Horse-trading on Euro league, Premiership leaders consolidate


I’ve never known so many people to be keen to get to a game involving Motherwell as there are for tomorrow’s encounter at Celtic Park. Most of us haven’t been to a game since the marginally entertaining 3-3 Champions League draw last month.

Motherwell head a pack of six clubs all within three points of each other, with bottom of the table Partick Thistle just one point further behind at the bottom of the table. They are still in touch with fifth-placed Newco Rangers, who the Lanarkshire club could overhaul if results go their way this weekend, but the table is starting to look like a top five and bottom seven fight.

Each of the top four clubs, Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and St Johnstone, are at home against opposition no higher than 6th place Motherwell, so there’s every chance the leading group will extend their advantage.

You and I have been speaking about a European League since 2004. During that time the remoteness of the possibility has come and gone but it’s back on the agenda, with Copenhagen director, Anders Horsholt talking about the proposed league between Danish, Dutch, Scottish, Belgian, Swedish and Norwegian clubs.

This proposal would be enormously beneficial for all involved, the only thing that’s needed is sufficient will on the part of clubs to make it happen, but even within this group of potential beneficiaries there are sub-interests which could pull focus in different directions.

Celtic’s interests would be best served with access to a European-wide league, replacing domestic weekend leagues. They would be able to compete and grow into one of the world’s biggest clubs in this scenario. The same would be true of the bigger Dutch clubs, less so for the Danish, and even the Belgians.

What we now have for the first time is a consensus that some change needs to happen among the disenfranchised. I’d bite your hand off for a scenario along the lines of what Horsholt discussed, but you have to consider this possibility in context of what’s happening at the moment with the financially elite European clubs.

They too want change. A meritocratic-ally-earned Europe-wide structure replacing domestic leagues falls short of their mooted closed-franchise system, but not by much. And it’s a lot more deliverable.

This is all horse-trading for now, but there’s a lot of money sitting on the table, so change is inevitable.

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  1. New Balance LogoDafabet Logo Magners Logo


    Free Celtic Family FanZone in George Square


    Free Celtic Family FanZone in George Square


    By: Newsroom Staff on 14 Oct, 2016 13:00




    AS part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we’re turning Glasgow’s George Square into a FREE Family FanZone on Wednesday, October 19, ahead of the Bhoys’ UEFA Champions League clash against Borussia Monchengladbach.


    Entry and all activities on the day are FREE so make sure you join the fun between 1pm and 5pm.


    There’ll be players from the first team and women’s team, a giant inflatable football pitch, crazy foot golf, facepainting, competitions, prizes, special Celtic giveaways and much, much more.


    Our hosts on the day – Celtic TV’s, Summer Harl and our matchday announcer, John Ledwith – will be joined by special guests throughout the afternoon.


    Official club mascot, Hoopy the Huddle Hound will also be joining the FanZone fun.


    What you can to expect on the day:


    First Team and Women’s Team player appearances


    Giant Inflatable Football


    Player Selfie Station


    Crazy Foot Golf


    Batak Reaction Board








    Plus much more!


    Don’t miss out on what promises to be a brilliant day out with FREE family fun for all ages. Make sure you get along to George Square on Wednesday, October 19, from 1-5pm – and join us in celebrating Celtic!


    No unaccompanied children will be admitted. Capacity limit applies.



    The permarangers will be pure ragin by the way…

  2. WWW



    Thanks for the warning regarding the Beast and Gazza.






    Thanks for the recommendation. Was last in Bournemouth years ago, but will take a wander in tomorrow. Currently enjoying a Guinness in a pub opposite Poole quay.








    It was certainly never meant as a compliment!



    I suppose it benefits from common usage while its original meaning is increasingly forgotten.

  4. A lot of discussion on here today about a couple of Level 5 articles spouted by their mouthpiece,The Record.The Tax avoidance story,the worst I have read in an attempt to blacken the name of Celtic.For people to come on here and give it credence by debating it,is no better than the people behind the shameful headlines.


    The second story about “The Atlantic League”another load of tosh to put Sevcos name alongside ours,as if they are even on the same planet as us.Absolute drivel.


    Traynor puts it out,the gullible on here jump onto his bandwagon.Some just cant help themselves to jump onto anything that puts PL in any kind of bad light.


