How Stein managed big game weeks


I asked Archie Macpherson to speak about Jock Stein at CQN11, to mark the 50th anniversary of Jock’s appointment as Celtic manager, and then stayed quiet as he spoke.  One of the points he made was that Jock would have a news plan ahead of a big game.

Good news would be held back until a few days before the game, giving fans and players a lift, to ensure maximum impact.  Bad news could break at any time, but it would have to fight for column inches.  As an operator, he is still worth studying.  Celtic should plan to dominate this week’s news accordingly.

Apart from that horrible game away to Legia, Ronny Deila has not been to a sell-out Celtic game in a large stadium, and even that was only 30,000.  It’s possible he’s never even played before a large sell-out crowd, so you can be sure he’ll not be short of people telling him what to expect, and how to prepare for Hampden on Sunday.

There are some obvious pitfalls for him to avoid, in particular to ensure his players are not provoked into retaliation, but taking too much advice would be a mistake (will not stop us offering plenty advice).  He’s spent all season playing and preparing one way, anything which gets in the way of this will only put him off his game.  The manager needs to employ a filter this week, tell everyone he’s got the situation covered and get on with the game.

Loving the way recipients of Rangers EBT loans have been asked about an advert dealing with the consequences of their loans, but are not actually asked about the loans themselves. These guys only agree speak on the understanding they are not asked about their loans, none of which are or will be repaid.

I accept that if the loan recipient is being asked about yesterday’s charity match, or some other football game, there’s no place to ask him about his loan, but these guys are regularly commenting on the consequences of their loans, without ever having to deal with the awkward question.

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  1. canamalar – this is what happens when you’re awoken early by a copper-topped evil munchkin. :( (thumbsup)

  2. Tallybhoy – I love weans.



    But I couldn’t eat a whole one.



    Especially after you see where they’ve been.



    Manky wee buggers. (thumbsup)

  3. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    No big games for a couple of weeks .. Just a bounce game against a club formed 3 years ago

  4. philvis –



    If you snooze . . . .



    For once I had logged in, not very often that happens, then the new article appeared. Bingo!




  5. thomthethim for oscar ok



    Just catching up on my break and saw your reply to me.



    It certainly wasn’t my intention to patronise you I was simply stating my opinion if he did indeed sing the alleged song.



    Apologies if it came across as anything else.

  6. Philvis – “this is what happens when you’re awoken early by a copper-topped evil munchkin”



    Straight from the Louis Van Gaal ‘Everything was against us’ school of excuses!

  7. afternoon all


    paul are you confident that humpdump will be full on sunday?.personally I think 45k at most,

  8. Lunchtime quiz for our new lurking Huns (collective term: a ‘syphillis’ of Huns) –



    has your ‘same club’ paid back any of its 280 creditors yet?



    Look on the bright side – you’ve now got an SMSM-approved excuse for your habitual ultra-violence visited upon innocents come Sunday.



    As cartoons are to ISIS, so are articles of truth to the Hun…

  9. Thindime


    Saw your post at 04.39. Congrats, I’m sure a weight of your shoulders.


    Big Nan@10.41


    If you look at the last sentence at least Brian Wilson got what he wished for, the evil that was Rangers is no more. Although it has been replaced with a different club but the same follow followers.



  10. The good news could be Commons signing a new deal on Thursday or Friday? No info but could be a boost ahead of Sunday.

  11. My goodness: mine eyes have seen a great thing today: Philvis pipped at the post.



    And by that old pretender, curly … !



    [P.S. Until today, I posted under the name ‘Folly Folly’. To be perfectly frank – I’ve been fed up with that moniker for ages, but just never got round to changing it. Now seems as good a time any …]








    have you noticed the advert for TOPLESS CASINO at bottom of page.????????Shirley no.!!!!

  13. Sandman


    I thought it was 276 creditors. Has the figure been rounded up?


    IfyourstillthesameclubpayyourcreditorsCSC. (At least the face painters).

  14. curly – May you be blessed with many toothy ginger children. (thumbsup)



    fieldofdrams – I am unused to playing the role of Wes Mantooth to someone else’s Ron Burgundy, and I find the experience upsetting and wrong. (thumbsup)

  15. I relate a wee story lhads.


    Way back in the mists of time.


    The Green Man saunters through downtown Govan on his way to ipox, just before he reaches the accursed stadium….he spies two young Celtic fans, 15-16 yrs old, beating the proverbial out of a similar aged young Hunnite….really laying in, blood gushing from young huns nose.


    The Green Man steps sprightly and intervenes, dragging the two raging Celtic Lhads off the young hunnite….the young hunnite takes to his heels at speed, runs a 100 yards or so, stops, then turns round directly looking at the Green Man, and shouts….Feck you ya fenian bassa.




  16. Garngad to Croy on




    In fairness they did have to agree to pay back their football debts in order to get a temporary membership . A kind of ‘zombie’ half deid deal !

  17. The game against Maribor at home was a ‘big game’. Having said that I don’t think that matters as we have improved a lot since then. As long as our players can handle the occasion we should win comfortably.

  18. tommytwiststommyturns on

    VIP – are you the king of the swingers?!



    FU! – clean out your cache, ya filthy animal….maybe you should hook up with VIP!



    T4 :-)

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Fully expecting a load of “old firm friendly” ex Celts to be wheeled out this week to try and get the “old firm” brand in full swing.


    Can just hear MacIntyre – “as a former Celtic player, you would still see this as the same Rangers and the same old firm rivalry, wouldn’t you?”.


    ooooooops ,she has moved to top right.




    big ps.does emdy know if REGI BLINKER ever payed those parking fines.

  21. lennon's passion on

    He’s spent all season playing and preparing one way,



    That’s our problem he only has one system. The man is out his depth.Lose on Sunday is unthinkable.

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