Howe agent comments correct


I hear that Eddie Howe’s agent was correct with his comments to Sky Sports last night, while the usual suspects in the Scottish media spun misinformation on top of what Sky reported.  It was likely the same agent who leaked that the former Bournemouth manager met Celtic last week.

It is an agent’s job to raise their client’s profile and flush out prospective employers.  If an unemployed manager is meeting Celtic, you will hear about it; those in a job need to be a bit more circumspect.  None of the latter’s agents have said a word publicly.

As the agent explained to Sky, Eddie does not want to take a job until the summer; I believe this is consistent with what he told Celtic.  Anything you subsequently read about backroom staff forced upon him is nonsense.  It did not happen.  The story is an invention to undermine Celtic, an occurrence which has an obsessional compulsion in some places.

There are reasons Howe is keen to sit on his hands for a few more weeks, the same reasons the agent is talking to Sky and someone leaked the meeting with Celtic (he has not been to Glasgow for any meetings).  There are no vacancies in the EPL right now, but that might change at Newcastle, Southampton (30 mile drive from Bournemouth), or Everton, whom he supported as a boy.  Before Eddie puts pen to paper, his agent will want all potential suitors checked out.  He is not doing his job, otherwise.  This is football.

Right now, Eddie Howe is the only manager whose agent is talking to the media, raising his profile with you and me above those who are speaking only to Celtic.  It is encouraging that we are working with this level of candidate, but until an appointment is made, or another agent breaks cover, we will need to endure the usual tripe from the usual sources.  Still, at least they are not taunting us with Roy Keane this week.


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  1. THE BLOGGER FORMERLY KNOWN AS GM – have you looked at the CQN home page? As well ad the blog, there are supposed news pieces every day which are, as far as I can see, just repeating what is in the tabloids.


    There are several that suggest Howe is coming and no better than the clickbait stuff elsewhere.

  2. SADIESBHOY & 2:29



    It is a strange kind of ‘wedge’ that seeks to acknowledge the most successful CEO in the history of our club.



    Those who are selective in their memories and who attack Peter Lawwell totally unreasonably are stick their ‘wedges’ in day after day.



    There is much rejoicing down Ibrox way and amongst our many advisories in Scotland at the news Peter is standing down.



    All I say about Peter is verifiable in the public domain – I have no need, nor, desire, to stick any ‘wedges’ in – you should be ashamed at that totally unfounded suggestion.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    EXCATHEDRA44 on 8TH APRIL 2021 3:51 PM


    Are we sure Peter is leaving,or relocating as Chairman.Bankier getting on a bit.



    That’s close to my thoughts, is Lawwell actually leaving the board or just giving up his CEO post. Still hanging around like a bad fart💩💩

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 8TH APRIL 2021 2:45 PM


    TOSB- who knows what role covers what areas? I think if we could accommodate both ,it could be good. Hughes seems more of a chief scout rather than a DoF…



    Bada, TSOB



    If Howe is the guy surely there would be room for Hughes under Harkin if that is the case. I tend to agree that the DOF is a bigger appointment than the mgr. as previously mentioned you don’t appoint a DOF an have him follow the mgr. out the door when he leaves, but I don’t think Hughes is a stumbling as block. As TSOB says he is probably more of a chief scout which position is currently a vacant after Hammond left.



    The media are throwing a lot of red herrings out there just to antagonize our support. They like nothing better than pitting the support against the board, we don’t need that and shouldn’t swallow it as the board upsets the support all on their own






  5. JHB on 8TH APRIL 2021 3:54 PM


    SADIESBHOY & 2:29







    Lawwell has been a good an faithful servant, not only to TGD, but also to himself.



    He has also overseen, without demur, the reification of the same club narrative which makes a mockery of Scottish football.

  6. Just heard JK interview on Clyde.


    “Do you name a manager now that’s not quite right for the sake of a season book?”



    John Kennedy urging fans to be patient over the a appointment of Celtic’s next permanent manager.

