How not to stage a flashmob protest


If you’re going to stage a protest it’s better to make sure that it registers where it counts.  Turning up at a Sports Direct till with a pile of tracksuits, then only offering £1 for their purchase, might echo the transaction Mike Ashley completed for the naming rights of Ibrox, but if the tycoon even gets to hear about the so-called flashmob protest he’s likely to pity the forsaken attempt to undermine him.

Ashley has invested around a couple of million in Newco Rangers but it’s pin money for him, which he can easily afford to gamble with.  He is also not afflicted with any emotional attachment to Newco, or pretty much anything else, it seems.  In short, this is a guy ‘Rangers’ fans can’t lay a glove on.  They would be far better to figure this out and start to deal with the reality than provoke an unwelcome response.

Neither Ashley nor the Easdale brothers strike me as people who will be easily cowed or bullied into forgoing the rights they have purchased, while others, including thousands of fans, kept their hands in their pockets.  The many genuine fans who are distraught at the humiliating mess Newco has become have been led up the garden path by would-be sages.


The world is paying a little more attention than usual to the many problems in Africa at the moment but I heard one authoritative voice last week suggest that ebloa is only around the third or fourth most severe problem the continent faces.

But, things are getting better in large swathes of the continent, thanks to improving governance in some areas, better infrastructure, more widely available healthcare, and more children, especially girls, given access to education.

20 people from Celtic Foundation are in Malawi building classrooms and toilets at the moment, while CQN’ers built three school kitchens there this year (more on the soon), but sometimes these many parallel developments conflict.

One such occasion is the John Bande Foundation School in Blantyre, Malawi, which through Mary’s Meals is supported by the Noreen Davies Hikers & Bikers, a group of people from Lanarkshire and Glasgow.  The Hikers and Bikers support a feeding programme at the school, which makes it possible for kids to attempt the school, instead of working for food.  It’s a mature project but the recent building of a motorway right on the edge of the school property has made the building dangerous; learning and feeding is no longer possible.

The Noreen Davies people are raising money to erect three new buildings.  You can read more of the story here, with pictures of the school and road.  If you can give them a £1 or two, do so here.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The huddle


    I have been consistent in my criticism of the plc.


    I have always held the belief that the board did not have the interests of cfc at heart.



    mr lawell wants to be in complete control and the ordinary shareholders are treated like minions.



    Even when b78 was saying we where the best in the world I disagreeed,



    we laugh at the orcs because we told them they woild die. Celtic won’t die but they are riping the heart out of the real fans..



    I asked on here a few years ago about sacrifices anyone on our board made to watch Celtic. I was ridiculed and accused of having a vendetta against PL..



    I ask again, those who sit in the directors box hob nob with uefa rtc what have they sacrificed out of their lifes for Celtic, no worries about Christmas presents, wifes raging yhat you spend money on Celtic when wr struggle to make ends meet..



    this is life not a wee castle in the plc board room.,

  2. fanadpatriot





    20:51 on



    11 October, 2014







    Thank The Lord,someone singing from the same hymn sheet,get J Park out now.



    *what about David Moss

  3. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on




    Billy McNeill and Willie Mcstay just brought in the European Cup. Celtic, the first non Latin team to win it.



    if you get the chance give the big eared cup a kiss for me … cheers




  4. Watching a good game between Poland and Germany.


    .commentator says….and tomorrow the Big one…Estonia v England….really…does my head…

  5. Delighted for WGS and the team.


    A win’s a win – for a’ that……………………



    In other news….



    I’m surrounded by some heroically blootered Irelanders,



    (any piccies of today’s ‘flushmob’?)




  6. Gary67



    21:10 on 11 October, 2014






    21:04 on 11 October, 2014



    3 years ago I was of the same opinion as I am now. We should be giving own youngsters more of an opportunity to play in the first team (what’s the point in a youth set up that wins trophy after trophy if next to none of them get a first team chance) and cherry pick the best of the rest on our league. The biggest and best club in most leagues around the world do that.



    Too many projects, too many cheap punts from abroad, too many loanees. We don’t have a transfer strategy, we have an ego trip for a couple of individuals.




    I’d agree with that, we have far to many players (and far to many injury prone players).



    We should have around 15 first teamers (outfield players) and the rest made up with the youth players, sure we might struggle in Europe at first but the experience we’ll give to the youngsters would be priceless.



    We have 3 right backs on our books, all injured, and none really came through our youth team (no offence to Darnell Fisher)

  7. Celtic more than just a commodity.


    PL we as a support represent a community


    that requires leadership.


    Please make a statement about Resolution 12.


    There is a storm brewin.

  8. johann murdoch



    20:30 on 11 October, 2014


    if you are visiting the HH in EK let me know and we can do lunch

  9. lennon's passion on

    blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    21:15 on 11 October, 2014



    Well said

  10. Snake Plissken on

    Not a good result for Scotland and a worse one for Ireland.



    I think the Irish get the backlash from this.



    Scotland must hope the Poles go out on the bevvy

  11. We are not attracting new supporters.


    Even ST holders aren’t turning up.


    Things are badly wrong.


    If, and its a big if, our board are waiting for Sports Direct Sevco


    to get into the SPL they can wave my ST goodbye.

  12. Snake Plissken


    Don’t know if you’ve watched the game but Germany have been by far the better team but their finishing has been awful.

  13. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Well done polska



    that defeat for Germany is a bigger shock than cfc losing to accies – GQN demands low resignation

  14. Parkheadcumsalford.


    Exactly what I was thinking while watching it.


    First times Poland have beating Germany. First qualifier Germany have lost for 14 years. Sometimes football is just like that.

  15. oh oh oh …..German have caught Celticdielaitis…..the stats are amazing …how did we lose that they will be denking! hahahaha rustle the onion bag is always the name of the game ….braw …..or in Polska ….Dobra…. the do do braw …..

  16. G64- the prices of tickets has to be looked at ,but looks like they have a base price and can’t deviate HH

  17. Germany are in a dogfight in this group..


    This group is open….this is not the Germany who won the world cup…we do have a chance…

  18. We have board who have little or no regard for it’s supporters.


    We have a manager who is clearly out of his depth.


    There is now a complete disconnect between those running the club


    and those who support the team.


    What are we to do ?

  19. Good wee stint at the hootenanny tonight.


    Great putting faces to names.


    Like every good manager I won’t single anyone out (then proceed to) but Jim, you are a very articulate, educated bloke.


    Many more shone brightly.


    Only in my wee feeble opinion.

  20. !!bada bing!!



    21:46 on 11 October, 2014


    G64- the prices of tickets has to be looked at ,but looks like they have a base price and can’t deviate HH




    Or could it have been they charged that high because Ogilvie deemed it necessary to pay over the odds for the unsafest stadium in glasgow?( sorry about spelling and u have my nebosh too )




  21. Gordon64…..if we sack Deila after 12 months…its his fault…if we sack Deila before xmas its PL:s fault…so the answer is….buckle up for a rough ride..coz Deila aint going nowhere…and the PLC…well thats simple…they waiting on the Hun….i dont like it..you dont like it….but its like that…and thats the way it is…

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