If you are taken in by the change in who came second, more fool you


After a season where our main central defender went on strike in August, our manager set about working his ticket, our main striker went off message with the manager, before the manager decided it was better to shuffle him off the premises on deadline day, and then the manager walked out on us, we appear to have won the league by the same nine point margin as last season.

We have seen some disruptive seasons in our time (although not recently), but this has to be up there with the 1993-94 season, when we sailed perilously close to administration.  This is what modern Celtic looks like when it is vulnerable.  Not quite imperious, but still a game away from the treble.

Everything else is just background noise.  We are eight-in-a-row champions, double treble winners and that could soon be treble treble winners.  Next season will be nowhere near as disruptive.  We will have a manager who wants to be here and players bursting a gut to do it on the park.

There is a stable and clear vision for the club, experience at delivering sustainable success that seems to be more imperious each passing year and money in the bank  to take us there.  If you are taken in by the change in who came second, more fool you.

It was a treat to watch Karamoko Dembele for 45 minutes yesterday.  He is small, how would he cope against grown men?  Quite well, as it turned out.  He has fantastic ability to change direction and great pace over 5 yards, talents that allows him to get away from opponents.

If he is as good as some hope, our place in the food chain will become evident soon enough, but we will enjoy watching him when he pulls on the hoops.

I got a text on Saturday evening, “7-1 in jeopardy”.  The FA Cup Final was on; this could only mean Man City were threatening to breach the British cup final record win.  62 years and counting.

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  1. Sittin here


    Game on saturday coincides with the most famous date in our clubs history,yet we can write a new page in that book with Scotlands first tripple treblers.Work to do bhoys,go write that page.:-) God bless Celtic




    Hail Hail

  2. Bhoylo83 on 20th May 2019 8:07 pm



    I would like to know if, at any point in the season, was Paul67 worried we would not win the league.




    Celtic were lucky that NL was available. We had the better players but back then that was absolutely no guarantee of success. How well John Kennedy would have fared is a known unknown.



    As both player and manager, Neil has done well by Celtic. But his record elsewhere is mediocre. Mind you, BR twice oversaw humiliating defeats in Europe. Rodgers may or may not be the better manager but Lennon would never have capitulated so meekly.



    I have no idea how competent or otherwise PL is. But, undeniably, his tenure has coincided with a remarkable run of success for the club. I suspect that some very good supporters have reservations about him linked with Res.12. For others, it’s simply that their lives will never be complete without a ‘Great Satan’ and currently the CEO fits their bill.

  3. Dont always agree with the board or pl’s decisions but ffs why should celtic have given hibs the money they want at first time of asking. At end of the day Mcginn had a choice to make and picked villa over celtic. Celtic supporter, aye alright then. Spare me the whole but he was already being down there.



    We have the guts of a good young team and an academy that is producing good kids. any money we have or generate should be used to add a pinch of quality where any gaps arise. That is the way it should and needs to be at our club.



    Our biggest mistake has been signing older players that add nothing but numbers and take far more out that the ever put in.




  4. excathedra44 on

    Not worried in slightest about ” losing ” Steve Clark,after his correct dis-pleasure at the chants aimed at him,I concluded that in a live Celtic situation he could potentially have found the pressure unbearable.



    Surprised how easily he accepted employment from a group ( SFA ) he clearly had little time for.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Steve Clarke is certainly change of direction for the SFA , who have gone for managerial ability , integrity and honesty this time. No connection to any form of ‘Rangers’ , no EBT’s and no ‘old pals act’.

  6. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Free view channel 232 live House of Commons debate tribute to Billy McNiel now

  7. Whoever is chosen to be our next manger will be who it will be, nothing we can do or say they will change things.


    What I can’t abide is all those posting about their preferred choice backing it up with total untruths, Neil Lennon I am talking about, I have not seen a single poster mention the 6-1 spanking we got from Barca, it’s all he wouldn’t capitulate in europe like BR did, bollox, I was there and it was a total capitulation, it was six going on twelve.


    If he gets the job, fine, but please lay off the bullcrap.


    I think it was Jobo who first mentioned that had BR stayed till the seasons end, very few would have even thought of NL as the next manager, if you are honest with yourself you will agree with that.

  8. Just watched the tribute to Billy and Stevie from the House of Commons. Place almost empty but moving tribute from a few MPs, including the English lady Govt Minister, who had clearly done her homework, and made a good speech. That’s the 1st and only time you;ll see me praise a Tory.

  9. Looks like the latest rush to bet on Andreas Villa Boas… has been a red herring. Or squirrel. Depending what way you look at it.



    His flight to Scotland is to attend and do a speech at a sports conference through in Edinburgh.



    By all accounts

  10. Hail Hail Troops..


    Rugger supporting fan’s outrage…..


    “Unbelievable comments from Leo Cullen. How dare he attempt to bring religious bigotry into rugby. Absolutely no class.


    Leo Cullen calls on Celtic supporters to turn back on Glasgow Warriors”.


