Ibrox: dangers and opportunities


In January I shared a concern with a Newco fan.  At the time, they were four points clear, both teams had a game before meeting at Celtic Park.  My worry was that Newco could go into the game knowing that whatever the result, they would still be top of the league.

They could hope of moving well clear at the top, and concerns contained to nothing more than a reduced lead.  A disastrous display in Dingwall combined with a 10-man-inspired Liel Abada winner two hours later turned the psychological tables.  Celtic went top with a win over Newco, an oppertunity they took and never let go.

Celtic and a hardy band of 700 followers go to Ibrox on Monday with a 9-point lead.  Defeat would do little damage to their heavily odds-on favourites status, whereas a win would put them out of sight.  I doubt this game will determine the outcome of the title (on this question, the win at Hibs may be more important), but a win, or even a draw, would be an important determinant in our squad planning for the remainder of the season.

Newco mostly attack down their right, through Tavenier’s overload.  Daizen Maeda was a successful counter to this at Ibrox in April, pushing Tavenier back.  He seems a perfect fit on our left flank.  Jota has been out of the starting line-up recently as he recuperates from illness.  He is our most valuable talent and now fit.  Will he start on the right?  You may think so, but if Ange Postecoglou watches reruns of our recent encounters with Newco he will recall how Abada torments Newco left back Barasic.

The final decision may come down to the fitness of Jota.  He is unlikely to play 90 minutes, I think Abada will get the nod.

With Josip Juranovic certain to return at right back, Ange must decide which two join Callum McGregor in central mid.  Reo Hatate and Matt O’Riley are the settled selection, but you have seen Aaron Mooy’s recent influence.  At an away game where Celtic can afford to be patient, a McGregor-Mooy partnership sounds like it could control that crucial area of the field.

Whatever the league table tells you, Newco will be strong and ready for the challenge.  They suffered earlier in the season through injuries, in particular at central defence.  Goldson and Davies are both back and better than those playing there recently.

Barasic and Tavernier have been exposed by successive Celtic teams, so there are areas for us to exploit where they are weak, but their core is robust and twice last spring did well against Celtic.  Jack, Lundstram, Kent and Morelos will let Celtic know they are not on home turf.  This is a battle we will need to win if our devastatingly good forwards are to be given chances.

My greatest fear is a random ball-to-arm inside the Celtic box.  We appear to be in a lawless era of the game, which never bodes well for Celtic.  My random hope is that the Charge against Allan McGregor as a hasbeen is confirmed by a costly error.

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  1. PHILBHOY on 30TH DECEMBER 2022 9:51 PM


    Heading up to Stonehaven tomorrow, so won’t be back on ’til next year.



    Best wishes to all Celts who post on here and God bless those in need.



    Take care and C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    Great place Phil.


    The walk with the fireballs is a brilliant spectacle Phil.


    I brought in the new year there many year ago.







  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Tearmann @ 9:04pm



    Decent post. Cheers.



    I’d respectfully rebut one of your themes




    “would disagree saying it stopped b2b,for eg with Fergus it was the fields of Athenry


    How did that go down- with us well


    With those who’d end us,it trod their (webbed) toes!!


    Nothing is acceptable of irish origin to them here”




    So I’m saying it did stop.


    Fans sang the Fields, not about the IRA.



    – Grace


    – Let the People Sing


    – The Fields of Athenry



    Common theme?



    Other than they are beautiful songs



    Love outlasting oppression.



    That same love that drove a man to create a football club to feed the oppressed.



    There’s the victory if you need one.



    As for those with webbed feet?



    Agree with you – they’ll never accept anything Irish.



    So what? It’s about what we find acceptable.


    (personally couldn’t care less about the ignorant opinions of these bigots)



    Green Brigade – respectfully the war is over. Eire is free of British empirical oppression. Eire won, British Empire lost and is continuing to lose



    If your aim in life is to use Sevco, Empire, and all that guff as a yardstick to favourably measure up against? ….


