If only Stalin knew


Josef Stalin was adored by his people. He was also a charismatic man with a plan. He had the vision to take the Soviet Union forward to prosperity. But there were famines and genocide. The starving were not exiled to Botany Bay for stealing a handful of corn, hundreds of thousands of them were shot, all while Stalin occupied the Kremlin.

The means of production were breaking down all around. Newly manufactured tractors idled in fields, because simple replacement parts were never produced, causing production targets to be missed, with a whole host of consequential ramifications.

Yet the people remained in awe of their genocidal oppressor. “If only Stalin knew”, they would say, “he would end the suffering and fix all these problems”. It was Beria, or some other apparatchik, who must be responsible.

“If only Stalin knew” has become a phrase to describe a characteristic of human nature. We grow to worship those who inspire us to revolution and reject all evidence when they drive us into the sea. Faults and failings are blamed on others. If only the man (less commonly, woman) at the top was in complete control, this mess would have been avoided.

You will note this morning that “King took a backseat during the recruitment process as Graeme Park, with Stewart Robertson and Andrew Dickson alongside, drove through Caixinha’s move… to Ibrox”.

The sentiment is clear: what is needed is not less influence from King, but more involvement. The plan is great, it just needs to be executed the way King wants it to be.

It’s not like we haven’t warn them.

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  1. back in my student days i was a christmas postie. one recorded delivery was to a Mr McLeish in a glasgow housing scheme. The recipient told me that it would be a cheque from his nephew who “always sees him right”. he then asked if i knew him, “plays for aberdeen”.

  2. Dallas



    The Members.


    Saw them wi 20 other folk at Derby Poly.


    Joy Division I love. Magic

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, some of my pals saw the Members at Glasgow Tech around the time Sound ofthe Suburbs was out. They loved the gig.



    Joy Division a big yes from me. I could never take to New Order. I saw them play at the Plaza around January 1981. They were rotten. It distorted my view of them ever since .

  4. Gooooood Evening CQN


    Busy day and a few points after catching up


    Corkcelt – excellent and very thoughtful post this morning to Weet Weet Weet, hopefully he got the message he is still being thought in of by many of us.


    Paul67 – Celtic, my Heart and Soul, very very good :-)))




    I would have thought the main talking point would be “Celtic Invincibles” of 2017, potentially equalling a previous Celtic Invincible record tomorrow?? Hopefully Be going for 63 to beat the equalled 62, so no risks tomorrow Brendan


    Another point, I had the misfortune of listening to a bit of that ex Hun Rae on radio as I drove back up from Manchester, and his claim that Sky viewing numbers show how fans are switching off Celtic ‘s dominance, dissapointed that English doesn’t know that many many thousands of Scottish fans have ditched Sky as they only have 3 or possibly 4 Scottish games and treat us Scottish based fans with disdain,


    Aye we need a strong group of lowlife bigots – ya trumpet.



    Finally – and back to hitting 62 ( hopefully tomorrow) be great to get back to watching the Celtic live having missed last home game as some other trumpet booked a holiday :-))


    Oh – Fairhill Bhoy, spoke to our mutual friend earlier this week, Gutenberg, I will introduce myself to you tomorrow and pass on Marspapa number so you 3 musketeers can get together :-)



    Hail Hail



    Oh – one other thing, keep it quiet, that McLiesh guy is related to good families in Cowie, one of who used to post here.

  5. James



    VP assured me that he would never charge me boundary charge if he took me fae glesga tae bankieland. Passport control SLF on beeb Magic

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Thoughts with WEET WEET WEET .


    My thanks to SOT for the link to Fats Domino concert las night . Saxophones at their best Brilliant concert.


    My memory tells me I saw Gene Vincent,Bobby Darin and a few other American acts in Glasgow around 1960 but then ……’Dreaming.Im only dreaming’


    Looking forward to tomorrow to see a record .











  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , if you ever get the chance, get to an X SLF gig with Henry Cluny on vocals. jim Reilly on drums and a bass player. They are fantastic.

  8. Quiet night in with punk Britannia and a few britneys. Most fun I’ve had indoors for ages ( celtic games excepted) wish I could have seen joy division and Ian Dury live. Stranglers, clash, slf.


