How media treated Ronny and then Warburton


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You and I know how Celtic are reported in the media but it’s seldom we have an opportunity to objectively analyse how we are portrayed in comparison to others.  Yesterday’s media conference at Ibrox, was, frankly, irresistible.

Below is a transcript of questions and other comments made by journalists at Ronny Deila’s media conference when he was announced as Celtic manager a year ago, followed by Mark Warburton’s yesterday.

There are a few gems.  Care to guess which conference these were put at “you’re actually a strong advocate of not spending and working on a tight budget”?

Or “You said he was at the top of the list – just for clarity, were any job offers made to other candidates?”

Or “There’s an expectation or a fear that top talent… will move to pastures new – is that a fear for you?”

Although to be fair, one brave soul did ask Davie Weir, “How different do you feel this Rangers is to the one you left?”

Let me know what you think.  I know what I think…. some clubs are so well run they don’t need campaigning PR companies.  Others are up to no good to such an extent they can hardly go through a day without one.

Don’t forget the 4-in-a-row DVD!

Ronny’s conference:

Many congratulations Ronny – how do you feel?

Easy decision?

What do you feel you can bring to Celtic?

This is your first experience of British football, how big a step up is this for you?

Peter, you’ve been linked with many candidates in the past few weeks, why is Ronny the right man?

Has number two been chosen yet?

Is John Collins a candidate?

How much time are you going to have to put your stamp on the team before the Champions League qualifiers start?

How do you rate the squad you’ve inherited here at Celtic?

Your first task will be to try and get the club to the Champions League – it’s your first experience of the competition, what do you think of the task?

You have three qualifying rounds to get through to get to the Champions League, it’s a difficult task.

Are you Norway’s answer to Jurgen Klopp?

On the issue Peter mentioned about unearthing raw talent, not only have you done that, you’re actually a strong advocate of not spending and working on a tight budget. Is that the case and why is that the case?

You played under Roy Hodgson, did you speak to him – what did you learn from him?

Can I ask you about the process of when you first became aware of Celtic’s interest?

What remit has Peter Lawwell given you as manager? There hasn’t been too much by way of a challenge for Celtic domestically, so what challenges do you face as a manager?

Peter, when did you become aware of Ronny’s abilities?

Was Ronny the only person– (cut off)

Comment made by Neil Lennon in the papers – was Ronny identified to replace Johann, was that the case?

You said he was at the top of the list – just for clarity, were any job offers made to other candidates?

Ronny is it important— (cut off)

Have you started talking to Ronny about what sort of budget he may or may not have?

Have you talked budgets Ronny?

Peter have you established a sufficient budget that can help Ronny?

Ronny what can you bring to Celtic?

I have to ask you about the pictures circulating in the Scottish papers in the past few days – can you explain them to us?

Will you do the same– (cut off)

Do you expect the same here then?

Just in terms of players – there’s an expectation or a fear that top talent like Fraser Forster and Virgil Van Dijk will move to pastures new – is that a fear for you?

You’ve spoken about developing players, things that take time – you don’t have the luxury of a long-term deal, it’s a rolling deal – have you been given assurances that you will be given longer?

What’s more important – results or development?


Warburton’s conference:

Many, many, congratulations, I’m sure you’ll be very excited about the prospect, but how big a challenge do you face here?

How easy was it for you to feel that this was the right job for you?

How prepared do you feel you are for the scrutiny you’ll be under here?

What do you feel is your first priority here?

Paul – you have said in recent weeks since you have come in that the club is broken and it needs to be rebuilt – why do you think that Mark and Davie are the management team to take it forward?

Mark – David from BBC Scotland here – at what point did you realise you wanted to be Rangers manager, and did you have any other offers?

And you’ll be expected to win automatic promotion straight away, yes?

And you and Davie have been characterised as good cop-good cop from people at Brentford, how can that help Rangers?

Your background is very different from most football managers, probably more akin to someone who would be on the board – but are there any parallels about how you’ll go about your business as a manager compared to your days as a high flying city slicker?

You said your first priority is to strengthen the squad, some players have left the club after their contracts were up – how far are you down the line at identifying new players?

How confident are you that you’ll be able to get this club promoted at the first attempt?

You’ve signed a two-year contract, how quickly do you think you can get this club back competing at the top of Scottish football?