  7. People have to learn that Fans get ahead of themselves. We currently have a manager and Coaching team for this season in place, We have players. We have a CEO(or 2), We have an executive team. The league is over but we have 5 games to play and a Scottish Cup campaign.



    At the end of the season we need to appoint a new Manager and coaching team attractive enough to sell out our season tickets to a partly disgruntled support. We also have a transfer window to negotiate, Most of our likely managerial candidates will be in jobs.



    Celtic are a PLC and this limits the way we can operate and this is a debate we can have in the future. is a PLC the best vehicle for Celtic? It is all very well if we were looking to raise capital but is it better for our Football club.



    I am aware that the media are not our friends and there are section who are hostile. I dont trust them and this is why no-one knows outside the club know where we are in the new manager process. I wish it wasn’t but we need to live with it.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    DENIABHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 4:02



    Is he implying that we should renew our ST’s before a manager is in place, really😵😱

  9. JHB on 8TH APRIL 2021 1:50 PM


    I remember the years just preceding 2012 when the Ibrox club went belly-up. They were still spending money like it was going out of fashion. Murray & Walter Smith knew the state they were in and where it was inevitably leading them – however egged on by the fan base they carried on spending and we all know where it led them.


    During that time Peter Lawwell was subject to the same kind of vitriol that he is receiving now for not spending as recklessly as Murray – he stood firm in the face of the flack and was proved 100% correct. That was leadership and is why the path to a second 9iar was easier than the first and a quadruple treble clinched.



    Of course mistakes have been made and certain judgements can be questioned – what can’t be questioned is that Peter is a Tim through and through and his record and stewardship will stand longer and stronger than the carping of those who hate him.



    “You cannot reason someone out of a position that they have not reasoned themselves into”




    It is wholly unreasonable to vilify Peter Lawwell.




    Not if you have reason, but do not mistake that reason as vilifying or worse hating.



    Rangers behaviour put PL/Celtic between a rock and a hard place, where the integrity of PL, Celtic and Scottish football took second place to commercial considerations and took no account of the supports ‘ feelings on what was appropriate justice for 10 years of being cheated.



    Certainly not retaining claim to titles won by unlawful means not open to other clubs, protected by the 5 Way Agreement The Board in the shape of PL and Eric Riley were aware of, that requires us to believe a football club is immortal and can behave like Rangers did and not face the consequences.



    Behaviour that arguably helped lose us the title this year to a club financially doped up like before, by being much better than the clubs on much lower budgets, whilst our standards had declined.



    Worse though was the pretence since 2013 that Celtic could do nothing about challenging the SFA and the LNS Commission.



    Sitting at an AGM in 2019, what was revealing , was listening to denial of sight of 5 Way Agreement and a justification for dropping Res12 based on a question PL said he put to UEFA before the AGM with regard to any sanctions for breaches in the monitoring period. This question was elf serving and totally ignored evidence of possible fraud at the grant point. It was handed to him in front of witnesses in Aug 2018 with reasons why licence was granted on false pretence. You can read about it in the footnote to this post.



    It was suggested Celtic take the evidence provided (minutes of a meeting on 21st March 2011 between HMRC and Rangers) along with the walk through UEFA FFP articles to UEFA which can be read from the link provided in the footnote.



    That was not done by the Nov 2018 AGM, Celtic hiding behind the stalled SFA JPDT process and in 2019 AGM a new Res12 to take matter from SFA to UEFA was voted down on same JPDT basis as in 2018. PL’s response to shareholders at the 2019 AGM in respect of what he asked UEFA before that AGM was totally disingenuous.



    The SFA formally abandoned their JPDT process in May 2020. This produced Res11 in which Celtic undertook to engage with SFA.



    The CST have taken monitoring of progress on Res11 on board and the more who sign up to CST the more representative of supporters feelings the CST will become.



    Those wrongs against the supports feelings will fester until admitted or a way is found to make Board members accountable for what they tell shareholders and supporters.



    In fact being truthful about it all would be incredibly healing as reconciliation is dependent on the truth.



