ICT, leaks, the WhatsApp group and self-harm


Inverness Caledonian Thistle’s statement reprised the already-discredited claim that SPFL clubs were given a deadline on Friday 10th at 5pm to vote on the board’s resolution on ending the season.  They were, instead, asked to vote “if possible” by then, but had 28 days to respond.  This echoes one of the misfired barbs from the ‘dossier’.  If you are going to complain, get the facts right and be concise.

The statement also claims tt was apparently clear that the Reconstruction Task Force was setup to fail because it was “inordinately large”.  You are asked to believe the SPFL board’s plan to ensure league reconstruction would not take place depended on having a large number of clubs involved in the project.  This is a fantasy.  An overwhelming majority of clubs would be required to pass a reconstruction vote, having more as authors of the proposition does not sound conniving.

They then call a leak from Premiership clubs (not the SPFL) that plans were scuppered a “disgrace”, but they linked this to a “disingenuous, incompetent shambles that began on Wednesday April 8th”, by the SPFL.  I think they have their wires crossed here.  Deep breath, ICT.

Not all leaks are bad, however.  Inverness would have liked one ahead of the 8 April videoconference, where reasons for calling the lower leagues were first explained.  Information seeping out ahead of a formal communication is therefore both good and bad.  You notice some inconsistencies?

They claim they were bullied, “threats not robust conversations”, but as seems to be the way of these things, they are not for sharing the details.  Maybe we have another dossier to look forward to.

Dundee director, John Nelms, is not named but as with the ‘dossier’, he is very much in the firing line.  Nelms must regret acting as conciliator last month.  He has already made it clear he was offered no inducements or deals, but ICT suggest he was the only one to have “negotiations” with “big hitters” before changing his vote from No to Yes.

It is not disputed that Dundee had a right to change their vote, or have negotiations.  It is not claimed that offers or deals were made, or that anything came from offers or deals, but ICT insist this makes an independent investigation necessary.  Without even a claim of impropriety, there is nothing to investigate.

Good news!  ICT are happy for Celtic to be champions, should it be impossible to complete the Premiership.  Their concern is that Hearts, Partick and Stranraer are relegated when previously an opportunity existed for them to win enough points to avoid this fate.

This gets to the nub of the matter.  League reconstruction would have allowed each of those clubs to remain in their previous divisions, while allowing Inverness promotion.  I totally understand this and, all other things being equal, would have been happy to see a temporary reconstruction to Hearts and Partick some breathing space.

So why did it fail?  In order to expand the Premiership, 11 of the 12 members needed to agree.  Why, therefore, did Hearts’ Ann Budge go on the warpath against the SPFL board by seconding tomorrow’s resolution when that board included Alan Burrows of Motherwell and Les Gray of Hamilton?

If you need the help of Burrows and Gray, as well as Hibs (Rod Petrie is on the SFA board, which is included as a conspirator in the ‘dossier’), you would surely deploy a consolatory approach?

Reconstruction talks failed, as a consequence, Inverness and several others lost out on opportunities of promotion and to avoid relegation.  This will have real-world consequences for staff, players and fans of ICT.  I get this – anger and disappointment is understandable.

Ann Budge was allowed to drive the process, she is experienced and had enough invested in its success to get it right.  She knew that Premiership expansion would cost each of the other clubs money – a win-win was technically not possible.  She knew expansion needed 11 votes; winning 10 friends was her one and only task.  Does anyone think she understood this?

The SPFL board made their recommendations on concluding the season and intimated they would facilitate reconstruction, which was always in the hands of the clubs.  The most vulnerable should have embarked on a diplomatic endeavour.  Instead, they started open warfare, whether by WhatsApp group, dossier or rambling incoherent statement.

Maybe those who leaked the Championship WhatsApp group chat will in time reflect they were the architects of their own downfall.  I hope it was not leaked by one of the clubs denied an opportunity of promotion, that would be a spectacular act of self-harm.  Still, at least it’s not as bad as forgetting to order seats for your new stand!

Thankfully, Celtic have stayed well clear of this undignified mess.  I hear all efforts are focused on winning the Magic 10.

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  1. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    BIG JIMMY on 12TH MAY 2020 7:54 AM



    Thanks for your reply ~ you may well be right there. Sevco policy looking more and more like “scorched earth” every day! Bless ’em!




