Howe agent comments correct


I hear that Eddie Howe’s agent was correct with his comments to Sky Sports last night, while the usual suspects in the Scottish media spun misinformation on top of what Sky reported.  It was likely the same agent who leaked that the former Bournemouth manager met Celtic last week.

It is an agent’s job to raise their client’s profile and flush out prospective employers.  If an unemployed manager is meeting Celtic, you will hear about it; those in a job need to be a bit more circumspect.  None of the latter’s agents have said a word publicly.

As the agent explained to Sky, Eddie does not want to take a job until the summer; I believe this is consistent with what he told Celtic.  Anything you subsequently read about backroom staff forced upon him is nonsense.  It did not happen.  The story is an invention to undermine Celtic, an occurrence which has an obsessional compulsion in some places.

There are reasons Howe is keen to sit on his hands for a few more weeks, the same reasons the agent is talking to Sky and someone leaked the meeting with Celtic (he has not been to Glasgow for any meetings).  There are no vacancies in the EPL right now, but that might change at Newcastle, Southampton (30 mile drive from Bournemouth), or Everton, whom he supported as a boy.  Before Eddie puts pen to paper, his agent will want all potential suitors checked out.  He is not doing his job, otherwise.  This is football.

Right now, Eddie Howe is the only manager whose agent is talking to the media, raising his profile with you and me above those who are speaking only to Celtic.  It is encouraging that we are working with this level of candidate, but until an appointment is made, or another agent breaks cover, we will need to endure the usual tripe from the usual sources.  Still, at least they are not taunting us with Roy Keane this week.


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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A rumour that Peter Lawwell is being kept on as a Non Executive Director, and possibly Chairman when Bankier leaves.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH @ 4:02



    If the SFA, SPFL & crucially UEFA are not interested in challenging the ‘same club mantra’ – what chance does Peter Lawwell as leader of the Ibrox club’s biggest & bitter rival have?



    It would look to the football world that Celtic, a global name, were spending their time and money pursuing an agenda to discredit a fellow club.



    I don’t know what decisions and for what reasons are/were taken in the Celtic boardroom, neither do 99% of those who comment on them. However I do believe that whether they prove to be right, or, wrong, they are taken in the interests of Celtic

  3. Is it an “open mic” sesh for blog bashin’ trolls…………..who only pop up…an’ then oot….*cough*……


    when thurs mischief to be made????



    Some o’ the worthy tourists might pay heid as well!






    Scunnered-just-about-covers -it -CSC.




  4. John Kennedy is better qualified than Roy Keane to be our next manager, but he is nowhere near ready for the task of managing our rebuild.



    Football without fans is nothing. You would think our custodians would be aware of that statement from an iconic manager. The appointment of the most important person at the club must be of the correct stature or we will see our stands remain empty long after the Pandemic.




  5. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    SPIDEY101 – I would add the Copenhagen keeper (if he is still with them), was good against us and brilliant against Manure in the latter stages of the Europa.



    This carry on with Eddie Howe is beginning to look like the on/off transfer with Ginola at the time TB was manager, using Celtic as leverage before he signed for Newcastle. Hope I am wrong

  6. Spidey,


    what about Marciano from Hibs is he no OCC?





    STEBHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 6:20 PM,



    I posted yesterday that Keane backed up by Nicky Butt and Damien Duff would suit me. I think that some believe that Keane would be too hard on the players and there is no room for a bit of telling it like it is.



    For me he would not let our team to be bullied and he wouldn’t stand for anything coming out Sevco or the media






  7. squire danaher on

    JHB 6:24



    How I reconciled it and moved forward was by considering this.



    Rangers were held up to ridicule. It was shown that their way of doing business, i.e. win at all costs and under any circumstances, was sleazy and lacked probity.






    As my old English teacher described an essay of


    mine many years ago. ‘Good as far as it goes but it doesn’t go very far does it?’



    The problem is that the entity that you are talking about has no shame and never will have any shame. Ridicule? We’re the laughing stock, not them.



    The scenes on the streets of the Central Belt of Scotland over recent weeks are testament to this.



    All I can say is that you are either an extremely charitable and/or tolerant individual or you set a very low bar for reconciliation.

  8. Jeez I thought…Karl Johansen – he’s 31 now so I ruled him out as doubt he’d want to leave Denmark at that age. He’s had a couple of stints outside Scandinavia (Holland and France) and always ended up returning to a Scandinavian club so not sure he settles well abroad?

  9. What is Sevco up to ? will they not participate in any publicity before the Scottish cup game ?



    Are they playing games with EUFA disciplinary committee ?



    Breaking: Peter a Smith




    have just announced a boycott of all social media channels as of 7pm this evening by the club’s players and management.