    I wonder if the Man U blogs are full of indignant people disgusted with Sir Alex for being involved in similar.Will the English FA sack David Bekham from his FA role for same.


    As much as they moan about it,and dislike it,seems a few on here have very Scottish Presbyterian values regarding other peoples lives.


    Surprisingly there is more about the Tax story guff on here than on Hun Media.

  5. Greenpinata on 14th October 2016 2:38 pm






    meritocratic / meritocracy



    Word of some day, perhaps?








    A taxing question. I will check the merit of it; and for the evasion avoidance of doubt I will look at the morality of the term before deciding.




    FAC the Act




  6. Celtic is so Special.



    Hope is in the Heart, always.



    It was the Way Celtic Went @@@@@@ PEPs all Winning team that

  7. I reckon there are a lot more than 60000 tuned into the Celtic game @ Celtic Park when it comes to taking on the Worlds Best – A Lot more.



    Brendan is going to try and get us a draw away from Home – It is so hard coming from pot 4.



    In all likelihood next Season is where we should hope to get points on the road.



    Something is Happening @ Celtic right now though. ;))

  8. Thecelt45 on 14th October 2016 3:08 pm



    Wrong OLHS; I am referring to the one in Cumbernauld.




    FAC the Act




  9. I’m the ungreediest guy on the planet but I break the law everyday through my use of a plant.Am I a bad guy for breaking the law or a good guy for not being greedy?


    Or is the law an ass and greed a sin?


    When is enough money enough?Maybe those trying to avoid tax are doing so as they are going to donate all their avoided tax income to charity.I don’t reckon they’re trying to avoid tax because they’re on the breadline.Who knows?


    I just see greed as greed,legal or not.



    Hope our bhoys evade some Mumwell players tomorrow and avoid conceding goals and being taxed of points.



    12 inches…aff oot.




  10. Thecelt45 on 14th October 2016 3:24 pm



    vfr800a8 on 14th October 2016 3:18 pm



    VFR…apologies!! :)



    Mea culpa!!







    Nae worries; I made an assumption. Kickinthenakas may be referring to Motherwell, in which case your salutation can be reused effectively!



    FAC the Act




  11. Taxing matters



    CENTRE 1 is set to close in the next 10 years as part of HMRC’s controversial plans to centralise it’s Scottish offices.



    Centre 1 tax office in East Kilbride


    HM Treasury have been slammed for not carrying out a detailed assessment on the impact the loss of Centre 1 would have on East Kilbride .



    As part of controversial plans to consolidate its entire Scottish presence in Glasgow and Edinburgh, HMRC announced the closure over the next 10 years of the tax offices at the Plaza Tower by 2020-21 and Centre 1 by 2026.



    It was also announced that the Hawbank Road storage facility in College Milton will close in the next 12 months, with the loss of four local jobs.



    MP Lisa Cameron who is demanding an impact assessment into the closures said: “This is quite frankly an abdication of responsibility from the government when looking at moving services from East Kilbride.



    “Fortunately the EK Task Force is committed to carrying out their own assessment to show the true impact this will have on the town if these proposals go ahead.



    “I will continue to push for clarity on the situation and hold HM Treasury and HMRC to account for this ill-thought out plan which will do nothing to improve the collection of revenue which should be the primary focus of any decisions.



    “Having met with representatives from PCS union and the EK Task Force, I am pleased that we are working together to try and find a way forward to challenge this poorly conceived plan.”




    MSP demands action after figures reveal almost half of East Kilbride trains fail to arrive on time


    Central Scotland Labour list MSP Monica Lennon also expressed her fears surrounding the damage the loss of Centre 1 could have on the town, saying: “Closing the tax office in East Kilbride would be a devastating blow to the people who work there and to the entire region. This so-called consolidation is a con if it means job losses.



    “I recently met the PCS union and I indicated my support for their calls to develop a model for the department which will increase tax-take, improve customer service and deliver fairness for members and taxpayers.



    “It’s vital that HMRC works with the unions, including PCS, to mitigate the impact of this consolidation on the people who work at offices in East Kilbride.”



    A spokesperson for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) added: “Location decisions were based on a number of key principles to enable it to deliver more for less.



