Hoping to see Jullien on the bench


Neil Lennon had the chance to assess players on return to Lennoxtown from international duty this morning but there will be little chance of any meaningful training before Saturday’s game at Easter Road.  Before the international break, the manager suggested Christopher Jullien could be back in contention for this game; it is an enticing prospect.

Christopher was key to much of the success we had last season; without his performances in the Europa League and, of course, that League Cup Final goal, the season would be remembered differently.  Despite that, there is reason to be cautious about his return.  His early season performances last year (Motherwell) and this (Kilmarnock) were well below the standard he reached when fully fit.  Not every player is a natural athlete, some take an extra three weeks to get match sharp, I suspect Chris falls into this category.

Easter Road is a big pitch and Hibernian have not been as encumbered as Celtic by international absences, so they will be rested and ready for the visit of the champions.  Chris has not played in seven weeks, the equivalent of preseason, I hope we see him on the bench.

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  1. JOBO BALDIE on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:58 PM




    xxxxx xxxxx



    well said. agree %100.



    wan maer sleep tae go






  2. Be well Celtic Lhads and Lhassies



    7am here and i’m going to do a bit of gardening till the coffee shop opens, time to wake up the neighbours. lol



    the world is green and white



    definition of weeds= a plant that chooses where it wants to grow. Our minds are a beautiful garden, its our choice to water the weeds or to cultivate the flowers. peace.

  3. Beautiful Hymn Parkhead, one of my favourites too,


    You can access Father MacEwan singing it on YouTube had a wee listen earlier but I’m useless at posting links.


    One of the more astute Bhoys might oblige.

  4. One of my cousins has posted a story of finding her Connemara roots on her website, not sure how to do a link if you type Yamuna Flaherty in search it will come up



    Bit of artistic license but I think it’s well written but suppose I’m biased

  5. PCS


    Mine too, We sung it many times, in tune of course.


    Hope you are well and in good health & spirit.


    Hail Hail

  6. Jobo



    A reasonable response. I agree that “the “make a show” element ws to show that restrictions applied to footballers as well as the ordinary man. That is why I said it was done for show.






    “So, in that context, when those ‘special treatment’ footballers broke the rules, and fairly blatantly, then I wasn’t surprised that this was taken as an opportunity to ‘show an example’. I do not think it was done, as you suggest, to “make a show of both these clubs”. It was done to get the point over to the general public that everyone is in this together and everyone must be aware of and follow the rules. ”




    Hmmm! When Dr. Calderwood broke the Covid regulations, Nicola did not shut down the medical profession nor call for Dr. Calderwood’s practice to be closed for a week or a fine to be levied on the family.



    When Margaret Ferrier was even more blatant than Bolingoli there was no call for the SNP to be shut, or for the London -based Parliamentary Party to be suspended, or even for the Hamilton and Rutherglen constituency party to be closed.



    The Aberdeen 8 and Boli were 9 daft individuals. Football did not make them break the rules and Celtic and Aberdeen FC did not do so either.



    Yet a punishment to the collective was issued. To what good end?




    P.S. I note that though Edmondson & Jones got very lengthy bans , there was no club punishment issued today. Why are Sevco deemed unresponsible for their players’ misdemeanours?

  7. When I clicked on the link, I had an option on the side to click on Flowers of the Rarest but when I looked down the list I saw links for a host of different songs & hymns I had played earlier, so I’m not sure if that is a direct link to the hymn or not.



    You are very welcome. Next time you want to post a link, click ‘share’ below the clip, then click ‘copy link’. Go back to CQN and, (if you can get in😂) , gently press your finger in the post comment box until ‘paste’ shows up. Click on ‘paste’ and ‘Voila!’



    I couldn’t find Beautiful Parkhead, but found several ‘Songs of Scotland’ that did not include it. Then I found the one posted above that referenced Celtic and assumed that was it, because there was no playlist provided.

  10. DAVID66 on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:55 PM



    I remember going to see an accordion band in an Irish pub (Traynors, I think) in the old Gorbals I wonder if it was some members of the Coatbtidge accordion band.



    The band was I think the Coatbridge accordion band and the Shamrock Rebels I used to have tapes of them, probably up my loft. To be found by some poor bugger when I snuff it along with up to now 30 odd years of family crap.😂


    D :)





    Whit D! quiet night in Derry Traynors when only the one accordion band was in 😊.


    think the dark side threw a pipe bomb in it!