    I appreciate the truth is not the cure many have any interest in pursuing, it is supposed to be a game of football after all, where results are settled on the park and nothing else matters.



    However what takes place on the park is the consequence of what happens off it and if that performance is disingenuous then so will be the performances on the field of play.



    Being disingenuous is no foundation to build anything on, but for Celtic it is totally unacceptable, a sin against Celtic’s soul.



    Footnote of Meeting 10 Aug 2018.



    • 10 August 2018. Celtic meet a representatives from Res12shareholders, the Celtic Supporters Association and a representative of bloggers from social media to discuss content of letter of 25th June and lack of SFA response. Two other well known bloggers with good Celtic connections were also invited. One declined the invite and the other had an emergency to attend to on the morning of the meeting so missed the following. Celtic were left with a document suggesting UEFA Licence should not have been granted on grounds of breaches of two UEFA rules both of which involved dishonesty/fraud breach of good faith. Celtic were left to consider the document see






    and it was suggested they approach UEFA and contemplate next steps if the narrative contained was accurate. A further meeting to be arranged early September to hear response but that was never forthcoming on the merits or demerits of the case not even at the November 2018 AGM.

  10. DENIABHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 12:43 PM




    Back to Basics – see my post at 12.43 on previous page. CQN is feeding us the same tripe disguised as news. The idea of this site was to give us an alternative source of club news, sadly it is printing the same made up rubbish on a daily basis that can be found in the DR, the Sun and the ET.




    Very true…unfortunately




  11. JK on Celtic TV better to watch to get his answers in full and in context, some belters of questions from journos looking for headlines, JK handled it well calm and reasoned, alive to the loaded questions dodged them well, link below






    Why Celtic fans want to give Radio snyde any time is beyond me

  12. prestonpans bhoys on




    I believed you in the first place but thanks for the link. So just renew your ST and put faith in the board is essentially what’s in that presser. Aye right, trust in that board disappeared ages ago.



    They must think we are buttoned up the back of the head😯

  13. Part 3 – midfield



    Central midfield:



    It’s likely we’ll only have Soro, Turnbull, Shaw, Connell and Henderson in this area of the park. CalMac may decide to move on, as it’s likely to be his last chance at a payday. I’ll assume he is for the sake of this.


    So, assuming we play some variation of a 3 in midfield (or at least want the ability to) we look decent in terms of headcount. We could probably do with a couple of additions though, mainly to add a bit of steel and flair. Here’s five players we could look at:



    Youssef Ait Bennasser – Monaco – Bosman.


    24 year old Moroccan international, with 90 games in League 1, and has been around the loan block in France. As I’m not a professional scout I’m restricted to Google searches, but he looks to have a bit of skill and good close control. He’s a CM by trade but can play RM and DM.



    Junior Bacuna – Huddersfield – Bosman.


    A 23 year old Dutchman who was capped at u-21 level before choosing to play for Curacao at senior level.


    He’s been at Huddersfield since 2018,


    playing 21 games in the Premier League and 69 in the Championship. He was picked up from Groningen where he had played 83 games.



    Dejan Ljubicic – Rapid Vienna – Bosman.


    23 year old Captain of Rapid Vienna, he’s played almost 120 games for Rapid in the Austrian Bundesliga. Almost moved to Chicago Fire a year or so ago but controversially failed a medical. Chicago said he had an ACL injury but Rapid checked and couldn’t see it.



    Lewis Cook – Bournemouth. A Howe favourite going into the last year of his deal, a reunification could be on the cards. He’d still be expensive though, and Howe appears to be looking less likely.



    James McCarthy – Crystal Palace. Because we get linked every year.



    As money will be tight, I’d go for Ljubicic and Bennaser. Both have sell-on potential and won’t cost the Earth. Cook is, I think, a non-starter.