    “This included retention of its current staff and skills, access to a pipeline of talent and local and national transport links.



    “It does not plan to carry out an impact assessment on the local economy of East Kilbride.



    “HMRC is considering a number of sites at each regional centre location, including Glasgow. More details will be available when commercial negotiations have finished.

  12. Excellent topic Bhoys on cannibalism.


    I enjoy a subject that I can get my teeth into !


    I once considered getting a tattoo, but went off the idea when I discovered it would cost ” an arm and a leg” !


    Apologises I sometimes make up wee daft wans myself .

  13. BABASONICOS71 on 14th October 2016 3:26 pm



    That’s a complex post; unfortunately not every thing is black and white – perceived greed or herbal remedies.



    Not the time for a theological discussion on the elements that are required to be present to make an action sinful. That’s for another day.



    On another note, I used some hemp handcream last night and my hands smelled like I’d been rolling doobies all day! Unfortunately, no side effects experienced!




    FAC the Act




  14. AULDHEID on 14TH OCTOBER 2016 1:41 PM



    Are you talking about Peter Lawwell or David Murray?



    Or both?

  15. Celtic 5-1 game.


    Apparently a 25 year old man was due to appearing Glasgow Court today for the offences of ” disorder, offensive behaviour and VANDALISM” ?


    I can only hopefully assume that this is one of many Huns who wrecked the toilets ?

  16. vfr800a8 on 14th October 2016 3:27 pm



    Thecelt45 on 14th October 2016 3:24 pm



    vfr800a8 on 14th October 2016 3:18 pm


    VFR…apologies!! :)


    Mea culpa!!






    Nae worries; I made an assumption. Kickinthenakas may be referring to Motherwell, in which case your salutation can be reused effectively!




    HH VFR!!


    I made an assumption too!! Ye know how that goes….makes an ass of… :)


    Did not know there was another OLHS, been away from ML4 for way too long.









    FAC the Act








  17. Ernie Lynch



    I’m talking about neither. I’m talking about making judgments, moral or otherwise with insufficient information to make them.



    Based on his testimony to the FTT and information contained, SDM was clear on his motives with regard to use of ebts for RFC, to sign players he couldn’t otherwise have done within the limits of the tax law.



    In terms of his personal use of ebts that are within the law, he was doing no more than anyone presented with a way to pay tax within the law would do. However in terms of his overall use of borrowing what he could not repay, taking all that information together I’d question his core morality system.



    I do not have the same information on tax matters to decide on PL, but I’d be surprised if he was any more or any less a man of pure virtue than most human beings.



    I take your point about him having to be whiter than white and charge of hypocrisy.



    When I feel I am hypocrisy free myself, past present or future, I’ll maybe pass judgement, maybe.

  18. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Club announcement: John Park leaves Celtic


    By: Newsroom Staff on 14 Oct, 2016 16:00



    CELTIC Football Club today announced that John Park has decided to leave the Club. John joined the Club in January 2007 and is leaving his position of Head of Football Development to move on to new challenges.


    Celtic Chairman, Ian Bankier, commented: “I thank John for his important contribution to the Club and, on behalf of the Board, give him our best wishes for the future.


    “The identification and development of players is a fundamental part of the Club’s strategy and John has served the Club with distinction. The Club has commenced its search to appoint a successor to build on John’s work here.”


    Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, said: “John has played a key role in the identification of some fantastic Celtic players over the years, players who have entertained the Celtic support and have gone on to have great careers with Celtic and beyond.


    “I would like to thank John for the excellent job he has done for the Club over the past nine years. I have enjoyed working with John and I am sorry that he has decided to move on. I wish John every success for the future.”

  19. mike in toronto on

    PETEC on 14TH OCTOBER 2016 1:12 PM


    BE BOLD in your Faith that Christ Died to take AWAY EVERY Sin.






    How ya doing pal?



    I wont pretend to understand the Tax Code… it is incomprehensible to the human mind …so, I will stick with something much less esoteric ….. theodicy?



    If God is all good and all powerful, where do the zombies come from? :)




  20. John Park leaving Celtic is the clearest indication yet, to any that doubted it, that Brendan runs the show completely.

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