Hope in our hearts


Zlatan’s talent, as a substitute in both games for Ajax in Champions League qualification duty against Celtic 19 years ago, was blindingly obvious.  It is an incredible achievement that he remains at the top of the game all these years later.  Pity the younger generation of Celtic fans have been robbed of a chance to see one of the modern game’s greats strut his stuff on our hallowed turf in the flesh.

We have faced Milan five times on European Cup/Champions League duties, never in the lesser tournaments.  The away leg of the 1969 quarter-final ended goalless, passing the advantage to Celtic, but the name Prati still makes older fans shiver.  Celtic battered the Milan goal after Prati’s early strike to no avail.  The visitors would go on to win the final comfortably against a still-emerging Ajax, with Prat grabbing a hat-trick.  Back then, this trophy was regarded as one that got away from us.

The next time we met Milan was in 2004 in the San Siro, when we were level until the 89th minute before losing two late goals (some of us were on labour ward duties and missed the action).  The return ended goalless, as did the home leg, when the teams met in the last 16 in 2007 – and the corresponding away leg.  Milan edged the tie in extra time to proceed to the quarter-finals and, again, going on to win the cup.

The teams met later on that year in the group stage, Celtic recording a famous 2-1 win, their only win over reigning European champions.  Milan won their home game with an Inzaghi strike well into the second half, but the narrow defeat was enough for Celtic to progress to the knock-out rounds on the night.

A year on from their Barcelona triumph, Celtic wilted in a daunting 2013 Champions League group against Barca, Milan and Ajax.  A home win over Ajax and five defeats was a muted end to European endeavours in Neil Lennon’s first period charge.

That single win over European champions was followed next time out by a horrendous showing at Fir Park against Gretna, where two goals in the closing five minutes gave Celtic a 1-2 win.  Beating the best, beating Milan, does not always require great domestic form.  Hope in our hearts……

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  1. TurkeyBhoy, Julian is injured, some problem in base of spine. He is definitely out. I reckon 3 Covid Bhoys Eddie, Nir & Elhamed out as well.


    As far as I can see Christie is the only new option available to us since Saturday.





    NFL knows what it’s all about. Gave small baws a shout,…..wee prick let us all doon

  3. Nobody listening but I will say it again. Jullien has no back injury , just a story. He has refused to play, big tantrum, toys out of cot because Duffy playing in his position. Lennon needs to come out with problems going on behind the scene. It’s obvious somethings are not right off the field as well as on it.

  4. BREENY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 1:56 PM




    How much are we paying him to down tools?. ps Nobody is listening cause they can smell you

  5. Breeny,



    Do you know this to be fact or is this a guess? I’ve been hearing from a friend of a friend of a… that he does have an issue with his back.



    However to me it’s all hearsay so I’ve chosen to ignore.

  6. Breeny



    What is your source on Jullienne? Duffy played on the RHS of the 3 vs Ross County with Jullienne in the middle. He has been out injured since



    I don’t see where the situation of Duffy taking his place can have arisen





    Way too eloquent, they wont understand.

  8. Not looking for an argument , just my opinion. It’s obvious Duffy has to be a central defender, first game for Duffy he played on right side, didn’t work. Duffy moved to central position, Jullien unavailable since then. If he genuinely has a back injury then I apologise but I think it is just one of a few problems going on behind the scenes. Lennon has admitted players want to leave, also Lennon’s body language has been very poor for more than 2 months, I guess it will all come out in time. Hope I am wrong about all of this, just my opinion which I feel entitled to post on here without abuse as we all are.

  9. I refuse to believe any rumours about Jules or anyone else ” Downing Tools” …I would hope that this rumour/story is untrue ?


    I am very concerned about Tonights game, no matter our line up…I think we will be really up against it…Hopefully, I am wrong once again ?


    I wonder how the Pittodrie pitch has dealt with any flooding in Aberdeen ?


    The last thing we need is another game called off at this time…Then again ?



  10. As others have pointed out on here Today…I have been wondering why the Huns have had NO Covid call offs at all ?


    What are they doing differently…IF they are doing anything differently in relation to Covid ?


    Just wondering ?



  11. If you have access to Eurosport, the coverage of the Giro is amazing today. Climbing a snow covered Stelvio.

  12. Jobo- agree with your team,and as SuperSutton posted,we need to get our strikers some game time for Sunday.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 12:30 PM




    Boom 👍






    BOURNESOUPRECIPE – Better than a podium 👍 :-)))



    Big Jimmy – I know the video of which you speak – by coincidence I introduced WeeBGFC to it last month – he appreciated it.



    What a mover that lassie is :-))






  14. After free school meals stopped in England, I hope young Rashford tells them to stick their CBE…

  15. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:30 PM




    Catch yersel on, gravy train.

  16. Bada


    They haven’t stopped them as that is the current position – they haven’t extended them to outside term time.


    A disgrace all the same.

  17. couldn’t give a monkey’s for the Europa League this season, just a distraction from the main prize that we should only be focused on.

  18. Put the best team out NFL deems fit. Der hun maggots always crawling over each other waiting in the wings either way.


    X in Ordine

  19. Big Jimmy 13.28



    Agreed……she is one sexy babe.


    Every red-blooded male should watch this at least once in their life….guaranteed they will watch it again and again.

  20. RC on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:43 PM




    Assimilated tims need reminding…..Celtic were the first club from the island of Britain to win the European Cup. No apology for the standard set wet wipe.

  21. HENRY JOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:34 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:30 PM










    Catch yersel on, gravy train





  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    Quick question for them what follows such things:



    What top teams still use wingers? Seems like a long time since Bayern had their Robbery combo.



    Off the top of my head, most of the big boys seem to play three narrow up top in some formation or another, with the full backs providing the width.



    The top guys who started their careers wide – Sterling, Neymar, Salah and the likes – are all played inside these days, more like an old-style inside forward or attacking midfielder than a winger.



    Anyone got any examples of top teams playing two wide nowadays?

  23. HENRY JOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:50 PM


    RC on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 2:43 PM




    Assimilated tims need reminding…..Celtic were the first club from the island of Britain to win the European Cup. No apology for the standard set wet wipe.




  24. there’s a malaise in the dressing room



    That’s a French word; we have 3 French players , so…..



    Ryan Christie wants to leave

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