Ignore the delightful and the dreadful


The best news of the week is the return to action of three injured central defenders.  Cameron Carter-Vickers, out since April recuperating after an operation, started last night’s game.  He was partnered by new-signing Maik Nawrocki.  Both were swapped out at halftime but should be ready for a fuller challenge against Ross County on Saturday.

Carl Starfelt returned to action for the second half, where he partnered Liam Scales.  While it is great to see Cameron, Maik and Carl all fit to play, surely Brendan Rodgers will give Liam the nod on Saturday?  He is likely to be the only one from this group fit enough for 90 minutes.

Also returning from injury, Anthony Ralston will be confident of starting against Ross County.  Tomoki Iwata is not a fullback and was undone by a simple ball over the top, allowing Athletic to re-take the lead immediately after Reo Hatate scored Celtic’s first equaliser.

These games are not about results or performances, so I would ignore the delightful and the dreadful moments in our play last night, they are not indicators of the season ahead.  There is a lot of fitness work to do, and a lot of systems to learn, before we will be ready to judge anyone.

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  1. TENNESSEE TIM re: Low Humidity CSC



    I hear that. Left my sprinkler on in back garden last night. I blame the beer. Woke up to texts from neighbours informing me of my wee mistake.

  2. A decent spectacle against a very good side.



    I do know that AB have never been relegated along with Barcelona and Real Madrid, but do they still only sign players associated with the Basque country ?




  3. I thought Jota was a bit disappointing in the Cl last season. I thought he was easily played by the right back in all 3 of his starts and I think his confidence, and his form suffered as a result.

  4. I don’t think any of the new signings are ready to be starters.





    Ralston CCV Starfelt Taylor


    O’Reilly McGregor Hatate


    Abada Kyogo Maeda



    For me none of newbies have snatched a place. Scales maybe if one of the CH have fitness issue. If Starfelt and Hatate are leaving then they should be left on the bench.



    We need to give Vata minutes as if not then we will lose him.

  5. CELTIC40ME on 2ND AUGUST 2023 2:59 PM


    I thought Jota was a bit disappointing in the Cl last season. I thought he was easily played by the right back in all 3 of his starts and I think his confidence, and his form suffered as a result.




    Crazy talk. Our top scorer on 2 and top on progressions with the ball (16 versus Abada’s 3), the very thing we need, to help compete. He played 1 match less than him too.



    Not a zero sum btw. I like Liel a lot.




  6. BIG WAVY on 2ND AUGUST 2023 4:07 PM



    No reason for me to see it that way but I was disappointed with him, I remember him being pretty disappointed as well when he came off.



    He went into the CL in great form – 4 goals and 5 assists in 8 league games – but 1 goal and 2 assists in the 15 games after the start of the CL does suggest a bit of a tail off.



    He wasn’t the only one, I thought none of our attacking players looked up to the job, but I expected more from him.

  7. Bournesouprecipe



    Is the new Australian winger injured or simply not being considered ?



    Also was BR meaning in or out re transfers ?

  8. Celtoc40me



    Agree re Jota in CL. One of Anges very few faults was to build the CL up to be something huge and for me the entire squad did not play with the confidence of their convictions / true belief that they could win. I include Jota in that.



    The forwards as a group did not come close to delivering their goals vs potential according to all ratings.



    Jota may have not appeared to be performing well but none of our forward players did.



    Our style of play was always going to leak goals. Especially when we were chasing the play.

  9. Celtic40me



    Jota did spend more time on the right earlier in the season. Maybe a factor re falling off.

  10. CELTIC40ME on 2ND AUGUST 2023 4:48 PM



    Jota was one who could still make the step up to Europe, that will define us. We don’t have enough quality (and we were unlucky that 2 others – CCV & McGregor, got injured).



    We’ll need a bit of luck, Kyogo needs to step up and be clinical (I think he can) but we’re a Portuguese superstar down and so have fewer, not more, ECL level players at this stage.



    I’m sure that will get fixed. 3/4 players at a Jota / CCV level would be transformational. Fingers crossed.




  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Abada’s stats in goals and assists, to how many games he’s started is excellent.

  12. BURNLEY78



    I think it was a huge step up for all of them, hardly any of the team had cl experience and none of the attacking players.



    One goal in three home games tells its own story and I was surprised how good the defences we came up against were but you’d hope the experience would mean the team would be better prepared and play with more confidence this season. Thats why last night was a bit of a worry but it was only for a spell and in preseason

  13. bournesouprecipe on




    Tilio had a injury when we completed the deal. Brendan didn’t specify.

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Dear Green Brigade,



    Just a note to say the next time I’m leaving, I’ll be sure to let you all know first.



    Hail Hail



    love ❤️ Brendan

  15. BIG WAVY on 2ND AUGUST 2023 5:23 PM



    “Jota was one who could still make the step up to Europe”



    Agreed, that’s what was disappointing. I agree about luck as well, Jenz played in all 6 games, we didnt have our first choice CBs playing together once. Welsh and Jenz at home against the second seeds is a tough ask.



    And I agree about Kyogo, its tough playing as a solo striker against the best centre half pairings but he seems to have got sharper. I dont think we’ll get better than him. But unless one or more of our younger players have breakout seasons, which is still possible, we need to bring in improvements in attacking areas if were to progress



    We’ve got a long way to go to finish third, I think this season is too soon for Brendan and this group and I think the new format will suit us better, with more games against lower ranked teams

  16. Gvardiol, who we faced twice last season as RB Leipzig’s centre half has just gone to Man City for £77m.

  17. Thats 3 players we played against last season they’ve sold for over €220m this Summer

  18. would prefer to see Abada play on the right side other than being moved to left wing to accomodate other wide players , Jota started wide right when his most productive position was wide left.

  19. I’ve just finished watching the 2nd Season of Almost Paradise on Prime.



    I really do binge on Series I like.



    This has it all, sadness, madness and happiness.



    I couldnae get a real screen of the Jamesie testimonial (it was windowed) but Saturday will see the Bhoys Back in proper action and I’m Blessed to huv a Season Ticket wae ma Son. Let’s get funky in Europe, even if it means we dinnae win the League for once. We have lost ties we shouldnae have, IMO. That is fitba.

  20. Petec, if the Huns win the league next season, they’ll be in for a cash windfall, which we want to avoid.



    If they don’t make the CL groups this season and next season, I’d say they are in big trouble financially. As in their actual existence.



    That’s what I like to see. 😃😂👍🇮🇪🏆🏆🏆🍀

  21. Huns are booking and unbooking flights to Begi and Switzerland as the game goes from 1-0 to 1-1 2-1 then 2-2. And with the Swiss down to 10 men since 4th minute.



    Hedge bets placed on outcomes etc.



    Neither team looks great. Atmosphere shit in stadium. Like no one cares. However rangers are not any good either.





    Exactly! Will be more cheating than last year using VAR to help them and hinder us.

  23. It wouldn’t be like the Huns to have their opponents have to play extra time. The luck they’ve had in Europe with teams sacking their manager just before they play them, extra time played, Haaland injured for both legs against Dortmund etc, is completely unbelievable!

  24. Anyone know the list of teams the Huns could draw if they get past Genk or Servette?

  25. I very much liked the way Jota played for us and also really liked the way he connected with our supporters.



    I don`t, though, remember him being just quite as good as he is being portayed on here since his departure.


    I might be wrong, of course.Where did he finish in Jobo`s MotM stats?

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