ICT, leaks, the WhatsApp group and self-harm


Inverness Caledonian Thistle’s statement reprised the already-discredited claim that SPFL clubs were given a deadline on Friday 10th at 5pm to vote on the board’s resolution on ending the season.  They were, instead, asked to vote “if possible” by then, but had 28 days to respond.  This echoes one of the misfired barbs from the ‘dossier’.  If you are going to complain, get the facts right and be concise.

The statement also claims tt was apparently clear that the Reconstruction Task Force was setup to fail because it was “inordinately large”.  You are asked to believe the SPFL board’s plan to ensure league reconstruction would not take place depended on having a large number of clubs involved in the project.  This is a fantasy.  An overwhelming majority of clubs would be required to pass a reconstruction vote, having more as authors of the proposition does not sound conniving.

They then call a leak from Premiership clubs (not the SPFL) that plans were scuppered a “disgrace”, but they linked this to a “disingenuous, incompetent shambles that began on Wednesday April 8th”, by the SPFL.  I think they have their wires crossed here.  Deep breath, ICT.

Not all leaks are bad, however.  Inverness would have liked one ahead of the 8 April videoconference, where reasons for calling the lower leagues were first explained.  Information seeping out ahead of a formal communication is therefore both good and bad.  You notice some inconsistencies?

They claim they were bullied, “threats not robust conversations”, but as seems to be the way of these things, they are not for sharing the details.  Maybe we have another dossier to look forward to.

Dundee director, John Nelms, is not named but as with the ‘dossier’, he is very much in the firing line.  Nelms must regret acting as conciliator last month.  He has already made it clear he was offered no inducements or deals, but ICT suggest he was the only one to have “negotiations” with “big hitters” before changing his vote from No to Yes.

It is not disputed that Dundee had a right to change their vote, or have negotiations.  It is not claimed that offers or deals were made, or that anything came from offers or deals, but ICT insist this makes an independent investigation necessary.  Without even a claim of impropriety, there is nothing to investigate.

Good news!  ICT are happy for Celtic to be champions, should it be impossible to complete the Premiership.  Their concern is that Hearts, Partick and Stranraer are relegated when previously an opportunity existed for them to win enough points to avoid this fate.

This gets to the nub of the matter.  League reconstruction would have allowed each of those clubs to remain in their previous divisions, while allowing Inverness promotion.  I totally understand this and, all other things being equal, would have been happy to see a temporary reconstruction to Hearts and Partick some breathing space.

So why did it fail?  In order to expand the Premiership, 11 of the 12 members needed to agree.  Why, therefore, did Hearts’ Ann Budge go on the warpath against the SPFL board by seconding tomorrow’s resolution when that board included Alan Burrows of Motherwell and Les Gray of Hamilton?

If you need the help of Burrows and Gray, as well as Hibs (Rod Petrie is on the SFA board, which is included as a conspirator in the ‘dossier’), you would surely deploy a consolatory approach?

Reconstruction talks failed, as a consequence, Inverness and several others lost out on opportunities of promotion and to avoid relegation.  This will have real-world consequences for staff, players and fans of ICT.  I get this – anger and disappointment is understandable.

Ann Budge was allowed to drive the process, she is experienced and had enough invested in its success to get it right.  She knew that Premiership expansion would cost each of the other clubs money – a win-win was technically not possible.  She knew expansion needed 11 votes; winning 10 friends was her one and only task.  Does anyone think she understood this?

The SPFL board made their recommendations on concluding the season and intimated they would facilitate reconstruction, which was always in the hands of the clubs.  The most vulnerable should have embarked on a diplomatic endeavour.  Instead, they started open warfare, whether by WhatsApp group, dossier or rambling incoherent statement.

Maybe those who leaked the Championship WhatsApp group chat will in time reflect they were the architects of their own downfall.  I hope it was not leaked by one of the clubs denied an opportunity of promotion, that would be a spectacular act of self-harm.  Still, at least it’s not as bad as forgetting to order seats for your new stand!

Thankfully, Celtic have stayed well clear of this undignified mess.  I hear all efforts are focused on winning the Magic 10.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Good morning CQN from a slowly staged opening up Melbourne.


