Ibrahim chance to reboot potential at Celtic


Celtic have completed the signing of 20-year-old Nigerian, Rabiu Ibrahim subject to a medical, after he was released by PSV Eindhoven earlier this month.   Rabiu is known as a creative-central midfielder, a role that Celtic have played possibly as few as a dozen times in the last decade.

After leaving Nigeria full of promise as a 17-year-old the player failed to make the desired impact in Portugal and the Netherlands, but will still be regarded as a development project by the Celtic technical staff.  His short history in Europe, with tales of agents and representation investors already has enough material for a short novel, which will not have aided development.

The job for Celtic is to get Rabiu plugged back into his potential.  It remains to be seen what role he is deployed in when he gets the chance.

Welcome to Celtic, Rabiu.

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  1. Tricoloured Ribbon says:


    18 January, 2012 at 21:41


    Birmingham’s Murphy playing at left-back without a number or name on his back.



    Didn’t know that was allowed.





    He went off for 3 stitches, covered in blood, probably only brought 1 numbered strip each.

  2. tommytwiststommyturns Kano 1000 on

    Barca wrongly called offside twice….what’s Spanish for McBride ?!!




  3. ghents



    maybe i`m jumping the gun re Hooper but i don`t trust PL and i`m afraid Hooper will go if the price is right



    the club should unequivocally state that no player who is a mainstay of the team is for sale



    maybe i`m just being paranoid



    as for Bangura …i`ve watched this guy every time he has played …imo he has shown precious little …poor signing

  4. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Aye saw he had a cut earlier Kittoch but I would have thought you needed an identified number in a case of bookings or red cards.

  5. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Tax Case is in the can, we’re about to see what wee Whytie’s game is. And whether the game in Scotland has any integrity.



    My bet? Whytie was a put up… a front… agreed and planned by Minty and the bank to take the flak. In return, he makes a tidy wee sum and, at last for him, has some real money to play with.

  6. neveralone says:


    18 January, 2012 at 21:37


    Can’t stop myself from posting this…



    The feeling the tax case will not turn out as we may hope pervades my being. Should that happen it will feel like a bereavement with a huge feeling of loss.



    I realise they will still have problems enough but not to see them on their knees…



    I’m probably just cowardly for thinking this way :-(






    Say they win the tax case? It would be like a quack saying ‘…bad news, I’ve cut the wrong leg off, good news, the guy in the next bed wants to buy your slippers!…’ Either way, they’re Donald Ducked, I firmly believe that the MBB is deliberately sinking this ship.

  7. Evening hoops,



    ASONOFADAN – RE:Bangura – agree, judge when he has had a proper run of being injury free. Better players have had ropey starts to careers at big clubs. (Drogba was truely awful in his first season at Chelski.)



    Regarding todays new lad, – signing someone on a 3.5 year contract off the back of a trial? Have i heard that right? lol!



    Things looking good for the future lads. in Lenny / J Park we trust.



    Peace, love and bananas.

  8. I am Neil Lennon - LTPS on

    Honest mistake(s) for season 2012/13?



    Rangers Union 1 – 0 East Stirling


    McCoist 90+10 (pen). Att. 1,888 @ Cash Coverters Stadium



    Rookie player-manager McCoist scores with the last kick of the ball (on the third re-take) to earn the new club their first victory of the season. East Stirling, down to 8 men, were unhappy with the award of the fifth penalty of the game. Nothing to see … Move along.

  9. Eyes Wide Open on

    for all those who are convincing themselves that everything is always as it seems unless they can have catagoric proof to state otherwise, there is a simple sum below which adds 1 + 1 and equals………




    Maritimo beat Sporting Lisbon on Sunday 28th August


    Neil Lennon was in Portugal watching Diawara





    story breaks the following day with quotes coming from the Maritimo chairman confirming a deal was in place.


    Lennon was in Portgual





    the very next day we have signed Bangura



    Do the math folks.


    Or, if its easier go on convincing yourselves Diawara didnt want to come, we would never have got him, Lennon went to watch someone else, Lennon always gets his no 1 target etc etc

  10. Eyes Wide Open on

    celtic40me says:


    18 January, 2012 at 21:47



    wiah that advice came 5 mins earlier pal – even the constant reminder of butler being cel’ic daft isnt numbing the pain!!!!

  11. EWO



    don`t forget that P67 ran a headline story on here that Diawarra was signed



    something strange in this situation

  12. All this nonsense about our failing to sign Diawara. I thought we had to have a work permit, which we couldn’t get. Anybody with any ability and sense is going to opt for La Liga every time.

  13. Eyes Wide Open says:


    18 January, 2012 at 21:50


    Do the math folks.


    Or, if its easier go on convincing yourselves Diawara didnt want to come, we would never have got him, Lennon went to watch someone else, Lennon always gets his no 1 target etc etc






    Pure lost by the way!! what’s your point?

  14. mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon on

    Eyes Wide Open, sorry you’re right, that is categoric proof!



    Until someone can give me some proof I will support Neil’s version.



    PFAYR, maybe there is something strange in the situation, but it isn’t necessarily what you and EWO think it is.

  15. EWO



    I cannot do the Math for the sum that reads A+B+C+D+E……+Y= Z



    when the only known variable is Z, i.e. Lenny watched Diawara in Portugal.



