How Celtic lose cups: red cards and penalties


I don’t know anyone who was confident Olivier Ntcham would score with his penalty against St Mirren earlier this month.  Our stats have been awful this season.  Ryan Christie scored his only attempt in a comfortable win over Hearts.  Moussa Dembele also scored his solitary attempt, against Alashkert, but Olivier and Scott Sinclair have each missed two, while Leigh Griffiths missed against Motherwell.  Seven out of 12 have been converted.

Those of you who are old enough to remember the last time Celtic did not win a domestic trophy will recall we went out of that particular Scottish Cup semi-final on penalties.

If you were Derek McInnes, you would have spent all week planning for this eventuality.  Hopefully, the point is not lost on Neil Lennon.  Celtic will take the game to Aberdeen, but if the tie is level in the latter stages of the initial 90 minute period, Aberdeen will sit every-deeper and play for penalties – which they will have a decent chance to win.

That reversal in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final aside, Celtic have only exited a cup tournament since Neil Lennon’s first tenure as manager after being reduced to 10 men.  Efe Ambrose conceded a penalty and was sent off in the 2016 League Cup semi-final against Ross County, and Craig Gordon was sent off in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final against Inverness.  The latter remains an infamous refereeing performance for the failure to award a penalty and red card Inverness’s Josh Meekings for punching a goal-bound header off the line.

Objectively, if Celtic are going to be stopped from collecting a treble treble, it is most likely to happen on Sunday, as a result of either a red card or a penalty kick competition.  We can plan for both.

Expect Aberdeen to wind up whomever they think is vulnerable to some referee attention – I’m looking at you, Scott.  The script has been written on this one.  Do not get drawn in, play the game on our terms, if anyone loses composure, let it be their daft full back (again).

None of us have confidence in our penalty takers, but practice helps (despite luddite beliefs).  Training will be light tomorrow.  It should consist exclusively of penalty kick practice.

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  1. It is mad that the Greatest Man in my Life wisnae a fan of Callum until Brendan helped unlock his Mega first touch skill in the Engine room.

  2. Tomorrow, or later today for the GMT inhabitants, is the most important game of the season.


    A win will provide a springboard to the 5 points we need to seal the league.


    It will also mean we will have a chance in May to win an unprecedented treble treble.


    Quick question for those in the know.


    Are Sevco having a break in a warm climate training camp in preparation for their final five games in pursuit of mediocrity and obscurity?

  3. Good day from an extremely humid Kuala Lumpur. We were grateful to the priest, who resembled Cato, for a short sermon at Palm Sunday Mass due to the heat. God bless Fr Cato ?


    Tonight we’ll hope to persuade Healy Mac’s Irish pub to show the game – they came up trumps last time, failing that it will be a sausage supper in the hotel bedroom …. ooh err missus ?

  4. Crackin’ wee story. CelticQuickNews at its best!








    JOBO BALDIE on 13TH APRIL 2019 10:39 PM


    Now, I ain’t no Roy Croppie but anyway, here’s my own wee story….





    33 years ago (plus 2 days) was when I first spoke to the futire Mrs Baldie. Friday 11th April 1986, a football team dance, when this lovely girl came over to me and we started to chat. A couple of dances later and I asked her if she fancied going out the following night. Delighted and surprised when she said yes and back I headed over to my pals to tell them the news. “Tomorrow night?” said one of them, “that might be pushing it, we’re up at Pittordie tomorrow1”. So back over to her I went and sheepisly asked if our first date could be delayed to the Sunday evening, explaining about the Celtic away game. “Tell you what”, she said, rather abruptly, “call me on Sunday and we’ll see…”





    Celtic beat Aberdeen on 12th April 1986, a 1-0 win with Mo Johnstone scoring the only goal. And what a team line up –





    Pat Bonner





    Danny McGrain, Derek Whyte, Robert Aitken, Pierce O’Leary





    Peter Grant, Paul McStay, Murdo MacLeod, Tommy Burns





    Brian McClair, Maurice Johnston







    My first date went ahead on April 13th 1986 and since then the 13th has featured an incredible amount of times in my life – keys to first house on 13th May 1988, married on 13th August 1988, first child entered the world at 9.13pm, moved to our 2nd (and still current) house on 13th December 2002, with our house being ‘Plot 13’ on the plans.