    Wide midfield



    We’re likely to only have Forrest and Mikey J. Mikey is probably approaching last chance saloon this forthcoming season – he’s been on the fringe of the team for a while and a new manager will be keen to see him push on or, for MJ’s benefit, move elsewhere. Dembele appears to have a year left on his deal, so may see some game time (or we may punt, who knows). I’d say we need 2 players here – back-up/competition for Forrest and a starter on the left. Some options are:



    Jacob Murphy – Newcastle – 26 y.o. – OOC. Hasn’t made himself a fixture in the Newcastle side, but seen 50 games in EPL and 100 in Championship. Scoring and assist record in EPL is poor (2 goals and 4 assists in 52 games) but better in Championship with 21 goals and 16 assists. A decent back-up option for Forrest.



    Jose Izquierdo – Brighton – 28 y.o. – OOC. Hasn’t really done it with Brighton, with just 53 appearances for them. Was much better at Club Brugge – 38 goals and 19 assists in 117 games. Would be a gamble, but possibly worth it is we got him firing.



    Stanislas – Bournemouth – 31 y.o. – OOC. Bournemouth, out of contract, Howe signing. Realistically too old unless as a one season fill-in.



    Patrick Roberts – Man City – again, not a transfer window if not linked. Probably available on loan (again).



    I’d probably go for Roberts and Murphy. Roberts playing on the left isn’t his best position, but unless we plan to spend decent money here, probably the safest option while we see if MJ is gonna make it.

  14. LIONROARS67 – speaking for myself here, I was sent the radio clyde link on Twitter to confirm what JK said re not rushing an appt just to sell season books.


    As far as the context goes or how well he coped . . . I’ll defer to you.

  15. DENIABHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 4:37 PM



    I’m not a fan of the type of tabloid trash you get on Radio snide, I will defer to you on that

  16. Lionsriar6 – Don’t recall me saying I was a fan of RC, posting an audio clip of our caretaker manager saying something of interest is, I think, ok, no?

  17. CELTIC40ME on 8TH APRIL 2021 3:08 PM


    JAMESGANG on 8TH APRIL 2021 3:05 PM



    “Not so sure that we’d be as great for him”



    A unique take for a football fan. Why would you care?






    In short, I don’t really. I’m just thinking about what he might be thinking as he gauges his options.



    I do feel an affinity to many people connected with Celtic, perhaps especially as the players are (now that Broonie is departing!) all pretty much young enough to be my sons!



    HH jg

  18. Announcement.



    Just been told Celtic football club are due to make an announcement on Saturday 31 April.

  19. DENIABHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 5:00 PM



    Free to post what you like of course



    To answer your point if it is a Radio snyde audio of misrepresenting JK for clickbait headlines then not for me personally, I prefer the complete version of the presser and JKs answer to the question asked of him on season tickets on Celtic TV I get to assess it all in context, i like to be fair

  20. I see hints are being dropped that there will be no fans at Hampden for the SC final because “UEFA are making improvements for this Summer’s hosted Euro Championship games”



    We’ll see 15-20k Tartan Army fans allowed in but not if you’re a supporter of a Scottish Club team.



    Did we not fly enough Saltires for them?

  21. Part 4 – both ends of the pitch.



    Goals win games as a famous man once said! The last instalment will cover the guys who score and the guys who stop!



    Strikers first – we’re likely to lose Eddy, Griff and Klimala by all accounts. And Ajeti may as well go too, but I’ll assume he stays given we’ll not get many takers for him. So we need at least two strikers. Some options:



    Mohamed Bayo – Clermont Foot. Top scorer in Ligue 2 and shown an ability to step up having played in the National Ligue (Ligue 3 in old money) last season. A rising star with pace and power, if a bit raw. More similar in style to Dembele than Eddy, he could be our next big thing.



    Floralin Balogun. Arsenal youngster who is OOC at season end and very highly rated. Surprisingly not been out on loan, but has 8 goals in 16 u-23 games and 2 goals in 4 Europa League games. A gamble, could be a Solanke or a Dembele, but his career total of 61 goals in 93 games (includes youth career) means it’s probably one worth taking given he’d be free and is only 19.



    Janni Serra – Holstein Kiel – 23 y.o. – OOC. Former Dortmund youngster, he’s played 93 games at pro-level, mostly in Bundesliga 2. Has a 1 in 3(ish) goalscoring record. A gamble again to be fair, but with 16 German u-21 caps, raw material looks better than Klimala’s did.



