“Soon to be President of the United States of America Donald Trump has owned many things, but did he really almost buy a football club?”

No, he didn’t actually but it’s worth following this one through, even just to watch their video that exposes the Myth.

KICK, the online American soccer site, asks the question quoted above.

“Soccer culture and the game itself are energetic, vibrant, and exciting,” declares KICK. “At the heart of this are the fans. Today’s fans have the opportunity to define the culture and identify of the future of the sport. KICK is pushing the soccer agenda at home and abroad through daily content and editorial that celebrates and empowers fans of the beautiful game.”

KICK are referring to at a story from 2011-12 when an increasingly desperate Rangers FC reached out to the flamboyant businessman to see if he could be their saviour. Everything else had failed. Murray had abandoned ship and left the Motherwell born Billionaire Craig Whyte in charge of the club.

KICK get the bit about the President-Elect’s Scottish roots. And they manage in this short video to show what those top fee earning lawyers in the Court of Session this week have failed to do – they explain that a CVA was rejected and that Rangers FC died.

What they miss is the fact that Trump has a very competent management team around his organisation who would look at any such “opportunity” to invest. These professionals would have looked at the Rangers FC situation and pretty quickly reached the conclusion that is was a dead club walking.

And not everyone in New York hails from the Outer Hebrides.

Some even have Irish roots.

One supporter of the Ibrox clubs had this to say this morning on the possibility that Trump could have bought Rangers.

“It’s impossible to say what Trump would have done with Rangers, he could have been sincere and used his money to build a sustainable system for years to come, maybe pushed to make some sort of Atlantic League a reality. Or he could have pumped a bit of cash in, played around for a while, got bored and punted us to whoever. We’ll never know.

“The likes of Dave King, Paul Murray and The Blue Knights might not have the wealth of Trump, but they are known Rangers men, and until there comes a point where true fan ownership is a reality I would much rather have the club in the hands of them than a random billionaire.”

Enjoy the video…

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