Hunger Games and screechy losers


The opening goal at yesterday’s Hibs-Newco game was a mirror of the chance James Forrest scored in the first semi-final a day earlier.  Both goals had to be snatched at waist height, presenting a challenge to keep the ball down.  With the score at 3-1, Newco’s Connor Goldson had a similar opportunity, if only he had the same hunger as Forrest or Boyle, the result may have been different.

After the game, the despondent Newco vice-captain questioned the hunger his side had shown all season.  I have sympathy for the player, he was frustrated and trying to make sense of a decline he is unable to arrest.  Is it really hunger, though?

I’ve played in teams a million levels below the Scottish professional game where no amount of hunger could lift my team.  No one wants to lose, ever, it does not happen, but it takes a huge amount of symbiosis to transform a losing side.  You cannot just want this phenomenon into existence.

I’ve heard countless fans, as well as professional players including some at Celtic, complain about the attitude of others in the team.  No one has ever said, “I’m not really up for it today”, it’s always someone else who has the problem.

What Connor Goldson has detected is not a lack of hunger, he was talking about Newco, one trophy in their history, no one is full after the first course.  It is more subtle than that.

The club had no money to invigorate the squad in the summer.  A third of them are in their mid to late 30s, another third are in the final 18 months of their contracts and have not been presented with an acceptable extension that would settle their futures, while at least half of them were not very good to begin with.

What Goldson attributes as a lack of hunger is a manifestation of poorly addressed structural problems – he would have been far better explaining the problems in this manner.  His new manager is now cursed with the responsibility of banging his fist on tables and shouting lots to ‘get them hungry’.  It’s bullocks, a remnant of the 70s, as relevant to the game today as the Gullane Dunes are to sports science.

It is a challenge, but football clubs need to lose with some perspective, even accept that losing may be a likely outcome before returning to a successful plan.  Screechy demands for fight and hunger are for losers who will never consistently escape that state.  It is for others to decide whether we achieved this since losing became likely last season, next month’s #Tooraloo Final will prove informative.



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  1. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    Hope the Celtic “OF” supporters ala the £49 subscribers × 7000


    Broomloan Rd merchants 2016 and on, are happy they moved on


    from trophy stripping maybe even PLC regime change etc



    The “OF” is a Matrix trap CSC





    “What goes up, must come down”



    The super clubs know this and that is why they want to form the ESL. They want some period of super income before the ‘goose that lays the golden egg’ becomes infertile.



    The game itself will change in order to allow LIVE-rights companies to attract more advertising. Two halves will become four quarters with interspersed ‘time outs’. Twenty- two players named and interchangeable at any time. In house womens’squads will be be legally entitled to 50% of all revenue generated. Womens & mens matches will be played on a same day/same venue basis. Match days will be six-hour affairs. Synthetic surfaces will be the norm in order to withstand two matches back to back.

  3. Good morning all from a dark, very dark Garngad



    A very important part of the season coming up for us, we need Ange and the bhoys to keep winning, keep the pressure on Der Hun and then we need a good transfer window.



    One where our board back Ange for the first time after all whoever came in the summer had to have a squad overhaul (I think 17 players out and 12 in).


    So this will be Ange’s first proper window and we need the Hun loving criminals on our board to get him Jota, and at least 2 or 3 more and make a statement.



    Not just Jota alone.






    D :)

  4. As ever, a first class Christmas video. You can sense the togetherness that this group have quickly created.

  5. Would be nice if the same level of planning and detail that goes into the Christmas video was extended to our European qualifiers.

  6. Jimdom,



    We have qualified for Europe after Xmas.In whatever competition we are in.At the start of the season,no one,and I mean no one,would have believed this.We are also in the first domestic final,we are within striking distance in the league,and getting stronger,and a January window to come.


    A bit less of the hang dog comments from some would help on here.

  7. Brilliant Xmas video again.Eddie Reader ,superb voice.Watery eyes again.


    George Michael ending,spot on.

  8. Just been on the daily ranger ( I know, I know) headline ” New Celtic kit ‘leaked’ as fans get first glimpse at throwback Adidas effort ” EFFORT!!

  9. Got a bit emo/teary at the new Xmas vid – might be hayfever season downunder ;) or the mention of Bertie.



    The best Chrissy vidyo yet and Ange does a mean Sunday roast ;)

  10. Souttar can sign for his next team on Dec 1st.Now I know Ange would not have seen a great deal of the boy,apart from 2 games,but for me,he is a must sign.


