Ibrahim chance to reboot potential at Celtic


Celtic have completed the signing of 20-year-old Nigerian, Rabiu Ibrahim subject to a medical, after he was released by PSV Eindhoven earlier this month.   Rabiu is known as a creative-central midfielder, a role that Celtic have played possibly as few as a dozen times in the last decade.

After leaving Nigeria full of promise as a 17-year-old the player failed to make the desired impact in Portugal and the Netherlands, but will still be regarded as a development project by the Celtic technical staff.  His short history in Europe, with tales of agents and representation investors already has enough material for a short novel, which will not have aided development.

The job for Celtic is to get Rabiu plugged back into his potential.  It remains to be seen what role he is deployed in when he gets the chance.

Welcome to Celtic, Rabiu.

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  1. Question says:


    18 January, 2012 at 20:13



    How embarrassing that could become, eh?



    ‘The Friendly Games’ with fake9, tax-dodgers, financial-doping, you name it, banners aplenty.




  2. Evening fellas, lassies, weans and dugs.



    Just read back and, for the first time in the whole RTC charade, I have felt the sense of history being made .


    Walls are tumbling and Celtic men have led the way in reporting, embarrassing the jurrassic journo’s – all the while getting with their day jobs !!



    James Forrest and BRTH at 14.59 and 17.10 (I think) – gentlemen, you are my cyber heroes.



    I am raising a cold beer to salute you, I like the cut of your respective jibs, and I enjoy everything you write.




  3. good evening cqn and welcome Rabiu


    all quiet on Jellyfish then no 10 million bid yet ?


    I reckon a 31 st of January bid from whoever take it or leave it,three penny carmels and the gas bill payed for a week

  4. The Legend Johnny Doyle on

    A Creative Midfielder,



    Celtic need all of their players to be creative, its the Celtic way. I wonder what position Neil & the coaching team have in mind for him? Meanwhile, down at Mordor….!




  5. dirtymac






    re NewOrcs or whatever the new name is, I heard from a good source that they will still have 5 Laughable stars on their tops







    this time, its one star for every £10m owed in back taxes……….

  6. Seven Fishes Four Steaks says:


    18 January, 2012 at 20:20


    Question, Hope u enjoy it :-)



    it will be donated in full to the Vanessa appeal

  7. James Forrest and BRTH outstanding work.



    As regards EBT’s someone posted a link a while ago to an article where the guy who designed this scheme wrote about the misreporting on the legality of his “package”, ooh err mrs, basicaly his assertion was that if used exactly as instructed the scheme was perfectly legal, ethically suspect but not illegal. He went on to say that it’s not the scheme which was at fault rather it was badly run by those using it. If I recall correctly he also said that contrary to his advice the scheme was administered by the huns themselves instead of paying his firm to manage it on their behalf. So stupidity and penny pinching caused the problems not the EBT.



    The moral of the story is huns are miserly and stupid. Seemples :-)

  8. Aarf, aarf – from a YouGov survey I am filling in just now –




    Which, if any, of the following applies to the way you usually pay taxes to HMRC? (If you usually pay your taxes using more than one method, please tick all methods that apply)



    I pay tax through PAYE


    I complete a self-assessment tax form online


    I complete a self-assessment tax form on paper


    My accountant submits my tax assessment online


    My accountant submits my tax assessment on paper


    Someone else submits my tax assessment online


    Someone else submits my tax assessment on paper


    Some other way


    I do not pay tax


    Don’t know



    Guess der bosche tick the 2nd bottom box?




  9. CelticMac,


    did wee dawyll not say on the radio that you had to earn 6 grand a week for to have an EBT,


    surely the workers down there aint earning that

  10. Welcome to Celtic Ibrahim!



    Kilbowie Kelt- sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts are with Barry’s wife and the kids. Devastating times!!!



    James Forrest- as many have already said… brilliant!



    macanbheatha, that wee video of the Thai Tims at the passport office almost brought a tear to my eye. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Its things like that which remind me why I love Celtic. More than a club is right!!! Cant wait for them to see and feel the atmosphere at Celtic Park. It really will be a life changing event for them and i hope they are back many times over the years. Im sure the fans will put an extra decibel or 2 into the singing just for them!!! :-)



    Hail Hail

  11. Interesting how James Nursery in the Mirror reports the story:



    Adkins returned on Tuesday with a £5million offer for Hooper, who has 16 goals this term.



    Saints are also putting together a mega financial-package to tempt Hooper, who is yet to agree a contract extension at Celtic.



    The ambitious South Coast club, who top the Championship, are offering Hooper a significant rise on his existing deal in the SPL.



    And Southampton are willing to then double Hooper’s contract IF they reach the Premier League.



