If you are taken in by the change in who came second, more fool you


After a season where our main central defender went on strike in August, our manager set about working his ticket, our main striker went off message with the manager, before the manager decided it was better to shuffle him off the premises on deadline day, and then the manager walked out on us, we appear to have won the league by the same nine point margin as last season.

We have seen some disruptive seasons in our time (although not recently), but this has to be up there with the 1993-94 season, when we sailed perilously close to administration.  This is what modern Celtic looks like when it is vulnerable.  Not quite imperious, but still a game away from the treble.

Everything else is just background noise.  We are eight-in-a-row champions, double treble winners and that could soon be treble treble winners.  Next season will be nowhere near as disruptive.  We will have a manager who wants to be here and players bursting a gut to do it on the park.

There is a stable and clear vision for the club, experience at delivering sustainable success that seems to be more imperious each passing year and money in the bank  to take us there.  If you are taken in by the change in who came second, more fool you.

It was a treat to watch Karamoko Dembele for 45 minutes yesterday.  He is small, how would he cope against grown men?  Quite well, as it turned out.  He has fantastic ability to change direction and great pace over 5 yards, talents that allows him to get away from opponents.

If he is as good as some hope, our place in the food chain will become evident soon enough, but we will enjoy watching him when he pulls on the hoops.

I got a text on Saturday evening, “7-1 in jeopardy”.  The FA Cup Final was on; this could only mean Man City were threatening to breach the British cup final record win.  62 years and counting.

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  1. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST MAY 2019 7:53 AM


    BIG JIMMY @ 6:37 AM,







    It doesn’t mean much at all…







    Rangers retail was a JV (Joint venture) between Charles Green Sevco and Sports Direct.




    Cheers Mate, but I am still a bit confused as IF THEMS are ordered to pay ANY amount in compensation, and maybe Court Costs, isnt the New Club and DCK liable to pay up ?


    Also, does this mean that IF Sevco shops remain open, they will be FORCED to hand over the biggest percentage on every £ to SDI ?




  2. traditionalist88 on

    Imagine letting our stadium be used for fckn egg chasing the day we’re playing in a cup final. At least we’ve no league matches for a while. Well seeing the pitch was diseased anyway and the proceeds will hopefully pay for a replacement.



    As for the fans of the two teams involved, not that they’ve any presence outwith their own little confines in Scotstoun and the posh parts of southside Dublin, but the reaction from the rugby mob to one of the managers calling for support from football fans tells its own story.



    Only one game that matters on Saturday and it ain’t at Celtic Park (for once!).




  3. From Fritzsong @ *:42pm:



    “I have no idea how competent or otherwise PL is. But, undeniably, his tenure has coincided with a remarkable run of success for the club. I suspect that some very good supporters have reservations about him linked with Res.12. For others, it’s simply that their lives will never be complete without a ‘Great Satan’ and currently the CEO fits their bill.”



    AndreGide` may well be corret (Deniabhoy @8:14am) but sometimes `things` are said more effectively than at other times.I believe Fritzsong managed that .



  4. BIG JIMMY @ 8:33 AM,



    Well, I think you’ll need a wiser person than me to explain that one- but my understanding…



    Basically, yes and no…



    Little to do with Rangers Retail Ltd (first deal), but Newco will certainly have to pay for breach of the current contract (second deal)






    2012 – SDI and Newco struck a deal to ensure the New Club could get a high profile retail deal.



    For me Charles Green just wanted the perception “Rangers were back” and this helped, he had a multi-million pound share issue to make his money… retail would have been small beer at that point.



    This deal was re-negotiated by Dave King and Paul Murray, very badly…



    …Newco paid millions to get out of the deal, a revised deal ran for a year, so SDI and Puma could get rid of old (previously boycotted) stock then Newco could negotiate there own retail deal after that.



    Now, SDI had inserted a clause that meant they should be given the opportunity to match any new deal that Newco reached regarding retailing and merchandising.



    Dave King and Paul Murray ignored this and cut a deal with Hummel, JD Sporrs!?, ignoring SDI.



    SDI have taken Newco to court over this and won the case… SDI are looking for costs and damages, it’s just a matter of the Judge fixing the sum of how much Newco should pay.



    In the meantime Newco have carried on with the Hummel deal and as you say opened up shops, something SDI are looking at.



    Whether this next pay out will be the end of it, or SDI go for round three will be interesting.



    BTW I can’t see the costs being anything like the £10M quoted but as I say, I’m no expert…



    Hail Hail

  5. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST MAY 2019 9:02 AM


    BIG JIMMY @ 8:33 AM,




    Cheers again Mate.


