Ignore vulnerable Milan nonsense


The stats tell an enticing story, Milan have played thirteen competitive games since beating Celtic and won only two, but you can forget about them right now.  Celtic are good enough to take three points tomorrow but it will require a perfect match plan if they are to do so.

This fixture will hold no fears for Celtic, who have been over similar ground many times before, but they face players vastly more experienced at playing the intensity of football which will be on display tomorrow evening.  If we are to get anything from the game, we will have to subvert a team who will enjoy the majority of possession and territorial advantage, with impeccable defending and expert finishing.

We got it spectacularly wrong against Italian opposition last season, who were considerably weaker than the Spanish opponents who left Celtic Park empty handed, overwhelmingly as a consequence of diverging from the game plan which left Barcelona scrambling for a consolation goal. This is football at a remarkably unforgiving level, as Juventus let us know; you’re not in the SPFL now, Dorothy.

Did you get to speak to the CQN Girls handing out Annuals at the Superstore on Saturday?  We’ve got budget to bring them along for one last time ahead of the Milan game tomorrow.  See the video below for a glimpse of what we were up to on Saturday and thanks to everyone who has bought an Annual!

CQN Book launch – Celtic Park from Partickular Films on Vimeo.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Folly- over the years I have often wondered what ole philvis [amongst many on here] did for a living.



    I never saw him sellin’ the ole laminate flooring.



    Unless it was hand carved from bonsai trees…





    You off to the game tonight?



    My Dad may be around,but on a very short leash!



    BTW,if wine isnae three for a tenner,it’s overpriced rubbish.




  3. in No 7 tonight – Is Creamery car park accessible from Gallowgate or is it Springfield road, then Janefield street? Thanks

  4. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers backs justice for the ‘dam five



    12:00 on 26 November, 2013





    You off to the game tonight?



    My Dad may be around,but on a very short leash!



    BTW,if wine isnae three for a tenner,it’s overpriced rubbish.






    Boaby, yes I’ll be there. Possibly in Wetherspoons, the real one! (waiting to hear final arrangements)


    I’ll look out for him.




  5. Zvonimir Boban mouthing off about Balotelli on Sky Sport 24————



    ” He doesn’t understand the worth of the shirt, he is an affront to the shirt. In my Milan, he could have carried Van Basten’s bag.He has done nothing in his life,everywhere always on the bench “

  6. Tough ask tonight guys. I will be taking my usual approach – hope Celtic compete well and anything more is huge bonus. If we are still in the mix for the Europa league come the end of the night I’ll be in some way content. Of course I want the moon and the stars but I’ll settle for a good view of them if we can’t get there……



    Whatever the mes Milan appear to be in they have players like Kaka and Ballotelli in their ranks. They are in a different league in terms of personnel.



    Our hope is that football is a team game – the sum of the parts is what counts.



    Looking very much forward to this. I have only seen two CL games so far this season as a result of other duties!

  7. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    The ole Barolo Walk should be built to compliment the ole Celtic Way once the ole Old School is knocked down. I imagine it as a zig-zag “desire line” running from Gallowgate down to Janefield Street. I’d certainly buy a commemorative slab for both…

  8. Just came across a cracking video of kevin bridges singing the town i love so well in a bar in glasgow … What a top bhoy.



    @welshcelt67: Safe to say @garyogmusic jobs safe :) Kevin Bridges SINGING!! http://t.co/JV8sIc7Sv9