    What the blinkered half witted orange imbecile forgets to mention is what Cullen was actually saying is that the Warriors mostly all Hate Celtic and Irish.

  11. Father Jack


    That was something that I mentioned on here 3 or 4 weeks ago. My thinking was that had Brendan waitied until the end of the season and then announced, “Right, I’m off” there’d have been loads of us on here suggesting who should be on the short list. My hypotheitcal question was, in that scenario, how near the top of the list would Neil have been?


    As a totally separate isue, when Brendan did decide to leave us in the lurch meaning that the Club had to act very quickly then Neil was the one who actually did ‘hear us calling in the night’ and answered tht call, steering the team to the bring of the treble treble. His remit was clear and he is one game away from fulfilling that. I, for one, am very thankful that he agreed to return to the Celtic spotlight.


    He may well be given the job permanently. Or it may be someone else. My own support of the Celtic Football Club isn’t conditional on who the manager will be.


    Surely nothing is going to develop on this before one of the most important games in our 131 year history. The debate around the managerial position, for me, should be ‘so next week’.


    5 more sleeps……

  12. Jobo


    I just remembered you saying how far up your list he would be, I am happy enough with NL, there is a lot worse we could choose, Moyes for one, though some may disagree.


    It’s impossible not to think or talk about our next manager, this is a make or break summer for the club, get it wrong and there could be hell to pay, the support will only stand for failure if it’s not of our doing, our esteemed CEO really needs to earn his corn this break or he just might be on a sticky wicket as they say.

  13. spikeysauldman on




    the outraged rugby feck has obviusly forgotten about the followers with the bagpipes playing traditional rugby tunes…






    have been to 1 rugby match in paris (was working there)


    could not relate to any of the feckers


    the next day watched celtic beat hearts in an irish bar full of kilts


    made my weekend


    guy who interviewed me and knocked me back for a job was there


    the job i did get took me to paris – result

  14. quadrophenian on

    P67; more fool me then.


    As the insufferable Tom English notes…last year, we played ‘THEM’ five times, losing four and drawing one with an aggregate score of 14-2 in Celtic’s favour. This time THEY won two and lost two with an aggregate score of 4-3 in their favour. Steevie G and crew may not be the rube we hoped he’d be.


    Smug complacency could just do us in.



    Also, who’d win a tussle between a knicker wetter and a willy waver? HH

  15. “Smug complacency could just do us in.”



    That threat/warning has been made during every one of our 8iar title wins.



    It’s almost re-assuring now.



    For 8 years (and more) on CQN we have had dire warnings that the park will empty, there will be demonstrations and we will lose a league because of our biscuit tin/ Moneyball/ lack of ambition/ Balance Sheet worship/ failure to speculate & accumulate/ Heated Driveways/ Scottish Cringe/ terrible Scouting/terrible Recruitment/ Project Buying/and “where’s the Seville Money gone?” failures.



    For 8 years we have won every title and a fair wheen of cups. Nobody on the Cassandra side of the fence, has had any confidence dented in their predictive ability.



    I wonder where the smug confidence, that we are heading for failure, stems from?

  16. quadrophenian on



    I’ve been pretty balanced about our successes on and off the pitch since contributing here and giving credit where its due (to P67, BR, NFL and certainly PL, too)


    P67 asserts the changes in blue are absolutely nothing to worry about. That seems conceited/smug.


    Yet I’ve watched the Tic being cowed and bossed by THEM; a sight I’m vigilant about not seeing ever again.


    (PS like auld Cass, I’m similarly beautiful and blessed – but I’m not smug about it ;p

  17. Quadrophenian



    “P67 asserts the changes in blue are absolutely nothing to worry about. That seems conceited/smug.”



    What he said was the change in who came 2nd was not what should concern you. Blue and Red and Maroon have challenged us in previous seasons. Were we conceited & smug when we gave the opinion that we were likely to finish ahead of Aberdeen or Hearts? So, why is it conceited or smug to think that we were likely to beat the Ibrox mob to the title. 8 times in a row we’ve been right now.



    “Yet I’ve watched the Tic being cowed and bossed by THEM; a sight I’m vigilant about not seeing ever again.”



    No matter your vigilance- you can do nothing to stop us losing to them again- even losing badly. It has happened many times in the past, it has happened in the near present and it can, and will, happen again in the near future. So, we have to be prepared to face the loss of an odd battle and keep the resilience that we will win the war. I have lost many times to them in the past, and it has often led to them winning cups and titles. But not this year- we are the winners!



    But cowed or bossed by them???






    They have to look at the same league table we are looking at.



    They know they did not win it.



    In fact, they know they won nothing.




    Aff to ma kip

  18. From link above. Made me chuckle…



    Rangers Retail is about to be struck off at Companies House with a decision on the complex dispute between the club and Sports Direct International expected to be concluded next month.



    Since Dave King swept to power in March 2015 retail and merchandising has become a battleground with the South African based criminal trying to overturn contracts set up by the founding fathers in 2012.



