Ignore vulnerable Milan nonsense


The stats tell an enticing story, Milan have played thirteen competitive games since beating Celtic and won only two, but you can forget about them right now.  Celtic are good enough to take three points tomorrow but it will require a perfect match plan if they are to do so.

This fixture will hold no fears for Celtic, who have been over similar ground many times before, but they face players vastly more experienced at playing the intensity of football which will be on display tomorrow evening.  If we are to get anything from the game, we will have to subvert a team who will enjoy the majority of possession and territorial advantage, with impeccable defending and expert finishing.

We got it spectacularly wrong against Italian opposition last season, who were considerably weaker than the Spanish opponents who left Celtic Park empty handed, overwhelmingly as a consequence of diverging from the game plan which left Barcelona scrambling for a consolation goal. This is football at a remarkably unforgiving level, as Juventus let us know; you’re not in the SPFL now, Dorothy.

Did you get to speak to the CQN Girls handing out Annuals at the Superstore on Saturday?  We’ve got budget to bring them along for one last time ahead of the Milan game tomorrow.  See the video below for a glimpse of what we were up to on Saturday and thanks to everyone who has bought an Annual!

CQN Book launch – Celtic Park from Partickular Films on Vimeo.

Order your CQN Annual here:

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Non, rien de rien


    Non, je ne regrette rien


    Ni le bien qu’on m’a fait


    Ni le mal; tout ça m’est bien Amido!!!!!

  2. glendalystonsils on



    15:11 on


    25 November, 2013


    Great Egrets



    Don’t know what made me think of this but maybe we should play sammi and Balde as twin strikers tomorrow, Two big ones up front.

  3. I think it’s







    Amido Francis Balde!”



    Seems to share a middle name with the manager from what I hear.

  4. bournesouprecipe if they are the as was sung in Dingwall not very original and tasteless. If they have new words I stand corrected.Hail Hail Hebcelt

  5. Blantyrekev it was,nt Francis that was sung in Dingwall, started with an F right enough-could,nt figure why they should sing that,mind you I did,nt understand the smoke bomb either.Hail Hail Hebcelt

  6. Amido Balde


    When will we see


    Your likes again


    That fought and died for


    Your wee bit hill and glen…

  7. On her only appearance on Emmerdale Farm Grace Jones was greeted heartily in The Woolpack by Amos.



    “Egress, what’s thee ‘avin luv?”

  8. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5.



    I could be in the Blane Valley around four,there will be a few of us in there,but we are inclined to move around the pubs,we’ll be heading for late lunch around 1/2 four.

  9. tommytwiststommyturns calling for Dam Justice on

    If ole Oldtim can put scoring chances away like he does with GnT’s, then it’ll be a cricket score tomorrow night! :-)



    Was out at the stadium earlier, incredible amount of activity with CL tv production/outside broadcast crews. Cables everywhere.


    Where’s the nearest scrappie?!




  10. Mr Wilks: “What’s that abbreviation everyone’s using for internet commerce?”


    Amos: “E, Mr Wilks”

  11. bournesouprecipe


    15:34 on


    25 November, 2013





    A flounce?





    That sums it up precisely.

  12. My girlfriend is not really interested in football. Since meeting me, she does ask: How did our team do? but she is just showing interest because of me.


    A minute ago, I received an email from her at work in which she stated;


    “I didn’t know new co were playing at Gayfield tonight…” She might not ne interested in football but she is aware of the truth about the Tribute band 0:-)




  13. adi_dasler 15:13 on 25 November, 2013




    Going to Dubai (Bur Dubai area). Where is the best bar/restaurant to watch the games/football in general ?.


    Thanks in advance……………



    adi_dasler….Dubliner’s, Le Meridien for sure, 10 minutes in a taxi………..Enjoy………..



    Regards & Hail Hail



  14. Alright Celts,


    good victory at the weekend,well played Celtic,work is not finished until the final whistle,and as Saturday has proven yet again,we are a special club.I took 2 pockets full of coppers and change and they were spread bout.Well done to all the bucketeers and lets hope plenty is raised for the defence of our name and for the defence of the 5 fans who had injustice videod,kicked and punched into them only for it to be augmented via the dutch court.Let us shine a light on that verdict.We Are Celtic



    Great news about wee Oscar making a small step in the direction all our prayers and hopes are thought of.



