How would Celtic fare in a British Premier League?


CELTIC are historically one of the biggest clubs in the world, being one of the few clubs to hoist the European Cup (Champions League). Despite lifting the trophy in the 60s, they maintained their elite club status due to their dominance in Scotland.

With talk of a combined British Premier League, it’s intriguing to consider how Celtic would manage among the likes of some of the most competitive contenders of the English Premier League. The rigours of the Premier League may impact their dominance as perennial champions, but the monetary aspects and global exposure could boost their stature as a club overall.

Relegation Battle

Celtic are used to being in the title hunt every year; however, upon first entering the Premier League, it could be possible they’re in a dogfight for survival with their current squad. Teams who often win the English Championship find themselves near relegation the following year. For example, clubs such as Fulham and West Brom, who have the best Championship winner odds at 6/4 and 23/10 respectively, were rooted to the bottom of the table for most of last year.

However, as all football fans know, Championship predictions, just as any other tournament’s, are fickle and subject to change. Odds-on favourites drift and underdogs, on occasion, rise to the top. For example, look at Leicester’s dramatic ascension to being crowned Premier League title winners: they were once at 5000/1 odds and went on to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Celtic have become accustomed to winning silverware, and that thirst and desire surely won’t subside because of an amalgamated British Premier League. In addition, it should go without saying that their fans won’t be content to be included in and will instead be striving for Champions League positions.

Nevertheless, Celtic have a global following, and Celtic Park hosts around 60,000 faithful fans every home game. Their squad may not be able to compete right away, but with their history and the added allure of a British Premier League, they could undoubtedly attract some big-name players.

Mid Table Security

It’s perfectly viable to imagine Celtic transforming their club into mid-table regulars within a short amount of time: with the likes of Kyogo Furuhashi, Callum McGregor and Christopher Jullien already on board, they have a dependable spine upon which they can build a formidable team. They could begin to fire on all cylinders with shrewd signings and a possible injection of fresh blood.

Over the last few years, Celtic has become a launching pad for some promising players. Virgil van Dijk, Victor Wanyama, and Kieran Tierney all cut their teeth at the Glasgow club before starting to star at Premier League clubs. That goes to say, their stellar scouting network could go on to unearth some gems to strengthen their squad and move up the table.

Pushing Top-four

Stepping into a combined British League will be difficult, but Celtic has always been a well-oiled machine. With the increased revenue from joining such a league and the added allure for foreign players, Celtic could potentially balloon in stature as a club.

Nevertheless, it could take several years before Celtic could compete for the title. The traditional top-six are vying for four Champions League spots, and the competition seems to be stiffer every year. The bhoys would be playing catch-up, and fans would need to be patient and understanding in the beginning. As such, a massive influx of funds would need to be injected to bolster a squad that lacks some cutting edge to step up in competition.

Talk of a European Super League appeared to anger many fans worldwide; however, a joint British Premier League seems to be a viable and lucrative option for Scotland’s biggest club.

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