  2. null and void may still happen.


    what rangers/sevco want in scottish football they invariably get. they corrupt all aspects of life in this country.


    this is all about stopping celtic winning the league and if they succeed in doing so they will hire an open top bus to celebrate their victory.


    true to form, expect a meek and mealy mouthed response from the celtic board.

  3. What’s the origin of the phrase ‘We know where you live’?


    This phrase has been current in the UK since the early 1990s. Of course, there’s more to this than the literal meaning of the words. What’s implied is that the aggressors have the information to locate their victim at home and intend to seek them out there and attack them.


    This piece from The Times, June 1992 reported death threats to Dessa Trevisan their correspondent in Belgrade and included this threat made by ‘unidentified men’, outside Belgrade’s International Press Centre:


    “We know where you live. We will break down your door and come to finish you.”



    In the King James Version of the Bible, Revelations 2:13, there is the line:


    ‘I know thy works, and where thou dwellest’


    The ‘we know where you live’ thugs aren’t likely to be Biblical scholars though and that’s hardly likely to be the source of the recent phrase.

  4. So,it’s all come out in the washing ,Gardiner from ICT was always going for the Null and Void.Scum bag man.Nothing else.Since last night we have had two revelations ,showing the Scum dossier in its true light.English and his ilk looking like Charlatans.Roll on the vote result.

  5. Thoughts and prayers this morning for our friend Chris and Helen’s two boys as they lay to rest their wife and mother.


    God bless you Helen


    May your soul rest in peace




  6. So in a selfless act Gardiner from ICT (on a promise so to speak from Rangers)



    proposed null and void a move at minimum would cost his club £175,000



    What a man Rangers probably accept him as Doncasters replacement in a bargain plea.



    Any investigation should be into ICT or their CEO.

  7. WESTCRAIGS on 12TH MAY 2020 8:49 AM


    null and void may still happen.



    what rangers/sevco want in scottish football they invariably get. they corrupt all aspects of life in this country.



    this is all about stopping celtic winning the league and if they succeed in doing so they will hire an open top bus to celebrate their victory.



    true to form, expect a meek and mealy mouthed response from the celtic board.





    Did Sevco get what they wanted when they were put straight into the top division? What about the Championship?



    Null and void is absolutely off the table. There is no appetite to void the season at UEFA, the SPFL or among the majority of clubs.



    Sevco are isolated with few friends. Don’t mistake all the noise being generated as progress. The silent majority of Scottish clubs know what they want.



    The resolution will fail today. Was this just a misguided attempt to stick the boot into the Celtic board?

  8. JC2 on 12TH MAY 2020 9:29 AM



    ICT do have skin in the game. There will be no playoffs so they won’t be getting promoted.



    Null and Void suits them just fine.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The huns know that they can’t stop 10 in a row on the park,they are trying to get into positions of power off the park now,to do all they can to stop it that way,suspensions, referees onside,difficult away fixtures after European games……

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I know most of the above ☝️is standard practice,but to use a Tory phrase, it will be ‘ramped up’.

  11. Morning all,


    Our very special Last Man Standing competition is now only a few days away from kick-off, and we have had a fantastic response with more than 80 competitors ready to go. A massive THANK YOU to each and everyone of the fine Bhoys and Ghirls who have committed to playing, and in doing so, supporting our chosen beneficiary in the competition, Strathcarron Hospice, via our friend HamiltonTims just giving page.


    There’s still time to join the competition, if you have some spare time at the moment. Just drop a mail to cqnpredictor@gmail.com and we’ll send you all the details.



    God Bless HamiltonTim, and all affected by the sad loss of Helen. Thoughts and prayers of all our wee team are with you today.

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on



    A cry for help


    You and your work on this site is a God send


    From time to time I have a different opinion to you – but I have never lost respect for your work


    CQN is my number 1 go to site for all things Celtic



    I now find I am reading other sites more often than CQN – My first reaction was shame


    On investigation…………



    It’s the bloody Adverts I am fighting a loosing battle trying to get past them



    Getting into the pages to read the comments is a constant battle with Russian woman in my area, Car insurance for seniors, Watches to monitor my health, The cost of Storage units in my area, A Wooden Bench, Electric Cars and a lot more



    When I perceiver and get onto those brilliant pages I click a link and before i know it I get sent back to deal with the Adverts before I can get back to the pages – its a pain in the arse



    It has (not deliberately) forced me away from my favourite Site —-HELP



    PAUL67 your brilliant work is being overrun by pathetic stupid adverts



    PS I do have Ad Blocker On



    Hail Hail




  13. For all the talk of investigations, perhaps the most pressing one is for the shareholders and board of directors at Inverness.



