If only Stalin knew


Josef Stalin was adored by his people. He was also a charismatic man with a plan. He had the vision to take the Soviet Union forward to prosperity. But there were famines and genocide. The starving were not exiled to Botany Bay for stealing a handful of corn, hundreds of thousands of them were shot, all while Stalin occupied the Kremlin.

The means of production were breaking down all around. Newly manufactured tractors idled in fields, because simple replacement parts were never produced, causing production targets to be missed, with a whole host of consequential ramifications.

Yet the people remained in awe of their genocidal oppressor. “If only Stalin knew”, they would say, “he would end the suffering and fix all these problems”. It was Beria, or some other apparatchik, who must be responsible.

“If only Stalin knew” has become a phrase to describe a characteristic of human nature. We grow to worship those who inspire us to revolution and reject all evidence when they drive us into the sea. Faults and failings are blamed on others. If only the man (less commonly, woman) at the top was in complete control, this mess would have been avoided.

You will note this morning that “King took a backseat during the recruitment process as Graeme Park, with Stewart Robertson and Andrew Dickson alongside, drove through Caixinha’s move… to Ibrox”.

The sentiment is clear: what is needed is not less influence from King, but more involvement. The plan is great, it just needs to be executed the way King wants it to be.

It’s not like we haven’t warn them.

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  1. I have a very limited of the goings on within the professional game but I am fairly sure that like every walk of life people within it will know what’s going on. There in I believe lies Sevcos biggest problem, any manager whether established with a decent reputation or hoping to build a reputation is going to steer well clear of the shambles that is them. God knows who that leaves but hopefully it will lead to many more months and years of fun.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    How Trump could make President, astounds me. Maybe not mind. It is USA.


    Pray for world peace every night.


    Wake up every morning expecting news of war. Celtic takes my mind off global destruction.



  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , there was a facebook entry from the Belfast Celtic society on Tuesda night .



    John McGinn’s great grandad, Hugh Kelly , was a goalkeeper with Belfast Celtic.



    Hearts Jamie Walker’s great grandad , John Walker , also played for Belfast Celtic . If Walker ends up at Ibrox, he better keep that quiet.

  4. okay remember singin this song as a young bhoy. were all off to dublin in the green f—ck the queen with the helmets glistening inthe sun. i think it went something like that.

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Big Packy , the Merry Plough Boy. Its now a regular in the standing section’s repetoire.



    It was also on the Holy Ground LP .



    The first rebel song my dad taught me.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    I have known John and his twin sister since they were at primary school with my niece and nephew in Clydebank. John and Chris always looked better than the other bhoys, and sometimes better than Stephen and Paul McGinn a few years older. Lovely family of Celtic supporters. :)

  7. DELANEYS DUNKY on 27TH OCTOBER 2017 9:10 PM



    Tontine How Trump could make President, astounds me. Maybe not mind. It is USA.



    *Living up the road I watch CNN and MSNBC all the time and after Obama got the gig the first time mcconnell said he would do his best to make him a one term President and he was passing nuthing he put forward.



    My feeling is that the average yank got fed up with the status quo and voted him in.




    According to the smsm they did spend a tenner for every fiver we spent this season.




  9. Longtimelurker on

    Roberttressel: Always ask questions. And then go looking for an answer.



    Wise words, which on the back of Trumps trumpeted war on drugs, reminded me of this:







  10. Bomber Broon and his former Hamilton Accies team mate, who’s wee brither was in ma class at school, were seen in the auld Rangers end at Parkheid at a midweek game, in the late 1970’s, canny remember who we were playing, but ah think that Bomber went to that game on the “Broadway bus” fae Blantyre.


    The “Broadway bus” was pish, it was nicknamed the silent night bus cause ye wurny allowed tae sing!


    The best Cellic bus in Blantyre was, the John Fallon CSC bus, it wiz like the Jungle on wheels, Magical jist, Magical. Am not want to put ma auld school pals name on here, so, ah will tell yeez his big bros initials, PM, he played in the midfield for Hamilton in the late 70’s. Think Paul Hegarty was there as well.


    That’s it.



  11. EMBRAMIKE……………….



    I read that earlier.



    Don’t believe it.



