Hummel, Elite, rescind Newco agreement, start proceedings


Hummel UK and The Elite Group issued a statement today noting they were rescinding their agreement with Rangers FC [sic.] with immediate effect, “due to the club being in material breach of contract.”  They add that they have commenced legal proceedings against the club.

The statement reads:

“Hummel UK & The Elite Group was proud to have entered into a supplier agreement with Rangers Football Club in good faith in March 2018.  We saw this as an opportunity to work together for the benefit of the club, its supporters and the Hummel brand.

“However, despite being given warranties and assurances by the Rangers board that the club was free to enter into their arrangement, it transpired that Rangers had previously signed a conflicting agreement with a third party.

“The club has therefore been unable to fulfil its obligations to Hummel & The Elite Group, which would have included the creation of a Hummel branded area within the Ibrox Megastore, along with crucial marketing activity such as perimeter advertising, player activations, and promotion on the Rangers FC website.

“Hummel UK & The Elite Group has nonetheless made payments to Rangers totalling c. £2.5m and supplied kit worth approximately £1m.  Despite doing all of this in good faith, we are now facing some public statements from Rangers which are not correct.

“We have been unable to find a way forward despite making repeated efforts to reach out to the club.  It is with regret that we have therefore rescinded our agreement with Rangers FC with immediate effect, due to the club being in material breach of contract.

“We remain willing to try and resolve matters with Rangers FC on an amicable basis.   Contrary to reports, Rangers is not owed any further payments from Hummel UK & The Elite Group at this time and we are disappointed by Rangers’ decision to commence legal proceedings in respect of these issues.  Those proceedings will not result in any payment to Rangers and are an unwelcome and unnecessary distraction for the club, its fans and Hummel.

“We have now begun our own legal proceedings against Rangers which we are very confident will result in a positive outcome so we can all move forward.”

This afternoon, Newco Rangers online store’s is selling Puma produced replica shirts from the 2017-18 season.

Next week, I plan to discuss financial matters with significant consequences for Newco.  They should not get too excited about the prospect of two Scottish entrants to the Champions League in 2021.

Also, I have had the statement since before 10:00 this morning (been in meetings since).  Curious that it has not been carried by the mainstreams.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Here vegan again,



    We’re a la mode again



    We’re a la mode again, we a la mode with salsify

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Note to self; Forrest was on the other side of the pitch, It was Christie who was released by Jullien

  3. My youngest Bhoy, who is forced to eat a non-protein diet (absolutely no animal products) due to an inherited genetic disorder will have the steam coming out of his ears with that ‘fishul site article – he hates Vegans and all they stand for 😉😂😂




  4. Disappointed with ‘Hoops & Roots’ – I had hoped they’d use my “Trevelyn’s Quorn” as the vegan kiosk name…




  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    An away score draw in Europe was beyond us over the past forty years so despite the inconsistency of our performance , it was a good result but it will still be tough going for us in the 2nd leg.



    JoebhoyBelfast. Further it your wee quiz earlier.



    Clydebank, Basel/Basel and Willie Fernie.



    I was at each game. My first time in the Celtic Park stand at the Bankies game, a crowd officially given as 72000 at the Basel game (it was way more than that) and the Killie game we were wearing our away strip for some reason. It was one nil with about ten minutes to go , we ended up winning 5 nil.



    The Quality Street gang all loved Willie Fernie as our reserve team coach . My dad thought Willie was an unbelievable player.

  6. ‘re Hummel statement on my 3.35 post.





    There is a question over it’s authenticity



    Who would stir? .



  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    We’ve got Jullienne and Brunoise in the first team. I think we’re doing pretty well already Veg wise.

  8. The Hands That Cant hit………….I watched some of Newco’s match and Braga were very shaky at the back in fact wouldn’t mind drawing them if we get to the next round.

  9. I’m not a Vegan but i could be one day. For now it’s only red meat that’s kiboshed. One thing about Glasgow and the Scots. Do something different, progressive or original and prepare for a slagging.



    “Trevelyn’s Quorn” is the finest post on CQN ever. Bar none.






    I second that emotion



    HH jg

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Very good article Pablo.



    It’s the beginning of the end for Sevco.



    SMSM, like last time, might pass on reporting these rounds.



    There will come a time, soon, when that will not be an option. Even for them.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  12. Another Sevco issue the media didn’t shine a light on last night was the muppet who ran on the park to celebrate with the players after the deflected winner !!! Uefa fine again !


    Now if that happened at Celtic Park do you think it would be swept under the Hun media carpet ? Surley not eh ?


    Well done Bhoys in little mermaid country great result !!!

  13. JAMESGANG on 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 5:27 PM





    “Trevelyn’s Quorn” is the finest post on CQN ever. Bar none.






    I second that emotion





    LOL! Wouldn’t go that far guys but appreciated from distinguished posters like yourselves. :-))



    I love a good pun. Where Davidopoulos these days? He’s the master of the pun!



    “Barnsley dined £20,000 for James MacLean abuse”



    Is the 12yr old being taken for a MacDonals then :) por cierto.

  15. Just reading the ‘statement’ again. It’s not well written and could well be fake.



    At the end of the article Paul seems to be suggesting they wont get a Euro licence, most likely i would guess due to FFP breaches.



    If the statement is indeed fake, i guess it fitted into a narrative regards something Paul is putting together re finance issues, hence why he ran with it.



    Surely the SMSM would report it because it would get a lot of clicks?

  16. Some vegans are strongly attracted to chickpeas. We call them hummusexuals….



    Best thing a vegan can do in an emergency is romaine calm…



    Sorry peeps im off to play kale of duty and listen to smells like bean spirit …😵



    Moral of the story – always be sure of your sources!





    Surely it should be …


    Morales of the story 😜

  18. ”This afternoon, Newco Rangers online store’s is selling Puma produced replica shirts from the 2017-18 season.”



    Another thing, I’ve just checked and you can buy Hummell replica shirts from their official online store.

  19. Por Cierto 5.47


    Haha. A combo of my fat finger or pred tex .


    Once released from gaol.:-)



  20. Like our blog host I’ve been in meetings all day. No phone access. First thing I read is this.



    What are the implications here?



    Who kits out the orcs first team for the rest of the season?



    This is stupendously good stuff.



    Where’s my popcorn?



    In fact where’s the jelly and ice cream?

  21. seems a strange story to get wrong.



    if a company release a statement it would by definition be in the public domain so not difficult to verify.

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