    I see Campbell of the Discount option scheme suffering from flatulent statement syndrome..



    absolutely flabbergasting words from a party who was their at the very origins,the very conception of the cheat which came to fruition on the 14th june 2012 are taken as tho they mean something. A few things to contend-


    ‘challenge on many fronts’- hunspeak for no sponsor??- I counter to any hun lurking or who I have corrected over the last few year,getting a sponsor is hard whilst trying to suggest our game is a simple sporting competition with integrity at its heart,not the financially doped and nodNwink base bias for one club,who in dying leave a historical record of deceit.



    Mutual respect- my club has not met this club.As you know Campbell(of the discount option scheme)as you were there at the start of the cheat why should i have respect when you conceived,originated and implemented a plan that with side letters proved mutual respect in our sport was but a front.You cheated.



    Oldest Rivals. Alas not Campbell.you are a laughing stock. you make our game a laughing stock each second you are in the job.


    Lets jump all over this continuity shoite Campbell if you feel compelled to cheat you loose your right to speak on our gameI feel compelled to suggest you resign or will that come after UTT.


    Oldest(they exist since2012) rivals(a team we have not played so have no historical back up there)



    I would say to all Celtic fans start jumping on this a lie oft repeated is a truth nonsense.


    no ‘ish’ or ‘they’ will be back THEY ARE NEW and will be reminded so by future generations of football as well as Celtic fans.


    Cambell will you feel compelled to pay back you EBT?



    An T

  15. I lost me voice for 3 days once after impersonating Glen Daly lol dont say you have not tried it

  16. Sandman



    Your argument against signing Gauld does not hold up”Playing against weak opposition”.FFS,what does that say for our strikers?.He is an amazing talent.We have let the nuggets slip through our grasp before.Too much of this “Too young”nonsense at Celtic.We wait a couple of years,he is way out of our price range.

  17. Philbhoy - Free the Dam 5! on




    it was reported on here that a nuber of tope EPL clubs are showing interest in the lad.



    IMO that’s him beyond our price range already.

  18. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Ryan Gauld looks top class.


    I would go out and sign the kid in January. The balls he played through for the strikers on Saturday were Luboesque. You would pay money to watch that kid.


    He is only17 and will only get better. He has not long signed a new deal though and Dundee United apparently would like £6m for him. I think Hibs wanted £8m for brown at one point though.


    £2m plus a few loanees would do me. I would build a team round this lad. Looks a cracker.


    He is what Rogic should be. Maybe he still can be but at 17 I have not seen a young lad have an influence in a game like that for a very long time.




  19. Afternoon CQN, haven’t been on since Saturday , wanted to say a big well done to everyone involved in the bucket collection, hopefully a large amount raised to help the Bhoys out, it was good to meet up with some fellow CQN bucketeers. A special thanks to HamiltonTim for the special orange bibs he had organised.


    Meanwhile WinningCaptains and Paul get to hang out at the Celtic shop with the promotion girls hmmmm



    For tomorrows game we will have more of the ball than normal, with Milan looking to hit us on the break , its the Italian way worked for them at home and for Juve home and away last season, we will have to keep the back door closed. To win will take a very good performance from the team plus getting the rub of the green going our way. Thin line between success and failure at this level.


    Having to work tomorrow pm so no pre-match beers for me this time :)



    On Gauld, he looks a prospect , I was disappointed Jackie didn’t play him at Celtic Park a couple of weeks back , It would have been good to see him for 90mins in the flesh. Hope he stays at Utd and learns his trade before moving to a bigger club.

  20. Re the discussion about Ryan Gaudd and do we have anyone similar I would suggest the short answer is no although the more I see of Atajiic the more convinced I am that he is beginning to morph into a playmaker who can score goals rather than a striker.



    If Dundee Utd have any sense they will hold onto him for as long as possible which would also help his development. When he goes it will be formore than Celtic can afford

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