    Those talented young men whose lives ended too soon – Malcolm Owen, Ian Curtis.

  9. The TV deal is a joke no way are we getting even a decent deal it’s an awful deal. Christ we are getting 50% less than we were getting in 2007. We must be the only country in western Europe that has witnessed a drop from TV income dirigible he last 10 years while witnessing more and more of our games on TV.



    On a point of note the increased income going into English football via tv has saw it become more popular than German, Spanish and Italian football. Hence increased money sees a spike in interest how anyone can’t see the same, to a lesser degree, would occur here if decent money was given for the pleasure of showing our games.



    The british TV companies have treated scottish football with contempt. Scottish football from professional level to grass roots has been neglected as money scots pump into these companies gets directed south of the boarder, that is the real story.



    That terrible truth is not good for business so if you ask me we negotiate from that stand point and if the TV companies don’t wanna play ball we go it alone with our own unique story of kicking football in scotland back into life etc… we chase the coin of patriotic scots and Anglo Scots.



    The truth is good for us and bad for the TV companies we deal with. Shame no one in Scottish football has the balls to say it as it is



    Ps used to watch English football all the time now I would not turn tv over to watch it and I am by no means the only one




  10. Dallas



    SLF were more popular in Saint ThomasAquinas 1978 -1980 than The Clash or The Jam were. Saint Tams bhoys loved Belfast finest SLF.

  11. DELANEYS DUNKY on 27TH OCTOBER 2017 11:23 PM






    VP assured me that he would never charge me boundary charge if he took me fae glesga tae bankieland. Passport control SLF on beeb Magic






    There is no VoguePunter.


    He’s the Kayser Soze of cqn.


    Made an arse of myself a thousand times in cabs in Glasgow, ‘excuse me…you wouldn’t happen to be voguepunter by any chance……?’





    Any time I’ve been in the BV I’ve mysteriously ‘just missed him’ …..



    Aye right….I know I button up the back but…….



    I’ve mare chance of meeting Santa the tooth fairy!






    HH jamesgang

  12. I see Celtic again being linked with young Croatian Centre Half Filip Benkovic, and a January move


    We did try for him in August



    Nytol & Hail Hail

  13. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, Stiff Little Fingers were very appealing between 78 -81 , they had the raw passion, energy and great songs other bands did not have



    Nobody’s Hero was a really good LP.



    Time for me to pick up Junior from his part time job.



    Onwards to tomorrow and our game against Killie , who will be no pushover with Steve Clarke in charge of them.



    I’m looking forward to to us having a good chance of matching Wullie Maley’s Celtic and Scottish record.



    Good night all and sleep well.

  14. Delaneys dunky



    The members played mcchuills a few weeks ago, dunno the line up.


    SLF first gig I was allowed to go to in 1979, soon followed by The clash then the stranglers.

  15. Hooooooops, one final thing, from the Irish Post



    Celtic eye 100-year-old British football record masterminded by an Irishman


    October 27, 2017, By Irish Post


    Willie Maley (middle row, second from right) in his playing days with Celtic (Image: Getty)


    CELTIC are on the brink of equaling a 100-year-old British record for the longest unbeaten run in domestic football – a record set by the Glasgow club itself.


    The current record run of 62 games was set by Celtic between November 1915 and April 1917, under the management of Co. Down native Willie Maley.


    Brendan Rodgers can equal the 100-year-old record this weekend (Image: Getty)


    Celtic are currently unbeaten in 61 games – 60 of those under the reign of Irish manager Brendan Rodgers – and if they avoid defeat at home to second-bottom Kilmarnock on Saturday, they will equal the century-old achievement.


    Celtic eye 100-year-old British football record masterminded by an Irishman


    Maley was born in Co. Down in 1868 to a father from Co. Clare and a Canadian mother whose parents were from Scotland.


    His family relocated to Scotland a year after his birth and he grew up in the Cathcart area of Glasgow.


    Maley was one of the first players to sign for Brother Walfrid’s new Celtic Football Club, before being appointed as its first manager in 1897.