    In recent months THEMS opened up a Newco shop in St Enochs Square, Glasgow. Soon after they were cutting back on opening hours etc…HaHa.



    As I am on Question time…can anyone confirm that the Planned Open Top Bus IF Celtic do the Treble, Treble, is to take place soon after the cup Final on Saturday…or is it on Sunday ?


    If we do it, the Parade will literally be passing right outside my front door…maybe i could leap oot a windae onto the Top deck …..?………Nah….I’ll let the Huns throw themselves oot of windeas !





    An ELVIS Impersonator was knocked down by a Bus this morning in Glasgow city centre……..he’s okay……but He’s ALL SHOOK UP !




    Many years ago the well known Texad Model, Jerry Hall was nicking aboot with Bryan Ferry….She Binned him to Marry Mick Jagger……..Why ?



    IF She had Married Bryan, her name would have been ” JERRY FERRY” !




  7. Traditionalist 88………Methinks your snob views on rugby are about 25 years behind the times. Most kids nowadays have the benefit of third level education and from working class families like myself. The Leinster team is a provincial selection and is composed of lads from louth, Carlow Wexford, killkenny etc and not from south dublin as you suggest, many of them sons of farmers. Munster is supported by working class Limerick people with the stadium embedded in that area of the town. Jim Craig’s son played rugby for Scotland and I’m lots of Celtic support have third level education.

  8. traditionalist88 on

    HANKRAY on 21ST MAY 2019 9:55 AM


    Traditionalist 88………Methinks your snob views on rugby are about 25 years behind the times.





    Nah mate I was reacting to the responses from rugby fans this week, not 25 years ago, after that Irish teams manager called for us to support them.



    Your point about 3rd level education is a bizarre one, unless you are saying that everyone with a 3rd level education is a snob?!



    Obviously not the case.



    Which is why rugby is and always will be a minority sport.



    Anyway, all an irrelevance.



    Its all about the Celts.




  9. Ref Jozo…..I’ve no doubt that he and many of our other good performers are monitored by other clubs.



    But I stopped reading that link as soon as I saw the words, ‘according to the sun….’ ??



    HH jg

  10. Traditionalist 88………My point is you can be from a working class background, attend a third level school with rugby as one of it’s sports and certainly be anything but a snob but still have an interest in the sport.


    Rugby is very much a working class game in Wales. I played Gaelic games in school but love most sports including rugby. Anyway, I will watch both games this weekend. Come on the Hoops.

  11. JAMESGANG on 21ST MAY 2019 10:29 AM



    Aye I hear you. But Celtic need to give him a new deal or sell him or end up in another Boyata position.



    I’d say give the guy a new deal. But that’s the new coaches choice

  12. Jozo is made of glass and if experience tells us one thing – he’ll break down soon.



    Punt. get as much as we can.

  13. traditionalist88 on




    Not my cup of tea and personally I think parents who encourage their kids to play rugby need their head looked at but enjoy!



    BIG WAVY on 21ST MAY 2019 11:04 AM



    Agreed about Jozo, the evidence is there. I say cut our losses and add any fee received to the pot. Players leaving will need to be replaced AND whoever the manager is will want to put his stamp on the team anyway so lots of big decisions to come.




  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    In some respects, I’m surprised at the antipathy towards the prospect (if it’s even a prospect at all) of David Moyes getting the Celtic job.



    In other respects, I’m not surprised at all, such is the ebb and flow of opinion in the Celtic universe.



    I’ve no idea if Moyes is in the running for the job, other than picking up the flotsam and jetsam of the internet left by the last tide of made up pish.



    However, Moyes largely fits the profile Celtic have established during Dermot Desmond’s time: British, mid career, EPL experience, and on that basis alone he would be quoted. (I note this morning that the bookies have him 2nd favourite at 3/1, behind Villas Boas 11/8 and ahead of Lenny 4/1).



    I understand that Moyes was close to getting the job last time around, losing out to Brendan Rodgers in the end. Whether the reservations Celtic had at the time – if there were any – have been resolved, or whether Moyes himself is prepared to take the job after the last KB is unknown.



    What’s clear is that Moyes is a football manager held in high regard by his peers, and one with depth of experience no other mooted candidate can touch.



    His early career at Preston comprised 4 years, during which he took them from (then) Division 2 to the EPL playoff final. His record at Preston persuaded Everton to give him the job, replacing Walter Smith.



    His time at Everton is considered the highlight of his career, his 11 years there making him the third longest serving EPL manager behind Ferguson and Wenger. When he finally left, it was to Man Utd on the recommendation of Alex Ferguson.