    We can cuddle oor weans tomorrow yahooooo.


    Any more statements from the burlesque bigots yet?


    Need to read back now.


    H.H . Mick

  2. Saint stivs you don’t want that satisfaction when we storm over the line with 4 games to go , and all that pish about astrixs are banished

  3. It’s a weird thing a lot of modern so called Celtic supporters are more interested in politics than football

  4. VOGUEPUNTER on 11TH MAY 2020 9:55 PM


    From SFM ,hope Auldheid doesn’t mind.



    Not at all. I intended to post a link but a copy paste is better.



    What I will add is that the bundle of documents referred to containing all that was needed to blow LNS out the water in 2014 was also provided to the SPL Board including Eric Riley, then a Celtic Director.



    The narrative contained plus the Res12 material was provided to a few journalists, some of Celtic persuasion whom did not pursue for reasons only they know and there was an argument put by a couple of well known Celtic bloggers to wait for the Supreme Court ruling.



    That made sense at the time as there had been no satisfactory response to those who had been given the material , but the way the significance of the Supreme Court ruling was ignored by the SFA, when the SPFL who actually commissioned the LNS Commission asked SFA for an investigation , was an act of what we now would recognise as sheer Trumpery or Borisbrassneckery.



    Is it any wonder now why many Celtic supporters had not heard of the LNS sham or Res12?

  5. We all have one. Of course we do. Don’t deny it.


    The pain in the gluteus maximus brother in law who turns up at family gatherings.


    The one who creeps up behind you and corners you to badger you continually with his whining complaints.


    And when you look up to catch the eye and plead for a rescue from a brother or sister, they turn away and purposefully ignore you with a wee knowing smile.


    He is the family paraiah who is only tolerated because your mother doesn’t want a fuss and he’s married to your much loved sibling.


    That’s The Rangers at tomorrow’s/ today’s EGM.


    The guest trying to be meaningful.


    The one trying too hard to be the centre of attention and appear to be the most influential in family affairs.


    And when he doesn’t get his way, he takes a few drinks and becomes loud, threatening and abusive.


    It never ends well.


    Best way to deal with the problem is to take his ball away and stick it on top of the hedge.

  6. Neustadt-Braw on

    May 12 1981: once the most feared man in the North, Óglach Francis Hughes lost his life after 59 days on Hunger strike.



    ‘I have no prouder boast to say I am Irish & have been privileged to fight for the Irish people & Ireland’



    His sacrifice will never be forgotten





  7. This is now the start of my 55th Day of self isolation…I have managed to beat the Huns to “55”….YAHOO !


    To all lurking Huns….GIRFUY.



  8. I dont listen to Sportsound/Radio Scotland unless I am forced to when Celtic is the live match, but someone on here has posted that yesterday Hugh Keevins and Gerry Britton of Partick Thistle are shouting for the Independent Law Society of Scotland ( LSS) to get involved and lead any investigation into the SPFL etc ?



    Messers Keevins and Britton should give me a call, and I will advise them of how “UN inDependent” the LSS really are, as I had dealings with them from around 2013 which took over THREE YEARS , and ended with me believing that the LSS were the most CORRUPT organisation that I had been involved with…ever !


    BEFORE the Law Society will consider ANY possible case, any complaint and evidence to go thru another legal organisation first in Edinburgh ( The SLCC),, and then you join the queue for maybe 2 years or so, for that organisation ( The SLCC) to “investigate” any complaints, and their “Remit” is to deal with possible “Service Issues”, such as Poor Advice and Representation by a Solicitor/Advocate ?


    The SLCC can only possibly “Identify” possible “Conduct Issues” in their investigation, and if any are found, they are then passed onto the Law Society for “investigation”…which can take THREE Years or more to conclude ?



    As for Keevins and Brittons “suggestion”about the Law Society…they would have to go after the SPFL Legal Advisor alone ( McKenzie), as the SLCC and The LSS wouldnt have anything to do with Doncasters role and/or complaints against him , as he is NOT a Solicitor or Advocate…as far as I know ?



