Hunger Games and screechy losers


The opening goal at yesterday’s Hibs-Newco game was a mirror of the chance James Forrest scored in the first semi-final a day earlier.  Both goals had to be snatched at waist height, presenting a challenge to keep the ball down.  With the score at 3-1, Newco’s Connor Goldson had a similar opportunity, if only he had the same hunger as Forrest or Boyle, the result may have been different.

After the game, the despondent Newco vice-captain questioned the hunger his side had shown all season.  I have sympathy for the player, he was frustrated and trying to make sense of a decline he is unable to arrest.  Is it really hunger, though?

I’ve played in teams a million levels below the Scottish professional game where no amount of hunger could lift my team.  No one wants to lose, ever, it does not happen, but it takes a huge amount of symbiosis to transform a losing side.  You cannot just want this phenomenon into existence.

I’ve heard countless fans, as well as professional players including some at Celtic, complain about the attitude of others in the team.  No one has ever said, “I’m not really up for it today”, it’s always someone else who has the problem.

What Connor Goldson has detected is not a lack of hunger, he was talking about Newco, one trophy in their history, no one is full after the first course.  It is more subtle than that.

The club had no money to invigorate the squad in the summer.  A third of them are in their mid to late 30s, another third are in the final 18 months of their contracts and have not been presented with an acceptable extension that would settle their futures, while at least half of them were not very good to begin with.

What Goldson attributes as a lack of hunger is a manifestation of poorly addressed structural problems – he would have been far better explaining the problems in this manner.  His new manager is now cursed with the responsibility of banging his fist on tables and shouting lots to ‘get them hungry’.  It’s bullocks, a remnant of the 70s, as relevant to the game today as the Gullane Dunes are to sports science.

It is a challenge, but football clubs need to lose with some perspective, even accept that losing may be a likely outcome before returning to a successful plan.  Screechy demands for fight and hunger are for losers who will never consistently escape that state.  It is for others to decide whether we achieved this since losing became likely last season, next month’s #Tooraloo Final will prove informative.



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  1. There are a number of things I wish you would all refrain from discussing.



    I will produce a comprehensive list soon.



    In the meantime please focus all of your discussion on the shortcomings of our own team and failures of the club at corporate level just in case you become too distracted from these in laughing at sevco.



    Minimal criticism of refereeing will ge permitted but must be prefixed or suffixed with reference to why we should be good enough for refereeing bias not to influence our results anyway.



    I trust that when I return all of your comments will be to my liking and within the parameters of what I would like to see discussed.



    Tomorrow I may wish you to discuss the role of clowns from mediaeval Court jester to avant garde Street theatre. Just an example. I may change my mind. But please be prepared nonetheless.



    I bid you good day.

  2. Teams like St. Johnstone and Livingston should be slated for the way they play against us, instead, we get the usual back against the wall crap and how they “fill the spaces well” how about filling the forward space with some bodies and make an effort, your own fans have paid good money to watch you in a semi-final and you play as if the attacking part of the field has covid! por cierto.

  3. Regards the article, it’s refreshing to read an intelligent and thoughtful take on their “decay”



    It’s all too easy to assume that because someone plays football at the highest level they actually understand why they’re performing so poorly. It’s completely understandable that after 3 1/2 years of hearing a simple message from Gerrard – hunger, fight, desire, wanting it – coming from an elite ex-player, and having had his methods seemingly proved correct with their title victory, that Goldson would think that way. Gerrard is a hero to all of those players, they’ve won the only meaningful bit of silverware most of them will ever win.



    Watching Gerrard on the TV after Villa’s game at the weekend, he sounded like Graeme Souness or all the other dinosaur ex-pros. Yesterdays, men with outdated lingo






    As Ange says, look after your own house.



    Too many interested in the hun.

  5. Listen to Klopp, Tuchel and Guardiola, thecoaches he’ll have to better if he’s going to get to the top with Liverpool.



    Maybe now he’s away from the intellectual wasteland that is Ibrox, where he was forced to spend a lot of his time thinking about how to appeal to the orcs, we’ll see him flower and grow into someone with a bit more to him. Doubt it though

  6. I have an interest in the huns.



    I want to see them burn and die. Soon.



    It’s mild interest I’ll admit, but one I don’t really mind talking about.

  7. GERS’ NEW £280m IBROX


    RANGERS will become the first club in Britain to build a stadium boasting a retractable roof and hovering pitch.




