ICC absurd fantasies


“Old Firm game for Wembley”. Heaven help us. I don’t doubt International Champions Cup owner, Charlie Stillitano, has a sharp eye for what he could turn into a commercial success, but there can be fewer worse ideas in the history of sporting endeavour.

So many things could go wrong with such a fixture, some would go wrong, and the contagion would spread to Celtic. There’s no mention in any coverage of this item that Celtic have been consulted at any level, so I’m assuming they were as surprised as the rest of us at the moment (they were at a similar suggestion of a game in Australia a few years ago).

Stillitano cites hosting Manchester City-Manchester United in Beijing later this year as being something of an approximation. It’s not. I suggest he looks to somewhere deep in the Monglian hinterland for a venue for a Glasgow derby of this nature. Even then I would decline.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    We were very much closer to taking “The Old Firm” to the USA in 2009 than you suggest Paul. Very much closer.




  2. TET (from the previous blog)



    Of course, that is where the trickle-down economics kicks in and ‘compensates’ for the lack of jobs. Except it doesn’t as lots of money is siphoned offshore and not even spent in this country. There’s not even commensurate levels of money being raised from taxation on the money being earned or spent.



    All in it together – they must think we button up the back.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Stilitano did not want Leicester in the ECL next season.



    Saaltire in Seville thankyou for your response to the Liverpool question [FTLT].



    As ole TBB pointed out, my reply was [yet another] failed attempt to lighten the mood on here.

  4. HUNDERBIRDS ARE GONE-I was at Nottingham ,and the Love St Cup Tie where i think the attendance was given as 27,000……

  5. KevJ-It was Lackie from The Hun newspaper,who started the ‘coughgate’ bollox,he should have banned along with his rag after it,hope you are well.HH

  6. Paul67,



    Having been there AND played in the national football stadium (with Willie Henderson, no less!, Mongolia does not have the size of stadium to cope with an Old Firm game.



    A shame as I would love to return.

  7. traditionalist88 on




    He did say he is in regular contact with Mr.Lawwell, which is interesting for a few reasons




  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I can check that. I still have the t-shirt I was wearing. Now let me count the footprints ;)

  9. What’s absurd about it?



    Has the Celtic hierarchy done anything over the last 4 years to suggest that they consider “Rangers” to be toxic?



    What has anyone at Celtic done to challenge the almost complete rehabilitation of “Rangers”?



    A: Nothing.



    When I saw this report I – and I suspect many thousands of others – saw it as entirely plausible given the attitude of management at Celtic Park.

  10. TheClumpany,



    Your piece on Hillsborough is spot on the mark! I hope you reconsider your self-imposed exile as I know loads of people thoroughly enjoyed your blog.

  11. HUNDERBIRDS ARE GONE on 27TH APRIL 2016 11:37 AM




    Great post fella, Hail Hail.


    Was at the 3 of those games.


    I was lucky enough to miss the crushing in the 1, 2, games


    but, what I recall about the Love Street game was that, the rumours at the time were


    that about 10,000 were locked outside the stadium that night.I didn’t get in till shortly before half time.


    But, before we got in I remember seeing lots of fans waving whie hankies in the air as fans were fainting in the crushing at the turnstyles, very scary.


    I witnessed this again in the Real Madrid game at Celtic Park were we, a group of us 15 / 20 all had tickets but, didny get using them as we couldn’t get in through the gates so, we walked all round the stadium outside and, got to the Rangers end and, the houses at the back had gardens behind the perimiter walls.


    There were blokes from the houses with sets of ladders running from, the garden then drop over the wall and ye were inside the stadium. The blokes took a couple of quid and – ye were in.


    Anyway, we made our way round to the Jungle but, we usually stood behind the white number 9 exit at, the Rangers end of the Jungle(if ye know what I mean:)….well, that was stowed oot so, we made our way up to the back of the Jungle, climbed up onto the ledge and were hanging on to a big thick metal pipe than ran the length of the Jungle. In front of us was the same as Love street with, fans waving white hankies as fans fainted due to the crushing – really scary.