    Finally, it is FACT/LAW that ANY Solicitor or Advocate in Scotland MUST be a Member of The Law Society of Scotland…and subsequently when someone makes serious complaints against a Solicitor ( as I did) from 2010 onwards…the Law Society will ALWAYS protect their own…so The Law Society is certainly NOT “Independent”, as I found out to my cost with their seriously corrupt “investigation” of my former Solicitor !



    I did manage to sue The Law Society for a few quid…eventually …with the help of The SLCC, but I received NOTHING like the outcome or compensation that I had hoped for…the Law Society allowed my former Solicitor to walk away almost “Scot Free”…DESPITE the Documented evidence of him being a “Thief, Serial Liar and morally and professionally corrupt” over several years…all the Law Society did was to issue him with a “CENSURE/WARNING”…which allowed this Crook to continue to practice and steal further cash from other Clients which were headlined all over the Sunday papers around 2014/2015 ?



    Maybe I should go on Sportsound and tell Keevins and Britton how the Law Society “works”…as I would suspect that Rod McKenzie ( Solicitor ?), being a MEMEBER of the Law Society would probably be declared innocent anyway, so any complaints made to firstly The SLCC and MAYBE the Law Society would be a waste of time and money….even IF McKenzie was “Guilty” of wrongdoing ?





  9. Good Morning BIG JIMMY


    Congratulations on your record long long time ahead of the Huns. Hope your keeping ok and take care

  10. celticforever on

    maybe your going for 55 prize will be a ninth league title in a row being awarded



    Hopefully soon



    keep well and safe Big Jimmy



    Cheers Bhoys.


    Thanks for your kind words.


    I am just so glad that I am not in hospital just now with my other health problems….but My God…I could murder a few Pints of Beer !



  12. celticforever on

    often wondered why pubs cannot have an outside bar just now


    with a screen between them and the customer



    or is that too simple

  13. Good morning CQN from another sunny morning in the Garngad



    Big Jimmy – I don’t think congratulations are in order getting to the 55 before the tribute act as I know you would rather take a wee walk across the road and in for a pint, hang in there buddy.



    I just hope this vote goes against the mad zombie Orc hate filled Huns today and we can then be declared deserved CHAMPIONS and as a get it up ye the SPFL declare that Sevco are getting charged of bringing game into disrepute and give them a big fine, which they refuse then SPFL threaten them with points deduction next season if find is not paid before the new season starts.😂😂😂



    Oh and Dungcaster sues Park


    Please Santa give me this and I won’t ask anything for Christmas😂



    D. :)

  14. celticforever on

    hope Doncaster has taped his threatening phone call from Park



    Phil MacG suggests that Park told Doncaster that he knew his address

  15. I had that former Solicitor “Bang to Rights”, and The Legal organisation ( The SLCC) agreed with me and handed over THEIR Investigation Report to the Law Society as they had identified “Conduct Issues”, and its only the Law Society that can deal with Conduct Issues.


    The SLCC had already found him “Guilty” and had ordered him to pay me compensation ( which I eventually received ) before passing on the complaints to the Law Society.


    There was ONE VITAL piece of evidence that CLEARLY showed that my former Solicitor had been LYING to ME, and The SLCC and the Law Society…but the Law Society simply airbrushed it and whenever I asked them by telephone calls and/or emails to explain how they could possibly overlook this VITAL piece of evidence…I NEVER received an answer !



    This piece of evidence, written by the solicitor HIMSELF in which he claimed certain events had taken place between him and I….were PROVED by ME and The SLCC To have been “HUMANELY IMPOSSIBLE” to have ever happened…and yet the Law Society simply IGNORED that evidence.


    A year after I received the Law Societys corrupt Investigation Report, this same solicitor was all over the Sunday papers having been found “Guilty” of trying to steal £91,000 from an elderly couple in their 70’s from Maryhill in Glasgow…he ADMITTED his guilt to the Law Society…he was NOT “Struck Off” !



  16. celticforever on

    guess not being struck off is what a funny handshake gets you in Bonny Scotland

  17. DAVID66,


    cheers mate.


    Dont worry about Christmas presents etc….I will buy you a ” NINE IN A ROW” Present for your kindness towards me recently.