    TINY TIM posted the other day about a £25m investment coming their way subject to a series of events.



    The first was to sack Caixhino.



    Mibbe someone could repost please?

  12. Tomorrow the 2017 invincible Celtic team will hopefully equal the record of 62 unbeaten games first achieved 100 hundred years ago by Willie Maleys original invincibles. If you know your history. Hh




    Delaney’s , there was a facebook entry from the Belfast Celtic society on Tuesda night .



    John McGinn’s great grandad, Hugh Kelly , was a goalkeeper with Belfast Celtic.



    *John McGinn’s paternal granny was related tae Johnny Madden the first player tae kick a ball for us as he was centre in our inaugural game, he was also known as the “Father of Czech Football”. As good a pedigree as the Bankie Gallachers/Divers.

  14. BIG PACKY-we used to get on the larkhall or Motherwell Celtic supporters bus,which ever came first down at the palace gruns:-))

  15. Second bottle of red done.



    Just like me!



    Night all and God bless the Celtic!



    Prayers will be said for all our friends in need this night



    God help and bless them all.

  16. Watched the second half of Leeds v Sheffield United…



    Seriously low on quality but a real old fashioned local derby which I enjoyed watching.



    Think I enjoyed it more because of the mistakes….a reminder that the players are just human.



    A good antidote to bloated smug Premier League.



    But Celtic are peerless!




  17. Delaneys Dunky on




    Divers, Gallacher now McGinn wi his heritage.


    Would love John to play for us. In the stars or in the genes. :)


    Clydebank needs a guid Celtic hero again.

  18. GORDON64- I’m working tomorrow and thought I might no make game,when I told my dad he said you canny miss this game its a chance to equal a record!So I’m finishing early and he’s picking me up at 1oclock as usual:-))

  19. weebobbycollins on

    DD…’fraid I must stand up for ole LBJ…in his 4 and a bit years as President he probably did more for the poor and the blacks than JFK ever did. Initially, he taught at a school that had a lot of poor Mexican-American students. He saw at first hand the devastation caused by poverty on these communities. As President, he forced Congress to pass legislation to fight racial discrimination and unemployment. He signed the Civil Rights Act (which was proposed by JFK) and so ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination based on colour, sex and religion. He then signed the Voting Rights Act the following year (1965) which gave black Americans the right to vote in local as well as state elections. As regards the Vietnam War, he was a believer (as were most politicians at that time) in the ‘Domino Theory’ ie. if South Vietnam went Communist then the rest of S.E.Asia would follow suit. I believe it preyed on his mind that so many young Americans were dying out there…anyway, his popularity fell away amid the uanti-war demonstrations and he took the decision not to seek re-election…and of course he was followed into the White House by Richard Nixon and you know what happened then…JFK was assassinated a few days before my 16th birthday (and yes, I still remember the moment I heard the news). At that time the world felt a scary place (Cuban missiles etc.) and the war in Vietnam was font page news every day. I suppose I was dreading Britain being dragged into it and my being sent there. For that reason I started to take a great interest in the goings-on over there and followed the developments with great interest…(this post is getting awful long, so I’ll stop now) I just wanted to give another viewpoint on LBJ…



  20. Philbhoy…..guzzeler…..;-))



    Am no a wine buff….but even I know it’s to be avoided….;-))




  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , i have a feeling we will get John McGinn next summer with Liam Henderson heading to Easter Road as part of the deal.



    Before the Munchengladbach game last season, John was behind me at the Tesco petrol station on Dalmarnock Road. I was wondering if he was going to the game.



    After the match , I saw John walking down Springfield Road.



    I said to my son , there’s John McGinn , to which junior said , what’s he doing here. I never repled.

  22. It is common talk in “sorcerer society circles” that wee Donald will be incapacitated when push comes to shove.. Bing bing bing ….and lots of other things



    ….. A fecking disgrace to all our American pals…



    Smiley second amendment thing ..




  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tontine Tim, thanks . I wasn’t aware of that .




    John McGinn has some Celtic (Glasgow and Belfast ) pedigree .

  24. Delaneys Dunky on




    I have never looked into that period of history much. I was just a wide eyed child who loved to listen to my grandas stories. He hated LBJ and Sir Robert Kelly wi a passion. :)

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