    Top-flight Sunderland have also been monitoring Hooper but have cooled their initial interest.

  12. mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon on

    Merseycelt, I wouldn’t expect Neil Lennon to sign anyone he didn’t think was good enough for Celtic. In the scenario you speak of Neil is still in charge of what is happening, I am happy with that. The scenario others were portraying was one where Neil is told who he has to sell and who he has to sign. The Neil Lennon I think I know wouldn’t do that.

  13. If Celtic moved south and played the likes of this tonight, we have absolutely nothing to fear from teams like this, we would be top 4 in a year or 2

  14. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Celtic Mac @19:51



    You will see I corrected the article and acknowledge that Marseille kept the champions league title but lost the French title which was shown to have been gained as a result of financial irregularity.



    EBT’s are a perfectly lawful way of remunerating employees under certain strict basis and when fully complied with.



    The situation here is that Rangers did not stick to the guidelines and may well have deliberately decided to withold the truth about financial remuneration from the footballing authorities.



    Rangers PLC will go into insolvent liquidation eventually and that stage the Directors could face personal liability for wrongful trading or malfeasance.



    However it may be the attempts to cover up what was going on that may well lead to the greatest fall out- but all that depends on what the tribunal actually find by way of fact.

  15. jhilday,



    I am NOT denigrating us at all. In fact, I think for us to fulfil our potential we need to leave the SPL. In Jinky’s day, while the old First Division wasn’t the best, it was a lot better than our current one. I have often wondered what he would have achieved if he had gone to Real. They adored him in the Bernabeau. We all know what Henrik achieved at Barca.



    As far developing, we all know too how Kenny Dalglish went from strength to strength at Liverpool.

  16. macanbheatha says:


    18 January, 2012 at 19:55












    the wee bhoy in the middle that does the mad dance, he has me laughing in every video he is in.






    when are they actually at celtic park ?


    on the day celtic could promote it, and i think the place would sell out,



    but also an official bucket collection for the thai tims as well should take place.



    well done the other Mr Lennon, Rheamonn and the rest of them, fantastic.

  17. knoxy2000 says:


    The son follows them on face book and it says there


    that they are first ones from their town /village to have passports


    Say’s it all really

  18. Ceasar67,


    thought i had heard it sometime,i know tradesmen earn a few quid but certainly not that much,


    if true it kinda blows CelticMacs theory out of the water,although he does submit a good defence for our


    cash strapped neighbours:>)

  19. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Good Evening Infidels,



    A warm welcome to Rabiu… broken wing…. hopefully we can nurse him back so that he can see his full potential

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Just in, haven’t read back but, if it’s true that the St Mirren chairman has ordered a search of every Celtic fan at the weekend game, our Board need to take immediate action…never mind whether or he actually carries out this action ‘on the day’…he has ‘shown his hand’



    This is the second time St Mirren have ‘crossed the line’ and it is not acceptable at all……we can talk about it all we like…but ACTION is required, swift & decisive…….end of story…!!!!!!

  21. Eyes Wide Open on

    mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon says:


    18 January, 2012 at 18:50



    Whilst I agree with your sentiment – when do we know if a Lennon signing is a Lennon signing?



    He told us he wanted Bangura – he didnt.



    He plays along with the boards own strategy – which I understand, to an extent.



    I think the time to stop doing it was when he had enough clout after the ‘this is only the beginning’ speech.



    However, I believe Lennon not only goes along with it, but he believes in it.



    Even though the striker he wanted has just been sold to Seville for €3m and the one he didnt was signed months ago for a few hundred thousand less.



    The Baba Diawara / Mohammed Bangura one really grates with me.



    Im delighted we signed the young Nigerian – not sure how we will accomodate that type of player when we dont play the fluid systems that type of player seems to need to fit in (as opposed to a 442 or a 352).



    Welcome to Celtic Ibrahim.

  22. setting free the bears says:


    18 January, 2012 at 20:44


    Celtic Mac



    You were looking for a pic of Ali at CP in 1965.



    This is the best I can do- pic number 5- Beware! this is a link to Kev Jungle’s favourite paper and the employers of Keevins & Traynor- The DR






    that coul;d be a friday night picture round, i see McNeill at the back, and McBride on the far right side , anyone else emdy ?

  23. Kittoch/gordybhoy



    No written guarantees with the contract, but verbal guarantees from one; main contractor (who I have worked with before), two, their agency and three, the offshore company itself. Of the three the offshore company was the most confident the scheme was watertight.



    No minimum payment as far as I am aware, but obviously you would need to be paid sufficient to take advantage of the basic tax system, roughly 20% of total renumeration would be paid for both income tax and national insurance purposes. With a total spend of billions, you could safely state that sizeable tax avoidance is going on. The question being, is it tax avoidance?

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