    00:00, Mon, Jan 7, 2008


    0Comment sectionShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on PinterestCopy link


    SMITH Exciting plans


    SMITH: Exciting plans



    The new Ibrox – which will cost £280million – will be based on Japan’s Sapporo Dome, Holland’s Amsterdam ArenA and Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and is part of a £750m village development earmarked for Govan.



    When complete in 2012, it will generate millions of pounds every season for the club to buy top players and be more competitive with Premiership clubs in the transfer market.



    Supporters will virtually be able to “raise the roof” of the new project, as it will open and close depending on the weather and functions being held inside the auditorium.



    The blueprint allows for football and other sports to be played around the clock and with the pitch capable of being rotated in and out of the ground itself, rock concerts and other major events can be hosted without any damage to the grass.



    Giant heaters and air conditioning units will ensure spectators will be in a constant comfort zone and matches will never again be cancelled because of under-foot conditions.





    The Perfume Shop


    Black Friday Is Here


    by Taboola


    Talks are at an advanced stage and funding is in place for the six-star stadium, which would become the second-biggest club ground in the UK after Manchester United’s Old Trafford.



    A capacity of around 70,000 is planned – 20,000 higher than the current full house, 10,000 more than at Celtic Park and 17,000 above the limit at Hampden.



    Last night an Ibrox insider revealed the project could start within 18 months with a two-year build programme anticipated.



    He said: “This is a very exciting and ambitious scheme which will totally revitalise the area.



    Not only will it benefit the team, and the club in general, but the whole south side of the city will be transformed.’’



    Database failure=GAME OVER



  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    The weekend brought a smile to my face


    Yes I am happy


    But my mind tells me it’s irrelevant


    As is Thursday


    Aberdeen is the most important game we have


    For me domestic cups and Europe are icing on the cake


    Beat Aberdeen focus on league games


    Win the league



    If huns win the league all speculation from Paul67 – irrelevant




  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Terrific analysis Paul.



    In terms of depth and quality, almost virtually certain it will NOT be matched by any output from the SMSM.






    To be fair to Connor Goldson though, it is not his job to explain this demise from a structural perspective.



    When I mentioned his comments yesterday I suggested they were informative (not necessarily informed or intelligent).



    Like you I feel sorry for him.



    Totally respect his honest expression but there are times when one can be too frank and too honest.



    I have a suspicion he’ll get some serious grief internally for his outburst.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As for the structural angle .. I think, Paul, you nailed it in terms of the Sevco squad.



    This sketch is old.



    Sustained success is not a sprint.



    It’s not even a marathon.



    It’s a succession of marathons.



    Want to beat someone better than you?



    It can be done.



    You can operate physically at 105% …



    … but only for a short period.



    After which you burn out


    (just like the Di-lithium chamber Cap’n !)



    And need to be replaced.


    (Tough, unkind, unfair – but true)



    Clubs without structural capacity can have their moment in the sun.



    Then they fade.



    Some quickly. Some, like Sevco, slowly.

  11. What happened!!!! The poor bugger of a ref yesterday. Had the nerve to award a penalty against the ludge, how dare he indeed.


    Reckon he”ll be doing the Juniors from this day onward




  12. Paul67 set up CQN to provide Celtic supporters with an alternative to the lazy, biased and self-interested Scottish mainstream media. Today’s article is an absolutely perfect example of taking something that is of interest to most Celtic supporters – the loss of form of the sevvies – and analysing it in more thoughtful and rational way. Its not an article you will see in any of the media outlets – just look at the Tom English article written in the Summer for what “quality” in Scotland looks like.



    I’m glad he wasn’t looking the other way all those years ago when they were caught cheating. Who knows where we’d be now

  13. POR CIERTO on 22ND NOVEMBER 2021 2:16 PM


    Teams like St. Johnstone and Livingston should be slated for the way they play against us, instead, we get the usual back against the wall crap and how they “fill the spaces well” how about filling the forward space with some bodies and make an effort, your own fans have paid good money to watch you in a semi-final and you play as if the attacking part of the field has covid! por cierto.





    Well said POR CIERTO






    D :)




    Yeah they’ve got some nerve mate, telling us what we should be discussing, scrolling on by too easy for some.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    CELTIC MAC @ 12:28 PM


    Don’t know what’s eating Morelos…..



    But a lack of hunger ain’t it…






    Celtic Mac – Lol.



    Had the misfortune of catching a highlights clip 2 weeks ago.