    Here’s a wee clue….it may be a Liquid Present….and NO…its NOT any of Donalds Deetol recipe !




    Stay safe mate.



  18. CELTICFOREVER on 12TH MAY 2020 7:10 AM


    guess not being struck off is what a funny handshake gets you in Bonny Scotland




    100% Correct !


    Funny enough, this former crooked Solicior was a former Partick Thistle player in his youth…maybe Gerry Britton would know of him , albeit he is maybe 10 years older than Britton ?



  19. Good morning CQN.


    Today Hamiltontim and his family will say goodbye to their beloved Helen. Hamiltontim may put something up this morning in case he doesn’t as I’m sure you’ll understand his thoughts maybe elsewhere here is what understand will take place this morning:


    Information for Helen’s funeral for anyone who’d like to take part. Mass will be said at 10:00 on Sacred Heart Cumbernauld Facebook, which will be offered up for Helen. The service will be streamed in the same way at 11:00 from the graveside for those wanting to participate. Unfortunately in the current circumstances it’s the only way that people will be able to pay their respects.


    If you are unable to watch the Mass and Service please remember Chris, Helen and the family today.


    May God Bless Helen’s Soul.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  20. LENNYBHOY on 12TH MAY 2020 7:17 AM




    What a horrible time for HAMILTON TIM and his family…my thoughts will be with them today.



    Helen R.I.P.

  21. BIG JIMMY on 12TH MAY 2020 6:02 AM


    This is now the start of my 55th Day of self isolation…I have managed to beat the Huns to “55”….YAHOO !


    To all lurking Huns….GIRFUY.






    I demand an Inquiry. Your 55 is tainted. You had the company of Mr & Mrs David 66 for more than 3 seconds. I shall not be bullied into silence


    All I need is another 32 thousand CQNers to support my resolution. An asterisk is coming your way! :))


    Hope you’re well Big Fella. Stay safe, and keep us all amused with your stories and anecdotes.


    HH and here’s to the glorious 9 – celebrated like no other.

  22. Thoughts with HamiltonTim today. Can’t begin to imagine the grief.



    RIP Helen.

  23. SCANIEL on 12TH MAY 2020 7:30 AM




    Sorry mate but your calls for an Inquiry fall at the first hurdle…I havent had the pleasure of meeting Mrs DAVID66, but for a simple smile and a wave with her in the Car and me hinging oot ma windae !


    As for being “Tainted”…


    I am afraid to say that my Life has been “Tainted”…with Beer, Gambling and Wummin…Ive been a bad Bhoy with having those wicked ways .,..Oh my Days !


    Stay safe mate



  24. NEIL LENNON & MCCARTNEY on 12TH MAY 2020 7:36 AM




    I suspect ( I have NO Evidence ) that…. IF Park did indeed threaten Doncaster it may have been about the Huns REFUSING to take any away allocation of tickets for any future matches , and thereby denying other clubs gate Money ?



    Of course, IF I am correct about the above, …big IF…..the Huns would be damaging the very same other clubs that they are claiming to be helping at this time with their calls for an investigation into the SPFL…….That would be a major contradiction on the huns part….something that they are very good at.



  25. SCANIEL…


    Those 32 THOUSAND CQNR’s you mention….who are they…I demand to know names …who are these people ?





  26. Big Jimmy just a correction to your earlier post, the Keevins/Britton discussion was on the equally dire Radio Clyde/Superscoreboard. These guys are out of their depth when discussing legal and financial matters as is evident when you listen to their pontifications. H H Hebcet Stay safe

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Story in the Record,saying, Gardiner had a 2nd Resolution ready when the 1st one that got defeated, to null and void the season, which would have cost ICT £175,000.As we read last week, Gardiner is in for the Sevco chief exec job,anyone but Celtic…….all the pieces are coming together now…..

  28. Monaghan1900 on

    BIG JIMMY on 12TH MAY 2020 6:32 AM



    “Finally, it is FACT/LAW that ANY Solicitor or Advocate in Scotland MUST be a Member of The Law Society of Scotland”



    It’s only solicitors who are members of the Law Society, Big Jimmy. An Advocate’s governing body is the Faculty of Advocates. The two don’t get on particularly well!

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