Hummel, Elite, rescind Newco agreement, start proceedings


Hummel UK and The Elite Group issued a statement today noting they were rescinding their agreement with Rangers FC [sic.] with immediate effect, “due to the club being in material breach of contract.”  They add that they have commenced legal proceedings against the club.

The statement reads:

“Hummel UK & The Elite Group was proud to have entered into a supplier agreement with Rangers Football Club in good faith in March 2018.  We saw this as an opportunity to work together for the benefit of the club, its supporters and the Hummel brand.

“However, despite being given warranties and assurances by the Rangers board that the club was free to enter into their arrangement, it transpired that Rangers had previously signed a conflicting agreement with a third party.

“The club has therefore been unable to fulfil its obligations to Hummel & The Elite Group, which would have included the creation of a Hummel branded area within the Ibrox Megastore, along with crucial marketing activity such as perimeter advertising, player activations, and promotion on the Rangers FC website.

“Hummel UK & The Elite Group has nonetheless made payments to Rangers totalling c. £2.5m and supplied kit worth approximately £1m.  Despite doing all of this in good faith, we are now facing some public statements from Rangers which are not correct.

“We have been unable to find a way forward despite making repeated efforts to reach out to the club.  It is with regret that we have therefore rescinded our agreement with Rangers FC with immediate effect, due to the club being in material breach of contract.

“We remain willing to try and resolve matters with Rangers FC on an amicable basis.   Contrary to reports, Rangers is not owed any further payments from Hummel UK & The Elite Group at this time and we are disappointed by Rangers’ decision to commence legal proceedings in respect of these issues.  Those proceedings will not result in any payment to Rangers and are an unwelcome and unnecessary distraction for the club, its fans and Hummel.

“We have now begun our own legal proceedings against Rangers which we are very confident will result in a positive outcome so we can all move forward.”

This afternoon, Newco Rangers online store’s is selling Puma produced replica shirts from the 2017-18 season.

Next week, I plan to discuss financial matters with significant consequences for Newco.  They should not get too excited about the prospect of two Scottish entrants to the Champions League in 2021.

Also, I have had the statement since before 10:00 this morning (been in meetings since).  Curious that it has not been carried by the mainstreams.

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  1. weebawbabitty,



    Cannae speak for anyone else but me.



    Celtic is Good!






    CELTIC under Neil – Dan Pe….. isnae kidding about how Good Celtic are and the potential.



    It’s always the Big Mans Story.



    CELTIC is fundamentally Good.




  2. Genius was Andrew Weatherall.



    Wow how Good he wiz.







    Well Done Every Celt getting an excellent result in Denmark.



    Jules was incredible at times. That augurs well.

  3. Re the vegan food stall.


    Good innovative promotion.


    I haven’t eaten red meat in a very long time.


    Chicken was chucked last year.


    I have been unable to go full vegan but I am getting there.


    It has resulted in an unimaginable improvement in my health.


    I’m not a dedicated active advocate and I have no problem with meat eaters.


    However there is no doubting the health benefits.


    There is a Netflix documentary The Game Changers, which is very thought provoking, and while the script may be one sided it’s worth consideration.

  4. Good Morning – chilled in the Chilterns the noo, with a fresh icy breeze…



    We’ve had this confusion before with the Rangers’ retail websites.



    One is run by Elite, I believe and was Rangers, until recently, prefared retail partner.



    The other “megastore” site is Rangers Retail which was a JV between Sports Direct and Rangers.



    Registered office:



    Unit A Brook Park East, Shirebrook, NG20 8RY



    For all intents and purposes it’s ran by SDI.



    So one’s a Hummel site



    One a Sports Direct site if you will.



    Rangers don’t have a retail website and haven’t had for a long time. Since SDM sold the retail off in 2006.



    The re-incarnated Rangers have never had their own retail.



    Hail Hail

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No sure on the motive behind the article but a little tiny bit of research produces this




    I expect this would be the place Hummel would post such a statement.



    So is it a prediction or just lazy journalism ?


    It literally too me less than 1 minute to find hummels press page.



    Me, I think it’s a distraction, a squirrel for Celtic supporters to chase while the season tickets are rolled out and everyone should forget the Celtic execs role in ratifying the not so secret five way agreement and rule change to ensure the next administration/liquidation event is no barrier to them remaining at the top of the league structure. And the Celtic support laugh at the Huns eh, very short memories some Tims.

  6. Good morning CQN from another windswept day in the Garngad.



    A funeral this morning at St Philomenas in Provanmill, my wife’s Auntie Jean, a nice wee woman who had an infectious laugh. May her soul rest in peace.



    So we are back at paradise mañana and the Kilmasonic it will be interesting to see the line up.


    Just get the 3 points bhoys.



