How Celtic lose cups: red cards and penalties


I don’t know anyone who was confident Olivier Ntcham would score with his penalty against St Mirren earlier this month.  Our stats have been awful this season.  Ryan Christie scored his only attempt in a comfortable win over Hearts.  Moussa Dembele also scored his solitary attempt, against Alashkert, but Olivier and Scott Sinclair have each missed two, while Leigh Griffiths missed against Motherwell.  Seven out of 12 have been converted.

Those of you who are old enough to remember the last time Celtic did not win a domestic trophy will recall we went out of that particular Scottish Cup semi-final on penalties.

If you were Derek McInnes, you would have spent all week planning for this eventuality.  Hopefully, the point is not lost on Neil Lennon.  Celtic will take the game to Aberdeen, but if the tie is level in the latter stages of the initial 90 minute period, Aberdeen will sit every-deeper and play for penalties – which they will have a decent chance to win.

That reversal in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final aside, Celtic have only exited a cup tournament since Neil Lennon’s first tenure as manager after being reduced to 10 men.  Efe Ambrose conceded a penalty and was sent off in the 2016 League Cup semi-final against Ross County, and Craig Gordon was sent off in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final against Inverness.  The latter remains an infamous refereeing performance for the failure to award a penalty and red card Inverness’s Josh Meekings for punching a goal-bound header off the line.

Objectively, if Celtic are going to be stopped from collecting a treble treble, it is most likely to happen on Sunday, as a result of either a red card or a penalty kick competition.  We can plan for both.

Expect Aberdeen to wind up whomever they think is vulnerable to some referee attention – I’m looking at you, Scott.  The script has been written on this one.  Do not get drawn in, play the game on our terms, if anyone loses composure, let it be their daft full back (again).

None of us have confidence in our penalty takers, but practice helps (despite luddite beliefs).  Training will be light tomorrow.  It should consist exclusively of penalty kick practice.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    And we all went to heaven in a little row boat


    There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt




    send them out to run like fugg lenniestein, we’ve nowt to fear and TR can play by the way!

  2. Blokes dragged along by their wives to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon were allowed a few minutes’ break around 4.50 pm or so to stare through the Radio Rentals shop window as the football results came on.



    That kept happening until the late 80’s.

  3. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    If me and my mates did’nt get to the game( BELFAST TO GLASGOW FRIDAY SAIL 9o’clock arrival 7a.m.) we listened to Scottish home service for last 30 minutes on Saturday.Mid week games we would phone Benny’s bar in Gorbals for information.Nowadays well……

  4. Round 4 Update



    After the carnage of round 3, expectations were high in Round 4


    after all, surely lightning wouldn’t strike twice in one week. The


    leaders of the championship, having won their last 8 straight games,


    at home to lowly Reading, couldn’t “do a Celtic”, and fail to beat a


    team just there to make up the numbers…….well ?


    More chaos followed a 97th minute equaliser for the relegation


    battlers, and a further 46 teams crashed out, with no buyback safety net.



    This leaves us with just 21 teams in Round 5, all of whom have now made


    their selection for round 5 so a big Thank You from me – some very heavy


    e-mail traffic this week ensures I can have the day off tomorrow ?



    Good luck to the 21 who remain. Round 6 fixtures will be posted on Sunday evening



    Not sure about the formatting here, and how the copy and paste will work, but if it’s unclear, check your mail – everyone will have received an e-mail from us in the last couple of minutes



