Icelanders against Celtic, and the warnings


After nine consecutive years in the European Cup, Celtic’s first game in Europe’s second tournament saw them win 0-2 away to Valur in Iceland on their way to a 9-0 aggregate win.  In more recent times, we faced KR Reykjavik in 2014 and Stjarnan a year later, both in Champions League qualification round 2.

Although the aggregate score across these Champions League qualifiers was 11-1, we had to wait until a minute before halftime to take the lead in the first leg at Celtic Park against Stjarnan.  The Ronny Deila era got underway when our young right-winger, Callum McGregor, scored a memorable winner six minutes from time against KR.

I have no recollection of the Valur game and I suspect few of us remember Big Yogi hitting five in a 10-1 friendly win over Throttur from Iceland in 1962, but since then, games against the Icelanders have been turgid.  Still, no complaints, we will not be remembered fondly for our adventurous play against Barcelona.

KR will have watched how Kilmarnock frustrated us and will attempt to do the same tonight.  They will double up in the wings and pack their 18-yard line, venturing forward for free kicks and to support long punts in the direction of a sole striker.  You and I will be on the edge of our seats until Celtic go two ahead.  Between now and then, you can worry about Gibraltar, or maybe England’s elimination from Euro 2016.  The warnings are out there.

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  1. Happy Wednesday eve and more importantly CL match day. In office all day but the TV on office wall that is supposed to be for presentations will be presenting Glasgow’s finest this afternoon.






    Ps 4-0

  2. I was at the Throttur game and remembera young Jinky Johnstone giving them the runaround in his inimitable fashion.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    The old ‘Euro anxiety’ is always there and gets worse the more group stages we miss out on . Speaking purely for myself .

  4. Pretty sure it’s been asked (and answered) and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before, but is there an away goals rule tonight?

  5. I am always nervous.Every game.Never used to be when a lot younger.Now,Mrs TB always looking at me shouting at the Telly,like a madman,with pitying look.


    Football on the Telly and wives don’t mix.

  6. iPaddy McCourt on

    No away goals rule in these one off qualifiers. Any sort of draw will take the game to extra time and, if needed, penalties. I expect us to win comfortably. 4-0.




  7. glendalystonsils on




    My missus keeps telling me to calm down or I’ll have a heart attack! She can’t understand why I get so worked up.

  8. The ADIDAS writing on the CP stand.Who thought that up?Looks like



    aaiaas,shocking.The stairs are in the way of the Ds.C,mon.Move it a bit higher,no problem.


    Think this might be changed.Hope so.

  9. Paul 67 said:



    `KR will have watched how Kilmarnock frustrated us and will attempt to do the same tonight.`



    Kilmarnock were playing for a 0-0 draw. That would be meaningless for KR Reykjavik, no?

  10. Pingback: Icelanders against Celtic, and the warnings Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  11. Thanks, I don’t know why I had a split second of panic that there will be away goals tonight.



    I think Paul put the sh*ts up me



    Re. Wives and football / Celtic, heading away at the weekend and mentioned last night Celtic were playing on Saturday evening, cue a huffiing session about how Celtic were going to interfere with another night away and how she doesn’t want to watch Celtic when there are better things we could be doing



    She’s hopin Boli decides to have another jaunt




  12. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 18TH AUGUST 2020 12:18 PM


    Well done McPhail Bhoy



    Train went into tunnel as I hit Post comment. 😂






    I’m in Donegal what’s a train??!

  13. From previous article,




    Financial machinations are only one of the aspects of football that could do with a right good dose of transparency.

  14. Horrendous weather forecast tonight until 9pm for Glasgow lightning and thunderstorms, good luck Celtic.

  15. Icelandic football is far better organised in the modern era then in the days of five, six or seven nil defeats..


    Two nil would be a good solid win.


    They will hold and hit us on the break. They will close us down if we try to play out of the back.


    Two things they will have are, commitment and strength.


    We should beat them, but ………


    I would like to see three at the back and include Ntcham in the middle.


    Lack of a crowd will also affect this game. Home support in European games is a huge advantage.


    However, it is what it is. C’mon the Hoops.

  16. I will be interested to see how we line up tonight. I know a lot of people will like to see 3-5-2 so we can utilize Klimala from the start and Ajeti off the bench.



    But I don’t see it. I cannot see Neil Lennon utilizing Greg Taylor as a left wing-back. I think that’s the main reason why we won’t see it for a while.



    I expect to see the same 11 that started against Kilmarnock



    2-0 Celtic

  17. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  18. HOOPY BIRTHDAY Lennybhoy



    I would be shocked if we didn’t have a comfortable win tonight.

  19. TIMALOY 29,



    Whether Lenny plays 3 or 4 at the back,you can be sure he will play Taylor as a left wing back.He will hardly be in his own half.

  20. RC,



    Think PL tried to save a few quid and got in O’Reilly Builders and Painters,of Fawlty Towers fame.

  21. RC on 18TH AUGUST 2020 2:07 PM


    agree the aaiaas logo is an absolute mess an embarrassment actually , get it sorted.






    Where are you seeing the pictures of this?

  22. what i’d like to see (3-5-2 but 3-2-3-2 going forward and 5-3-2 when coming back )





    Elhamed Julien Ajer


    Frimpong Ntcham McGregor Moi Taylor


    Christie Edouard



    what i expect is (4-2-3-1, which is 2-2-5-1 going forward and a mess coming back!)





    Frimpong Julien Ajer Taylor


    Brown McGregor


    Forrest Christie Moi







    Inter played the high press and rigid defence perfectly last night and that is why is selected that as preference. It requires wing backs and midfield 3 to push up and get back in front of the defence quickly . This is where Taylor, Brown and McGregor fall short. The former needs to see the danger more quickly and the midfield 2 need to stop hanging around in space on the centre spot – block em or run back to the alamo, don’t keep getting passed or run through

  23. A pure random for today,


    maybe Embramike or Prestonpansbhoy could help.



    Last night I watched Si Ferry interview with John Hughes mark2.


    lONG STORIES, And very entertaining, and enlighting as well.


    John talks about his dad being a Celtic supporter working in Leith Docks and going to see celtic on the Leith CSC. As he himse;f did till mid-high school and only then did he start going to see Hibs.



    i had a pal when I was at Mimtec Livvy, who was the opposite, brought up a hibbee in leith but became a celt.



    How strong is the support for Celtic in Edinburgh ?

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