Horrible damage inflicted by requisitioners


The actions of the Sevco Requisitioners in undermining Newco Rangers made no sense.   They invoked an almighty schism, one which will forevermore deny the emerging club from a potentially rich seam of support.  An act of such potential vandalism would surely not be undertaken unless they had a plan to deliver the necessary votes?

Turns out they didn’t have a plan after all.  Some Oldco Rangers fans put their money on the table but their face didn’t fit.  As a consequence, another group of Oldco Rangers fans overtly and covertly campaigned against them, but refused to put cash on the table.

Say what you like about the Easdales, they paid their money fair and square (and any debts to society, for those who like to go digging in the past).  The embryonic club will develop in their image, it will stand or fall on their judgement.  After coughing up, they endured incredibly manipulative pressures.  They don’t strike me as natural underdogs but on this occasion they were.  They resisted and I’m pleased for them.  If you want to buy a club, walk in the front door with your cash, don’t try to drive the price down by trashing the club and invoking an insurrection.

Paul Murray deserves a special mention in this whole process.  When Charles Green was pulling a deal together to buy the liquidated assets of Rangers, Murray campaigned against him, and all others who were prepared to put money on the table.  As a consequence, Green was up against it from day one.

Instead of addressing Rangers fans as the man who ensured football would continue at Ibrox, Charlie was painted as a pantomime villain.  Without this act of vandalism, he would have been able to sell 30,000 season tickets at full price.  He could also have chased everyone earning over £50k per annum off the premises, ensuring Newco launched profitably, with a strong fan base.

Today, Newco would have money in the bank and be laying the foundations necessary for top flight football.  No ‘legend’ would have been able to hold them to ransom in return for £800k p.a.  Instead, Green, with £5.5m and untold more from his consortium in the game, was put in a horrible situation.  As a consequence, he overpromised and under-delivered.

Having done all this, Murray turned on the Easdales, still without the money to get the job done.  It is utterly unfathomable.

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    Because I don’t say it often enough…….



    LEFTCLICKTIC is an absolute star!

  2. From ASA Adjudication:



    The Rangers Football Club Ltd (Newco) explained that The Rangers Football Club Plc (Oldco), which previously owned and operated Rangers Football Club (RFC), went into administration on 14 February 2012 and that, in order to preserve RFC after a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement failed, its business and assets were purchased by another corporate entity, which was now known as the Rangers Football Club Ltd and that, therefore, the same Club was now owned and operated by themselves.



    Now, correct me if I’m wrong but it’s my understanding that The Rangers Football Club Plc (Oldco) and Rangers Football Club (RFC) stated above were one and the same entity which makes the above statement nonsensical.






    ‘Its business and assets were purchased by another corporate entity’ strikes me as a touch disingenuous to the business creditors and the millions of pounds owed to them.

  3. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    Are you getting inside information about the times of new articles :-)))










    Those assets are frozen pending arrival of VIP guests.



    They will accept no substitute….

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Any fule kno that a mark XVI is a Packard built Merlin engined mark IX Spitfire



    Wartime Griffon engined Spitfires were mark XIIs or XIVs.







  6. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5


    12:36 on


    18 December, 2013


    hail hail squad?



    hi how are you. if i don’t speak to you before .have a good one








    Just finished my shift,bud.



    Parcel off the postie,and a wee chat at the door wi him. Leeds fan. Probably nicked my CQN Annual to cry about 1970 again.



    Fired up the microwave and the lappy,et voila!



    Big fat zero on a new article,and some Kung Po Pork before I hit my cot.

  8. Cathedral View


    12:36 on


    18 December, 2013




    Bless their little red and black cotton socks………but they’re still a new club with no history.



    Its the law don’t you know?




  9. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5 on




    funny we posted together !



    hi im doing ok just a few wee probs



    will e mail you later



    hope all is good with you



    hail hail

  10. The Requisitioners.


    Long haired ’60s pop group or Jacobean tax collecting employees of the crown?


    Can’t be the latter as they don’t pay taxes.

  11. Paul,



    When the threat existed of no SFA licence and no league to play in that was all that mattered. I believe the power struggles will only delay their inevitable return to the top flight.



    The crime was the issuing of a Licence to a new club in Scottish football with no history and no sustainable business plan ahead of more worthy previous applicants.




  12. Cathedral View


    12:36 on


    18 December, 2013



    It also said that full membership transferred across and I thought they were just associate members.



    I need to cross check ever reference to see where it’s flawed. A job for tonight I think.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Horrible damage inflicted by requisitioners ‘



    -doubtless, but the ole Green Brigade will end up carryin’ the ole can.

  14. Over the last few months our fan base has been split.



    We must find a way to unite.



    The Zombies will be in the same league as us in 2 seasons.



    They will will have a packed house ,with fans rabid for revenge.



    Our board must find a way of regaining the trust of the clubs fans.



    Otherwise we well be playing in front of gates of between 15 k to 25k on a regular basis.



    Underestimating the Zombie hatred ,will haunt us for decades.


    The board have 4 short months to get this right.



    Their PR is abysmal.





  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Paul the blue knight requisitioning Murray has surely tried to bully his way into that club too many times to be taken seriously now.


    C’mon spivs liquidate your assets.





    I think the full membership is originally of SFA,and when the merger took place between SPL and SFL,the full membership was sneaked through alongside it.

  17. To read Paul’s post you would think that Charles Green has been hard done by. If it wasn’t for that scoundrel Paul Murray , things would be different . Sevco would have money in the bank and all would be well.


    Aye Right!


    Charles green is as bad as all the other Spivs if not worse. His whole history points that way. Any money he may have put he has taken out the back door many times over. All that may have happened is he hasn’t taken out as much as he first thought.


    Lets not try and re write history , CG is as bad as the lot of them and he’s my hero!

  18. Richie #TeamOscar.



    Are you back home for the festive season,in fact, where the hell are you,Aberdeen,Glasgow, or Belgium.

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