Howe agent comments correct


I hear that Eddie Howe’s agent was correct with his comments to Sky Sports last night, while the usual suspects in the Scottish media spun misinformation on top of what Sky reported.  It was likely the same agent who leaked that the former Bournemouth manager met Celtic last week.

It is an agent’s job to raise their client’s profile and flush out prospective employers.  If an unemployed manager is meeting Celtic, you will hear about it; those in a job need to be a bit more circumspect.  None of the latter’s agents have said a word publicly.

As the agent explained to Sky, Eddie does not want to take a job until the summer; I believe this is consistent with what he told Celtic.  Anything you subsequently read about backroom staff forced upon him is nonsense.  It did not happen.  The story is an invention to undermine Celtic, an occurrence which has an obsessional compulsion in some places.

There are reasons Howe is keen to sit on his hands for a few more weeks, the same reasons the agent is talking to Sky and someone leaked the meeting with Celtic (he has not been to Glasgow for any meetings).  There are no vacancies in the EPL right now, but that might change at Newcastle, Southampton (30 mile drive from Bournemouth), or Everton, whom he supported as a boy.  Before Eddie puts pen to paper, his agent will want all potential suitors checked out.  He is not doing his job, otherwise.  This is football.

Right now, Eddie Howe is the only manager whose agent is talking to the media, raising his profile with you and me above those who are speaking only to Celtic.  It is encouraging that we are working with this level of candidate, but until an appointment is made, or another agent breaks cover, we will need to endure the usual tripe from the usual sources.  Still, at least they are not taunting us with Roy Keane this week.


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  1. itscalledthemalvinas on

    James Mason-hearts supporter-spitting on Charlie Tully-im sure he was passed off as a nice guy at his funeral. Hopefully still burning. . .

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  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Looking forward to the Club statement on the Sevco/SFA collusion with the Covid 5………..

  5. Prestonpans Bhoy


    Did he not lose his investment with the liquidation of that club back in 2012

  6. In the 2 nights of rioting by Huns in Ulster,throwing petrol bombs,from point blank range,41 police injured,tonight they attacked the gates of the “Peace wall”again with petrol bombs,burst it open.Met from the other side by some Republican youths,retaliating.Police arrive with water cannon,aimed at the Republican side.


    You think the SFA is bad.

  7. 11,000 gun deaths in America in just over 3 months.Republican Gun Lobby refusing to back Joe Biden on reforms.Dear God.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    NORRIEM on 8TH APRIL 2021 10:17 PM


    Prestonpans Bhoy





    Did he not lose his investment with the liquidation of that club back in 2012



    Hope so👏👏👏

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    CLINK\O/ 4X3 on 8TH APRIL 2021 10:25



    Well said, even though they’ll delete it.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    At least Kennedy has hit back at Sevco and the SFA,…..Lawwell must be watching the golf,to see if he can spot Dermot…







    The swearies are there so they cannot ignore it.


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  15. In the racist abuse of 2NDRANGERS players,



    why dont they actually tell us who it is ?



    socials media accounts of confirmed celtic supporters ?



    or some other peee pell

  16. JINKYREDSTAR on 8TH APRIL 2021 11:10 PM


    I can live with 5he multiple personalities, the happies, the mineshafters, the board groupies, the glass Hal empties, the loony nighshift, the right wing Aussies – all good fun but PLEASE sort the access issues






    green oak confirmation bias,



    not a mention of those across the peace line at boundary street.




  17. St Stivs – I straddled the boundary – used to be a bookies right on the line (how apt)

  18. From The Herald:-



    “CELTIC interim manager John Kennedy has questioned why five Rangers players are still being allowed to play nearly two months after they broke lockdown restrictions – and called for consistency from both the SFA and the Scottish government in how they deal with Covid-19 rule breaches.



    Kennedy has also rubbished the reasons given by his Rangers counterpart Steven Gerrard on Sunday for the Ibrox club appealing against the bans handed out Calvin Bassey, Brian Kinnear, Dapo Mebude, Nathan Patterson and Bongani Zungu for attending an illegal gathering in Glasgow back in February. “



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  20. quadrophenian on

    SFTB 11.47


    Yet when given an open-goal chance to call out sectarianism and bigotry in his Zoom presser, JK vaguely pussyfooted about some kinds of abuse our players have had on social – without specifying anti-Irish, anti-Catholic hate slurs! Are our club ‘reps’ briefed to avoid the ‘S’ word? Is there an edict where they can never call out sectarian bigotry (mibby cos some of our great ‘fans’ do the same against the blue bloods??)



    Maybe we need a new club motto: ‘Beating Around The Bush Since It Became Lucrative”




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  22. Quadrophenian



    It is commendable that both Neil Lennon and John Kennedy spoke out about uneven justice and administration re Covid by footballing authorities and the Government. We cannot , then, take our football coaches to task for failing to call out each and every breach, whether sectarian or racist.



    I would consider that our Board have been shamefully silent on these matters while the footballing department have been making these statements.

  23. quadrophenian on



    I never mentioned calling out each and every breach.


    It’s just that, when the media ask for their views on racist hate content the replies are too general and vague.


    Neil was always braver on calling out sectarian issue, but it needs to be flagged again and again.


    Yet the lack of governance and leadership on the topic from our Exec Wing is lamentable and shameful.

  24. The Unionist rioting in the Six Counties continues unabated. The Orange Card is being played again in Scotland. The Mutiny at Curragh is being played again by the lily livired quislings of the RUC and British Army.