    Didn’t think the guy could get any fatter.



    Saw yesterday’s highlights.



    I was wrong.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Ross Wilson says at the unveiling of GvB that in the last two windows the Huns have turned down big money bids for their players. No-one in the audience questions him, even slippy said there has been no offers😱😵






    It’s all about opinions, but I really can’t understand the dismissal of European football.



    European football is the prize, the reward if you like for winning the league. It should be valued and embraced.



    It is where legendary nights are made, it showcases our product and it attracts the players we require to grow our team.



    Put bluntly, beating teams of the calibre of Bayer Leverkusen in one game will live longer in the memories than 20 games against the hammer throwers of St Johnstone or Livingston.



    When we play in a ” poor” domestic league we need the challenge and excitement of Europe.






    PS : With the exception of the huns, would we ever attract a >50 k crowd @ 3. O’clock on a weekday. ?




    Ross Wilson says at the unveiling of GvB that in the last two windows the Huns have turned down big money bids for their players. No-one in the audience questions him, even slippy said there has been no offers😱😵






    Given their debt, need for high interest loans and the rumour of their lawnmowers being re possessed a good journo might ask:why didn’t you accept those bids? Sure hmrc would be keen to know.



    But, it’s probably the bs they used to trap GVB.



    If it were us they’d be all over it.



    They are in trouble 🤣😂🤣😂

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 22ND NOVEMBER 2021 4:53 PM



    Noticed one up in Edinburgh was Friday 5th😱



    CELTIC MAC @ 12:28 PM





    Don’t know what’s eating Morelos…..







    But a lack of hunger ain’t it…














    Celtic Mac – Lol.







    watching it yesterday, i thought he looked “heavy legged” as in fatty looking not muscle toned.



    he also has a very lazy way of playing now, doesnt look like he is trying too much at all.



    long may it continue.



    on a different topic, poster boy kent got an absolute doing on shortbread after the game.

  21. me and dd used to joke about the house in knightwood that has them up in early november, this year they are everywhere.



    double bah humbug.

  22. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on



    It seems that Bojo the clown gets away with all of his lies and other guff, because there are even bigger liars and crooks and guffsters on the opposition benches “ALL” of the opposition benches!



    Guy Fawkes wore a hat.


    That’s it!


    We need a guy who wears a hat!


    A hat wearer who was sacked by Labour Party for refusing to be a war mongering fake liar careerist colonialist imperialist w*nker who would’ve been out to feather his own nest no matter how many poor people he needed to trample over to do that. and would’ve been forever lauded by the MSMasonicSwamp for being one of their own!


    The lying mass murderers who sacked this hat wearer are never off the TV screens telling you more frightening fake lies on behalf of big pharma swamp creatures, and also on the pull out editions of the MSMasonicSwamp papers, they probably paid the folk who attacked the guy who wears the hat before he wore it, such is their terror of this, hat wearer, and there’s been 4 threats to the life of the hat wearer already just this one year and, not surprisingly, not a word has been breathed about these 4 attacks, 3 of which, came during the Scottish elections in May this year and, not a word from MSMasonicSwamp, their probably hoping that the hat wearer is taken out, and maybe even then they’ll not report it


    We need a hat wearer from the same stable as the hat wearer, Guy Fawkes, or the hat wearer guy from,


    “V for Vendetta” preferably a hat wearer who has taken on the White House swamp, in its own backyard, and kicked those swamp creatures asses, in their own putred rigged midden!


    Now who wears a hat and is feared sh*tless by MSMasonicSwamp?


    A hat wearer of whom 100% of Celtic fc’s enemies are terrified!!!


    Where do you get one of those hats? Hmmm?


    Maybe Wullie Maley left his hat, to the present hat wearer, in Mr Maley’s will?


    Who knows, but by f its a hat that frightens the sh*t out of some rancid Rangers fc loving MSMasonicSwamp creatures.


    Christmas will be ended if we’re not governed by the swamp draining hat wearer!


    Even mentioning his name makes folk take panic attacks and their kilts faw doon.


    Just wake the fck up!

  23. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    it must be, it replaced a charity cat suit, so it can do lots of other things like, get by elections overturned because the Labour cheek of the, red & blue ass, tried to rig an election, against the hat wearer, that was real stoopid. Did they think that the hat wearer wasn’t going to be able to prove it?


    Not a hun magic hat, a Socialist hat. Socialist, like Jesus.

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