Mark – what assurances have you been given, if any – about what your size of budget and what you can spend – it’s not just about numbers, it’s about the quality of the players you can get in as well?

David – did you ever believe you would be back here so soon?

As much as anything else, do you feel you’re going to have to help Mark get used to the surroundings of Scottish football and what it means to be at this football club?

How different do you feel this Rangers is to the one you left?

Davie what would you say Mark’s particular skillset it, his particular talent – how does he go about his business?

Did you speak to any of the guys who worked with before here, Walter and Ally?

Mark, what do you know about the players you have here at the moment?

The average age of the players last year was 28, is that something you’re looking to bring down?

So the youth system here is something you’re targeting as well?

There’s also no scouting system here, is that something you’re looking to sort out soon?

Rangers have been criticised in the past for overpaying players, particularly in the past few years, is that culture changing now?

So you reckon you’ll be going for players that are out of contract or loan deals rather than players who are in contract?

Mark, you say there’s no quick fix and it won’t happen overnight, how difficult will that balance be given there is such pressure to get promoted this season?

How many players do you think you need?

Will you be bringing Lewis McLeod back?

What type of footballing philosophy will you bring to Rangers?

There’s obviously been a thing about trying to get fans back buying season tickets, what message do you have for fans?

You spoke about the accent on youth and young players, but Davie played here until he was long in the tooth, will you be looking to bring in experienced players?

In your previous career, you would have been familiar with risk and reward – are Rangers taking a risk in your appointment?

Mark, just going back to your targets, have you been told by Dave King you have to win the league this year?

Will your management style be a bit different to Jock Wallace’s?

Paul – as far as your concerned with the management structure is concerned, you spoke about a director of football is something you would like to move toward, and the academy needs sorted, do you think there could be more appointments further down the line?

It’s already the middle of June, how soon can we see bodies in the door because the first competitive game is in five weeks?

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    ‘Twas ever thus. All hun appointments and signings are a super piece of business. Celtic’s are dross.

  2. BMCUW


    told my mam you were asking after her


    ” hmmmmmmmmmm that’s nice”:))))))))))))


    I have left my mobile in ML5 ,so no point in texting me :((

  3. The Green Man on

    Hope Warburton gets toasted by the worst fans in the world, as they boo him to rafters.


    About…3 games into their season:)


    Warburton is Toast





  4. Know what ? …..



    Warburton will hear the Ronny roar after Ronny mauls him at first opportunity …



    I can tell you this … Warbs won NOTHING with millions of investment in his two year managerial career….



    This will be a complete failure … Mark my words

  5. Why any of us are not accostomed to the completely biased drivel punted as news in the bigoted wee sectarian backwater is baffling……….It has ever been thus and will always be thus until they kill them with kindness………which they continue to do.



    Anyone seen Davy?

  6. Paul


    ye could have written that article the moment they announced a new caretaker


    Though if love to know who asked the Jock Wallace question. He’ll be thrown out the ludj for that!





    That’s smashing,mate. Sounds as though she’s fine and dandy.

  9. Remember when they appointed a Rangers legend? Then a highly rated coach? Then a man with a track record? According to the media this is the fourth supersplendidbrilliant managerial appointment the new club has made so far.



    All is right again apparently. They’ve sorted the board room, now got a new manager.



    Is that the sound of loud laughter I hear from Newcastle way?

  10. The Green Man on

    Warburton…even when it looked like his team were doing well, ..er…they wanted rid of him, and told him so.


    Cannot wait to hear the boos ring out at ipox/circus of horrors/legion of the damned.


    Warburton wont know whats hit him, and if he was daft enough to believe a word from Dave King of Africa, and his lackey SuperQuiff Naemoney, then Warburton is indeed toast.


    Cant wait for the fun to begin.





  11. Ps


    during ronnys 1st presser’,on hearing the 1st question,I seen a light switch on that was taking it in processing it and coming up with a reply,


    with Warburton I never ,I just heard PR replies,


    the gift that keeps giving has just presented another gift IMHO he wont see the season out.


    Ps and not related just switched the telly on for my mam ,BBC coverage of M Obama ,


    cringe telly .again IMHO.

