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The Celtic Supporters Association Rally in the Kerrydale Suite last night was a complete joy.  On the way out I remarked that the club was in good hands with the Association.  This was their 64th annual rally, over generations they have protected and cultured the unique spirit of our football club.

For me, it was the third opportunity in a week to hear the Thai Tims, who performed an excellent set.  Paul Lennon of the Good Child Foundation is a real inspiration and example to us all.

It was also a great opportunity to spend a few hours with many from the CQN community, always a treat.  I know one CQN’er who is going to think twice before digging up Tom (“get your facts right”) Boyd on the blog again, just in case our former treble winning captain reads it and goes looking for him on a night out.

To continue the spirit of what we are all about, on Saturday 19th May there is a charity dinner in Glasgow for The Andrea Kearney Fund, which supports women who are diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.  The fund in memory of Andrea, who was diagnosed while expecting her fifth child and died in 2008, aged 41.

It promises to be a great night for an important cause, I hope you can support it.  You can book tickets here.  I look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Thinks today’s formation more likely to be





    —–Lustig Loovens Mulgrew——-


    Matthews Brown Ledley Izaguirre




    ———Hooper Stokes————–

  2. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    I had not quite appreciated that the SPL were now adopting the position MWD put to Doncaster earlier this year that all clubs would have a say.









    Interesting. I thought it the only logical thing to do but when it comes to commercialism logic can get skewed.



    Weeel done MWD.

  3. Almost certainly a repeat of the 3-4-1-2 formation that put Rangers to the sword last weekend.


    One concern is that United have a bit of pace on the flanks but, overall, we should be in for an open, attacking game.


    And another 3 points for the Champions of Scotland.

  4. Neil taking no chances today he wants those three points, he made a point of saying on the huddle that he wanted a higher points total this season..



    Good looking team, intae thum Celts…

  5. The No.13 Shorts on

    I have come to the conclusion that Celtic PLC have a ace up their sleeves. Based on absolutely nothing other than the fact that they haven’t (as far as I’m aware) spoken to the CSC’s and don’t want to show their hand too soon. I hope they are simply waiting on the FTT results and UEFA double contracts implications.



    PL/DD haters take note: Celtic will be well aware that they will be very significant financial losers from this if Rangers get back in via legal jiggery pokery.



    No matter what anyone on here says, the horror of the thought of empty seats next year will be keeping PL awake at night and, as a result, I, pesonally, give more credit to his intelligence than to give credence to the theory that he thinks a simple shrug of the shoulders and a “we tried” approach will suffice (because it won’t).



    This is the circle that must be square and Celtic know it.



    I also recall that P67 alludes to the fact many moons ago that Celtic would be pursuing legal channels to gain compensation (from MIH?) for lost Champions League revenue over many years.



    We are living in someone else’s interesting times and they are trying to make it interesting for us. My hunch is that we, at present, are playing a blinder and the fan’s patience is key. By all means hold off on renewing season tickets until things develop, but, above all else, have patience.




  6. Strange one from yorkston(dunfermiline) thought he would have been the last person to speak against them………………the famine song, its beneath them to apologise the more this pans out i get the feeling fans of other clubs are starting to hate them…………the fans know nothing will change…corrupt

  7. The SPL hasm’t said that all clubs will have a vote – just that they will be canvassed for their views. The formal positin is still that the Board will make the decision as per Article 11:



    “Except where such transfer is occasioned by the promotion of an association football club from and relegation of a Club to the SFL the consent of the Board shall be required before the transfer of any Share shall be registered.”

  8. No 13 shorts – blind optimism isnt really a strategy for me.



    Bourne’s where did that quite come from?

  9. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Horsey stuff – Mickael Barzalona has four rides for Mahmood Al Zarooni today, so I’ve done a Lucky 15 on those.


    This boy is the new superstar of racing, hopefully he’ll prove that today.




  10. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Fassreifen on 6 May, 2012 at 12:00 said:



    It depends on how a club license is granted by the SFA to a Newco if it sees the light of day and I suspect the SFA/UEFA are keeping their powder dry but if that process is applied as the SFA web site states (and it should be to stop charlatans taking over from charlatans) then Newco would fail the Three Years accounts rule or if the Oldcos history were used fail on unpaid tax and debt to football (and probably unaudited accounts for last year.) The whole point about club licensing is to protect other clubs (in this case from themselves).



    UEFA FFP says



    Article 4 – Exception policy


    The UEFA administration may grant an exception to the provisions set out in part II within the limits set out in Annex I.