    A friend of my parents had The Club Bar down there.was in it several times never left it sober lol




  11. A couple of my pals, who are big Celtic Fans and have played over in the Barras on a few great Celtic nights, have put up a tribute on Facebook to Michael Hogan, Tipp footballer murdered by the Black & Tans on Bloody Sunday, as Saturday is the 100th Anniversary.


    So maybe if interested type Tipperary Ramblers on search page, & have a look & a listen.


    Maybe throw them a like or a comment,


    They would appreciate it.

  12. To those that keep misconstruing National Party for a Nationalist Party…one is ok for a unity with Europe…




  13. SFTB & Jobo Baldie



    Arriving late to this but just some thoughts of mine…



    It’s clear from reading the sequence in SFTB’s earlier post that Sturgeon found out about Bolingoli while she was still fulminating about the Aberdeen Eight. She implied in her intemperate words that Bolingoli’s actions had occurred after the news of the Aberdeen Eight had broken, and thereby made his breach seem all the more irresponsible & egregious. This is not at all how it played out.


    The Dons players went out to the pub on the Sunday night, August 1, after losing to Sevco, but the news didn’t break until Thursday August 6 when Aberdeen released their official statement. By the time that news had broken Bolingoli had already travelled to Spain on Tuesday August 4 & returned the next day August 5.



    On Monday August10, Sturgeon despatched Jason the Dentist to read clubs the riot act & by then the media knew about Bolingoli’s actions that had occurred 6 days before, and it duly broke while he was with the clubs. The following day Sturgeon vented about footballers’ privilege & such. While the names of the Aberdeen players were known to her, the only footballer’s name she mentioned specifically during her tirade was Bolingoli’s. As I say, she presented her remarks as though he had offended AFTER knowing about the Aberdeen players. She knew this was not the case & frankly, she threw our player under her political bus.



    Bolingoli wasn’t treated fairly by comparison with all other Covid regulation busters. He acted irresponsibly, but then so did the Aberdeen Eight & Jones & Edmundson. His breach seemed spectacularly irresponsible, but was it any less so than either going out mob handed to a local pub where you’d all be recognised or being part of a noisy crowd at a party in a residential area, a party to which the police were called & where you’d be easily recognised. His crime was deemed worse precisely because he wasn’t found out earlier & because flying to Spain sounded a lot more egregious than driving to a pub in Union Street, Aberdeen. All of the others acted just as irresponsibly as he did but by getting busted earlier in the process their breaches seemed more mundane & therefore were perceived as less damaging.


    If anything, Jones, Edmondson AND Sevco are specifically guilty of precisely what Sturgeon wrongly implied Bolingoli had done: they all knew that previous breaches had caused great consternation in Edinburgh & that a line had been drawn in the sand for miscreant footballers, and yet they still went ahead & breached these protocols. Instead of commending Sevco, they should have been punished to a greater degree than Celtic or Aberdeen. I make a simple point which speaks to the absence of consistency that Paul67 & others have allude to – if Celtic & Aberdeen were specifically held vicariously liable for the actions of their players – it beggars belief that Sevco were not held to be just as vicariously liable for their players’ actions.



    With breaches involving players from Aberdeen & Celtic, the Scottish Govt were very keen to make an example of someone to reinforce their own “rules” & in the case of Bolingoli, our Celtic player, he found himself with no friends or support or advocate for his own position. He was publicly shamed by his employer, the Scottish Govt Justice Minister, the media, fans and the First Minister of the Scottish Government.


    I make no excuses for his stupidity but I still feel that his breach looked worse for him because he wasn’t busted until after the Kilmarnock game AND he was named & shamed by Sturgeon, while none of the others were named like this. The other offending players were all busted earlier & the Aberdeen players did exactly as Bolingoli did (turn up at training and say nothing etc) & in fact had they not been busted they’d have played against opponents too. They were found out only when 2 of them fell ill.



