Ibrahim chance to reboot potential at Celtic


Celtic have completed the signing of 20-year-old Nigerian, Rabiu Ibrahim subject to a medical, after he was released by PSV Eindhoven earlier this month.   Rabiu is known as a creative-central midfielder, a role that Celtic have played possibly as few as a dozen times in the last decade.

After leaving Nigeria full of promise as a 17-year-old the player failed to make the desired impact in Portugal and the Netherlands, but will still be regarded as a development project by the Celtic technical staff.  His short history in Europe, with tales of agents and representation investors already has enough material for a short novel, which will not have aided development.

The job for Celtic is to get Rabiu plugged back into his potential.  It remains to be seen what role he is deployed in when he gets the chance.

Welcome to Celtic, Rabiu.

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  1. The Diawara wok permit issue – was it a flash in the pan?



    Or is someone trying to stir(fry) it up?

  2. hamiltontim



    Bizarre though it seems perhaps the guy would rather ply his trade in Spain than Scotland. The transfer fee is meaningless in such a case.

  3. Newcastle have signed a striker Cisse for 10m, Possible 1st choice striker with Demba Ba.



    Rumours Lenny enquired about Leon Best in the summer, Is he a possible loan option?

  4. I have to agree with the posters about hooper – with the hordes going for 4 in a row, we need proven operators

  5. I know everyone looks good on YouTube but Rabiu looks a really gifted player. The ball sticks to his feet. Welcome wee man.



    Waiting impatiently for the Copa del Rey. Doesn’t start till 10pm local time here.

  6. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    18 January, 2012 at 18:13



    Wiki reckons he’s been in Europe since summer 2007 with SP, but in a joint deal with Gateway FC – I think until 2008. He’s defo been resident in the EU since 2008, but I’m not sure exactly how this affects his permit application (or whether he now needs one)

  7. Has anybody told the Southampton manager that for every £10 (million) he wants to spend on a Celtic centre forward, he could just spend £5 (m?)on a whole team at a cash strapped football club not too far from Celtic Park ? Surprised Sir Moonbeams has not been on the phone.



    Wouldn’t the Daily Ranker just love Hoops to be sold.

  8. I asked a few days ago how to increase the volume on my new laptop. I was trying to listen to Celtic podcasts.




    I also asked how to jump the text upward without using the scroll arrows. I’m a new laptop user.



    Good news for everyone.



    Tesco sells a wee speaker at about £10 which increases the volume and solves the problem, while a tap on the mouse pad puts things upwards.



    Surprised the techno-marvels on here were stumped.



    Take a note.

  9. Can the taxman -in view of the live case- prevent Rankers from selling off any assets / players ahead of the decision ?

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 says:


    18 January, 2012 at 18:42



    James Forrest @14:59



    Brogan and James – outstanding stuff – it really is a privilege reading such well written articles. Thanks Guys. (You too Paul67 hehe)

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan



    First things first. Marseilles were not stripped of their Champions League victory in 1993. They were stripped of their French title, and relegated, but retained four previous titles achieved under the ownership of Bernard Tapie. Now, as I understand it, the Tribunal has one major decision to make regarding Rangers tax liability, was the EBT scheme used a proper vehicle for the purpose of renumerating “employees”? If it was the club/company is in the clear, end of story. The HMRC may choose to pursue the beneficiaries of the scheme, but in my view they could and should have done so previously, eg if and when individuals declared loans made through said scheme. Or if they did not, and declared only “onshore” payments by Rangers/MIH as their annual income, paying reduced taxes on that amount only. Of course, the Tribunal may decide to reject any and all appeals leaving Craig White et al liable for the disputed tax bills. I hope the latter is the case.



    For the last 4-5 years construction companies, and their recruitment agencies involved in the Olympic site in Stratford have been using similar schemes to pay both contractors and employees. I actually spoke to one of the offshore companies myself (Isle of Man) after receiving a contract offer last year. They were adamant the schemes were legal. Still got the contract. Didn’t start on site though. If the Tribunal does rule against Craig White, the HMRC has got it’s work cut out!

  12. If Rankers cannot publish their accounts (conveniently ? before the end of the transfer window) because of a fundamental concern over whether or not it can continue trading then surely the directors of that football club cannot sign any big deal contracts knowing that there was fundamental uncertainty over the future ? would the directors be responsible for any contracts entered into this window against a background of no filed accounts and fundamental issues over going concern in the event of administration / liquidation ?

  13. Ard Macha



    He’s having a good season. Don’t know if Newcastle would agree to it but they also have Ameobi brothers along with Cisse & Ba. HH

  14. dirtymac says:


    18 January, 2012 at 19:49



    jhilday says:


    18 January, 2012 at 19:47



    shift-space too.









    Thanks, mate.



    Hal Hail!

  15. Am I not right in saying that our manager has said that we don’t need to sell? Am I not also right in saying that Gary Hooper is not free to talk to anyone this month. That should be the end of any nonsense being talked. He has to be kept.



    If anyone is going out the door (and I am NOT suggesting this has to be)I would prefer it to be Ki. I believe he is the most gifted player at Parkhead but he won’t realise his potential in the SPL. He too often becomes anonymous when the opposition resort to clugging or packing their defence.

  16. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    ArdMacha, i dont think theres any chance Best will be at the Euro’s unless there is an injury. I think Trap has his 5 strikers in mind, Keano, Doyle, Long, Cox and Walters.




  17. Celtic Mac



    Did your EBT offer come with a guaranteed side letter telling you that everything will be alright?

  18. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and the Green Brigade but despises the anti irish/catholic bigotry inherent within the organisations who constitute the scottish establishment on

    Question says



    You need to get this sorted.



    Questions are asked not said!





  19. Parkheadcumsalford says



    Jimmy Johnstone realised his potential in the SPL as did Henrik Larrson.



    Why denigrate ourselves?



    If he is a potentially great player, why should he not fulfil that potential with us?

  20. jimmci



    Id take Sheila all day long ahead of Dellyhunt. In the nicest possible way mind!!!

  21. Seven Fishes Four Steaks says:


    18 January, 2012 at 19:58,



    You may well be right.



    What I was trying to say was that should he arrive, he will be trying to impress rather than just being happy to be here.



    Árd Macha

  22. Re. Radiu



    Don’t have a clue how good he is, or could be. Just one point about his height, or lack of it. Keep Jinky out of it, we won’t see his like again unfortunately.


    Watched Swansea completely outplay Arsenal at their own passing game with 3 midfielders :-


    Britton – 1.68m


    Allen – 1.68m


    Dyer – 1.65m



    Even Victor’s height and strength are just a complement – his skill, composure and awareness are what set him apart as a budding star.



    Still believe NL knows what he is doing re. building a squad/team, both for the present and the future.







  23. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    UC, ha i was wondering who the first person would be to say something along those lines!




  24. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    UC, if ROI had have drew France those 2 Long/Cox could have been up against Rod Fanni ha




  25. with a major sporting event on the horizon (built around Celtic Park -all taxes paid) then surely in the event of a national disgrace such as the establishment football club being convicted of tax irregularities, the Government of the day would demand the upmost of sanctions such as the stripping of titles / trophies ? Otherwise the nation could be considered unfit to host the Commonwealth games if financial doping went unpublished.






  26. AAFG says:


    18 January, 2012 at 20:09



    …Still believe NL knows what he is doing re. building a squad/team, both for the present and the future…




    Said that on here before.



    The squad we’re assembling, or indeed have assembled, Big Dan aside, can gel, improve and continue to play together for another 10 seasons.

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