Ignore vulnerable Milan nonsense


The stats tell an enticing story, Milan have played thirteen competitive games since beating Celtic and won only two, but you can forget about them right now.  Celtic are good enough to take three points tomorrow but it will require a perfect match plan if they are to do so.

This fixture will hold no fears for Celtic, who have been over similar ground many times before, but they face players vastly more experienced at playing the intensity of football which will be on display tomorrow evening.  If we are to get anything from the game, we will have to subvert a team who will enjoy the majority of possession and territorial advantage, with impeccable defending and expert finishing.

We got it spectacularly wrong against Italian opposition last season, who were considerably weaker than the Spanish opponents who left Celtic Park empty handed, overwhelmingly as a consequence of diverging from the game plan which left Barcelona scrambling for a consolation goal. This is football at a remarkably unforgiving level, as Juventus let us know; you’re not in the SPFL now, Dorothy.

Did you get to speak to the CQN Girls handing out Annuals at the Superstore on Saturday?  We’ve got budget to bring them along for one last time ahead of the Milan game tomorrow.  See the video below for a glimpse of what we were up to on Saturday and thanks to everyone who has bought an Annual!

CQN Book launch – Celtic Park from Partickular Films on Vimeo.

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  1. aha just had a keek ootside ….first frost of the year here in Lower Saxony ….time for another bacon@skwerr …..thinnest of smears of the dark sauce, braw ….CL nights make me nervous and when I am nervous ….comfort fries….so win win win ….braw

  2. I read somewhere yesterday that, assuming we can win tonight but take nothing in Barcelona then, to qualify for the last 16 we need Ajax to draw their own final 2 games against Barca tonight and Milan on the final day. Us, Ajax and Barca would then all be on 6 points and in those circumstances you establish a mini-league table involving the games between those 3 teams – so we’d have our 2 home wins (6), Ajax would have the win against us and their 2 draws with Milan (5) and Milan would similarly have their win against us and their 2 draws against Ajax (5).



    Appears to be in line with the following regulation relating to this year’s competition although if someone can explain to me the need for point (e) below I’d be grateful –



    7.06 If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches,


    the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings (in descending




    a) higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the


    teams in question;


    b) superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams


    in question;


    c) higher number of goals scored in the group matches played among the


    teams in question;


    d) higher number of goals scored away from home in the group matches


    played among the teams in question;


    e) if, after having applied criteria a) to d), teams still have an equal ranking,


    criteria a) to d) are reapplied exclusively to the matches between the


    teams in question to determine their final rankings. If this procedure does


    not lead to a decision, criteria f) to h) apply;


    f) superior goal difference from all group matches played;


    g) higher number of goals scored from all group matches played;


    h) higher number of coefficient points accumulated by the club in question,


    as well as its association, over the previous five seasons (see


    paragraph 9.02).



    Time to run for my bus…

  3. Paul67 etal.



    Looking forward to the game tonight.The big question on my mind is, are Milan as bad as the reading of them is in the papers, could they be relegated from the Italian Premier League this season, I’m not that clued up on the nuances of Italian Football, but I doubt that the MIB would try their best to keep them in the top flight of Italian football, they haven’t sunk to the lows of Scottish Football where only one team gets any assistance from the MIB,MSM,SFA,SPL,etc,etc. The Italians haven’t as yet got too the lows of Scottish Football where anything goes to keep their preferred team afloat.



    After a hard fought game tonight, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, A hard fought nail biting game, with Celtic getting the result required.



    And with all the talk from Barcelona players about Celtic,and their magnificent support. they’re love-in with all things Celtic will continue, I expect to be celebrating in Barcelona on the 11th of December, when Barcelona make a couple of horrendous blunders in front of their own support to give Celtic an undeserved victory. Ya beauty.

  4. skyisalandfill c'mon wee Oscar on



    Where are you likely to be at say 5 o clock tonight?