    I also have to say that while Bolingoli embarrassed Celtic, I don’t think the club seemed that interested in treating him or seeing him treated as fairly or as well as they might have, had it involved one of our more valuable/better/in form players. You can fill in any of the names yourself. There was an air of unseemly haste about Celtic’s pearl clutching response & in shoving him out the door so quickly it looked like it suited them to have grounds to bounce him. Celtic were faced with a high profile employee who doesn’t speak English that well & who had no network of family or friends to counsel him & perhaps even had a plausible case for not fully understanding the detail of ScotGov protocols. While making it absolutely clear that they did not condone what he did, they could easily have offered him the minimum level of support that his situation merited & be sure that he benefited at least from due process. For me, that was the least they should have done. They may have done so but that was not the impression I got. Instead, it seemed to me that he became Celtic’s scapegoat: he was sent away first from his colleagues & then away from the club in shame. In their haste to prove their own innocence did Celtic too throw the player under their bus? None of us ever heard his side of the story or even anyone speak on his behalf. He publicly apologised, but he was named, shamed & lambasted by Sturgeon & Hamza Youssouf him as if he were a serial killer. I confess that I’m not unhappy to see him play well in the Champions League for his Turkish club.


    Remembering Stan Petrov’s early experience in Glasgow, did Celtic really do all they could to support a newish, non English speaking player adjust to the requirements of the sometimes confusing Covid regime?


    Just my opinion based on impressions at the time.



    The other issue that affected Celtic was the difference between how Tierney & Christie were treated after the Armstrong positive test on Scotland duty.


    Since we’re told the virus can take up to 14 days to incubate ScotGov APPEARED to have acted in accordance with that, while the Westminster equivalent APPEARED to have fudged things. I am no apologist for either govt, but all you & I want is consistency in the application of rules or appropriate protocol. The ego battle between Edinburgh & Westminster means that no consistency (in either actual rules or their application) between them seems remotely possible. In the meantime we are constantly reminded about sticking to the “rules”.



    Hands up anyone who’s not been confused at some point by what we’re supposed to do & not do in these Covid times?

  14. Holy Crap Corkie…let me donate sum words…we were treared differently…the Arfield (sic) birthday orgy is the latest case in point…are we to believe thst he wasn’t there? And that only their 2 reserves were the only one’s caught…



    Then we get to the distraction of the sevco trials…malicious prosecution’s…as I sed…a distractiins from the truth



    FTSFA…and FT Police







  15. I for one hope the CSTs can get together with the CSCs. to form a united front…but who am I kidding….seems to me that a single determined individual can rock the world….so many targets







  16. GREENPINATA on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:51 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:33 PM







    Inflatable jinkys 👍👍👍👍👍





    Inflatable Jinkys were…were very popular so are Inflatable Burds….but they cant dribble too good..!



  17. Big Jimmy…inflatables…pfffft…get wae the times…there’s silicon robotic linked wae virtual reality, burds…or so am told ;-))



    urbanmythsCSC lol




  18. I will be collecting the new Bedding that I bought yesterday Today……all I need now is some Sex Burd to put the New Duvet Covers on the New Duvet !


    For me, trying to put on a Duvet Cover is the WORSE Job in the Hoose. I had ” Two Falls and a Submission” with one a couple of days ago….The Duvet Cover WON !



    A few years ago I ahve been subjected to ” Two Falls and a submission” in the Lobbie…with certain Wives, Girl friends who werent too happy with me for being in the Pub again…It was always worth a ” Doing” !






  19. THELURKINTIM on 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:22 AM




    I guess that I am just a kind of Ole fashioned Guy…You canny allow them inflatable Dolls to get too near a Fag.



  20. I would settle 15 Inflatable Pints of Beer right now….the Pubs being Shut is doing ma heid in , especially after a hard Days Feckin shopping !


    Shopping is for Wummin…Me NO like it.



  21. Lockdown kicks in at 18.00…plenty of time to get annoyed



    Old skool…fag….a cigarette



    Old skool…gay…happy



    Am so ungay that ma fag burst ma inflatable sex toy…sed no-one, ever…mibbe 😂

  22. TONTINE TIM on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:06 PM


    ROCK TREE BHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:37 PM



    beautifully put, ( a wee tear in my eye)……i’m near that time.

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    For me, trying to put on a Duvet Cover is the WORSE Job in the Hoose. I had ” Two Falls and a Submission” with one a couple of days ago….The Duvet Cover WON —



    turn the cover inside oot first, then put your hands inside right upto each corner and grab a corner each of the duvet and pull it through and give it a shake



    easy 😄😄

  24. Good morning cqn from a dry but cold Garngad



    So do we gave a full squad to pick from manana.



    D :)

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