Ibrox shadows lengthen with word on Celtic Football & Athletic Co


This evening’s statement from Gordon Smith, effectively claiming he was not in control of “recruitment, scouting [and]transfer negotiations” at Rangers confirms many rumours of power-struggles between him and manager, Ally McCoist, who, apparently, didn’t allow the director of football his way on recruitment matters.

Rangers made it known that wages for February were paid today and that Smith and, also now redundant, Ali Russell, will both continue to work until the end of the month.  This begs the question, who else will go before the end of the month?

The first responsibility of an administrator is to try to keep the company trading.  Duff and Phelps have been trying to do this.  While it was a surprise (to me) to see Rangers director, Dave King, at Ibrox meeting the administrators with McCoist yesterday, King, along with other directors, wealthy fans and perhaps even the former owner, will all have been asked if they would be prepared to put money into the club to keep it ticking over until the end of the season.  My information is that no one has put as much as the £1 Craig Whyte put on the table to buy the club last year.

I could break off here and tell you about the man that walked into a Bank of Scotland in 1994 and paid a huge sum of money into Celtic’s account to prevent the club going into administration.  He had no guarantees from the old board, who still owned the club, and future managing director Fergus McCann was in no position to guarantee anything either, but that’s a story for another day, I’ll wouldn’t bring his name into this sorry tale.  Suffice to say, in our hour of need, someone stepped forward.

It’s now a matter of cash.  With wages paid until the middle of next week there is no immediate danger, but the administrators will need a pretty good reason to believe they have wages for March before they retain staff until Thursday next week.

The loss of Russell and the general state of chaos that having to work with various government agencies, including police investigators, will make the business of running a football club technically difficult.  They have already missed an important action, but it’s not my job to point this out to them.  Until it’s too late.

The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Ltd

I think when you have been asked the same question about six times in a few days it’s worth explaining the issue here.  If a football club is liquidated it’s finished.  Continuity with its history and records ends.  This is not the same as a football company changing its name.

Celtic was established as a sporting club at a meeting in a church hall in November 1887, in many ways, no different than a million other football, karate and badminton clubs.  It subsequently registered with the SFA in 1888.  In April 1897 it incorporated as a private limited company, registering as The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Ltd at Companies House.  It was the 3487th company to register in Scotland and was given the incorporation number SC003487.

In 1994 the company became a public limited company and changed its name to Celtic PLC but, of course, remained the same company, with the same incorporation number and retained the same registration with the SFA.  You can check our corporate history, from incorporation in 1897, to name change in 1994 to our most recent annual return, dated 31 December 2011, at Companies House here.

On the same day Celtic changed its name to Celtic PLC, Fergus McCann changed the name of an off the shelf company, securing the old trading name ‘The Celtic Football and Athletic Company Ltd’, which is fully owned by Celtic PLC, but is not registered as a football club.  I assume this was to secure our old name for the club and to protect it from potential abuse.

Don’t let anyone tell you our history ‘started in 1994’.  We are very much the club of Maley, Quinn, Thomson, McGrory, Stein, Johnstone and Dalglish.

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  1. Gordon smith will be lifting the lid on his time at ragers.



    A no holds barred account as he exposes all the moving and shaking.



    In his owns words…..”there will be hell toupee”….

  2. Some Hun Pledge names: Their “data filter” will never pick these up…



    A Eichmann


    William Fish


    Reginald Dwight


    Findlay Presbyterian Crawford


    Ted Crilley


    James Hoffa




    Francis Carson


    A. Sharon.

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Gerry S



    Andy Kerr got done for D D at the weekend going home from the Killie game. Took the car off him banned for 2 yrs and fined £670.

  4. They have accepted my pledges.



    pigalle puffs out chest, whistles The Sash, gets some more beer from the fridge, and then tries to figure out some more


    names and convincing email addresses to get in there with to amuse himself…..



    I hope this time never ends.



    I won’t know what to do LOL



    The huns is stupid and they are to be gone soon.



    Until then I’m gonna enjoy it TO THE VERY MAX




  5. No doubt Smith will slink back to the SFA in the role of chief executive of presidential boot licking, I would prefer that to hearing that moron on the radio.

  6. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on




    We also registered Celtic FC Limited to protect the name as well.



    The huns are sad and delusional. It took me 5 minutes to follow the same trail last night and work out the logic of why these 2 additional non-trading companies were set up. Semples:-)







  7. Airdrie United were formed in 2002, following the bankruptcy of Airdrieonians.



    Airdrieonians had finished runners-up in the Scottish First Division in the 2001–02 season but went out of business with debts approaching £3 million.



    The collapse of “The Diamonds”, as they were known due to their distinctive kits, created a vacancy in the Scottish Football League (in the Scottish Third Division). Accountant and Airdrieonians fan Jim Ballantyne attempted, with the help of others, to gain entry with a club called “Airdrie United” who were essentially to be a reincarnation of Airdrieonians. Their application however was rejected as the then English Northern Premier League side Gretna were preferred by league members over the new Airdrie United.



    Ballantyne went on to complete a buy-out of the ailing Second Division side Clydebank and with SFL approval the club was relocated to Airdrie, the strips were transformed to resemble that of Airdrieonians, and the name was changed to Airdrie United. While this means that the club is therefore officially a continuation of Clydebank it is almost universally accepted as a reincarnation of Airdrieonians, with Clydebank having been reformed by supporters groups and entering into the Scottish Junior League.



    Airdrie United have won two trophies in their short history – the Scottish Second Division in 2003–04 and the ALBA Challenge Cup in 2008–09.

  8. Fergus McCann has said that he could have let Celtic go into liquidation and saved himself some money but he didnae want the Club to lose it’s History and Integrity…..or words to that effect

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I thought Dave King had too move his hun shares into his mothers name. I suppose he has power of attorney over them but if they are back in his name then he farting in the face ifi the SA authorities.




  10. It’s just like last week we were known as Celtic PTC. And this week we are known as Champions.




  11. only my observation, but across the channels tonight, each could be about the Rangers – apart from one…. any guesses??



    BBC 1 – Inside Men


    BBC 2 – Inside the Meltdown


    ITV – Kidnap and Ransom


    CH4 – Great Ticket Scandal



  12. viewfaethewindae on

    Man Utd Ajax is a decent game, the only difference in the clubs is the league they play in, wouldn’t it be fitting if Ajax, Celtic and others could play in a financially beneficial structure which would enable them to compete at the highest level again, our board should be at the forefront of any moves to a better set up, there are too many former European giants withering in poor leagues. Ajax deserve better.

  13. Paul67,



    Re our name, when this came out the other day, even the hardcore on FF where telling folk not to embarrass themselves repeating it.

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