    This follows our interview with




    last night which shows the horrific racism footballers are facing online. More on



  10. ” I just thought I’d share that I popped into the Butchers for a tin o’ paint then stopped by the


    Newsagents for a pun a mince………….”






    Rene Descartes CSC

  11. I wouldnt be surprised if Lawwell gets a board position, it will also keep from view all that has been going on regarding Res 12/11 5WA etc. these positions are by nomination and granted by the Board.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    DESSYBHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 7:07 PM



    As I said earlier, not aware of Lawwell’s resignation from the board, only CEO

  13. The appeal for the huns covid 6 will take place after the cup game against us. Surprised? 😂

  14. STEBHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 6:20 PM



    What evidence is there that Keane has “matured”? He certainly doesn’t sound like he has. By that logic we could appoint John Barnes again in case he became a good manager in all that time out.



    You mentioned him having a Souness-effect. I fully agree.



    Souness has fallen out and been sacked in every job he’s been at since his blank-cheque days at Ibrox. There’s a reason why both of these are providing entertainment as pundits but won’t be touched as managers by any self-respecting club.



    Keane’s SV is worse than Paul Lambert and Alex Neill. Think about that for a moment.

  15. Let’s be clear that is exactly the outcome Gerard wanted when he spoke out about poor wee Patterson’s international career being derailed.

  16. Ha Ha Ha SFA set appeal hearing for the Sevco 5



    Determination appealed



    Appellate Tribunal Hearing on 20 April 2021



    All players available to play against Celtic



    Sectarian football association

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    Now on CQN we have a popup to stop adblockers like brave, whose idea was that Paul67 because without a adblocker your blog is unreadable



    Keane. Could you elaborate on how he has matured.



    Malky MacKay. I’ve heard it all now.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Deniabhoy – cheers.



    In truth I actually do not read the CQN side articles.



    The blog itself is the thing for me.



    If Mr Brennan’s acolytes are doing as you suggest then (IMHO) they are very naughty boys who should desist.



    Celtic40me – Cheers. Yes, “CD” got a bad rep a while back on here.



    I just love the quote (attributed to Emmanuel Kant among others) ….



    “We see things not as they are but as we are”



    …. because it is so true.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  20. …all the better to scud thum……………..



    Fix Fitba ; Empty Hampden……………………………………………………..







  21. Keane on the telly is showmanship – for the viewers! He is a born winner and leader and could make an impact and attract players who otherwise wouldn’t come. We need that right now!



    Martin O’Neil speaks highly of him and certainly wouldn’t recommend him if he had experienced issues with him and players in the dressing room!



    If Keane was offered the job today , he’d accept it today! Howe??



    We need a manager to stand up to the Scottish establishment – I can think of anyone better to fight our corner at the moment. He doesn’t trick all the boxes but he’s up there with current candidates AND has significant more experience than Gerrard had before rangers job.



    Experience , experience , experience – good or bad, experience is to be learned from!

  22. The Mayfield Midfield Maestro……………should stick to Cobh Ramblin’……………..

  23. Very long time since I have been lost for words,but the decision on the Covid lawbreakers appeal,reeks.So blatantly wrong.Everyone knows the score.An attempt to pervert the law,by the shameless Scouser,should have been avoided by a hearing before the Cup game,but not a bit of it.Fill your boots Steven.Since the offence,available for league,Euro games,now another massive AME,then serve out their 4 game ban in the meaningless league games.

  24. STEBHOY on 8TH APRIL 2021 7:44 PM



    “Keane on the telly is showmanship – for the viewers!”



    How do you know that?



    Have you heard what some of his former players have said about him? Being a “born winner” doesn’t guarantee being a good manager. What about coaching, tactics, man-management? He’s shown none of this in his history as a manager. If he was such a born winner, why did he fail so badly in his last two jobs as a manager? His playing career is irrelevant.



    We need a manager that can win football games. Sticking it to the media or establishment isn’t a criterion. That should be the board’s job.



    You’re right that he’d jump at the job because the difference between him and Howe is that Howe will have options and Keane hasn’t been touched with a bargepole for a decade. Why do you think that might be?

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TT- didn’t notice it mate,I got a text last week saying it’s a possibility

  26. With everything else going on,some still worrying about PL.Give yourselves a break and evict him from your brain where he has been living rent free for years.

  27. We’ve all seen the movies – the hero is at the mercy of the baddie who instead of pulling the trigger and ending it they conspire to get the tables turned.


    Well this isn’t a movie and we had the snakes (sevco / oldco/ SFA) at our mercy and instead of finishing them off ….. We’ll you know the rest.




  28. SFA, don’t event try to hide it . We have two players miss two or three league games because they were playing play station with Stuart Armstrong while on Scotland duty and despite two negative tests.



    This is an absolute fu44ing joke.