    His record run with Celtic began with a 2-0 home win over Kilmarnock on November 20, 1915 and was ended by the same opposition as they lost 2-0 at home to Killie on April 21, 1917.


    With no Scottish Cup due to the First World War and UEFA not recognising Glasgow Cup victories, Maley’s 62-game unbeaten streak is comprised solely of league matches.


    In total he won 16 league titles, 14 Scottish Cups and 14 Glasgow Cups in his 43 years as manager.


    Co. Antrim native Rodgers has yet to taste domestic defeat with Celtic, having not lost in Scotland since taking over in the summer of 2016.


    The club’s current 61-game unbeaten run began with the final match of Ronny Deila’a tenure before Rodgers took over – a 7-0 defeat of Motherwell in May 2016.


    The run comprises 49 league games, seven League Cup ties and five Scottish Cup ties.


    While he currently trails Maley’s run of consecutive league games without defeat, Rodgers did go an entire season unbeaten last term – Maley’s record unbeaten run spanned two seasons.


    In his 18 months in Glasgow, Rodgers has claimed four trophies and leads second-placed Aberdeen by three points going into the Kilmarnock clash.


    Should Celtic equal the record, it would be a fitting achievement for Rodgers, who has rewritten the record books since arriving in Glasgow.



    Celtic take on Kilmarnock at Celtic Park on Saturday, October 28 at 3pm.




    Hail Hail

  16. Just before I head to sleep, perchance etc.



    In Kellys, getting ready to head and who do I bump into.



    The One and Only DickByrne and son.



    He’s lookin no bad:-))))




  17. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    BAMBOO: Basically,early starters convene in the Blaine Valley hostelry from where they wil adjourn eventually to McChuill’s to ‘catch-up with,but not in a drinking sense’ with the later starters.


    Excursions between the Tolbooth and McChuills are frequently made,(have you seen the prices in McChuills!) for some.


    Smokers and non-smokers congregate outside and eventually the hardier among us venture up the Gallowgate!


    At least so I am reliably informed!!!!!


    See you there at one of them at least :) :).

  18. THELURKINTIM @ 10:27 PM,



    The deal is so poor that you really have to question all possibilities of why it’s such a spectacular failure.



    I wouldn’t rule out pure laziness…



    Oh, we need to tender for the TV deal again. Get the last document out, update it and edit it and send it out to the usual suspects.



    There job done.



    I wouldn’t rule out they were schmoozed through the deal, to what degree and to whose benefit you can’t tell… but it wasn’t properly negotiated that’s for sure.



    Hail Hail

  19. Bit of trivia;. ( I know two weeks late )


    The Celtic song by glen Daly played over the tannoy at Paradise first time.


    5 nil v Stirling Albion 14/10/1961.


    Now sleep beckons.

  20. Fairhill Buoy




    I left JOHS in 1980, straight into the west of Scotland, Klan, orange, masonic job market with a name that, in years gone by, would have seen me hung at Glasgow cross. HH


    See awe this, TV deal stuff……


    Did Lawwell not jump onto a plane, holding Dungcasters hand, all the way doon tae London, tae secure a deal that would give Sevo a chance to climb the leagues, on the journey, but, the planted Santa Clauses on here were telling us how Celtic PLC were the good guys because, they’ll never say “Old Firm” ???


    Or, did I wake up next to, Dorothy and Toto in Kansas, having dreamed the entire thing ?


    Guid luck wi the food bank stuff, I Daniel Blake CSC


    Weet Weet Weet


    Wee Oskar


    Wee Margaret






    Thoughts and Prayers.



  21. Southside


    Great bands. The first gig I went to was an up and coming band fae Toryglen Simple Minds, supported by an up and coming band fae Ballymun. U2. Changed times. :)

  22. Kev



    Wish you would return to Paradise.


    You are missing the best fitba by Celtic in your lifetime. You can have my ticket any match. Please come home Kev.

  23. CALTONTONGUES on 28TH OCTOBER 2017 12:02 AM


    Just before I head to sleep, perchance etc



    just before i head to sleep, perchance



    does someone know a handsome hun

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