Howe agent comments correct


I hear that Eddie Howe’s agent was correct with his comments to Sky Sports last night, while the usual suspects in the Scottish media spun misinformation on top of what Sky reported.  It was likely the same agent who leaked that the former Bournemouth manager met Celtic last week.

It is an agent’s job to raise their client’s profile and flush out prospective employers.  If an unemployed manager is meeting Celtic, you will hear about it; those in a job need to be a bit more circumspect.  None of the latter’s agents have said a word publicly.

As the agent explained to Sky, Eddie does not want to take a job until the summer; I believe this is consistent with what he told Celtic.  Anything you subsequently read about backroom staff forced upon him is nonsense.  It did not happen.  The story is an invention to undermine Celtic, an occurrence which has an obsessional compulsion in some places.

There are reasons Howe is keen to sit on his hands for a few more weeks, the same reasons the agent is talking to Sky and someone leaked the meeting with Celtic (he has not been to Glasgow for any meetings).  There are no vacancies in the EPL right now, but that might change at Newcastle, Southampton (30 mile drive from Bournemouth), or Everton, whom he supported as a boy.  Before Eddie puts pen to paper, his agent will want all potential suitors checked out.  He is not doing his job, otherwise.  This is football.

Right now, Eddie Howe is the only manager whose agent is talking to the media, raising his profile with you and me above those who are speaking only to Celtic.  It is encouraging that we are working with this level of candidate, but until an appointment is made, or another agent breaks cover, we will need to endure the usual tripe from the usual sources.  Still, at least they are not taunting us with Roy Keane this week.


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    Had to laugh at that puck thing. My Mum had a pal who was from Coatbridge who instead of saying the sweary words would say puck this or puck that or even pucking thing, used to find it very funny






  2. lets all do the huddle on

    a streaker in the man u game



    old school stuff



    unfortunately it wasnt a female

  3. Story about Slippy G and Crystal Palace, I would love for it to be true just so the Huns go into meltdown. But I want him to stay so he gets his comeuppance that he deserves




  4. John James saying lawell has scupperd the deal demanding Kennedy is assistant um were do they get this from

  5. SQUIRE DANAHER @ 7:03



    I am aware of all the “shortcomings’ of the Ibrox ‘family’. I know what has been going on, on our streets, for over 100 years. I know entitlement is inbred….and I know of all the ‘ifs & buts’ surrounding our dealings with them and Scottish football for the last fifty years.



    The Cadette farce was a case in point, however we never spent years demanding that the matches he missed should be replayed.



    I am a ‘we are where we are’ person. Life can be unfair and we can’t keep fighting old battles. Sometimes we have to just let it go and vow to use the experience to react differently & quicker next time.



    Rangers got very little formal punishment for what they did – however in my opinion the consequences suffered were much more than any single official body could have sanctioned….and all the sweeter as they brought it on themselves – it was suicide by ‘debt & malpractice’

  6. Oh my word the ubrox franchise is truly shameless. Fans routinely singing sectarian and racist songs, fans routinely giving fascist salutes, a franchise that has long attracted far right followers from England and beyond – now boycotting social media over racism.



    They should check out their own followers forums and social media accounts. If they were to start there by calling out one of the most bigoted fan bases on the planet maybe I could have some respect for them.

  7. Maybe just me


    I would gladly see Bankier being replaced as Chairman


    Even if by Peter Lawell

  8. Scotland is happy enough, apparently, to let the huns off wi’ it…………aw the time………….





    No’ so much, eh!




  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    NORRIEM on 8TH APRIL 2021 8:24 PM



    You present an interesting conundrum😵

  10. Corkbhoy, jj is an old fashioned blue nose who hates Clarence. Fat boy and the current regime with a passion so it’s quite refreshing to read him when he’s on about them.



    But be under no illusion, if he hates them then he utterly despises us especially Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Embdy getting ‘Disable Your Adblocker’ messages from CQN?

  12. Any wurd from yon “talkative” hunned-up dentist-cum-whatever……………………………..









    ……anythin’ from the Wee Dreggin’ Dragon?

  13. squire danaher on



    Embdy getting ‘Disable Your Adblocker’ messages from CQN?






    Now getting message allowing me to continue

  14. So Kennedy it is then.



    8 months we have known we needed a new management team, that’s 8 months. Now we are meant to be patient and believe our board has a plan😂 and trust them. Aye right.



    Well at least we have a decision to make with our season ticket money.



    Meanwhile we are and will be losing money hand over fist whilst we stumble from 1 bad business decision to another. Player values plummet season ticket holders get ever more frustrated with our boards ridiculous management of our club over the last year especially.



    Incredible really



    D :)




    Yes.Just say no for now if i have to disable, that could be a problem.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on



    Embdy getting ‘Disable Your Adblocker’ messages from CQN?



    Hit refresh page twice and continue option appears

  17. Norrie @8:24…..Agreed re Bankier….That guy is a CUCKOO in the nest….Not sure I’d agree about Pistol Pete…..We need a strong personality to challenge authorities whenever there is blatant injustice….a Sir Robert Kelly type….?

  18. Go tell the Spartim on




    Maybe Paul Cooney still has info from the time he worked for Celtic, who knows, certainly not any of us

  19. so thems decide when the covid party goers appeal takes place , we are getting taken for mugs.

  20. Thurs loads o’ guff that sums scoddland up…………


    but the best imo is that fakt that the huns don’t speak ‘ fishally to Shortie…………..


    but they get such fawning konivance from thur fitba’ dept………………


    doubtless, that dick, Wilson responsible.







  21. SAINT STIVS on 8TH APRIL 2021 8:49 PM


    somebody must know who everybody is ?





    Anthony Armstrong Jones on the left?

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    As has been mentioned before does Bankier still have a corporate box at bigot dome😯