Howe and premature news


I read a lot of confidence that the appointment of Eddie Howe is a done deal, all a matter of getting Bournemouth’s play-off games out of the way to allow the appointment of his backroom staff.  If only the world worked this way.

Managerial appointments have commercial consequences.  If Celtic had a manager contracted, the stock market would be informed at an early opportunity.  Negotiations are no one else’s business but it is inappropriate to keep commercially sensitive information like this from the market.

Eddie may have shaken hands, spent an hour with the media team for a planned reveal, but a contract?  Sorry.  You will know very soon after that is signed.  Until then, it is a draft document.

It also makes no sense waiting on the availability of backroom staff before announcing the manager, who could easily tell the media, “I’m working on the backroom team and will let you know when there is news.”

His former Bournemouth assistants will either join him in his next job, stay where they are, or go elsewhere.  Eddie will take another job, with or without them.  This could be the reason proffered for the lack of a signature, but I’m not buying it.

There is also the dirty little subject.  Imagine for a moment the pressure inside every business unit at Celtic Park.  The finance team will have nervous twitches looking at statements and forecasts.  Those in the retail department will be battering their F5 keys and calling everyone in the business hoping for information.  Ticketing have their busiest two month’s work to cram into an ever-decreasing window.  The Foundation and the many who depend on it for support and assistance – jeez – they need our help more than anyone.  “Just.  Do.  It.” will be the message from every department head.

An entire enterprise is waiting on one statement to allow it to trade normally.  Do you really think Celtic are so chilled about money would sit on news that forgoes this cash?  Really?

You and I have seen a lot of the football business.  We know that if a talent is good enough, he is incentivised to keep his options open until the last possible moment.  This scenario, I buy.  Anyway, have a nice Thursday!

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  1. Drew67 – Correct sir but still a winner…. naw wait a wiz second. Doh.



    D :)

  2. Let me see if I understand this correctly.



    Celtic has nothing firm from Howe, no commitment that they can rely on, he’s openly “keeping his options open” for a different job … and we’re happy with that? We’re sitting with, as you say, a multi-million pound business and everything that entails riding on this … and we’re allowing this guy to string it out whilst he waits for a better deal?



    A professiona, well-run club you say? That’s a joke, right?

  3. When did we start the search for a new management team?


    Disappointing that this is as far as we’ve got.


    We’re handing a huge advantage to our rivals for next season.


    Is the managed decline a deliberate strategy?

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    Is anyone surprised, it’s not even a no news is good news piece.



    Of course Celtic aren’t chilled about the money, they’ll be working out ways to refund our “added value” but actually it’ll cost us more. Curates Egg PLC

  5. Agree with the article. Perhaps Celtic are waiting for Fast Eddie. If he has not made up his mind then he may still go elsewhere, and to say that would be a risk would be an understatement. Or he’s not their target, and Celtic are waiting for someone to come free at the end of the season. I think this is more likely, although I’d like Howe.



    Possibly both: if you are interviewing candidates for a job, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket: good people are always in demand. This delay is costing Celtic money, which is needed for a rebuild, and for stability. If we don’t get Howe it will be a disappointment, and if it turns out to be a moderate, unexciting appointment, then we can kiss goodbye to a lot of season tickets and a decent rebuild. But with the clock ticking on, it’s not time to play poker.

  6. Rolling_Stone on

    The same tired excuse rolled out for transfers is now being rolled out for managers.



    Sevco got someone on a pre-contract from Belgium. The player scored 13 goals in 29 games this season. That’s good enough to attract interest from various leagues. Why did that player not keep his options open till the last minute? How did Sevco pull off the signing before this season is even over?



    I think we will get Howe but the way we are doing it is emblematic of how we have been run by PL. Hopefully we have a clean break from PL and he does not remain on as a “consultant”.

  7. So either he’s waiting for a better offer or there’s an element of expectation management taking place.





  8. UNCLE JIMMY on 13TH MAY 2021 12:22 PM


    When did we start the search for a new management team?






    More pertinently when did they (not we, we don’t have a say) decide that it’s a management team not just a manager that’s required.

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    If it’s not Eddie Howie after this endless phoney war I don’t think any of the departments you mention need worry themselves about overwork during the summer.



    Sitting on their fat arses producing nothing after it became clear 8 months ago a change was needed would provide final proof of the incompetence of this Board.



    They really are a shower. They never fail to disappoint.

  10. squire danaher on

    See Tuesday Occam’s Razor post



    Howe has been wined and dined, but clearly waiting for Greatestleagueintheworld offer.



    Either Lawwell is putting this out via CQN thinking us clowns will accept this, or P67 has had enough as well.



    This piece by P67 is an admission that after 4 months Celtic is clearly no more than Howe’s ‘Plan B’.