    ANNEX I: Exceptions policy


    A. Principle


    1. The UEFA administration may, in accordance with Article 4, grant exceptions on the following matters:


    a) Non-applicability of a minimum requirement concerning the decision-making bodies or process defined in Article 7 due to national law or any other reason;


    b) Non-applicability of a minimum requirement concerning the core process


    defined in Article 9 due to national law or any other reason;


    c) Non-applicability of a minimum assessment procedure defined in Article 10 due to national law or any other reason;


    d) Non-applicability of the three-year rule defined in Article 12(2) in case of


    change of legal form or company structure of the licence applicant on a caseby-case basis;


    e) Non-applicability of a certain criterion defined in part II, chapter 3 due to


    national law or any other reason;


    f) Extension of the introduction period for the implementation of a criterion or a category of criterion defined in part II, chapter 3.


    2. Exceptions related to items a), b), c), e) and f) are granted to a UEFA member association and apply to all clubs which are registered with the UEFA member association and which submit a licensing application to enter the UEFA club competitions. Exceptions related to item d) are granted to the individual club that applies for a licence.


    3. An exception is granted for a period of one season. Under specific


    circumstances this period may be extended and the UEFA member association may be placed on an improvement plan.


    4. A renewal of the exception is possible upon a new request.



    B. The process


    1. The UEFA administration acts as the first instance decision-making body on exception requests.


    2. An exception request must be in writing, clear and well founded.


    3. Exceptions related to items defined under A(1)(a, b, c, e and f) must be


    submitted by the UEFA member association to the UEFA administration by the deadline communicated by the latter.



    4. Exceptions related to the item defined under A(1)(d) can be submitted at any time. A licensor notified of the reorganisation or restructuring of an affiliated club (e.g. change of legal form, merger of clubs, split of club, liquidation or bankruptcy) is responsible for notifying the UEFA administration accordingly as soon as it becomes aware of it.


    5. The UEFA administration uses the necessary discretion to grant any exception within the limits of these regulations.


    6. The status and situation of football within the territory of the UEFA member association will be taken into account when granting an exception. This encompasses, for example:


    a) size of the territory, population, geography, economic background;


    b) size of the UEFA member association (number of clubs, number of registered players and teams, size and quality of the administration of the association,etc.);


    c) the level of football (professional, semi-professional or amateur clubs);


    d) status of football as a sport within the territory and its market potential


    (average attendance, TV market, sponsorship, revenue potential, etc.);


    e) UEFA coefficient (association and its clubs) and FIFA ranking;


    f) stadium ownership situation (club, city/community, etc.) within the




    g) support (financial and other) from the national, regional and local authorities,including the national sports ministry.


    7. The decision will be communicated to the UEFA member association. The


    decision must be in writing and state the reasoning. The UEFA member


    association must then communicate it to all licence applicants concerned.


    8. Appeals can be lodged against decisions made by the UEFA administration or, if applicable, the UEFA Executive Committee in writing before the Court ofArbitration for Sport (CAS) in accordance with the relevant provisions laid down in the UEFA Statutes.

  11. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 6 May, 2012 at 12:10 said:



    Maybe, but it is taking some chance going against what the individual clubs want to happen.I find it astonishing that in a matter as as important as this clubs have disenfranchised themselves.

  12. Auld Neil Lennon heid on 6 May, 2012 at 12:14



    Thanks for that. My eyes tend to glaze over at legal small print, but 6 d) caught my eye. Can imagine that coming into play. Good point you make about both sides keeping their powder dry.

  13. Hi is this a place to chat about Celtic things?


    Where is Jinkysbhoy dae ye mind him.


    Oh and the ither thing is….. The vouguepunter is robert burns wee grandchild, he posts the craic on Cqn and the words should be written in stone……. No in gold.


    Cqn doesn’t really appreciate what a star mr Vogue is…. ( smiley)



  14. NegAnon2



    I really wish that I could say.



    But I can’t, it’s my quote, but I genuinely with all my heart believe, it is factually accurate.



    I think Celtic financial profit would if anything increase in terms of ‘new added support’ – if the cheats were removed to the Third Division.



    We shouldn’t need the Celtic Board to reaffirm to the Support that they will act in our


    collective wishes, and choose a few more dollars.



    Commercialism would take a back seat as Celtic would support sporting integrity before they would support a Rangers Newco.



    If I am not allowed to believe that, then the Celtic ideal is not the one I support.

  15. bournesouprecipe on 6 May, 2012 at 11:53 said:





    Ah yes, – The Famine Song – I heard it too.



    * Ragers are woven into the fabric Scottish of Society, we must ensure they continue *



    © Alex Salmond




    Much in the same way as the KKK are part of the fabric of the southern states in the USA, the Nazi party was in Germany, apartheid in S Africa………



    some fabric is only good for burial shrouds before placing on a funeral pyre.