    Bateen Bhoy and Celticrollercoaster




    Team Round 4 Pick Status


    Big Al Liverpool IN


    HamiltonTim Liverpool IN


    The Token Tim Liverpool IN


    Celtic Soul Brother Liverpool IN


    Angelgabriel Liverpool IN


    ChannelIslandCelt Arsenal IN


    Toor-A-Loo Liverpool IN


    Hot Smoked Liverpool IN


    Travelbhoys Pardnur Chelsea IN


    Mursheen Chelsea IN


    The Good Ship Celtica Liverpool IN


    Praecepta Liverpool IN


    Jonny the Tim Barcelona IN


    TBDR Chelsea IN


    The Stand In Liverpool IN


    The Young Fella Leeds IN


    ElHarto Liverpool IN


    Celticrollercoaster II Arsenal IN


    Greenpinata II Chelsea IN


    BognorBhoy Liverpool IN


    Koln Celt Liverpool IN



    Neustadt Braw Norwich OUT


    AndyF Norwich OUT


    Thecelt45 Norwich OUT


    SFTB Norwich OUT


    Thom’s Sellik Norwich OUT


    Celtic Rose Norwich OUT


    Norfolk Enchants Norwich OUT


    CiaranF Norwich OUT


    DannyMac Norwich OUT


    The Roeside Allstars Norwich OUT


    StPatricksBhoy Norwich OUT


    Deccyrollercoaster Norwich OUT


    Mobyfugrumble Norwich OUT


    Delaneys Dunky Norwich OUT


    TimsinOhio Norwich OUT


    OneMalloy Norwich OUT


    Kelvinbhoy Norwich OUT


    Jamabhoy Norwich OUT


    Bateen Bhoy Norwich OUT


    GoogyBhoy Norwich OUT


    Jobo Norwich OUT


    Travelbhoy Norwich OUT


    TBDI Norwich OUT


    Mrs CRC Norwich OUT


    The Exiled Tim Norwich OUT


    The Boss Norwich OUT


    Gutenberg Norwich OUT


    Zico Maltese Bhoy Norwich OUT


    Mrs ZicotheArab Man City OUT


    Paddy’s Maw Norwich OUT


    Celticrollercoaster Norwich OUT


    Greenpinata Norwich OUT


    SetantaBhoy Norwich OUT


    Scaniel Norwich OUT


    Bada Bing Norwich OUT


    Hanheart Norwich OUT


    Postie148 Norwich OUT


    20Hats Norwich OUT


    Londonbhoy Norwich OUT


    Big Archie Norwich OUT


    GG Norwich OUT


    Grangemouth Girl Norwich OUT


    Murdochauldand Hay Norwich OUT


    Spot The Ball Norwich OUT


    HunderbirdsAreGone Norwich OUT


    PMTYH Norwich OUT

  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I won’t let you down


    Won’t let you down again


    I won’t let you down


    Won’t let you down again




    can anyone come up with a joke about the first image of a black hole and poxco’s financial statements?

  6. DD 6.56pm



    Totally agree, if our captain didn’t start on Sunday through choice, injury or suspension the Dons players and fans would have an extra spring in their step, play our best players don’t even give the opposition any encouragement especially before a baw is kicked :-)

  7. I always love watching the old Gowf especially the American majors.


    I love to see Celtic tops in the crowd.???



    D. :)

  8. Dundee Utd lead 2-1. Loose pass out by the Ayr Utd goalie but still a great driven finish. 74 minutes.

  9. Badabing bhoylo



    Re kit away and home 5star


    Odd one me think.would not like any star above crest that is not earned.1 star shines down on any marketing exercise imo.:-)







    No bobbydoesitbetta



    0ne knew when the fans of old n new klub got beat a general upsurge in internecine violence ootside their pubs lol whatever the decade :-)



  10. What does a black hole and sevco supporters got in common ?



    They are both critical of mass .

  11. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 12TH APRIL 2019 12:34 PM



    Impossible to think of Aberdeen v Celtic at Hampden without thinking of Davidson’s performance in the 1970 Cup Final. Unforgettably partial/ vile.



    *A 20 year old Mrs TTs one and only game, she never showed interest before and I would often take her wee sister but somehow she wanted tae come that day.



    She had a grey coat with red collar, red shoes, gloves and handbag which prompted some wee hauf wit tae say at full time “who the effs she supporting”. Cannae really blame him as its all about the optics.



    Anyway she never wanted tae go back after that.

  12. BP1…Henke…or at least ma addled bonce remebers that I was certain he’d score from the penalty spot given the chance ;-))




  13. FRANNYB67 on 12TH APRIL 2019 8:20 PM


    RIP Tommy Smith one of the hardest footballer ever HH



    *The Anfield Iron, was home visiting my ailing mother when it came out that he was on disability due tae injuries received in the game.



    Tommy who had suffered from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years was witnessed taking part in a penalty shoot out during a charity game and had his benefits cut off by a Toffee supporting Benefits Agency employee who later on bragged about it Tommy’s defense was he was doped up on pain killers at the time. Nae answer to that.

  14. Question…how is it that if inside the event horizon of a black hole nothing can escape it’s gravitation pull, there can be jets of radiation coming from their “poles”?

  15. TT…wow some stat for Jimmy McGrory…makes his scorings stats all the more impressive. Jobo…yer welcome ;-))




  16. DAVID17 on 12TH APRIL 2019 5:30 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 12TH APRIL 2019 5:18 PM



    On second thoughts you’re probably right, NL, WGS and MON are ‘way’ ahead of BR. It’s funny though, i was listening to Harry McGuire yesterday saying how good BR is and what an impact he had made down there. MON is doing ok at Forrest and WGS does a decent job for Sky TV to be fair



    *Bunch of revisionists. Never won a trophy until he came tae Parkheid, isnae missed by his previous clubs and not well liked at Watford who incidentally are in the FA Cup Final this season. Be interesting tae see how well he’s received at Anfield next season.



    Personally I hope the Foxes make it intae the Europa and we get them in one of the rounds, should be an easy 6 points no matter who’s in charge of us lol.

  17. No Bobby Soes It Petta. (I think)


    James Deighan ( a neighbor who took me to my first game in 1954) had the sole TV in our wee cul de sac.


    On Saturday afternoons we would sit and watch the BBC teleprinter followed by the results at 5.


    Then we waited for the pink Citizen and the green Times for reports on the games.

  18. Tontine Tim 9.05pm



    Posted much the same the other week about next seasons europa possible opponents, quite ironic BRs first game was against Watford for the foxes … the old foxes are lovable animals and we see many about these days … but even how lovely they are would never trust one :-)

  19. 10,819…ad & pop-ups blocked on CQN since using this browser…no wonder peeps are struggling to log in

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