    My other memory of that first date is arriving back home, telling my now departed mum that I had finally met the love of my life, and then sitting down to watch Jack Nicklaus with The Masters, winning a bet into the bargain.





    So here I am, 33 years later, sill married, still playing Aberdeen, and with my bet on Francesco Molinari giving me a run for my money.





    Life’s Very Good!


    JOBO BALDIE on 13TH APRIL 2019 10:39 PM



    never mind awe that pish WHIT’S THE WEATHER IN EAST KILBRIDE.

  6. This Bhoy will be watchin’ The Game………….in my own patch o’ paradise – Corcaigh,


    ……….. the best seat in the hoose.



    For company I will have 2 very jumpy whippets, one neighbour (a Dub, unfortunately) and the online virtual Timdom commentary of one of CQN’s finest – GG.



    Hopefully followed by the customary insightful ( celebratory) summary from BSR



    It’s Good To Be A Tim.




  7. Good morning from a sunny and beautiful Garden of God. (Garngad)



    For everyone going to the game, enjoy Hampden in the sun, and get a victory.


    For everyone watching at home (own home or family) enjoy your day and get a victory.


    For everyone …… Ah feck it Come on the Famous Glasgow Celtic, win win win the Glasgow Celtic way. ??????????????????



    Oh Hampden in the sun…..






    Oh and by the way any Lurking zombies? GIRFUY.???



    D. :)

  8. morning bhoys from a mild but overcast Cheshire, no score predictions. just beat them celtic,,COYBIG.HH.

  9. Hi, looking for a wee favour, any tips for Edinburgh pubs with premier sports? I know about Malones, any others?






  10. | LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE ? on 14TH APRIL 2019 12:32 AM


    there is something about serious amateur sport folk i just cant be doing with


    the worst are – in no particular order –










    footballers are also in there just not as bawbagish ”



    Phew ! Just as well I never took swimming seriously :-))






    PS I no longer run ( dodgy knees),


    I cycle for pleasure and the only serious part about it is when I am explaining Media coverage of Celtic ;


    Swimming is to cool down on warm holidays;


    Golf ? Well, golf is golf :-))



    Maybe a new Jobo list of `Things I can`t be doing with.`


    I`ll start with :



    1. Generalisations;









  11. Dundee Utd V Ayr Utd on Friday night.



    Ayr Player named “Bell” scores ….and immediately runs ( IN Celebration) towards the Stand occupied by Dundee Utd fans…Arms Raised etc etc ( like Scott Brown v Sevco)…..SLIDES along the turf on his knees to the opposing fans still Celebrating in front of opposing Fans ( Unlike Scott Brown v Sevco).



    NO MENTION from 3 Hun Commentators ( EBT Thompson, Dodds, McCann)..that Ayr Player “Bell” should ALSO face a notice of complaint for ” Not Acting in the Best Interests of Association football”…( Like Scott Brown is )….NO mention in the media since Friday either.



    I havent seen footage of ANY other game in Scotland on Saturday, but I would bet that at LEAST ONE other Player did the same as Ayr Utd player “Bell”…running towards opposing Fans to Celebrate ?



    Celtic should use the footage of Ayr Utd player “Bell” in his Celebration…to Broonie’s hearing ( among other evidence) to The SFA and ask….” Why hasnt Ayr utd player “Bell” also been Cited…..ESPECIALLY as this “Celebration” has happened AFTER Broonie was “Cited”…Just a thought.




    Go to it Celtic Today…..UNLEASH HELL !




  12. Jobo – I’m firmly in the FtSFA camp – constantly treating our fans and team as 2nd class


    So it’s Palm Sunday Mass at 11.30 – Sacred Heart Cowie, then if ? I can get a link, I will watch










    HAMPDEN – Bournesouprecipe, Eurochamps67, BGFC, Wee BGFC, Ivehadtochangemy mind, Call Me Gerry, Son of Jobo, The BAttered Bunnet, Paul67, Bada Bing, Lennybhoy. An , Malorbhoy




    LOCAL(ish) PUB – David66




    HOOSE (own or relatives) – Jobo, Bateen Bhoy, The Long Wait Is Over, Daughter of Jobo, Big Packy 1, Delaneys Dunky, Thecelt45, Headtheball (dodgy stream), NorrieM




    HOLIDAY – Greenpinata






    NADA –





  13. Hasnt CokeHeid Morelos also Celebrated in front of the Hoops Support when he has scored against Celtic ?……….Then again…maybe not !