    The deal struck by Charles Green and commercial guru Imran Ahmad gave the club an instant high street presence as they set off on their journey.



    Rather than try to provide a beneficial partnership for both parties King has tried to take on and undermine one of the UK’s most successful self made businessman who has mastered the retail market as household names such as Woolworths and British Home Store have gone into liquidation.



    In June 2017 King claimed victory in the so-called battle as he urged supporters to buy up kit with the club going into the new season wearing the same strips for the second season running. At the AGM in November it was revealed that it had cost £3m to set up a new deal with Sports Direct.



    SDI halted the release of the new Hummel kits last summer with the English courts backing their right to match any offer given to the club from a third party.



    On June 18 it is expected that SDI will be awarded compensation with a figure close to £10m plus costs being mentioned. Just as importantly SDI will insist on the contract being honoured giving them full matching rights.



    With Rangers Retail about to be wound up it looks like another source of funding for Steven Gerrard’s transfer war-chest is about to be closed off.

  19. SweetAsBroYeah on

    Well said Paul another level headed look at reality. Any angst we have is irrational. We’ve got 8 in a row. Nothing more can be asked of the team. Enjoy these successful times.

  20. Good morning CQN from a dry but grey Garngad



    If Moyes knocked us back before, he should not get another chance, I believe that if offered the Celtic Managers job then you do not knock it back, if you do, you do so at your peril.



    That said, whoever gets the gig, our custodians should get it sorted ASAP after cup final.



    RIP Nikki Louda.



    Welcome Knightswoodbhoy.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  21. Grand Morning One And All – Mild And Fresh In The Chilterns This Fine Spring Morn…



    Twas a Great Day on Sunday, the young bhoys stealing the show but Sincy doing a fine stand-in Captains role and N’tcham and Bitton looking good in the middle.



    Brilliant celebrations, great seeing Dembele there, it shows friendships were forged.






    “No matter your vigilance- you can do nothing to stop us losing to them again- even losing badly. It has happened many times in the past, it has happened in the near present and it can, and will, happen again in the near future. 



    Like me you are now equating Oldco and Newco. The continuity myth is now “fact!?”:(



    As far a the “gap” goes.



    Rangers won the U18 Youth Cup, Reserve League and beat our first team twice at Ibrox. To suggest they haven’t narrowed the gap substantially this season would foolishness and complacency in the extreme.



    We have a huge rebuilding job to do before we meet them again, who our head coach/manager is and who our Director of Sports/Head of recruitment is will tell us a lot about our intentions.



    The Rangers team we play next, will be better than the one we last faced at Ibrox, the team we field will be a resounding reflection of our intentions.



    I’m convinced it will be a clarion call. The good thing about Rangers getting better means we get better.



    Cup finals are a one off game, this one will, in that respect, be the same but with the end of an era for the invincible treblers it will be a very poignant day me thinks…



    End in a high Bhoys…



    Hail Hail

  22. MNCELT on 21ST MAY 2019 1:29 AM


    From link above. Made me chuckle…







    Rangers Retail is about to be struck off at Companies House with a decision on the complex dispute between the club and Sports Direct International expected to be concluded next month.





    Can I ask…. does this mean that ALL Sevco Shops will CLOSE….or will they keep open, but anything they sell , a large percentage of any profits will find its way to Mike Ashley and SDI ?


    If a “Company” is struck off at Companies House, surely THAT Brand Name ceases to exist ?



  23. Good news about thur shoppe…………….



    Can’t wait to hear the FF commercial tacticians plans to thwart the Mighty Mick.






    The dugs will need to be at their Level best to spin this wan………………



    HH ( and Good Morning!)

  24. And another thing.



    I neither need nor want Celtic to lord it over the huns.


    I want thum properly gone and for good because of who they are, what’s been done in their horrible name(s) and what they have brought on the game of football in the land of my birth.



    Proper consequences for their own actions. Full and proper disclosure around their multiple demises. No hiding place and no equivocation.



    Named. Blamed. Shamed.


    After that, who cares…..

  25. Any “news” on who will be Stevie’s assistants………?



    I expect there’ll have to be a hun or two involved to placate the mouth-breathers?

  26. BIG JIMMY @ 6:37 AM,



    It doesn’t mean much at all…



    Rangers retail was a JV (Joint venture) between Charles Green Sevco and Sports Direct.



    It was the “deal” that gave Newco Rangers pennies in the pound that Dave King said he wanted to get rid of.



    The last payments were made a couple of years ago and a new agreement was reached (Newco Rangers paying a lot of money to SDI to get out of the deal.






    Of course DCK boasted that the new deal meant that they had got rid of Sports Direct and would now be on there own



    However it was this new deal that they didn’t adhere to that has landed the. In court with a potential large pay out in costs to Sports Direct.



    Rangers retail has little to do with the current situation. It was originally called – SDI NEWCO NO.1 LIMITED.



    Expect the sequel to end the same;)



    Hail Hail

  27. This quote sums up the debates on here about NL, about Sevco and just about everything else :)



    ““Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”



    ― André Gide

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