    The other half of the equation could read dirty weekend, mislead the press, sunshine break or any number of combinations of yours and mines’ imaginations.



    I still know nothing about what Neil Lennon truly wanted and, I suspect, you are in a similar state of bliss.

  16. Looks like a trip to Inverness accompanied with the usual pash headlines. Dunfermline have chucked it with 10 minutes still to play.

  17. Gave in to the temptation and chased back to find James Forrest @ 1459 today because I had seen a few responses praising it.



    Im glad I did.



    Very good article and im sure there are many of here who are totally envious of how he manages to encapsulate the words and feelings inside our own heads and put semblence to them.

  18. setting free the bears says:


    18 January, 2012 at 21:57



    I know enough of Lenny to spot the signings that werent his own.



    Darryl Murphy and Mohammed Bangura are two.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    less than £3k takes the Vanessa Appeal through the £110,000 mark.



    If you haven’t read her story and been a touch moved then see http://www.justgiving.com/vanessa-appeal where you can make a donation or text VANY99 £x to 70070.



    I know of numerous fundraisers taking place, buckets in pubs, coffee mornings, soup kitchens and raffles, auctions, quiz nights, walks,runs and god knows what else.



    This wee lass needs the money for cancer treatment in Philadelphia- in the UK she has a less than 10% chance of living. She was at Lennoxtoun yetserday to meet her heroes despite undergoing yet another round of Chemo. Do what you can– even if that is doing nothing other than boring every other bugger to death with her story–eh— a bit like yours truly.



    I know she is just one wee lass and it is an awful lot of money to raise but if she were mine I would do anything to raise this dough.



    Beg, Borrow and I can’t say hand on heart that I wouldn’t rob the rich to help the poor.



    There was a great Clydebank man who I knew years ago called Willie Blaney. Willie, as a man, was as gruff as they came. He drove an ashtray! After shave was by Benson and Hedges, and no matter what you told him to do– Willie was likely to do precisely the opposite.He hated authority.



    Yet he did huge amounts for drink and drug addicts, ran Scottish Junior football for a time, literally gave his own money away to look after folk. You are talking about one of the great men of all time.



    Anyway, Willie had a great quote that he loved.



    Go and disturb the comfortable, to comfort the disturbed. It was referred to repeatedly at his funeral in OHR.



    So– if you have a few quid– or if you know someone who has a few quid– go and disturb them. This wee girl is far from comfortable. She wakes up each day in the knowledge that the likeliehood is that she is going to die. SOON! Her mother and father wake to the same thought.



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    If any of the horsey bhoys have a win on the nags tomorrow– remember Vanessa. She is running her own race and right now she is a long shot to finish. With a few quid we can make her favourite!



    This is the art of the possible and it is possible to save Vanessa Riddle.



    Please SAVACELT!

  20. Pf ayr



    The rags had it at 2m back then, he’s gone for about the same amount now, after a pretty good first half of this season



    His record until this season suggests that e was overpriced at 4m

  21. Re. Rangers Tax Case:



    the poster ‘Not The Huddle Malcontent’, iirc, posted on RTC today the dread notion that the RTC guy is really Jack Irvine, there are no side letters, the whole thing is a big GIRFUY Timmy, nothing to see here move along.



    I don’t think he truly felt that, or believed it, but it illustrated starkly how much of this new media lark is taken on trust.



    So I get where neveralone was coming from with that last post. Any ‘lay’ followers of the whole RTC shebang, on that blog or outside of it, are operating on a whole series of assumptions stacked upon one another, and at moments like this when months of tortuous communal detective work are approaching a big ‘Reveal!’ moment, you do find yourself checking the basic assumptions you made at the start of the process.



    Have I really walked the ten miles home over the moors from the pub in a dreadful storm without checking my pockets properly for the keys, that sort of feeling.

  22. Ten Men Won The League on

    If the Diawara deal was ‘done’ back in August, then why did Lenny go to watch him just before Xmas against Porto?



    Also, either Parker or John Park watched him in a game circa October time



    Looks to me like Lenny wasn’t convinced

  23. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    the toothbru..! ah never mind



    who you tryin to kid anyway… yer ain teeth… at your age? ;)

  24. Regards Diawara, Did Celtic not pursue him in the summer because he would never have got a work permit.



    Why all this conspiracy p1sh?

  25. Hi guys



    Before you read what I’m about to say, I just want to say I’m not preaching; I’m only saying how I feel at the moment.



    I just found out my step-father’s cancer is terminal, and to say it is a shock is, well, an understatement.



    He is a Rangers fan – a good Rangers fan who loves his club, and you’ll struggle to meet a nicer man. The thought of him possibly losing his club on top of everything, to me, seems so cruel.



    I’m not calling for us to fund-raise for their survival. I’m just saying this because right now football means very little. And if Rangers are to win the league, no matter how much I despise the history and culture at that club, I’d be happy that it will give him some joy.

  26. Professor Green on

    The referee in the el classico just blessed himself at the start of the 2nd half.



    Can’t see it catching on in Scotland

  27. West Wales Celt on

    EWO, 22:02;


    I understood that he was certainly a big pal of Murphy…


    Thought Murphy lodged with Lenny though I may be wrong…