Ignore vulnerable Milan nonsense


The stats tell an enticing story, Milan have played thirteen competitive games since beating Celtic and won only two, but you can forget about them right now.  Celtic are good enough to take three points tomorrow but it will require a perfect match plan if they are to do so.

This fixture will hold no fears for Celtic, who have been over similar ground many times before, but they face players vastly more experienced at playing the intensity of football which will be on display tomorrow evening.  If we are to get anything from the game, we will have to subvert a team who will enjoy the majority of possession and territorial advantage, with impeccable defending and expert finishing.

We got it spectacularly wrong against Italian opposition last season, who were considerably weaker than the Spanish opponents who left Celtic Park empty handed, overwhelmingly as a consequence of diverging from the game plan which left Barcelona scrambling for a consolation goal. This is football at a remarkably unforgiving level, as Juventus let us know; you’re not in the SPFL now, Dorothy.

Did you get to speak to the CQN Girls handing out Annuals at the Superstore on Saturday?  We’ve got budget to bring them along for one last time ahead of the Milan game tomorrow.  See the video below for a glimpse of what we were up to on Saturday and thanks to everyone who has bought an Annual!

CQN Book launch – Celtic Park from Partickular Films on Vimeo.

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  1. Hebcelt ,Malorbhoy ,Oldtim and BT in the BV beergarden with their ‘packages’







  2. The Battered Bunnet


    10:37 on


    26 November, 2013



    I also think it’s noticeable that the share price has risen 10% from it’s low point since it became clear that the Requisitioners had little chance of success at the AGM. That’s not just about stability, it’s about the opportunities for investors to make money.

  3. blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    10:48 on 26 November, 2013


    Belmont St hasn’t changed much over the years I see..




    Used to live round the corner from Belmont St back in 76

  4. folly folly


    If I ever open it I’ll save you a glass. :) I bought it when Safeways where being taken over by Morrisons as it was about a third of the normal price, just never got round to opening it.

  5. A couple of interesting posts on the LSE RIFC share blog, as a wee diversion on this morning of upcoming Champions League business.



    “Maybe it’s nothing but Colin Kingsnorth the man behind Laxey, Norman Crighton the new sevco non executive director of sevco and Craig whyte all worked at Olliff & Partners in the early 90’s, coincidence? ”



    “A taste of what’s coming? ‘Another outfit that stirs up trouble in the hope of making a profit is Laxey Partners. Headed by Colin Kingsnorth, Laxey has a succession of victims on its belt.’ “





    10:14 on 26 November, 2013





    It’s high time you got a job with more sociable working hours!





    ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~



    Just been to the doc,wee cyst on my hand.



    First thing she did was to question my alcohol and nicotine intake!



    More sociable hours? I’d be deid inside a month….

  7. EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot



    got these pictures in ma wee heid of those old comics with the naughty boys being spanked…..hahahahahaha the wee Hun is taking an awfy spanking and all his wee pals looking on knowing they are next …….talked aboot “Reemed” ……..hahahahaha its a wonderful world is it not …………….braw

  8. Celticbhoy



    You sussed me: fair do’s …



    As Tallybhoy can doubtless verify, not for nothing is Barolo described as ‘the king of wines and the wine of kings’ …







  9. Celticbhoy @10 57.



    Barolo is mighty good ! . Mrs S Of T is of the opinion that it is the best .



    She and I did a Barolo walk across the 7 hills of Barolo in 2006 . The walk included lunch in a wee taverna near San Frontiniano —— a fab wee risotto with truffles and half a litre of Barolo —–memorably good .

  10. Folly Folly,



    I’d challenge the fact Barolo is king of wines as the next step up is Amarone (IMHO)



    saying that, I wouldn’t refuse either








    I sleep when sensible people play,sadly.



    Hence TALLYBHOY’s earlier post.



    And my doc’s face when I answered her query about how I can drink if I am driving at night was a picture.



    Easy,I said. Wetherspoons opens at 8am. Didnae see the point in asking her if she cared to join me!

  12. Emerald bee-


    From the TSFM website.



    I am not a follower of any of the Scottish Premier League teams, just minor league, but I am a follower of the activities of Colin Kingsnorth of Laxey Partners especially their “active shareholder” performance recently with the Dundee based Alliance Trust (which he lost by the way). I won’t go into detail as it is slightly OT but it is well covered on the internet.



    My advice to any football hacks/churnalists is to consult the guys who write the city/finance pages although, let’s be honest, you should have done that a long time ago.



    My advice to any The Rangers supporters is to be afraid, be very afraid. Up to now you’ve had the minor sharks of the spiv world taking bite-size chunks out of you. Now a Great White Shark has got his teeth into you and he won’t just strip the flesh off the bones he’ll have these as well.





    Looks like it should be connected to an intravenous drip.



    And being gin,best keep it away from OLDTIM.

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Hah!, wee walks over the Barolo hills before lunchin’ in the ole bonny wee taverna….



    This lunchtime I am being treated by the Sweetheart to a trip to look at laminate flooring.



    I’m quite keen on getting this over with PDQ as I fancy catchin’ up with the ole Workers’



    Institute of Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought CSC later on this afternoon.

  15. Random media stuff ———-



    ” The Scots don’t believe Milan are in a crisis ”



    ” Man to fear ? Samaras ”



    ” their supporters have few rivals in the world ”



    ” it is not the Manager’s fault , he is trying to do his best. Every player has to answer for himself. ” Kaka

  16. BMCUWP



    You will have noticed the gin is from Blantyre Malawi….a wee bit more civilised


    than the South Lanarkshire version.


    Better watch I’m heading up their shortly to join the gym…..maybe pop into


    the PV for a couple on the way back ,wouldn’t want to waste the journey. hh

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger @ 11:44



    I think I see what you’re doing there: trying to smoke out ol’ Philvis, are ye … ?





    Rangers were warned long long ago about the prospects of vulture capitalists getting involved.



    Whyte and Green are beginners in a mans world. They at least to a certain extent,were concerned at what they would get away with.



    The specialists are on the move. They don’t give a toss what anyone thinks. It’s-“tough! Gimme my money!!”

  19. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Any sort of win will do for me tonight. Never mind talk of a crisis, this is AC Milan we’re talking about here not some diddy mob from the other side of the river.



    Celtic 1 Milan 0

  20. pod i



    11:31 on 26 November, 2013


    Folly Folly,



    I’d challenge the fact Barolo is king of wines as the next step up is Amarone (IMHO)



    saying that, I wouldn’t refuse either






    Almost right mate IMHO.


    I’d go Barolo, Amarone and Barbaresco.


    Barolo, like me gets better in it’s later years. Vittorio, an old Italian mate of mine gave me a few bottles and warned me not to drink them until they were at least 7 years old. I’ m older than that in dug years but Barolo is still King.




  21. south of tunis


    11:31 on 26 November, 2013



    Thanks for that…l have done a few Barolo type walks myself usually on a Friday night and not in a straight direction.


    Whereas the walk you describe sounds idyllic. … l have never tried truffles, l could look into getting some for the wine opening when we get to the CL final.



  22. Recent, affordable vintages of Barolo that are especially worth a punt are from 2004, 2006 and 2007 …