How Celtic lose cups: red cards and penalties


I don’t know anyone who was confident Olivier Ntcham would score with his penalty against St Mirren earlier this month.  Our stats have been awful this season.  Ryan Christie scored his only attempt in a comfortable win over Hearts.  Moussa Dembele also scored his solitary attempt, against Alashkert, but Olivier and Scott Sinclair have each missed two, while Leigh Griffiths missed against Motherwell.  Seven out of 12 have been converted.

Those of you who are old enough to remember the last time Celtic did not win a domestic trophy will recall we went out of that particular Scottish Cup semi-final on penalties.

If you were Derek McInnes, you would have spent all week planning for this eventuality.  Hopefully, the point is not lost on Neil Lennon.  Celtic will take the game to Aberdeen, but if the tie is level in the latter stages of the initial 90 minute period, Aberdeen will sit every-deeper and play for penalties – which they will have a decent chance to win.

That reversal in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final aside, Celtic have only exited a cup tournament since Neil Lennon’s first tenure as manager after being reduced to 10 men.  Efe Ambrose conceded a penalty and was sent off in the 2016 League Cup semi-final against Ross County, and Craig Gordon was sent off in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final against Inverness.  The latter remains an infamous refereeing performance for the failure to award a penalty and red card Inverness’s Josh Meekings for punching a goal-bound header off the line.

Objectively, if Celtic are going to be stopped from collecting a treble treble, it is most likely to happen on Sunday, as a result of either a red card or a penalty kick competition.  We can plan for both.

Expect Aberdeen to wind up whomever they think is vulnerable to some referee attention – I’m looking at you, Scott.  The script has been written on this one.  Do not get drawn in, play the game on our terms, if anyone loses composure, let it be their daft full back (again).

None of us have confidence in our penalty takers, but practice helps (despite luddite beliefs).  Training will be light tomorrow.  It should consist exclusively of penalty kick practice.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on



    You were correct, a great ghuy, and you got more than one mention lol.


    H.H Mick

  2. DD,you’re post @ 1150 brilliant bud ps haven’t seen KEV J on for a while, hope he is OK

  3. DD,



    The World is going crazy.



    The World is just the same?



    I dinnae thibnk so.



    The End Times are Curtley Ambrose.



    Celtic is winning.



    P a r a d i s e is a Hefty set of letters to influence people – Every Celt attending.



    I know Nothing – I know absolutely Nothing.

  4. DD 12.06am



    Gambling is a sin, well av sinned all my life no point stopping now :-)



    Friday night, house quiet watching the 29/03/19 highlights … I thought Ajers block in front of goal was excellent but quite apt the last touch of the ball was another teriffic tackle … Ronny has left us a star ? (do not legitimise the cheats with the 5 star shoite :-)

  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    Nice one Mick.


    Tam grew up a Tim in Loyalist Renfrew.


    Unrepentant Fenian Bassa ?????????

  6. Delaneys Dunky on



    Hope you are good bud.


    Miss Kev fae CQN. Think he got silenced by the mob. Heyho

  7. Still love wee Jonathan slitherland “outing” the sectarian singing about seethy Gee … those poor wee 800 bigots must have lost their voices on the 29th March … unless Slitherland thought their songs were ok



    Apologies for going back in time just watching the ole highlights of last month

  8. DD 12.34am



    Silenced by the mob ???



    Got a feeling there was a red card about heehaw about fitba but the persecution card will sit well :-)



    Just go into the archive as the posts very rarely differed :-)

  9. Melbourne Mick on




    Got to agree with you and others, one gold star


    Thats the one that kills them.


    Big game for our youths this Sun, so the weemhan


    wants to launch a few shots at me this morning


    better put on the full metal jacket 8-))


    H.H Mick

  10. Delaneys Dunky on



    Did you not like KevJ on here?


    I loved his contribution. Always made me think. Whether I disagreed or agreed with him. Like BMCUW and many more, sadly missed fae here.

  11. Melbourne Mick 12.45am



    I will be cheering on the young bhoys in Australia from ML5, just keep the wee mhan doing what he is doing, terrific reading on here, your meeting up of CQNers is impressive .. keep on keeping on … cracking reading on the blog



    Hail Hail

  12. DD 12.50am



    KevJ was one of the first to interact with me on the blog, never any animosity or arguments either, we had our moments and for some reason after CQN11 he said I had changed (Kev if lurking that should make you laugh :-) …



    DD no probs at all and I can assure you I know even more unhappier Celtic fans in real life than KevJ, do I miss him ? Not sure, would I like to see him posting … of course, behind his blog mask he is a Tim :-)

  13. Delaneys…BMCUWP can be found on SentinelCelts…or as GFTB, in a fit of pique? Unfairly calls them SenileCelts ;-))

  14. Petec 12.33am



    I had bet Leicester tonight for the first time since Brendan’s 2nd game I’m charge that’s the first time I have lost money on Brendan’s Leicester … I sort of cheered when Newcastle scored that’s how bad a gambler I am… only ever bet what your willing or able to lose :-)

  15. weebawbabitty on

    DD , thanks, GFTB, genuinely don’t know if Kev was silenced or not ! But hopefully he is ok , same to yourself amigo, we don’t always agree or or see eye to eye bro ! But one thing that I know for a fact you, me and Kev are Tim’s HH

  16. DD..mibbe, other than reading the articles, I should interact…guessing you’d be Garry ;-))

  17. TLT 1.05am



    I apologised to BMCUWP for that childish idiotic comment a while back but cheers for the reminder :-)



    Might have to start keeping some of your own posts … I usually refer to CQN as the grey brigade and Sentinel as what you quoted … pretty sure you have posted rubbish posts many many times … but heyho the old glasshouse effect :-) but fair play batter in

  18. Melbourne Mick on




    It’s always a joy for me to meet up with CQN’rs it gives me that feeling


    of making my way to Celtic Park before a game.


    I’ve only ever missed one, FRIESDORFER, But PADDYMACOZ and the bhoys


    took care of that down the rebel peninsula.


    Hope i get to meet and greet many more fine Celts.


    Off now to get pummelled by a soccer ball 8-))


    H.H Mick

  19. GFTB…you should keep track of my posts…they are erudite and full of p#sh…just like yours…;-))

  20. Weebawbabbity 1.09am



    Exactly, this place would be guff if we all agreed, we’ve had rubbish internet arguements and could possibly have more… but over a beer it’s laughable

  21. TLT 1.16am



    At least we are on the same page but I don’t know what erudite means :-)






    Enjoy your battering..



    Having only been in their company for the off pint or two I would say


    Friesdorfor is of the same stock of POG & PR67 …



    Hail Hail

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