How Stein managed big game weeks


I asked Archie Macpherson to speak about Jock Stein at CQN11, to mark the 50th anniversary of Jock’s appointment as Celtic manager, and then stayed quiet as he spoke.  One of the points he made was that Jock would have a news plan ahead of a big game.

Good news would be held back until a few days before the game, giving fans and players a lift, to ensure maximum impact.  Bad news could break at any time, but it would have to fight for column inches.  As an operator, he is still worth studying.  Celtic should plan to dominate this week’s news accordingly.

Apart from that horrible game away to Legia, Ronny Deila has not been to a sell-out Celtic game in a large stadium, and even that was only 30,000.  It’s possible he’s never even played before a large sell-out crowd, so you can be sure he’ll not be short of people telling him what to expect, and how to prepare for Hampden on Sunday.

There are some obvious pitfalls for him to avoid, in particular to ensure his players are not provoked into retaliation, but taking too much advice would be a mistake (will not stop us offering plenty advice).  He’s spent all season playing and preparing one way, anything which gets in the way of this will only put him off his game.  The manager needs to employ a filter this week, tell everyone he’s got the situation covered and get on with the game.

Loving the way recipients of Rangers EBT loans have been asked about an advert dealing with the consequences of their loans, but are not actually asked about the loans themselves. These guys only agree speak on the understanding they are not asked about their loans, none of which are or will be repaid.

I accept that if the loan recipient is being asked about yesterday’s charity match, or some other football game, there’s no place to ask him about his loan, but these guys are regularly commenting on the consequences of their loans, without ever having to deal with the awkward question.

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  1. BMCUW



    ‘Escape from Sobibor’ is one of the first films I remember watching growing up… it had a real effect on me as a child and is probably the reason for a lot of my views and values today



    Great film




  2. BT



    I’m a cheap skate unless it comes to beer or Celtic.


    Top meal on the Mrs birthday is a must. Try and do another few tourist stuff but mainly she will want to relax since this is our first break abroad since our Honeymoon 4 years ago and wee LB is going away for a caravan break with the in laws.




  3. NatKnow


    10:20 on


    27 January, 2015


    Just looked at BBC website and see the sevcovians are further emboiled with a load shark. And there’s that word “quantum” again! Oh, the laughs we’ve had over the past few years…! :-))))







    And your point is?

  4. Ellboy – I am Neil Lennon, YNWA Thanks for that, Probably a wee bit of wishful thinking on my part >:).





    I genuinely believe that Ashley is quite simply bored.



    When you look at his corporate manoeuvres over the last few years,they don’t really display much rhyme nor reason.



    Having shafted the stock market with his IPO for SD-where the Bears tried to shaft him,ironically-and won,he has consolidated to the extent that he is sufficiently loaded to take punts for the hell of it.



    I think winning-no matter the opposition-is what drives him. That alone,if true,should have the huns running for the hills and frothing at the mouth.



    Here’s a tale of what happens when you invite Mr Ashley into your nice big hoose.



  6. mike in toronto on

    was on RM … some of them are finally coming around to the realization that, even if the EGM succeeded in getting MA out, he now owns them body and soul …



    their only hope seems to be squeak into the SPL, then win it next year, make it into the CL, earn gazillions of dollars, and repeat for a few seasons …. then they will be okay. Of course, because of their current fiscal situation (where most of the money goes not to the team, but to outsiders like MA), they will have to do this with players they find at the local Poundsaver.



    The in-fighting is just starting as they are slowing realizing what has happened, and that there are only two realistic outcomes…..



    they survive barely, limping along with only Ibrox (although that will likely have to be sold eventually), a third division club paying third division wages to third division players because all of their money goes to pay MA to rent their training ground, their stadium and even the shirts on their backs…



    or, if they dont want to play along (and pay all their money to MA for the privilege), he will just call the loans (which they will not be able to pay back) and fold the whole thing up.



    Even they are starting to realize that they really are snookered this time.



    As their fate starts to dawn on them, they are already turning on each other (‘blaming those that called for the boycot)….It is starting to get really ugly, and is only going to get worse.



    I suspect that, by the time Sunday comes around, they will be rabid. Think this weekend could get really ugly.

  7. they’ve a board full of billionaire directors…who dont?”



    Kevj, wrong again, factually & with intent ;-))




  8. mullet and co 2 on

    Despite what other folks fear in Ashley, (Tiny Tim) it is all about the money.


    He will bleed them dry.


    It’s almost worth buying all your celtic merchandise from Sports Direct. The money we lose would be reaped in the extra years in the champions league.