How not to stage a flashmob protest


If you’re going to stage a protest it’s better to make sure that it registers where it counts.  Turning up at a Sports Direct till with a pile of tracksuits, then only offering £1 for their purchase, might echo the transaction Mike Ashley completed for the naming rights of Ibrox, but if the tycoon even gets to hear about the so-called flashmob protest he’s likely to pity the forsaken attempt to undermine him.

Ashley has invested around a couple of million in Newco Rangers but it’s pin money for him, which he can easily afford to gamble with.  He is also not afflicted with any emotional attachment to Newco, or pretty much anything else, it seems.  In short, this is a guy ‘Rangers’ fans can’t lay a glove on.  They would be far better to figure this out and start to deal with the reality than provoke an unwelcome response.

Neither Ashley nor the Easdale brothers strike me as people who will be easily cowed or bullied into forgoing the rights they have purchased, while others, including thousands of fans, kept their hands in their pockets.  The many genuine fans who are distraught at the humiliating mess Newco has become have been led up the garden path by would-be sages.


The world is paying a little more attention than usual to the many problems in Africa at the moment but I heard one authoritative voice last week suggest that ebloa is only around the third or fourth most severe problem the continent faces.

But, things are getting better in large swathes of the continent, thanks to improving governance in some areas, better infrastructure, more widely available healthcare, and more children, especially girls, given access to education.

20 people from Celtic Foundation are in Malawi building classrooms and toilets at the moment, while CQN’ers built three school kitchens there this year (more on the soon), but sometimes these many parallel developments conflict.

One such occasion is the John Bande Foundation School in Blantyre, Malawi, which through Mary’s Meals is supported by the Noreen Davies Hikers & Bikers, a group of people from Lanarkshire and Glasgow.  The Hikers and Bikers support a feeding programme at the school, which makes it possible for kids to attempt the school, instead of working for food.  It’s a mature project but the recent building of a motorway right on the edge of the school property has made the building dangerous; learning and feeding is no longer possible.

The Noreen Davies people are raising money to erect three new buildings.  You can read more of the story here, with pictures of the school and road.  If you can give them a £1 or two, do so here.

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  1. Melbourne mick …think back then Vic Davidson was rated best of the qaulity st gang….i never saw it ..Dalglish was my hero…heartbroken when he left…

  2. Melbourne Mick



    I had the pleasure (?) of playing against Vic Davidson when he was well by his primne and I was as fit as ever (in my late 20s). I accidently dumped him on his bahookey and turned to get the ball. Yer man got up, chased, got in front of me and played the ball forward. That was when I realised the reason why I had never made it

  3. TBB, I only got to see the 2nd half of the EK game. I’m a jinx, I walk in with a very disgruntled Son and a Happy younger Brother and their Mum.



    EK play fitba the right way, they were always trying to pass it short in the midfield to create the space. The wide lads didn’t influence, unfortunately.

  4. tontine tim,



    Didn’t realise you were a Castlemilk kid, take it you went to Maggie’s.



    What age are you?



    I played in the same team as Ray Houghten or ….rayme, is as I knew him before he was Englishfied.

  5. Melbourne Mick





    22:50 on



    12 October, 2014



    interesting to see Vic Davidson in the photo always thought he was


    the most talented prospect we ever had but couldn’t make the step





    *I worked with his brother who was playing for Kilsyth at the time……they came from Ruby Street in Bridgeton and their da was a follower of the deid team….Vic went to the games with him….his brother supported Clyde.



    Vic was playing for Glasgow Schoolboys and a scout knowing he followed the deid team came up to him saying he was the best man on the park….he had the forms there for Vic to sign….”what’s yer full name son”…”Victor Salvatore Davidson”….at that the scout ripped the forms up saying that was the part of the job he hated.



    By the time I met his brother both lads were Celtic mhen.

  6. pedrocaravanachio67


    22:36 on


    12 October, 2014





    That was funny, you don’t mind of I call u Nigel from now on? :-)




    Aye.. whatever pedro :O/ Sorry couldn’t spend more time yesterday buddy.hh

  7. sipsini





    23:01 on



    12 October, 2014





    tontine tim,



    Didn’t realise you were a Castlemilk kid, take it you went to Maggie’s.



    *naw no me…Vale of Leven….just know some punters from Chateau Lait.


    mighty tim supporting wee oscar



    21:55 on 12 October, 2014


    Eddie you done the right thing. Hootenany will come around again BMCUW will make sure of that. Seeing Jayden ride his bike for the first time will stay with you forever.


    Hail Hail to Jayden.


    I also missed it as initially thought wife would be getting over her operation. As this never happened my son and 2 daughters thought it would be nice to have a family night me Mrs kids and partners and my baby grandson I had a great night.


    Funny thing is I mentioned to her today that it seemed the bhoys had a great day and night and that some had there wives with them and she pipes up well you could have taken me but you always say it’s a bhoys day out. Think I kinda dropped myself in it to take her to the next one.












    Indeed,Eddie did the right thing,mate. Dayoooooots come and go,but a smiling grandwean celebrating a one-off achievement is priceless.



    Bring his stabilisers to the next sesh,Eddie!



    As for the women at the do yesterday,I was delighted to see so many,tbh.



    Bit miffed that they lasted longer than I did!!

  9. Good to see Dundee utd get a wee mention tonite…..over the years had some great footballers….players who didn’t need 2 to 3 touches to control the ball and were always gifted in timed breakaways with none of this side and back passing stuff…..over the years they seem to have this gift in discovering naturally gifted young players

  10. Bada Bing


    Couldn’t understand why he never made it but a beautiful player


    and speaking as an old timer the rules now and banning of the


    ball and man tackle was made for him, always remember when


    he left us and joined Motherwell he destroyed us at Celtic park


    and scored twice, could only shake my head and wonder why.


    H/H Mick

  11. Only a trial run, if it works, ok, ifi ti dont i tried




  12. Lilysgrandpa/BMCUW


    going to see that bhoy in a couple of weeks,


    put on a cracking show last time I saw him

  13. BMCUW,


    delighted your do went well again yesterday,will make


    it my mission to get to the next one,


    I was in Beith this afternoon,should have popped down to Kilwinning and bought you a curer





    Hope you enjoy it,mate. You should do.



    Considering that he started as a pin-up aimed at youngsters,his last two albums have been far removed from the first.



    And all the better for it.





    You would have had to throw it over the garden fence,mate!



    Busy getting stuff done in prep for winter.



    My own fault,I should have put a bigger patio in for my Mum when I had the chance-canny grow much on slabs!!

  16. BMCUW,


    ah you are a good bhoy,canny go drinking all the time,


    everyone has to have some mammy time





    Erm,don’t wanna sound like a martyr,mate-it wisnae by choice!

  18. BMCUW,



    Thats the one!!! Lilys up the road, safe and well.



    What an natoinal anthem that could have been!





    PS, Think about it Burns, and TT, and Tallybhoy, a few good guys from Ayrshire, Cant think of any more, can you? hehehhe

  19. BMCUW,


    blooming hell mucker I build you up ,


    and then you knock yourself down,


    dear dear :-)))





    From your page six hours ago,‘long time since this was on a Celtic jersey’



    I was wearing one yesterday,kindly purchased for me by LEFTCLICKTIC.








    I’m modest to a fault,mate. Or alternatively,my two sisters read this and would hammer me for lying.





    Oh,there’s a few more than that,old bean.



    Most of whom will hopefully attend a wee night in Ayr on Tuesday for the football.

  23. BMCUW,



    Ive got a wee mate, with a bus pass, no I cou;d be his companion! all the way to Ayr, so never say never!