    Assuming Howe is our first choice, who is OUR ‘Plan B’ ??



    S Clarke?? J Ross?? J Kennedy??

  11. squire danaher on

    The other aside to this is that the longer this goes on, if Howe does get the gig, he’s clearly only taking it on the basis he didn’t get his preferred Greatestleagueintheworld job.



    And that’s not a way to build up brownie points from the Celtic support.

  12. How many managerial candidates are we in discussions with?


    It can’t just be one, can it?


    Surely not

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    There is some conjecture, from other sites, that P67 isn’t being fed by PL anymore, but as I say purely conjecture like the vast majority of timternet stuff

  14. I think the only thing that makes sense is that Howe has agreed to come but doesn’t want any announcement until JK sees out his interim managership. I think Howe is that kind of guy – he respects other managers. He may also be waiting for end of Bournemouth’s season as he has an interest in some of the backroom staff. Celtic are playing a very dangerous game if for some reason Howe is not announced as manager and someone else is. I think season ticket sales will plummet and there will be a certain inertia and I think an ultra critical support waiting for the club to fail.

  15. peterlatchfordsbelly 100% correct



    supporters and paying customers deliberately left in the dark. one crappy email saying nothing.



    there are a lot of different ways to involve their customer base even just giving some information but the board think this is not needed. entitled? they think you are. if they didnt say that why not make the media who reported it to task



    back of the bus, we are not even on it!






    JHB, ernie lynch, (the same guy?)



    please do not think you will change any minds with your drearily repetitive political attacks. stick to the old soccer please. i scroll by but it is still an irritant.

  16. JAMES FORREST on 13TH MAY 2021 12:20 PM


    Let me see if I understand this correctly.


    Celtic has nothing firm from Howe, no commitment that they can rely on, he’s openly “keeping his options open” for a different job … and we’re happy with that? We’re sitting with, as you say, a multi-million pound business and everything that entails riding on this … and we’re allowing this guy to string it out whilst he waits for a better deal?


    A professional, well-run club you say? That’s a joke, right?




    A perfect summary.


    It reminds me of the Kellys, Grants and White days.

  17. Does anyone on the board remember the time we went months without a chief scout, and the reason for it?

  18. Andy Patons Mullet on

    This ongoing scenario of will he or won’t he does not auger well on any party but is exactly the type of shambles we are now used to for a collective board that appear hellbent on outdoing themselves week on week by their inaction.



    If Howe is to be the man for us then the necessary parting of pounds would have been paid as was done for MON to secure his services. If its Howe playing for time – and this becomes public knowledge – he better have a thick skin as he will not be granted much patience from a suspicious support.

  19. If Howe is hedging his bets surely there will be list other options.



    Must quite a few alternatives out there .



    Nearly all the recent European opponents were better coached , fitter and more motivated.

  20. Paul 67,



    We knew we would need a new managerial team a long time ago ( And so did you ).


    Due to a sense of solidarity the majority of us gave NFL far more time than was advisable.


    We knew change was necessary, from top to bottom.



    We embraced change. We need change. Of all the linked candidates only Eddie Howe gives us real change.



    Our club is turning me into a repetitive robot. To reiterate for the umpteenth time, an unimaginative and uninspiring managerial appointment after all this time will have repercussions and consequences. To lose 15,000 adult season tickets will lose us £9m GDP.


    The maths for such an appointment are self explanatory.



    Our club better get this right.



    HH to all.

  21. quadrophenian on

    Like a lovelorn, pimpled teenager we’re cringe-worthily holding a torch for a rather comely big ride who has let us buy her a high tea at Pinetti’s, but she’s still not sure if she wants to share her shapely talents with us.



    Meanwhile, other clubs (like Chelski) who see a season’s dream turn to mush, just sign up a proper manager.



    What must other prospective and valid candidates think of how this little shop of horrors is run ??

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I have never bought into the confirmation, 100% done deal – that its Eddie Howe


    Until he has signed a contract with Celtic anything is possible





    I do believe Eddie Howe has an option to be our next Manager


    I also believe that Celtic have gone all in on Eddie Howe being our next Manager



    Let’s hope it happens because I do believe he would be excellent



    But If Tottenham fancy Eddie we are fu–ed





  23. All the new speculation seems to have come from one story from talkSPORT.



    As Paul67 has said, unless Howe has put pen to paper I’m not sure what else the club can do.

  24. We’re all guessing aren’t we. Not a nice situation to be in but sometimes that’s what life throws as us. We’ll all be in worse situations but they don’t seem to elicit the same sort of angst

  25. CaddingtonCommon on

    James Forrest @1220


    Have you evidence of Howe’s intentions or just your usual keyboard bluster ?

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