    Josh King – Everton – OOC. The blue-chip Howe signing according to the press. Though he was unhappy Howe wouldn’t let him go to Man United. Probably outside our price range in salary terms.



    Robin Quaison – Mainz – 27 y.o. – OOC. A Swedish international with 8 goals in 24 games for them. Plays as more of a second striker or left winger than a centre forward, reflected in his goalscoring record – 35 goals in 183 games for Mainz and Palermo. I really ought to have put him in the midfielders instalment and would sign him to play left wing rather than up front tbh.



    Jonson Clarke-Harriss – Peterborough – 26 y.o. Top scorer in League 1 with 26 goals in 39 games, he was brought in as a replacement for Toney. He was less prolific at previous clubs though, so probably one I’d be cautiously optimistic about but unsurprised if he flopped.



    Luke Jephcott – Plymouth Argyle – 21 y.o.


    21 year old youth product, he scored 7 goals in 14 games in Plymouth’s promotion season last year helping them escape League 2. This season he has 18 goals in 41 games, showing the potential to step up. A gamble, but he’s very highly rated and probably too expensive if we waited longer than this summer.



    On the basis Ajeti stays, I’d take Quiason to cover wide and up front (and a no 10 role) and prioritise Bayo and Balogun up front. I’d also take a punt on Jephcott but leave him on loan at Plymouth for next season.






    David Marshall – old Bhoy we were said to be signing last year. Same will probably be said this year. A penalty shoot out hero for Scotland, recent performances have been patchy!



    Marki Dmitrovic – Eibar – 29 y.o. – OOC. Eibar are second bottom but he’s been part of a decent defence – 7 clean sheets and only 35 goals conceded in 29 games – the joint 9th best on the league. At 6ft 5 he’s some size too. 18 caps for Serbia, so not great at pens.



    If we could offload Barkas and Bain, I’d take both. On the basis we only off-load one of those two, I’d go with Dmitrovic.





    So, across all positions, I’d be bringing in Dmitrovic, Wisdom, Passlack, Oliviera, Kaminski, Bennaser, Ljubicic, Murphy, Quiason and Balogun on free transfers.



    Benkovic and Roberts come in on loan, and we spend decent money on Bayo and Jephcott (to be loaned to Plymouth for another year unless Ajeti leaves).



    That gives a squad of:



    GK: Dmitrovic and Bain or Barkas. Loan Hazard out as we only really need two goalkeepers tbh.



    Def: Passlack; Wisdom; Taylor; Tymo; Julien (until Jan when he’ll leave); Benkovic; Oliviera; Kaminski; Welsh and O’Connor.



    Mid: Soro; Turnbull; Ljubicic; Bennaser; Shaw; Connell; Henderson and Robertson. CalMac too if he stays.



    Wings: Forrest; Murphy; Roberts; Quiason; Mikey J; Dembele (if he stays).



    Striker: Bayo; Balogun; Ajeti. Jephcott can be recalled from loan and/Quiason can cover injury crisis.

  22. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    This is farcical, we should tell Eddie he commits to us now or we move on, he wants to wait until the summer – well thats no use no us, we need someone in now to plan for the Champions League Qualifiers, surely to goodness we have enough brainpower at Celtic Park to see that, what he is really waiting on is a Premiership Club coming in for him – no way should we go along with that, is Desmond losing his marbles???

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    If Howe wants to use us as bait to land a “bigger” job in England then we should certainly move on.



    If however (pardon the pun) we appoint someone of the status of Kennedy or a Jack Ross type the baord must know what will happen.

  24. Why cant the SFA hold the Scottish cup final at Murrayfield, Celtic Park, or Ibrox ? surely EUFA cant object to that



    Scottish Cup final: No fans at Hampden as Uefa starts work for Euro 2020 finals



    A final decision from the governing body is likely to come on Friday, with Scotland due to face Czech Republic on 14 June.