  12. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox


    08:16 on


    16 June, 2015


    Thompson Twin/Alfie



    I am in a rush now so my only point is that you seem more keen to win the argument and alienate the supporters of the opposition view than to win back the people holding that view and being more persuasive with the argument.



    I know that outlandish claims are made by the SNP but you have walked into a bit of a populist dead end with the energy issue.








    Last word on this subject – and please stop the name-calling.



    The energy issue, like the currency, the central bank and FFA are all fudge issues for the SNP – properly examined they just do not ‘hold water’



    I have no interest in winning back those who foolishly voted for the SNP – they will crawl back when the SNP tripe-fruit blossoms.

  13. Paul



    Excellent article – May I wish the law of unintended consequences to apply as follows:


    Perverse result: A perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended (when an intended solution makes a problem worse). This is sometimes referred to as ‘backfire’.

  14. The Green Man on

    Alfie/Multiple poster



    Are you Graeme Morris?


    Do you hate poor people?


    Are you a Hun?

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liverslices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencods’ roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.”



    Well, beats the usual pish, I suppose.

  16. To be honest, other than the “many many congratulations” didn’t think there was much between the two sets of questions. Maybe a couple more softballs but actually less difference than I’d imagined there’d be!



    Maybe I’m in a minority of one???




  17. The Green Man on




    Sorry, I got your name wrong, its Morrice rather than Morris.


    Yeah, that’s right.

  18. Paul illustrates perfectly what we will be up against in the coming year.



    As I said earlier, this is ‘make or break’ for the Ibrox mob – the Scottish media will be giving their best and most sycophantic ‘shot’, in order that all news is managed in a benign and supportive way.



    There will be a series of stories over the next six weeks detailing Celtic’s failure in the transfer market.



    If we fail to qualify for the CL, Ronny will be labelled a failure and Warburton will be hailed as the new ‘saviour’ of the Scottish game.



    The appointment of Warburton and Weir is shrewd, or, devious, depending on your point of view, because if Warburton does not ‘do it’ and is fired/leaves, there is a ready-made headline waiting as Weir takes over ” Real Rangers Man Now At The Helm”



    I know some of us want Celtic to respond big in the transfer market, in an attempt to ‘snuff out’ this media fawning. It is a attractive idea, however why should we dance to ‘their’ tune.



    A wing-back, centre-back, creative midfielder and a striker, are our priorities, together with cutting-loose the deadwood – we have around three weeks to get it right.





    I hope Labour keep you off the recruitment hotline and miles away from the doorsteps.

  20. leftclicktic



    11:31 on 16 June, 2015




    told my mam you were asking after her


    ” hmmmmmmmmmm that’s nice”:))))))))))))






    I trust she said it in a Mrs Agnes Brown kinda tone!



    Been in kinghorn this morning at a charity presentation that would restore any faith you may have lost in humanity.



    Young people and old people and those of us kinda in the middle can be truly amazing in their kindness.



    HH jamesgang

  21. What was the motion again?



    It all smalls crap to me.



    James Dolman (Twitter)


    Motion to repay Mike Ashley defeated 54% to 46% at Rangers EGM

  22. Paul 67…



    Reckon we all know the smsm are praying! That Warbutton is a huge success….me, I reckon he will be off before Sally picks his last wage packet up….



    Warbutton…roasted or toasted?



    Fingers burnt is my guess.





    I could never lose faith in humanity,mate. Equally I will never regain faith in its leaders.

  24. jamesgang



    Aye she did and with a Mrs Brown raised eyebrow too :)))


    till later all .





  25. The Scottish meeja hacks – gullible Huns being gullible Huns.



    Ready to be rolled over again by their beloved pustulating sore of an institution.



    Big Mike will loom in their dreams like the antichrist in the weks to come.



    This will get very tasty the first indication that they are attempting to spend any sort of cash.

  26. Ohhhhhhhhh dear


    nearly half share holders wanted to pay Ashley,


    I think warburton must have been looking for the “glib and shameless liar” in a cupboard yesterday

  27. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    That could easily have been one of Awnaw’s spoof articles. Why don’t these “journalists” just go the whole hog and turn up to these press conferences wearing Sevco tops.



    I’m long past being bothered by this sort of thing, I just laugh at it now for the joke it is.