    Much has been said and written about his underwhelming record at Utd, but it’s worth reflecting on the fact that his record is no worse than those who followed him – van Gaal and Mourinho. Ferguson himself spoke of Moyes in 2015: “I don’t think we made a mistake at all. I think we chose a good football man. Unfortunately it didn’t work for David.”



    That last sentence might be applied to his subsequent career at Sociedad, Sunderland and West Ham. “Unfortunately it didn’t work for David” seems to be his strapline, but his time at both Sociedad and West Ham, although brief, were by no means disastrous.



    He took on Sociedad in November 2014, the team 19th in the La Liga with 6 points from 10 games. They finished the season in 12th place, with 46 points, Moyes delivering 40 points from 28 matches, including a league win v Barca. He was fired in November 2015 with just 9 points from the first 11 league matches.



    His record over the year in Donostia is midtable, pretty much what Sociedad are.



    Sunderland was up next, and the sense is that he was poorly advised in taking the job. Setting aside having Martin Bain as CEO, Sunderland were the EPL’s financial basket case club, and Moyes’ short time in charge ended with both he and the club in the basket.



    West Ham were the next – and the last – club to appoint Moyes, the club in the relegation zone with 9 points from 11 matches, and having fired Slaven Bilic. Moyes was given a 6 month contract with the remit to keep them in the EPL. He did that with room to spare, West Ham finishing the season in 13th position with 42 points.



    Looking at Moyes’ career in the round, he’s been in the Game for 21 years, transforming Preston and making his name over 11 seasons at Everton. He was the managers’ Manager of the Year on 3 occasions, and was considered good enough to replace Alex Ferguson at United. That ultimately he wasn’t good enough to replace Ferguson is no disgrace.



    In all that time as a football manager, he’s had one disastrous season – Sunderland – and has otherwise batted at or above the level expected of the club he was managing.



    On balance, this is a ‘good football man’, highly thought of by his peers, with a depth of experience in England and abroad that few can match. The worst you can say about him is that he’s simply not showbiz; he lacks the glamour and the smile of Brendan Rodgers.



    If we’re appointing managers on the basis on public persona, Moyes won’t get the gig. Thankfully, we’re not, and if Moyes is talking to Celtic, that’s no more than I would expect of both.

  15. Think Big Wavy is right…



    When we bought Jozo he had a bad knee problem.



    It’s been recurring and plays less than half our games a season.



    When Torino wanted to buy him he failed the medical.



    He’s a good player and has done well to carry on with a condition that would see many footballers give up a professional career.



    Yet for all his undoubted ability and experience he’s not going to get a mega-million pound move.



    My thoughts, we either give him a Season by season deal or let him go.



    Hail Hail

  16. Egg chasers @ CP — interested to see the fan offering in comparison to the SPL way of doing things.



    One issue they seem to have is greed.


    The ticket prices have been set far too high and the crowd will reflect that.



    Other side of that is that SCF tickets are currently like hen’s teeth — and I am on the outside at the moment. Consequently a trip to CP might be on the cards for a bit of research.



    Murrayfield has perimeter style turnstyles with a large open area surrounding the seating.


    CP has the more traditional direct entry turnstyles so it will be interesting to see where they put the beer tents and the finances of egg chasing are made workable with the inclusion of beer tents.



    All of this based on a holiday weekend — Friday night looks as if it will be a big night out.




    Great post. I agree that he’s a good manager,and I wouln’t mind if he came to us,He’d be much more to my liking than NFL.

  18. T88 @ cultural stereotypes.com



    Egg chasing is a competitor regarding “erses” on seats.


    They have built up the GW team to a situation where Scotstoun is now too small.



    We are or will be losing some pipe and slippers fans to them.


    Not sure if we have enough “CuZ / Coked up Zoomers” to replace them.



    Best of both worlds — GCC build a new stadium for them in the East End.


    They build one stand and we build another to give a home to the Youth / Reserve team.


    The site in front of the Emirates would be about the right size.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    MADMITCH on 21ST MAY 2019 12:01 PM



    They’re real ‘sell the sizzle, not the steak’ events ie. the actual sport is low on skill but hey nothing a few beer tents and prawn sandwiches wont sort out. Then all the hooray Henrys can tell their pals about what a great time they had watching the ball get put on the ground for 5pts a pop!



    Yes, they’re a competitor in a sense, but not a very big one. Still, not sure I’d be giving them any encouragement. Mind you we probably owed them after using Murrayfield a couple of times.



    Timing not very good either.




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