    The main reason,I could not go through the next couple of years listening to carbon copies of the Mc Ginn myth.In reality,he is an excellent defender,very good in the air,and free.The Huns will be desperate because of the “Free”part to sign him.We can’t let that happen.Who knows,maybe CCV will have his head turned next summer.


    Get it done.

  11. QUAD, watched it with Mrs EMERALDBEE (who is NOT a footie fan). She thought it was very emotional (after we watched it the second time without the questions about who was who and why was that being done). And…. she thought Jota was cute!



    Another excellent Christmas vid from the team.

  12. Yesterday’s


    Wonder if she watched the 2nd semi final 😜😜



    Susie Dent 💙






    22 Nov


    Word of the day is ‘hingum-tringum’ (19th-century Scots): feeble and barely presentable; just about hanging together.



    I think it’s January 1st.


    For me it’s a no brainer, as the huns will be sniffing about as well, I would have thought

  14. John Souttar would be an absolutely honking signing. A 25 year oild sicknote with an injury record below that would have embarassed Derk Boerrigter.



    Other CHs of greater value and better health are currently available. Probably in Japan.



    Let the huns have him.







    21/22 Knock Sep 23, 2021 Sep 28, 2021 5 days


    20/21 Achilles tendon rupture Aug 22, 2020 Mar 31, 2021 221 days


    19/20 Achilles tendon rupture Mar 1, 2020 Jun 30, 2020 121 days


    19/20 Ankle Surgery Oct 3, 2019 Jan 1, 2020 90 days


    19/20 Ankle Injury Aug 4, 2019 Oct 2, 2019 59 days


    18/19 Hip Injury Oct 12, 2018 Jan 20, 2019 100 days


    18/19 Knock Oct 11, 2018 Oct 18, 2018 7 days –


    17/18 Knock May 7, 2018 May 21, 2018 14 days


    17/18 Knock Feb 26, 2018 Mar 2, 2018 4 days


    17/18 Concussion Nov 3, 2017 Nov 24, 2017 21 days


    16/17 Achilles tendon rupture Jan 29, 2017 Jul 28, 2017 180 days


    14/15 Knee Injury Dec 18, 2014 Feb 28, 2015 72 days


    14/15 Ankle Injury Aug 1, 2014 Nov 4, 2014 95 days


    13/14 Ill May 7, 2014 May 12, 2014 5 days


    13/14 Achilles tendon problems Feb 20, 2014 Mar 15, 2014 23 days

  15. ST TAMS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2021 11:17 AM



    Scott Bain to get contract extension.



    WTF is that all about






    Holding onto a reserve keeper whom the manager likes.



    Low wage, low risk. Liked by squad.




  16. St Tams…






    Ever since we signed Momo Sylla off the back of a great Celtic Park performance I’m very wary of our emotional purchases that ultimately lead to buyers regret.



    Is he quick? Does he match Ange’s footballing style ? Good passing ? Mmmmmm….



    or, is he a fella with a decent game behind him in a dead rubber international that is coming up as a freebie ?



    I’d like us to be a bit more scientific in ouir recruitment than this one suggests. MSM inspired nonsense if you ask me…




  17. Souttar not for me ,unfortunately for the boy he has serious trouble with his Achilles,we need players who have a good fitness record .


    Would Porteous be a better bet .


    I am sure Ange has his mind on a player we don’t know about.

  18. St Tams




    January transfer window 1st of jan…



    Cup final 14th dec…



    Who would you choose , because we would have to go with someone here already.

  19. The Christmas video was more of an ad for the Celtic Christmas shop this year, with a few poignant moments and a George Michael video :)) Enjoyed it though, but, I didn’t think it matched the last few videos, por cierto

  20. St Tams



    Big Carl is one of those round peg, square holes signings. Feel for him. Our formation looks alien but thought he was coming onto a game. Not a reason to catapult oine bad fit with another.



    Julian and CCV should be our first choice CHs soon I hope. Two good footballers.



    And whilst I’m on a roll, no sentimentality at RB. Josip first pick and Tony a very capable back-up. Go get a left pegger in January please.




  21. Souttar, I don’t know, but the point about CCV is a good one and he may not stay after summer, which once again would leave us short at the back for CL qualifiers if we came in 2nd. Not sure about his fitness levels though, that’s one helluva lot of injuries for one so young. Maybe the Achilles thing is something that our new medical science guy knows more about and would obviously be sounded out about these types of injuries and if the player was worth a punt, I’m really on the fence about this one. por cierto

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