are big trees all round us & they are bent over with the wind.


    Nature is really powerful, feel like PeteC saying that.

  15. Lenny wants diesel engines when he’s got a ferrari sat on the bench.



    Big Tam must not go.

  16. Jobo – Barkas is 6th, Ntcham 9th, etc..



    You’ve removed McGregor but haven’t changed the rankings :)



    Sorry fella.

  17. Canamalar, It’s Storm Ellen, think it’s heading for the UK when it’s finished battering us.

  18. No I’m talking about big Eddie, 3 snips and he missed the lot. Get him on the bench and play big Tam up front

  19. PITYMEVIN on 19TH AUGUST 2020 10:33 PM


    Hundreds of thousands of £s spent every year on coaching, sport science and they cant get a class act fit. WTF



    Rogic only started playing football through Fusbal, when he was about 18,by that age, he had lost the conditioni that boys had built up from early teens, Paddy McCourt suffered the same way,promising then rejected, stopped playing in vital years. After typing this,ive worked out they were very similar players ,amazing natural ability, but the rigours of top flight football was always making them injured again, due to the early years IMO

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Storm Ellen was last seen heading to the Caribbean from north coast of Africa, must have got on the wrong bus

  21. Moravcik67 doing a great job explaining that if we get past the Hungarians, the next 2 set of opponents looks like this:



    QR3 – 1 off tie





    Legia Warsaw


    Maccabi Tel-Aviv




    Dynamo Brest



    Play off – 2 legs



    Slavia Prague




    Young Boys


    Red Star Belgrade

  22. That is what RTE is calling it Canmalar, we got a belt of a hurricane here a couple of years back but it hit by day, winds now aren’t as high but it just seems worse in the dark,


    Anyhow the lights are blinking, so I think I’ll go to bed while I can see where I’m going.


    Good Night & God Bless All.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m no buying into that story, he did not start playing football at 18, I suspect he played plenty of fives but was only spotted at 18.


    I thought fusbal was that table game https://duckduckgo.com/?q=foosball+table&t=chromentp&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fc.shld.net%2Frpx%2Fi%2Fs%2Fi%2Fspin%2F10090560%2Fprod_1733262412%3F%3Fhei%3D64%26wid%3D64%26qlt%3D50.



    So if what you say is true and I’m also correct, he’s superfit for a lump a wid

  24. Neil signed Tom, probably knows big twinkle toes better than anybody else, if not in Neil’s plans this time around so be it … Tom will be remembered favourably by the majority of fans … a few question his fitness, a fair few injuries happened during/after International breaks ….



    TET … good too see your posts, cheers for clearing things up, I thought that Father Jack was a Hun :-)