  14. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Palm Sunday Semi Final Day from a sunny but breezy East Kilbride. Unleash Johnny Hayes!





    HAMPDEN – Bournesouprecipe, Eurochamps67, BGFC, Wee BGFC, Ivehadtochangemy mind, Call Me Gerry, Son of Jobo, The BAttered Bunnet, Paul67, Bada Bing, Lennybhoy. An Tearmann, Malorbhoy


    LOCAL(ish) PUB – David66


    HOOSE (own or relatives) – Jobo, Bateen Bhoy, The Long Wait Is Over, Daughter of Jobo, Big Packy 1, Delaneys Dunky, Thecelt45, Headtheball (dodgy stream), ‘GG, Bankiebhoy1, NorrieM


    HOLIDAY – Greenpinata, Pogmathonyahun



  15. So this ‘eff’ in FtSFA, does it stand for ‘Feed’?



    Or maybe ‘Finance’?




  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    After all the bravado and bluster from our opponents today our


    youths put them firmly in their place with a powerful performance


    and cruised to a 1-3 win.


    Mind you i think when they seen our boys entering the ground they


    probably thought better of dishing out any of the nasty stuff, only


    15 or 16 year olds but 7 of them are over 6 ft no wonder me and my


    Celtic mate and head coach have always got sore necks after training,


    always looking up to coach them.


    Must have been a bit like that with Mon’s team with big Bobo, Johan,


    big bad John, and Sutty lol.


    Now all i need is the Celtic to get a good result against the sheep to


    make my day.


    H.H Mick

  17. Anyone any idea, why the Edinburgh mob, didn’t have their Centre Forward booked yesterday for celebrating a goal with the crowd ??

  18. As usual footy fans are the last things being thought of at the SFA. Just sell the rights to televise our best cup competition to some little known sports broadcaster regardless of the difficulties many will have accessing the service – IE you need a sky box and you have to subscribe to the broadcaster etc. At least with Sky if you don’t wish to subscribe you have the option of buying a day pass from now TV for a modest sum and streaming the game on your PC / laptop. (Not sure if BT have this option)



    Celtic really should be looking at ways of televising their own games out with the constraints imposed by the SFA. I would much rather be putting funds into Celtic FCs accounts rather than SKY / BT or the SFA



    Doddgystrem CSC

  19. Melbourne Mick


    Congrats to your Bhoys ?



    Laura due back this afternoon, will have her drop you a note for M on the big day ?


    She has been dropping some posts and photo’s on that faceache thingmy, which I am not on



    Enjoy the rest of your day ????????? – tbc

  20. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    I’ll be watching from area c2 in the north stand, hopefully Celtic take off


    their boiler suits, get their tuxedo’s on and put on a real show.

  21. Call me Gerry.


    Beechwood is a 10 min walk to main door at Hampden it would suit you at time you will arrive. Had a great night in lounge after last year’s final with band playing.


    That area was always a dryzone especially Cathcart Road end.






  22. NorrieM



    “Anyone any idea, why the Edinburgh mob, didn’t have their Centre Forward booked yesterday for celebrating a goal with the crowd?”






    No idea, mate.



    Anybody any idea why allowing one club to veto its refereeing appointments is acting in the interests of Association Football?



    Sevco no Wullie since Nov 3.



    20, ( that’s right, lady, TUWeeenty ) seven matches now, including Cup games.



    All just part of the Ongoing Farce that is Scoddish Football, I suppose.

  23. Jobo Balde



    Local pub, though 2 sons playing in Q/F Leinster Senior Cup 1km down the road, will get down to ladt 1/2 hour of that.

  24. Hot Smoked,


    ‘Things I can’t be doing with’


    Golfers who insist on practising their golf swing whilst miles away from a golf club or course. ?


    You never see swimmers practising the front crawl outside of a swimming pool………

  25. Does anyone know the best stream for today please.


    My worry today is , as sure as Dolly Parton sleeps on her back, they will be out to get Broony sent off. If I was manager I’d not play him and get Calmac in that role and keep 11 men on the park.



    3 – 0 the good guys




  26. I’ll be watching at home via some steam or other. if the stream is dry I’ll listen to the transistor knowing how inaccurate they can be with their faux excitement every time the opposition crosses the halfway line.

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