    Oh and Big Mike please, please just go get them…






    D. :)

  7. MACJAY1 @ 8:16 AM,



    YEAH!! Too true MacJay, works brilliantly doesn’t it;)



    Hope all’s good down under…



    Hail Hail

  8. Heard a story that the first lady of Scoddland was no longer living with her hubby.



    Anyone hear this?

  9. Beer Alert,


    Good morning from a very chilly Forres with a cold wind that would scythe you in two.


    Yesterday I was in the Aldi in Inverness and thought I would buy a couple of bottles of their Italian beer called Rossini, 5.1% abv and £1.29 for 500ml.


    If you like Peroni or Birra Moretti you will definitely like this. I would recommend giving it a try if you just like beer.😉


    Heading off to Elgin Aldi later to empty their shelf.



    Still no proof of Hummel/Elite statement?

  10. Philbhoy on 22nd February 2020 9:09 am


    Heard a story that the first lady of Scoddland was no longer living with her hubby.




    Anyone hear this?







    I heard she was living with a burd in a single end in Maryhill.

  11. John James ( seems to think the Hummel/Elite story is true, going by his latest post. I’m not conferring any authority on that – just sayin’

  12. So is the Hummel leader a pile of pooh!



    I doubt P67 would go all Donald Trump\Boris Johnston with fake news deliberately. So if he’s been had, he’s been had by someone he previously trusted!



    It’s seems a bit of a jump to take without doing some basic fact checking and confirmation.



    Will this be put aside with nothing more said or has P67 had a heads up on statement.



    Time will tell.



    MWD (jumps back out)

  13. Ernie, think French, think Dunblane. Allegedly. Not sure it’s anybody else’s business except those directly effected.



    Btw was Paul’s article right or wrong?

  14. fieldofdrams on 22nd February 2020 10:09 am


    ‘John James ( seems to think the Hummel/Elite story is true,’






    The story is that Hummel/Elite had released a statement.



    Which doesn’t appear to be the case.




    So to that extent the story isn’t true.



    Maybe the statement escaped, rather than was released.



    Maybe someone was duped.



    Maybe we are all being played.

  15. MACJAY1 @ 8:41 AM,



    Chooon!! The young Colin Hay is so different…



    WEEJOE @ 10:19 AM,



    Fake news I’m a’fraid… P67 brass necks these things out these days.



    You may have seen the piece on the 12 y.o. racsist recently!?



    Notice Big Pink gave a fulsome apology to the SFM guys, rightly so IMO.



    Hail Hail

  16. Chairbhoy speaks with fork tongue…


    “Notice Big Pink gave a fulsome apology to the SFM guys, rightly so IMO?”

  17. 31003 @ 10:49 AM,



    Chairbhoy speaks with fork tongue…



    No I don’t…



    From The SFM



    Big Pink – 21st February 2020 at 16:44,



    Looks like we have been taken for mugs here. Hummel telephone line is down. There’s no direct PR number, and they aint answering their tweets.



    Was sent a link which was bogus, and I believed it. When I went to the Hummel website, first thing I saw was “Hummel Cancel agreement”.



    So we owe an apology to Rangers and to Hummel. First time for everything I suppose, but not a mistake I will ever make again. Perhaps it will emerge that Hummel will counter-sue Rangers. Not a leap to come to that conclusion, but given my distaste for the relentless kite-flying that goes on over Scottish Football issues, there is more than a bit of irony in my cock-up today.



    Apologies to all of you guys too. You have reason to expect that SFM will be more circumspect. I let you down today.



    Big Pink – 21st February 2020 at 21:22






    Perhaps Paul Brennan knows something we don’t. I note he hasn’t recanted like we did, so he’s maybe confident it’s true.



    Hail Hail

  18. Thanks Chairbhoy


    Wasn’t doubting you just didn’t know who big pink was or what they were apologising for

  19. Don’t know if anybody saw ‘Lost Lives’ this week.



    It’s based on a book which recorded very single death during teh Troubles without any different weighting given to any.



    It’s available on BBC Iplayer and is a tough watch.



    I don’t want to start a songs debate but it was a war where so many sad things happened and not really a cause for celebration at a football match IMHO.

  20. Mornin all



    Isn’t Soccer AM a product of our arch enemy Sky? To which I don’t subscribe.



    Are they trying to love bomb us?

  21. PeteTheBeat on 22nd February 2020 11:11 am




    Watched about 10 minutes of that and gave up. Couldn’t really see the point of it. There didn’t appear to be any attempt to explain why things happened or put anything in context.

  22. Ernie



    I think that was maybe the point not to contextualise things.



    Hard to film a book like that but it did focus more on the individual deaths which didn’t get as much publicity as the incidents where a large number were killed.

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