    Their CEO appears to be acting counter to his fiduciary duties.

  14. 67ECW, it can be a gaff but the duck duck go browser works well on android and iOS with no ads. Or, use chrome, switch off java which can be done for http://www.celtucquicknews.co.uk only if you prefer. Type in the full address as above. Using an incognito tab in any browser can also work. Keep at it!



  15. adverts are a pain on phone.. people should not have to mess around with settings..lose a lot of readers because of this.

  16. Null and void meansreturninng all prize money and possibly season ticket money. How doesthishelp ICT and they would start new season in same division. Only plus point is he gets a place in Ibrox boardroom and first shot at goat in next lodge meeting

  17. God Bless Helen, God Bless Chris and all Helen’s Family & friends,


    Her Mass is ended, on her final journey, Sad sad day, puts football into perspective,

  18. bashi-bazouks on

    GLASGOWBHOY on 12TH MAY 2020 10:26 AM





    I didn’t know you could turn off javascript for just one site but just tried going through the three wee dots at the top right of the browser, going to settings, Privacy and security, Site settings, down to Permissions, Javascript and selected for just this site.


    I cae out, reloaded the page and no adverts!






  19. if they doget an inquiry will it take as long as Res12 .. 2 years and counting..they still say they haven’t started it!

  20. Helen – in my Father’s house there are many mansions otherwise I would have told you. I’m going now to prepare a place for you.



    May you rest in peace.

  21. is ‘fiduciary duty’ the new ‘amortisation’?



    i hope the SPFL run this vote to the letter of their rules and also with PR in mind.



    Hail Hail

  22. HEBCELT on 12TH MAY 2020 8:02 AM


    Big Jimmy just a correction to your earlier post, the Keevins/Britton discussion was on the equally dire Radio Clyde/Superscoreboard. These guys are out of their depth when discussing legal and financial matters as is evident when you listen to their pontifications. H H Hebcet Stay safe..




    Cheers mate, I tend NOT to listen to Radio Clyde either.



  23. It’s not actually Null and Void they are advocating is it?



    It’s a bastardized hun concoction of null and void, with money tree apportioned to all clubs, no payback to TV or customers, still have access to European competitions and confirmation that all ‘in a row’ permutations are stopped, forcing Celtic to start the clock again next year…..

  24. MONAGHAN1900 on 12TH MAY 2020 8:43 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 12TH MAY 2020 6:32 AM







    “Finally, it is FACT/LAW that ANY Solicitor or Advocate in Scotland MUST be a Member of The Law Society of Scotland”







    It’s only solicitors who are members of the Law Society, Big Jimmy. An Advocate’s governing body is the Faculty of Advocates. The two don’t get on particularly well!




    Cheers mate for the correction. I maybe read it wrong when I first embarked on my Legal “Crusade” back in 2010 ?


    I can also honestly say that I have spoken to numerous Solicitors since 2013, when the Law society ignored documented evidence that I had provided into my former solicitor, and they finally issued their so called “Investigation” of him.


    Each and everyone of those Solicitors ( who were NOT representing me at any time), ALL agreed with me about the solicitors conduct AND that the Law Society of Scotland was/is CORRUPT !


    In 2014/2015 when he was all over the Sunday Papers on the Front Page about him stealing the £91,000 from the elderly Glasgow couple, which he admitted to after being investigated yet again after my case against him, the Law Society ordered him to repay the £91,000 which he had kept for around a year….and DESPITE his admission of guilt…the Law Society ONLY ordered him to pay the couple £500 each in compensation and gave him a “Censure”…..allowing him still to practice !


    IF I had tried to steal £91,000 from anywhere…I would have been banged up in the Jail.




    Stay safe.



  25. Chris, thank you to Sacred Heart and you for allowing us to be with you today. Beautiful words from you and Helen’s Dad…may God Bless her Soul…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

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