How to win friends and influence referee careers


The job of referee has a kind of inverse relationship between popularity and career progress.  Willie Collum has been at the centre of this season’s three major controversies.  He was referee on two occasions when his assistants failed to notice Celtic conceded a goal in crucial league games against Rangers and Hearts (on each occasion the ball crossed the line by inches and remained there for a small fraction of a second).

There is very little a ref can do when his assistant doesn’t flag when the ball crosses the goal line, as we all know, but Collum still suffered reputational damage from some who simply blamed him for being in charge when ‘goals’ against Celtic were not awarded by assistant referees.

It takes a brave decision for a ref to award an injury time penalty for a team losing by a goal in a cup final.  As we noted yesterday, Anthony Stokes clearly had his ankle clipped when clean through with Cammy Bell to beat on Sunday while the Kilmarnock defender never came close to the ball.  This was a foul any day of the week, but having been in charge when Celtic benefited from assistant referee decisions, Collum booked Stokes instead of awarding a penalty.

This incident was almost identical to Collum’s decision not to award Celtic a penalty in the infamous game away to Hamilton Accies in 2011.  With five minutes of the game remaining Niall McGinn was tripped inside the box but Collum booked the player.

The offside rule was subject to a new and unique interpretation that day.  Hamilton ‘scored’ from a set piece with a player alone inside the six yard box who jumped over the ball.  He was in an offside position by several yards and stood in front of Fraser Forster before allowing the ball to pass under him.  Collum also sent off James Forrest for blocking a clearance in an incident which caused a Hamilton player to kick his boot.

All of this followed the infamous incident at Celtic Park when despite looking the other way, Collum awarded Rangers a penalty when Kirk Broadfoot stumbled in the vicinity of Daniel Majstorovic.

Without enjoying the light of robust critical analysis of refereeing decisions that happens in most other countries I’m not sure where we go with any of this.  Celtic Quick News called both ‘goal’ incidents against Rangers and Hearts as assistant referee mistakes so it is only appropriate we record Mr Collum’s significant mistakes when refereeing Celtic, while we ponder the formula for career progression among Scotland’s referees.

I know we covered the issue of Duff and Phelps needing to talk-up any possibility of nullifying Ticketus ownership of future season tickets, Craig Whyte’s security over Ibrox of HMRC being prepared to accept a few pennies in the pound (before HMRC issued a rare statement about the important of paying your tax, “football club or not”), so apologies for repeating myself, but….

Duff and Phelps have agreed no deal with HMRC.  Ticketus retain ownership of future season tickets and the recent court challenge appears to offer little threat, while Craig Whyte retains his security.  In addition, Duff and Phelps have received no offer for Rangers with terms which are within their control.

So, apart from having no offers they can accept, no stadium to sell, no control over future season ticket sales, no agreement with HMRC and having absolutely no idea what they will do when player contracts revert to their full value on 1 June, Duff and Phelps job is pretty easy.

Right now they need to keep all their plates in the air. The very least we should do is cut them some slack as they endeavour to work the angles.

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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Hamilton tim……how many of you are out there…..LOL

  2. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Well said Paul67,very well said indeed.



    Lenny & his players are going to turn those degenerate skintos upside-down,in their own asbestos,ridden midden on Sunday afternoon.



    We will see who is laughing then.

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    your never going to make it as a journalist with this kind of reporting. Stating plain facts, and all of them. No speculation at all. No mention of just how fantastic Ally Mc Coist and Paul Murray actually are and not dancing to the Sir David Murray tune of obliterating Craig Whyte.



    Tut Tut.



    Hail Hail

  4. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on 20 March, 2012 at



    I am the octopus of CQN :-))

  5. Paul67



    It is of great concern that despite Collum’s highlighted mistakes and others, including Healy’s assault on James Forrest at Parkhead, that there has not been a single muttering regarding his lack of ability (cheating).

  6. Paul67



    Nice, can l ask do you remember last year? the dossier you had in your hand. Is it still relevant or have recent developments engulfed it?




  7. Paul67



    Was the subliminal message



    How referees win friends to influence careers





    saved you an and!




  8. Great stuff Paul, the media campaign to muddy the waters even further is in full swing.



    Never have so many talked so much for so long without fact or foundation.