    The Scottish FA reached an agreement with Uefa that allows the domestic final to go ahead at the national stadium.



    However, as part of that agreement, no fans are allowed due to preparation work in the stands.

  25. If Sevco win through their tie with Celtic, I fully expect the SFA to look at changing the venue for the Scottish cup final to accommodate the fans of their favourite establishment club……plus ca change

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    You can’t catch COVID watching the national team is that not the rhetoric and you can party too

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    “If Howe wants to use us as bait”






    Thats exactly what he is doing – I’ve gone right off this guy, we need someone (not JK) with the same enthusiasm as Martin had when he showed up, or BR had when he showed up, this guy is just playing games and I’m astonished that we are playing along.

  28. onenightinlisbon on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 6:09 PM



    The thing is, we are being fed a line by the press and we know the agenda they have. Even if we have got him the fact that we appear to be allowing him to start later rather than sooner weakens our already weak position re the Champions league qualifiers and our own league for next season. The mismanagement appears to be continuing> we all knew back in October/November that a change was needed yet the sat on their hands and appear to still be.

  29. I mentioned few days ago I don’t want Howe. At the moment NO candidate fits our needs! We need a manager that players want to come and play for. Howe doesn’t have that attraction for me although I respect his style and approach.



    I don’t think Keane is as big a gamble as made out – He is different in the dressing room and has matured over the years under Martin o’neil. I’d take Keane and an assistant to attract quality to the club – it would be a souness like appointment



    I wish there was an “of course, why didn’t we see that” candidate but at the moment its not there! (Too soon for Henrik).



    What if Kennedy smashes them at Ibrox with style!! What about Malky MacKay?

  30. AULDHEID @ 4:14



    I have always saluted your assiduity on all matters surrounding Res12. I know that you believe in what you are doing and you are always painstaking in laying out the facts as you see them. I also know that your intentions are honourable and that you have no interest in a witch-hunt against anyone connected to Celtic.



    I do not have your depth of knowledge and neither do the overwhelming number of Celtic fans.



    I also believe that DD, Peter Lawwell and the board are always driven by what is right for Celtic and this is not always popular amongst some of the support because they are not in full possession of the facts.



    I honestly think that Resolution 12, LNS & the so-called 5 way agreement are now ‘water under the bridge’ – UEFA have ‘other fish to fry’ in these troubled times.



    Do I think that Ibrox, backed by the SFA got away with some things – yes I do.



    How I reconciled it and moved forward was by considering this.



    Rangers were held up to ridicule. It was shown that their way of doing business, i.e. win at all costs and under any circumstances, was sleazy and lacked probity.



    The club/company was put into administration and awaits liquidation at the hands of BDO, who still maintain that Ibrox Stadium & Murray Park should have been sold to recompense creditors.



    Rangers players left the club for no transfer fees and spivs like Craig Whyte and Charles Green took charge. Money was burned, left, right and centre.



    The new club started off in the lowest tier of Scottish football and took four years to get back to the top division.



    Ibrox lost tens of millions in revenue by being out of Europe for so long….and during the course of this farce, we, Celtic, won 9iar, a quadruple treble, had an invincible season and more importantly, conducted our business, under Peter Lawwell, in an honourable and proper manner.



    Now – when the whole Rangers thing came to the surface in 2011, it is my belief that if offered the circumstances that ultimately befell the Ibrox club as a fit & proper punishment, the entire Celtic support would have said “Yesss bring it on”



    This is the way that I put it behind me.

  31. The astonishing story of police corruption in London MET no surprise it involves freemasonry



    Ex-police reveal bribes and threats used to cover up corruption in 70s London



    The former DCS John Simmonds, then the head of the CID in the City, recalls that Cuthbert asked him if they could have a chat “on the square”, indicating that he, like Simmonds, was a Freemason. “I kept Freemasonry and the police separate and when he started admitting to criminality I withdrew my Freemasons’ hat and put my police helmet back on because I realised that this was extremely serious.”




  32. 40 losses in his last 67 games.great credentials to be the celtic manager chase him ffs