    Will try to ctach up with you guys if I can.




  5. valentinesday DAMands justice for the 5



    06:24 on 26 November, 2013




    Well said my amigo – I hope all is well with ye ?


    Offoottaedaewhityesaid – CSC


    Hail Hail – Take Care – laters…

  6. On sky news “after his goals and the way he is playing lots of people are saying Long for England”.They know nothing about football



  7. skyisalandfill c’mon wee Oscar


    07:23 on


    26 November, 2013




    Where are you likely to be at say 5 o clock tonight?


    Will try to ctach up with you guys if I can.



    We will be dining in an Italian Restaurant at that time, can’t tell you the name of it, as the walls have ears.. (I will say this only once), the restaurant is in Ingram St.

  8. Morning,



    Massive game tonight in respect of our season. Guts churning already.



    I wonder who will be showing up from UEFA today…


    oldtim67 ..




    check if it’s the TALLY WALLY KITCHEN they had flooding on saturday !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. skyisalandfill c'mon wee Oscar on




    Mum’s the word. Hopefully see y’all there



    Shame kikinthenakas can’t make it.




  11. BT.



    High as a kite at the moment and I haven’t taken any medication yet, Celtic have a lot to answer for. In process of breakfast at tiffany’s, take medicine put Meds in bag and have a rest before hoovering the carpet.That should bring me down to earth.

  12. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    Grand Morning in Tipperary. Just sitting here waiting for my mate to collect me. Any second now I’ll be on my way again. See a few of ye later. Car here, I’m off.

  13. Oldtim…….hope you enjoy the game.Seems ages ago I met you,Glasgowdave and the fellas in the BV and BB..a great warm up to the main event.That environment seems a million miles away from goings on at the Dam……..really good Tims enjoying themselves and loving their team. I think I preferred my 5year lurking to posting as it appears if you are not into skwerr,black pudding,live in Oz or England the only guy who responds to you is Kojo.


    Kickinthenakas ….. hope you recover soon and enjoy watching both games today.




  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family


    07:57 on


    26 November, 2013




    Medication in bag?





  15. Beebawbabbity…….



    In to Skwerr and bp but don’t live in Engerlund or OZ.. does that rule me out??

  16. Just back in to say….








    I don’t know what happened to you or, what’s wrong ?



    But, whatever it is – I hope all is well again for you ASAP.



    OK, pal ?


    Hail Hail n Take Care – laters – Off oot.

  17. KevJungle….



    if ye wurny aff oot so much ye wid know.



    Take care when yer oot and hopefully prayers answered tonight.




  18. BBB………….what is your team for tonight?…..5 across the middle for me …keep changing the target man ….and generally annoy them ….you have to run straight at defenders…right at them was always my tactics ….never give them a minute,s peace on the ball or off it ….



  19. Quite funny listening to the MSM laud Dundee Utd and their young players, heard one say they were the most exciting and entertaining team in Scotland and might even make the top 4. Eh? Just top 4?



    Wasn’t that last year when the greedy Stephen Thompson was defending his club against an almost daily barrage of propaganda by Sevco sympathisers promoting Charles Green’s dignified boycott. Evil v Good etc. All ended in tears.

  20. Desertbhoy….your posts suggest you are the real deal.Once the Bankie clique is established………..




  21. Beebawbabbity


    08:53 on


    26 November, 2013


    Desertbhoy….your posts suggest you are the real deal.Once the Bankie clique is established………..








    no bankie clique for me… currently exiled in Dubai and will be shouting myself hoarse in the Dubliners; allong with all the other tims.




  22. DB ….aha Dooby doo land …no wonder you never answered when I mentioned that there was a direct flight from Doha to Edin starting next year …wrong country …:)

  23. Ticket. Check


    Train ticket.Check




    Throat spray.Check



    Ain’t no stinking cold going to stop me today



    Wife is looking out the insurance policies


    See all you ghuys in the bv