    … You’re aiming FAR TOO LOW !!



  3. Bayern Munich, frae another starlet









    Weare doing Something right.














  4. PETEC on 31ST DECEMBER 2022 6:25 AM



    Thanks for some of your Links.


    I enjoyed watching Big ARTUR saving the Penalties in the Spartak Moscow game.



    I can remember reading about Artur Boruc shortly after he joined Celtic.


    He was out and about in Glesgas Sooth Side, when he came across a Gang of Racist Neds who were abusing a young Immigrant Couple in a park.


    Artur ” Stepped In”…and the Neds were chased, too feart to face Big Artur.



    What a HERO ON and OFF the park !


    God Bless Artur, and what a character. A Big Bhoy with an even BIGGER HEART.


    HH mate.

  5. MOD88


    You been busy during the night with man of many names?


    Or was I halucinating at around 01:50 time

  6. Celtic B Team yesterday…


    To try and answer my own question about Celtics number 17 who scored Goals 4 and 5….I think his name is ” JOEY DAWSON” ?



  7. PETEC on 31ST DECEMBER 2022 3:45 AM


    Petula (what a name) Clark….




    I had a wee Bhoys ” Crush” on Petula back in the 1960’s.


    LISTEN to Petula singing….” THIS IS MY SONG”, which was a Big Hit for her….and it was Written by CHARLIE CHAPLIN.


    Sorry, I cant do any Links.


    HH Mate.

  8. We’re bookies favourites for Monday, I suspect its been a while since that was the case for Ibrox.



    After Ibrox the next round of fixtures have Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Livi and the huns coming to Celtic Park.



    We’re in an incredibly strong position going into this game. Hopefully we play with a freedom that our position affords us.







    Very good post 👍





    I agree it does read really well, it flows with poignant thought that could have filled the pages and thoughts of any good author diligently researching material through an educated lens. IMHO it’s also important to take into consideration the passion and emotions felt, especially looking back, when transitioning from where you have been to where we are going. It’s all just views doesn’t make it the right or wrong view for all – sometimes it’s good to have the courage to come down from the lofty safe heights and actually feel the emotion living and breathing all around the subject – don’t worry it will not change how you feel but may soften the lash slightly and quicken the path for all to the place you offer. One of cleverest, wisest well read people I knew spoke of the land to the north of Eire quoting numerous facts and stories, I on the other hand not so bright lived and worked there, I took him with me on a trip and discovered it was his first trip to that place he spoke of so well, it’s amazing what you can learn when you have the courage to look at others perspectives, and then contribute. Always enjoy reading your posts B2BGHF.

  10. Reading that Ibrox has been voted as the best Stadium in Britain,if my memory serves me well it needed a lot of internal work to be done,a lot of there support came forward ie mostly tradesmen a lot of repairs were needed along with a facelift same over at Murray Park ? maybe that’s what is Celtic Supporters need to do at our Stadium which lets face it parts of it need replacing,one thing for sure is no way will Dermot Desmond or any of them cash strapped directors will put there hands into there own pockets.

  11. SCANIEL….


    Maybe you should have built an ARK judging by the weather doon your way ?


    I hope that you and ALL the family are safe and well…..the same goes for ALL your Family of Pets.


    i hope to meet BIG JIMMY, in the New Year ?


    HH Mate.

  12. My friends in Celtic,



    As we approach the end of 2022, time for some general reflection and a bit of light relief before our Derby game.



    Do you remember when many discussions on here ended with the words ” Be careful, be very careful ”


    Some responded with conspiracy theory bampots.



    I was uneasy giving the establishment swathing powers. Powers that would be used for control and would not easily be given up.


    Covid lockdown is to be rebranded as climate change lockdown.


    15 /20 minute zones and cities. The WEF philosophy gaining traction.



    Research it with an open mind, do your homework and draw your own conclusions.


    Vigilance should never sleep.



    HH to all.

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