    The 2-0 victory was one of the best that Jungle had ever seen…imho


    Sadly, we went out in the next leg then….blew a 10 point lead to, lose the title to Aberdeen(my favorite 2nd team coz, they hate the huns more than us:)…..that was made up for when, we skelped the huns in the SCF and in the riot afterwards.


    Hail Hail.

  12. Paul 67 Et Al.



    Celtic playing any team at Wembley would be good.



    However can the police be trusted ? I have got no doubt that Police Scotland would go to town. Even watching in a Hammersmith pub would be subject to the OB Storm trooper tactics.



    Fans not criminals.




  13. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH APRIL 2016 12:18 PM




    Hail Hail fella.


    Yer right and, thanks.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “So many things could go wrong with such a fixture”




    Not least the problem that only one of the Old Firm clubs still exists. Wouldn’t be much of a game!

  15. ..



    From the Last thread..







    ‘Unlawful Killing’




    A Very Emotive Heading for a Article..




    In the Last 3 Pages..Me and another say 5 or 6 other Posters..Posted something in Relation to the Article’s Headline..




    Not one Person Responded to Any of these Posts as Far as i can See..




    In Amongst these 3 Pages our Friend from Poland reminded the Blog of Pablophanques Passing 5 Years.. ago..Only DBBIA responded as far a l can See..in 150 Posts..








    Too many even the Good Posters of Yesteryear More interested in Arguing and Points-Scoring about everything and anything apart from Celtic or even Football..;(




    l have always said try and Never Slag off CQN as it was my Only place of Solace at times in the Last 11 Years..








    CQN is Now my Fifth or Six Blog/Website that l Look at Now when l open my Phone/Laptop..That just happened over the last 2 Years.. l Didn’t Flounce..I Didn’t slag off or Argue with other Posters to make this Happen..It just happened..








    Yours in Dismay..





  16. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Oh look…a squirrel!



    What happened to the ‘big picture’ piece?

  17. Anything to promote the ‘OF’ myth. Wouldn’t surprise me if Newco are promoting the idea behind the scenes.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GREENPINATA on 27TH APRIL 2016 12:09 PM






    You are absolutely correct; Glasgow is a far better place now than it was years ago. Of course there is still a long, long way to go, but the Labour administrations have generally done a fair job.





    Don`t doubt it for a moment.




    Them and us.


    Just so silly.


    Trashcan of history.

  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on


  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    It would actually be interesting to see where this “idea” came from (what “Level”?).


    Hmmm – are any of the clubs in need of a financial boost?


    I really hope our next manager isn’t an Old Firmist. Have a bad feeling it will be though.


    There’s only one club which will benefit from the return of the Old Firm and it isn’t Celtic.

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I was at the Real Madrid Parkhead game. I was in the Jungle, usual place. There was a crowd of us, up to a dozen, who used to hang out halfway between the Celtic End and the Halfway line.



    One of the best nights I had at a game. Head nearly exploded when Doyle scored :)))



    My only regret was that Madrid were wearing blue, and not their famous white. I still had my ticket up to about ten years ago, when I gave it to my then Brother in law as a souvenir, he was about 19 at the time. Said he would keep it safe forever. I remember it cost £1.80.



    That night was only bettered by the 10 men won the league night.



    It was magic in the Jungle right enough :))))))





    I’ve seen you in yer dress-to-kill day attire.



    Please don’t flounce,I don’t think I could handle a photie of you in the obligatory tutu!



    On the subject in question,I didn’t know Pablo. But I know how much he was loved and respected on here. I bookmarked ZBYSZEK’s post to remind me to pay my respects to Jonathan and Sara on the day.



    I also recall OLDTIM’s post about PABLOPHANQUE popping round to take him to the match.



    “Are you no’ ready yit,ya aul’ guy?”



    Guy might not have been the word he used…

  23. An Teach Solais on

    SUMMA OF SAMMI @ 12.26pm



    Excellent post. Thought provoking. Hope it stirs some debate on positive approach to improving things.


    On a separate point, does anyone know when the next hearing into the matter of El Chico con Los Manos Grandes v SF A in the matter of the suitability of TG&SL is to take place? HH

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