    The first casualty of being caught is the truth and the loud protesting of “it wisnae me”




  9. Paul67.



    Good article.



    “We don’t seek special treatment. We are not without fault or better than anyone else but we will not be treated less than anyone else – those days are gone,”



    John Reid



    Have they? – It’s not difficult for Celtic Football Club or the SFA to analyse Willie Collum’s controversial career involving Celtic, but it’s imperative that amidst a menagerie of issues, that Celtic keep this highly questionable individual under microscopic scrutiny.



    Unlike the Cup Final decision watch out now, for the plethora of penalties and decisions we don’t need in the SPL.

  10. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    Paul excellent article again….




    Through my green tinited specs….


    TV evidence proved the hearts ‘goal’ never crossed the line.


    The hamilton offside i felt the player tried to backheel the ball goalwards but missed rather than jumping over it.


    Also on lineman, against hamilton, the lineman who ‘missed’ the worst offside decision ever.Was focused enough in the 93rd min he could see that a Celtic corner had crossed the byline by an inch before Stokes headed in the ‘winner’.


    But still an excellent article, keep telling the truth.

  11. Bourne



    I agree but somehow I don’t see the ‘plethora’ beginning until after Sunday.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

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  13. Incredible that we now have an underlying debate in Scotland, where all sorts of interested citizens are actually arguing whether it’s ‘right or wrong’ that Celtic should be allowed to have the chance to win the SPL at Ibrokes on Sunday.



    Conversations, as if this was some kind of unwritten by law that shouldn’t under any circumstances be allowed to be broken, active consideration on how this can be avoided at all costs, as if Celtic were some foreign infiltrator about to smash the very fabric of Scottish society.



    Mon the Hoops




  14. After their disastrous performance in the Europea League game between Twente and Schalke, the Schalke general manager called Craig Thomson, Willie Collum and another Scottish official “clowns” and “amateurs”.



    Normally you would expect UEFA to take action against someone for making those comments. They decided not to. They obviously agree with the Schalke manager.



    Do you think these clowns and amateurs will be asked to officiate at Euro 2012? I doubt it.

  15. I think since they went into administration during the season as long as they come out of it before the new season starts they are OK. But I could/hopefully be wrong. They also however need a liscense to play and be able to prove they can make it through a full season. Not sure what date is for that, but can they qualify for one?

  16. Paul67 & BRT&H



    Another pair of terrific posts. Never heard that story of Peat at the semi-final before.



    Without resorting to ad hominems, the calibre of appointees to SFA office-bearer positions has been woeful, pitiful and lamentable in recent years.



    If they aren’t clearly out of their depth, then you can at least depend on them to be utterly partial.



    Dearie me!

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    end of the month for both an SPL license and a UEFA license



    shhhhh……………….. dont tell anyone especially the SFA or the SPL




    Hail HAil

  18. 5th generation on

    Just about over Sunday now.



    Whilst I too think it was a penalty the game should have been won and put to bed without us needing to score just to get the game into extra time.



    Time to move on , Kilmarnock won , we should have.



    Blaming the ref for this smacks of a wee touch sour grapes.



    Anyway what are we expecting to happen to the house of doom this week

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

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  20. From previous thread (sorry went to the trouble of posting while Paul67 launched a new one – damned if Im not letting you see it lol):



    jimmci on 20 March, 2012 at 10:31 said:



    Jackson on Talksport reassuring the UK audience that all will be well; it is in HMRC’s interests to do a deal and he again, stupifyingly, tells us that the BTC result is not material in getting them out of admin.




    Purely on a technical point, since RFC went into admin due to non-payment of current year PAYE & NIC, then they could come out of admin IF they settle those specific sums due to HMRC. In that limited respect the BTC is not relevant.



    Of course they will not even try to escape the current admin untill the FTTT reports so in that regard the BTC is entirely relevant if you get my contradictory drift!!!

  21. David deans



    You clearly didnt watch Hooper on sunday or you are just one of guys who thinks cause he missed easy chance then he was rotten


    I will point out again that Hooper was one of better players on sunday he held defenders off, he held ball up, he linked up play with midfield, he put 3 great passes which should have led to us scoring


    But maybe people see what they want christ some guys think mccourt is answer ffs

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