  28. The line of questioning is obvious, but think on this.



    The harder line taken with Celtic means we are held to account, overly so and unfairly, but held to account.



    The soft soap, lightweight questioning of all things Sevco lacks that scrutiny, this allows things to go badly wrong for a long time before any corrective action is taken.



    Perhaps a great deal more detrimental than the questioners intend.



    Hell mend thum.

  29. Tuesday, 16 June 2015Why staying in the Championship was the real promotion





    Posted by Ibrox Noise at 12:03




    No one in their right mind will deny it; on 31st May at 17:00 hours, the world had collapsed for Rangers fans. Not only was the team officially stuck in the Championship for another year, but it was barely worthy of the word ‘team’. Rudderless, weak, and a sham of a squad, with no obvious horizon to aim at ahead of it.




    Rangers had been put back another year of progress, and the future felt rather ominous for supporters, long-suffering fans who seemed set to suffer at least a further 12 months of pain.




    Skip forward 16 days and things look a lot brighter, and in fact, are beginning to look like remaining in the Championship was the real promotion.




    We all wanted to be back in the big time; financially it was critical, and in a football sense it is where Rangers need to be. Now, while the former remains entirely true, the latter is an oxymoron now, and, although hindsight is the mother of arrogance and delusion, for once, this time it is not.




    So, why was failure to be promoted the best outcome?




    Having not been promoted Rangers have had the chance to make three gigantic changes, and spend 12 months rebuilding and getting it right before the serious stuff begins next year.



    Those three changes are new, quality, permanent management; the shedding of a glut of absolute dross on the playing squad, and the impending acquisition of a nigh-on new team by a manager with a vision.




    Permanent management:




    Mark Warburton & David Weir can be trusted. Warburton is a smart, wily, sharp, and ambitious manager who has achieved an astonishing amount in only 18 months of senior management, beating Arsene Wenger & Jose Mourinho, among others, to 2015’s London Manager of the Year award, for starters, then getting Brentford promoted at the first time of asking and nearly doing it again the following year.




    The 52-year old is here for the long haul, and there is yet to be a negative word said about his abilities; a very valid comparison is Alex Neil, Norwich’s outstanding boss. Neil got Accies promoted, then moved to Norwich and got them into the English Premier League at the first time of asking. A very similar kind of path to Warburton.




    Rangers could not have done a lot better than Warburton, and it is the first step towards rebuilding a Rangers we recognise, and a really excellent piece of business from a board that has taken a fair share of criticism; including by yours truly.




    Shedding dross:




    This is another thing the board got right; a ruthless cull of the garbage on the payroll, Rangers’ hierarchy let go eleven players, the vast majority of whom were absolute duds and a symptom of the horrors of the McCoist legacy. If anything condemned McCoist’s deranged ‘management’, it was the board letting go nearly every player he ever signed. A lot of the trash is still there, of course, such as Law, Clark, and Templeton, but the majority of Ally’s signings have been ditched, and maybe the new management can get something out of these remaining dregs that few have been able to. Truth is these guys are not good enough for Rangers, and will more than likely become squad fodder or bench material. But the real passengers have finally got off the bus.




    New signings:




    As this site brought you yesterday, Warburton plans a major shakeup of the playing squad. He has already gone on record as being active in the market, and with names like Wilson, Allan and Macleod to name just three in the mix, there will be colossal changes in the team for next season. Badly-needed changes.




    Rangers have been given a second chance to get it right. McCoist was the biggest mistake the Club ever made in management; they are still (literally) paying for it today. It went so badly as to permanently sully Ally’s legacy, one which should have seen him remembered as the greatest striker in Rangers’ history, but which sadly will not have that label attached as exclusively as it deserved four years ago.




    But with Warburton, Rangers really can ‘do a Hearts’ and with 12 months, a refreshed squad, and quality management, Rangers can find themselves in the SPL, well-equipped to handle the step up.




    Fans now expect no less.

  30. He got an easier time than we saw Wim and Dr Jo ever get, but then are we surprised? At least our two were actual football people!



    This appointment is a lesson in how to shoot yourself in the foot.

  31. Bawsman


    12:23 on


    16 June, 2015




    Says it all, really. Better than Wenger and Jose. Rangers will be lucky to hold on to Mark for very long.

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